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Volume 32, month 11, 1984

Pricing Efficiency in Hog Markets pp. 462-477 Downloads
Wiktor Adamowicz, S. O. Baah and M. H. Hawkins
Economics of an Integrated Manurial Biogas and Protein Recovery System for Beef Cattle pp. 478-497 Downloads
D. Peter Stonehouae, Stan W. Combs, J. H. Clark and D. N. Mowat
An Economic Assessment of the Significance of Long-Range Transported Air Pollutants for Agriculture in Eastern Canada pp. 498-525 Downloads
Bruce A. Forster
Optimal Economic Rotation for a Mixed Species Even-Aged Forest pp. 526-538 Downloads
J.C. Nautiyal and M. R. Innes
Canadian Feed Grains Policy: A Comparison of Price Variability Between Canada and the United States pp. 540-547 Downloads
John Spriggs, Gerrit van Kooten and Keith Hayward
Rent Seeking and Supply Management in Canadian Agriculture pp. 548-558 Downloads
M.D. Faminow and Bruce Benson
The Demand for Atlantic Salmon in Canada pp. 560-568 Downloads
M. Kabir and N. B. Ridler
A Comparative Static Analysis of Welfare Impacts of Supply-Restricting Marketing Boards: A Comnent pp. 570-574 Downloads
D. R. Harvey and L. J. Hubbard
A Comparative Static Analysis of the Welfare Impacts of Supply-Restricting Marketing Boards: Reply pp. 576-578 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten and John Spriggs
An Economic View of the Debate on Farm Size in Saskatchewan: A Comment pp. 580-582 Downloads
P. J. Dawson
A Comparison of Extra Market Benefit Evaluation Techniques: Comment pp. 584-589 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten
A Comparison of Extra Market Benefit Evaluation Techniques: A Reply pp. 590-592 Downloads
Wiktor Adamowicz and W. E. Phillips

Volume 32, month 07, 1984

Western Grain Transportation Initiatives: Where Do We Go From Here? pp. 253-268 Downloads
E. W. Tyrchniewicz
Western Grain Transportation Initiatives and Agriculture in Eastern Canada pp. 269-281 Downloads
H. Garth Coffin
United States and Canadian Rail Freight-Rate Structures: A Carparative Analysis pp. 301-326 Downloads
Won W. Koo and Ihn H. Uhw
An Economic Evaluation of Public Wheat Research and Extension Expenditures in Canada pp. 327-353 Downloads
R.P. Zentner and W.L. Peterson
An Analysis of Public Agricultural Research in the Canadian Prairie Provinces pp. 355-375 Downloads
H.G. Brooks and W.H. Furtan
A Simultaneous Equation Model of Futures Trading pp. 377-398 Downloads
Robert M. Behr and Ronald Id. Ward
Determination of Economic Thresholds for Horn Fly Control in Western Canada: A Farm Level Simulation Approach pp. 399-421 Downloads
Daniel Gordon, W.D. Haufe and K.K. Klein
Perspectives on the Development of the Economic Theory of Co-operatives pp. 423-436 Downloads
Richard J. Sexton
The Economic Effects of Policy Intervention in Canadian Agriculture: Comment pp. 437-442 Downloads
Brian Paddock

