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Volume 51, issue 14, 2000

In this issue pp. 1251-1251 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Satisfiers and dissatisfiers: A two‐factor model for website design and evaluation pp. 1253-1268 Downloads
Ping Zhang and Gisela M. von Dran
Reflections on Mira: Interactive evaluation in information retrieval pp. 1269-1274 Downloads
Mark Dunlop
Introduction and overview pp. 1276-1278 Downloads
Julie M. Hurd
The transformation of scientific communication: A model for 2020 pp. 1279-1283 Downloads
Julie M. Hurd
Debunking the myth of the Nintendo generation: How doctoral students introduce new electronic communication practices into university research pp. 1284-1294 Downloads
Lisa M. Covi
Connecting minds: Computer‐mediated communication and scientific work pp. 1295-1305 Downloads
John P. Walsh, Stephanie Kucker, Nancy G. Maloney and Shaul Gabbay
Not just a matter of time: Field differences and the shaping of electronic media in supporting scientific communication pp. 1306-1320 Downloads
Rob Kling and Geoffrey McKim
Sharing digitized research‐related information on the World Wide Web pp. 1321-1327 Downloads
Katherine W. McCain
Editorial peer review for electronic journals: Current issues and emerging models pp. 1328-1333 Downloads
Ann C. Weller
Observations on fraud and scientific integrity in a digital environment pp. 1334-1337 Downloads
Marcel C. LaFollette

Volume 51, issue 13, 2000

In this issue pp. 1157-1158 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Web‐based analyses of E‐journal impact: Approaches, problems, and issues pp. 1159-1176 Downloads
Stephen P. Harter and Charlotte E. Ford
Predicting the effectiveness of naïve data fusion on the basis of system characteristics pp. 1177-1189 Downloads
Kwong Bor Ng and Paul B Kantor
Bibliometric information retrieval system (BIRS): A web search interface utilizing bibliometric research results pp. 1190-1204 Downloads
Ying Ding, Gobinda G. Chowdhury, Schubert Foo and Weizhong Qian
Shape recovery: A visual method for evaluation of information retrieval experiments pp. 1205-1210 Downloads
Mark Rorvig and Steven Fitzpatrick
Empirical studies of end‐user information searching pp. 1211-1231 Downloads
A. G. Sutcliffe, M. Ennis and S. J. Watkinson
Success, a structured search strategy: Rationale, principles, and implications pp. 1232-1247 Downloads
Chaim Zins
Book review: Books, bytes, and bridges: Libraries and computer centers in academic institutions, edited by Larry Hardesty pp. 1248-1249 Downloads
P. Scott Lapinski

Volume 51, issue 12, 2000

Book review: Data on the Web: From relations to semistructured data and XML, by Serge Abiteboul, Peter Buneman, and Dan Suciu pp. 1050-1052 Downloads
Randy Raphael
In this issue pp. 1067-1068 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
The web as a classroom resource: Reactions from the users pp. 1069-1080 Downloads
Andrew Large and Jamshid Beheshti
Maps of information spaces: Assessments from astronomy pp. 1081-1089 Downloads
Philippe Poinçot, Soizick Lesteven and Fionn Murtagh
Aboutness from a commonsense perspective pp. 1090-1105 Downloads
P. D. Bruza, D. W. Song and K. F. Wong
What is a collection? pp. 1106-1113 Downloads
Hur‐Li Lee
A comparison of techniques to find mirrored hosts on the WWW pp. 1114-1122 Downloads
Krishna Bharat, Andrei Broder, Jeffrey Dean and Monika R. Henzinger
Partial orders and measures for language preferences pp. 1123-1130 Downloads
Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau
Protein annotators' assistant: A novel application of information retrieval techniques pp. 1131-1136 Downloads
Michael J. Wise
Drexel's information science M.S. degree program, 1963–1971: An insider's recollections pp. 1137-1148 Downloads
Barbara Flood
Book review: Sorting things out: Classification and its consequences, by Geoffrey C. Bowker and Susan Leigh Star pp. 1149-1150 Downloads
Terrence A. Brooks
Book review: Computer‐based library information systems designing techniques, by Madan Mohan Kashyap pp. 1149-1149 Downloads
Donald R. Smith
Book review: Online retrieval: A dialogue of theory and practice, by Geraldine Walker and Joseph Janes pp. 1152-1153 Downloads
Lynn D. Lampert
Letter to the Editor: Differences between novice and experienced users in searching information on the world wide web pp. 1154-1154 Downloads
Charles T. Meadow
Letter to the Editor: Rejoinder: Differences between novice and experienced users in searching information on the world wide web pp. 1155-1155 Downloads
Ard W. Lazonder