Volume 32, month 03, 1984

An Economic Evaluation of Formula Pricing for Fluid Milk pp. 3-24 Downloads
Robert Mansell, Robert W. Wright and William Kerr
The Welfare Effects of Export Constraints on the Canadian Feed Grain Market pp. 25-36 Downloads
Colin Carter, A. B. Hickson and D. F. Kraft
An Economic Evaluation of Crop Rotations in Southwestern Saskatchewan pp. 37-54 Downloads
R. P. Zentner, C. A. Campbell, D. W. L. Read and C. H. Anderson
Including Imperfect Competition in Spatial Equilibrium Models pp. 55-70 Downloads
Carl Nelson and Bruce McCarl
A Graphic Model of the Effects of Sectoral Technical Change: The Case of Japan, 1880–1970 pp. 71-92 Downloads
Mitoshi Yamaguchi and George Kennedy
National and Regional Household Demand for Meat, Poultry and Seafood: A Complete Systems Approach pp. 93-108 Downloads
Oral Capps and Joseph Havlicek
An Analysis of Dynamic Economic Relationships: An Application to the U.S. Hog Market pp. 109-124 Downloads
David Bessler
Consumer Demand Analysis at Agriculture Canada — Past and Future pp. 125-140 Downloads
Zuhair A. Hassan and S. R. Johnson
Substitution in Demand for Protein Commodities: The Canadian Experience, 1958 to 1981 pp. 141-150 Downloads
A. Andrikopoulos, James Brox and E. Carvalho
An Application of the New Household Economics to Explaining Farm Income Distributions pp. 151-162 Downloads
W.H. Furtan and J.S. Clark
The Value of the Canadian Census of Agriculture pp. 163-174 Downloads
Paul C. Walker
A Comparison of Target MOTAD to MOTAD pp. 175-186 Downloads
Myles J. Watts, Larry J. Held and Glenn A. Helmers
An Economic View of the Debate on Farm Size in Saskatchewan pp. 187-200 Downloads
Ken Jensen
The Contributions of Livestock Manure to Profitability and to Self-Sufficiency in Plant Nutrients on Mixed Farms pp. 201-210 Downloads
D. Peter Stonehouse and A. V. S. Narayanan
A Logit Model of An Extension Agent's Choice to Visit Individual Farms pp. 211-220 Downloads
Faqir Singh Bagi
A Comparative Static Analysis of the Welfare Impacts of Supply-Restricting Marketing Boards pp. 221-230 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten and John Spriggs
Quota Values and Price Uncertainty pp. 231-234 Downloads
GianCarlo Moschini
Estimation of Producer Losses Arising from the Partial Embargo of Grain Exports to the Soviet Union: A Comment pp. 235-236 Downloads
Allister B. Hickson
Estimation of Producer Losses Arising from the Partial Embargo of Grain Exports to the Soviet Union: Reply pp. 237-238 Downloads
Brian Paddock

Volume 31, month 11, 1983

An Analysis of Canadian Aggregate Demand for Food at Home and Away from Home pp. 289-318 Downloads
Dean Goddard
A Regional Analysis of Productivity Change in Canadian Agriculture, with Special Reference to Energy Prices pp. 319-330 Downloads
M. W. Luke Chan and Dean C. Mountain
Adjusting the Seasonality of Milk Shipments in Canada: Problems, Economic Impacts and Potential Policies pp. 331-350 Downloads
Richard J. H. Caine and D. Peter Stonehouse
Consumer Welfare and the Livestock Economy in the United States pp. 351-369 Downloads
Ronald Anderson and Maurice Wilkinson
Improvements to Market Efficiency through the Operation of the Alberta Pork Producers' Marketing Board pp. 371-388 Downloads
S. Leavitt, M. Hawkins and M. Veeman
An Analytic Model of the Imperfect World Trade Market: A Case Study of World Wheat Cartels pp. 389-400 Downloads
Dae Hee Song and M. C. Hallberg
A Comparison of Extra Market Benefit Evaluation Techniques pp. 401-412 Downloads
Wiktor Adamowicz and W. E. Phillips
Rail Rationalization Choices in Saskatchewan: An Examination of Public Choice pp. 413-424 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten
The Location of Fed Cattle Slaughtering and Processing in the United States: An Application of Mixed Integer Programming pp. 425-436 Downloads
M. D. Faminow and M. E. Sarhan
The Canadian Wheat Board Delivery Quota System: An Economic Analysis pp. 437-448 Downloads
Marvin D. Hildebrand