Volume 51, issue 11, 2000

In this issue pp. 969-970 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
A usability assessment of online indexing structures in the networked environment pp. 971-988 Downloads
Carol A. Hert, Elin K. Jacob and Patrick Dawson
Interactive query expansion: A user‐based evaluation in a relevance feedback environment pp. 989-1003 Downloads
Efthimis N. Efthimiadis
Aging, obsolescence, impact, growth, and utilization: Definitions and relations pp. 1004-1017 Downloads
Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau
Network organizational development in the public sector: A case study of the federal emergency management administration (FEMA) pp. 1018-1032 Downloads
Robert Ward, Gary Wamsley, Aaron Schroeder and David B. Robins
Using Kintsch's discourse comprehension theory to model the user's coding of an informative message from an enabling information retrieval system pp. 1033-1046 Downloads
Charles Cole and Bertie Mandelblatt
Translingual alteration of conceptual information in medical translation pp. 1047-1060 Downloads
Shaoyi He
Book review: New organizational designs: Information aspects, by Bob Travica pp. 1061-1062 Downloads
Patricia F. Katopol
Book review: Information visualization: Perception for design, by Colin Ware pp. 1062-1063 Downloads
Terrence A. Brooks
Book review: Information retrieval: Algorithms and heuristics, by David A. Grossman and Ophir Frieder pp. 1063-1064 Downloads
Hugh E. Williams
Book review: The internet public library handbook, by Joseph Janes et al pp. 1064-1065 Downloads
Billie E. Walker
Conference announcement: Library research seminar II Partners and connections: Research and practice University of Maryland; November 2‐3, 2001 pp. 1066-1066 Downloads
Lynn Westbrook

Volume 51, issue 10, 2000

In this issue pp. 885-886 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Motivations for hyperlinking in scholarly electronic articles: A qualitative study pp. 887-899 Downloads
Hak Joon Kim
Narratives of new media in Scottish households: the evolution of a framework of inquiry pp. 900-912 Downloads
Elisabeth Davenport, Martin Higgins and Ian Somerville
Shifts of focus on various aspects of user information problems during interactive information retrieval pp. 913-928 Downloads
David Robins
Users' perception of relevance of spoken documents pp. 929-939 Downloads
Tassos Tombros and Fabio Crestani
Impact of prior electronic publication on manuscript consideration policies of scholarly journals pp. 940-948 Downloads
Stephen P. Harter and Taemin Kim Park
End user searching on the Internet: An analysis of term pair topics submitted to the Excite search engine pp. 949-958 Downloads
Nancy C. M. Ross and Dietmar Wolfram
In memory of Belver C. Griffith pp. 959-962 Downloads
Howard D. White and Katherine W. McCain
Book review: U.S. government on the Web: Getting the information you need, by Peter Hernon, John A. Shuler, and Robert E. Dugan pp. 963-964 Downloads
Mike Steckel
Book review: Information seeking in the online age: Principles and practice, by Andrew Large, Lucy A. Tedd, and R.J. Hartley pp. 964-964 Downloads
Ethelene Whitmire
Book review: Web style guide: Basic design principles for creating web sites, by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton pp. 964-965 Downloads
Terrence A. Brooks
Book review: Developer's guide to the Java Web server: Building effective and scalable server‐side applications, by Dan Woods, Larne Pekowsky, and Tom Snee pp. 965-966 Downloads
Pascal V. Calarco
Book review: The clock of the long now: Time and responsibility, by Stewart Brand pp. 966-967 Downloads
Jo Ann Oravec
Letter to the Editor (Reply): Incremental benefit of human indexing pp. 968-968 Downloads
Jian Qin

Volume 51, issue 9, 2000

In this issue pp. 791-792 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Rating news documents for similarity pp. 793-804 Downloads
Carolyn Watters and Hong Wang
The “conduit metaphor” and the nature and politics of information studies pp. 805-811 Downloads
Ronald E. Day
What is wrong with obsolescence? pp. 812-815 Downloads
Pedro Alvarez, Isabel Escalona and Antonio Pulgarín
Probability distributions in library and information science: A historical and practitioner viewpoint pp. 816-833 Downloads
Stephen J. Bensman
When information retrieval measures agree about the relative quality of document rankings pp. 834-840 Downloads
Robert M. Losee
Shifts of interactive intentions and information‐seeking strategies in interactive information retrieval pp. 841-857 Downloads
Hong (Iris) Xie
The knowledge—behavior gap in use of health information pp. 858-869 Downloads
F.X. Sligo and Anna M. Jameson
Discovering knowledge from noisy databases using genetic programming pp. 870-881 Downloads
Man Leung Wong, Kwong Sak Leung and Jack C. Y. Cheng
Proper citations pp. 882-882 Downloads
Marcia J. Bates
Rejoinder: Authors of information science pp. 882-883 Downloads
Howard D. White and Katherine W. McCain

Volume 51, issue 8, 2000

In this issue pp. 689-690 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
An evaluation of retrieval effectiveness using spelling‐correction and string‐similarity matching methods on Malay texts pp. 691-706 Downloads
Zainab Abu Bakar, Tengku Mohd T. Sembok and Mohammed Yusoff
Managing heterogeneous information systems through discovery and retrieval of generic concepts pp. 707-723 Downloads
Uma Srinivasan, Anne H.H. Ngu and Tom Gedeon
Raising reliability of web search tool research through replication and chaos theory pp. 724-729 Downloads
Scott Nicholson
The personal construction of information space pp. 730-733 Downloads
Cliff McKnight
Time‐line interviews and inductive content analysis: their effectiveness for exploring cognitive behaviors pp. 734-744 Downloads
Linda Schamber
Abstracts produced using computer assistance pp. 745-756 Downloads
Timothy C. Craven
Encounters with the OPAC: On‐line searching in public libraries pp. 757-773 Downloads
Debra J. Slone
Using clustering strategies for creating authority files pp. 774-786 Downloads
James C. French, Allison L. Powell and Eric Schulman
Book review: Inventing the internet, by Janet Abbate pp. 787-788 Downloads
Cheryl Knott Malone
Book review: Internet policy handbook for libraries, by Mark Smith pp. 788-789 Downloads
Janie L. Hassard Wilkins

Volume 51, issue 7, 2000

In this issue pp. 585-586 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Order‐theoretical ranking pp. 587-601 Downloads
Claudio Carpineto and Giovanni Romano
A linear algebra measure of cluster quality pp. 602-613 Downloads
Laura A. Mather
A unified mathematical definition of classical information retrieval pp. 614-624 Downloads
Sándor Dominich
Validating a geographical image retrieval system pp. 625-634 Downloads
Bin Zhu and Hsinchun Chen
How can we investigate citation behavior? A study of reasons for citing literature in communication pp. 635-645 Downloads
Donald O. Case and Georgeann M. Higgins
Children's use of the Yahooligans! Web search engine: I. Cognitive, physical, and affective behaviors on fact‐based search tasks pp. 646-665 Downloads
Dania Bilal
Ethnomethodologically informed ethnography and information system design pp. 666-682 Downloads
Andy Crabtree, David M. Nichols, Jon O'Brien, Mark Rouncefield and Michael B. Twidale
Book reviews pp. 683-685 Downloads
Birger Hjørland
Book reviews pp. 685-686 Downloads
Queen Esther Booker
Book reviews pp. 686-687 Downloads
James J. Sempsey
Book reviews pp. 687-687 Downloads
Donald R. Smith