Volume 31, month 07, 1983

Supply Management in Canadian Agriculture: An Assessment of the Economic Effects pp. 135-152 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz
The Economic Effects of Intervention in Canadian Agriculture pp. 153-176 Downloads
Kenneth F. Harling and Robert L. Thompson
The Determination of Wages and Working Conditions in the Agricultural Sector: Three Alternatives pp. 177-196 Downloads
C. J. Bruce and William Kerr
Rod F. Ziemer pp. 197-204 Downloads
Fred C. White and Rod F. Ziemer
Single- and Multi-Commodity Models of Spatial Equilibrium in a Linear Programming Framework pp. 205-222 Downloads
Keith Willett
Ethanol Production from Grain in the United States: Agricultural Impacts and Economic Feasibility pp. 223-232 Downloads
Michael LeBlanc and Anthony Prato
Estimation of Producer Losses Arising from the Partial Embargo of Grain Exports to the USSR pp. 233-244 Downloads
Brian Paddock
Canadian to Grain Acreage Response Storage Subsidies pp. 245-248 Downloads
Marcia Glenn and Ralph Lattimore
Estimating Production Technical Efficiency for Individual Farms in Tennessee pp. 249-256 Downloads
Faqir Singh Bagi and Cliff J. Huang
Alternative Hedging Strategies for an Alberta Feedlot Operator: A Comment pp. 257-257 Downloads
Colin Carter and R. M. A. Loyns
Alternative Hedging Strategies for an Alberta Feedlot Operator: Reply pp. 258-258 Downloads
J. Caldwell, J. Copeland and M. Hawkins
Economic Intervention and Regulation in Canadian Agriculture pp. 259-261 Downloads
A. W. Wood
Competition versus Monopoly: Combines Policy in Perspective by Donald Armstrong Vancouver pp. 261-263 Downloads
George R. Winter
Investing in People: The Economics of Population Quality by Theodore W. Schultz Berkeley pp. 263-264 Downloads
H. C. Driver
Japanese Agricultural Trade Relations Edited by Emery N. Castle and Kenzo Hemmi pp. 264-266 Downloads
Joseph J. Richter
Farm Investment and Financial Analysis by John B. Penson, Jr., Danny A. Klinefelter and David A. Lins pp. 266-267 Downloads
Leonard Bauer
Commodity Exports and Economic Development: The Commodity Problem and Policy in Developing Countries by F. Gerard Adams and Jere R. Behram pp. 268-268 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz
Migration and the Labor Market in Developing Countries Edited by Richard H. Sabot pp. 269-270 Downloads
Richard J. Haigh
Policy Planning for Agricultural Development: The Indian Example by Susanta K. Ray pp. 271-273 Downloads
Mel Andal
The Market for Rural Land: Trends, Issues, Policies by Robert G. Healy and James L. Short pp. 273-275 Downloads
Terrence S. Veeman
Planning and Conducting Applied Agricultural Research by Chris O. Andrew and Peter E. Hildebrand pp. 275-277 Downloads
Travis W. Manning
Essays in Contemporary Economic Problems: Demand, Productivity and Population pp. 277-279 Downloads
Walter Fobes
The Women of Rural Asia by Robert Orr Whyte and Pauline Whyte pp. 279-281 Downloads
R. I. Andrews
Land Market: Theory and Practice in Rural India by Baldev Singh pp. 281-282 Downloads
Devi Tewari

Volume 31, month 03, 1983

Agricultural Economists and Long-Run Challenges Facing Canadian Agriculture pp. 3-14 Downloads
George L. Brinkman
The Use of Input-Output Analysis in Evaluating Water Resource Development pp. 15-26 Downloads
A. W. Anderson and T. W. Manning
Risk Analysis in the Theory of the Firm: An Old Problem Revisited pp. 27-44 Downloads
Richard Gray and W. H. Furtan
Potential Welfare Losses Due to Tied Food Aid pp. 45-58 Downloads
Philip Abbott and F. Desmond McCarthy
Economic Disequilibria and Rural Financial Market Performance in Developing Economies pp. 59-76 Downloads
Compton Bourne and Douglas H. Graham
Quarterly Demands for Meat in Canada with Alternative Seasonality Hypotheses pp. 77-94 Downloads
Zuhair A. Hassan and S. R. Johnson
Reporting Food Price Dispersions: Some Preliminary Findings pp. 95-104 Downloads
W. H. Lesser and L. L. Hall
Some Problems of Agricultural Marketing Co-operatives' Price/Output Determination in Imperfect Competition pp. 105-110 Downloads
Clare LeVay
Co-operative Financing in South-West Nigeria pp. 111-118 Downloads
Olufemi Oludimu
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