Volume 51, issue 6, 2000

In this issue pp. 497-497 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Individual differences in virtual environments—Introduction and overview pp. 499-507 Downloads
Chaomei Chen, Mary Czerwinski and Robert Macredie
Individual differences and the conundrums of user‐centered design: Two experiments pp. 508-520 Downloads
Bryce Allen
Spatial‐semantics: How users derive shape from information space pp. 521-528 Downloads
Andrew Dillon
Individual differences in a spatial‐semantic virtual environment pp. 529-542 Downloads
Chaomei Chen
Cognitive styles and virtual environments pp. 543-557 Downloads
Nigel Ford
Cognitive style and on‐line database search experience as predictors of Web search performance pp. 558-566 Downloads
Ruth A. Palmquist and Kyung‐Sun Kim
The tale of two ERICS: Factors influencing the development of the first ERIC and its transformation into a national system pp. 567-575 Downloads
Lee G. Burchinal
Differences between novice and experienced users in searching information on the World Wide Web pp. 576-581 Downloads
Ard W. Lazonder, Harm J.A. Biemans and Iwan G.J.H. Wopereis
Incremental benefit of human indexing pp. 582-582 Downloads
Susanne M. Humphrey

Volume 51, issue 5, 2000

In this issue pp. 415-416 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Interaction with an enabling information retrieval system: Modeling the user's decoding and encoding operations pp. 417-426 Downloads
Charles Cole
Performance investigation of Hamming Distance Bit Vertical Counter applied to access methods in information retrieval pp. 427-431 Downloads
Eyas El‐Qawasmeh and Ismail Hmeidi
The Web as an information source on informetrics? A content analysis pp. 432-443 Downloads
Judit Bar‐Ilan
Name collection by ph.d. history students: inducing expertise pp. 444-455 Downloads
Charles Cole
Usability, user preferences, effectiveness, and user behaviors when searching individual and integrated full‐text databases: implications for digital libraries pp. 456-468 Downloads
Soyeon Park
Tropes, history, and ethics in professional discourse and information science pp. 469-475 Downloads
Ronald E. Day
The impact of interdisciplinary research in the environmental sciences: a forestry case study pp. 476-484 Downloads
Thomas W. Steele and Jeffrey C. Stier
How good are the best papers of JASIS? pp. 485-486 Downloads
Terrence A. Brooks
Book reviews pp. 487-488 Downloads
Sara R. Thompson
Book reviews pp. 488-490 Downloads
Mike Steckel
Book reviews pp. 490-491 Downloads
Bryan Lewis
Book reviews pp. 490-490 Downloads
Terrance A. Brooks
Book reviews pp. 491-492 Downloads
Jens‐Erik Mai
Book reviews pp. 492-493 Downloads
Dale A. Stirling
Book reviews pp. 493-494 Downloads
Alan T. Schroeder
Letter to the editor pp. 495-495 Downloads
Albert Henderson
Letter to the editor (reply) pp. 496-496 Downloads
Terrence A. Brooks

Volume 51, issue 4, 2000

Introduction to the special topic issue: part 2 pp. 311-312 Downloads
Hsinchun Chen
A spoken‐access approach for chinese text and speech information retrieval pp. 313-323 Downloads
Lee‐Feng Chien, Hsin‐Min Wang, Bo‐Ren Bai and Sun‐Chien Lin
Determining the publication impact of a digital library pp. 324-339 Downloads
Nancy R. Kaplan and Michael L. Nelson
Combination and boundary detection approaches on Chinese indexing pp. 340-351 Downloads
Christopher C. Yang, Johnny W.K. Luk, Stanley K. Yung and Jerome Yen
Comparing noun phrasing techniques for use with medical digital library tools pp. 352-370 Downloads
Kristin M. Tolle and Hsinchun Chen
Content and knowledge management in a digital library and museum pp. 371-379 Downloads
Jian‐Hua Yeh, Jia‐Yang Chang and Yen‐Jen Oyang
Previews and overviews in digital libraries: Designing surrogates to support visual information seeking pp. 380-393 Downloads
Stephan Greene, Gary Marchionini, Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman
Digital libraries: Situating use in changing information infrastructure pp. 394-413 Downloads
Ann Peterson Bishop, Laura J. Neumann, Susan Leigh Star, Cecelia Merkel, Emily Ignacio and Robert J. Sandusky

Volume 51, issue 3, 2000

Introduction to the special topic issue: Part 1 pp. 213-215 Downloads
Hsinchun Chen
Visualizing document classification: A search aid for the digital library pp. 216-227 Downloads
Yew‐Huey Liu, Paul Dantzig, Martin Sachs, James T. Corey, Mark T. Hinnebusch, Marc Damashek and Jonathan Cohen
Digital library resources as a basis for collaborative work pp. 228-245 Downloads
Robert Wilensky
Alexandria digital library: user evaluation studies and system design pp. 246-259 Downloads
Linda L. Hill, Larry Carver, Mary Larsgaard, Ron Dolin, Terence R. Smith, James Frew and Mary‐Anna Rae
Guided paths through Web‐based collections: Design, experiences, and adaptations pp. 260-272 Downloads
Frank M. Shipman, Richard Furuta, Donald Brenner, Chung‐Chi Chung and Hao‐wei Hsieh
NCSTRL: Design and deployment of a globally distributed digital library pp. 273-280 Downloads
James R. Davis and Carl Lagoze
Cross‐language information access to multilingual collections on the internet pp. 281-296 Downloads
Guo‐Wei Bian and Hsin‐Hsi Chen
A user‐centered interface for information exploration in a heterogeneous digital library pp. 297-310 Downloads
Michelle Q. Wang Baldonado

Volume 51, issue 2, 2000

In this issue pp. 93-94 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Probabilistic datalog: Implementing logical information retrieval for advanced applications pp. 95-110 Downloads
Norbert Fuhr
Interface metaphors and logical analogues: A question of terminology pp. 111-122 Downloads
Anne Hamilton
Citation ranking versus peer evaluation of senior faculty research performance: A case study of Kurdish scholarship pp. 123-138 Downloads
Lokman I. Meho and Diane H. Sonnenwald
Publication trends of doctoral students in three fields from 1965–1995 pp. 139-144 Downloads
Wade M. Lee
Methods for accrediting publications to authors or countries: Consequences for evaluation studies pp. 145-157 Downloads
Leo Egghe, Ronald Rousseau and Guido Van Hooydonk
The influence of publication delays on the observed aging distribution of scientific literature pp. 158-165 Downloads
Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau
Semantic similarities between a keyword database and a controlled vocabulary database: An investigation in the antibiotic resistance literature pp. 166-180 Downloads
Jian Qin
Readers, authors, and page structure: A discussion of four questions arising from a content analysis of web pages pp. 181-192 Downloads
Stephanie W. Haas and Erika S. Grams
Application of Dublin Core metadata in the description of digital primary sources in elementary school classrooms pp. 193-201 Downloads
Anne J. Gilliland‐Swetland, Yasmin B. Kafai and William E. Landis
Genres and the WEB: Is the personal home page the first uniquely digital genre? pp. 202-205 Downloads
Andrew Dillon and Barbara A. Gushrowski
Book Reviews pp. 206-208 Downloads
Marc Lampson
Book Reviews pp. 206-206 Downloads
James J. Sempsey
Relevance Research: The Missing Perspective(s): “Non‐Relevance” and “Epistemological Relevance” pp. 209-211 Downloads
Birger Hjørland

Volume 51, issue 1, 2000

In this issue pp. 1-1 Downloads
Bert R. Boyce
Introduction: When museum informatics meets the World Wide Web, it generates energy pp. 3-4 Downloads
David Bearman and Jennifer Trant
Effective levels of adaptation to different types of users in interactive museum systems pp. 5-13 Downloads
F. Paternò and C. Mancini
On pattern‐directed search of archives and collections pp. 14-23 Downloads
Garett O. Dworman, Steven O. Kimbrough and Chuck Patch
On‐line exhibit design: The sociotechnological impact of building a museum over the World Wide Web pp. 24-32 Downloads
Paul F. Marty
Visiting a museum together: How to share a visit to a virtual world pp. 33-38 Downloads
Paolo Paolini, Thimoty Barbieri, Paolo Loiudice, Francesca Alonzo, Marco Zanti and Giuliano Gaia
The neon paintbrush: Seeing, technology, and the museum as metaphor pp. 39-48 Downloads
Peter Walsh
Designing digital environments for art education/exploration pp. 49-56 Downloads
Slavko Milekic
Using the Internet for survey research: A case study pp. 57-68 Downloads
Yin Zhang
Block addressing indices for approximate text retrieval pp. 69-82 Downloads
Ricardo Baeza–Yates and Gonzalo Navarro
Surname plus recallable title word searches for known items by scholars pp. 83-89 Downloads
Frederick G. Kilgour and Barbara B. Moran
Book Reviews pp. 90-91 Downloads
Christine L. Borgman
Book Reviews pp. 91-92 Downloads
Richard J. Cox
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