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2006 - 2014

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From The International Association for Chinese Management Research
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Volume 10, issue 3, 2014

Country Context in Management Research: Learning from John Child. 管理研究中的国家情境:向John Child学习 pp. 337-346 Downloads
Joseph L. C. Cheng
The Role of Contextual Combinations in the Globalization of Chinese Firms. 情境性组合在中国企业全球化中的作用 pp. 347-371 Downloads
John Child and Svetla Marinova
What the Fox Says, How the Fox Works: Deep Contextualization as a Source of New Research Agendas and Theoretical Insights. 狐狸说什么、狐狸如何做:作为新研究议程和理论洞察来源的深入情境化 pp. 373-380 Downloads
Klaus Meyer
Reflections on Choosing the Appropriate Level of Abstraction in Social Science Research. 关于在社会科学研究中选择适当的抽象水平的反思 pp. 381-389 Downloads
Johann Peter Murmann
Globalization of Chinese Firms: What Happens to Culture? 中国企业的全球化:文化有什么作用? pp. 391-397 Downloads
Kwok Leung
The Unexamined Differences in Dreams: Chinese Firms' Globalization and Interface Challenges. 梦想中没有被检验的差异:中国企业的全球化以及对接的挑战 pp. 399-404 Downloads
Gordon Redding
Reflections on the Commentaries pp. 405-409 Downloads
John Child and Svetla Marinova
Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment Performance: The Role of Learning. 中国企业对外直接投资: 学习的角色 pp. 411-437 Downloads
Marjorie Lyles, Dan Li and Haifeng Yan
Typology and Effects of Co-opetition in Buyer–Supplier Relationships: Evidence from the Chinese Home Appliance Industry. 供应链关系中竞合分类及其影响:来自中国家电业的实证研究 pp. 439-465 Downloads
Yi Liu, Yadong Luo, Pianpian Yang and Vladislav Maksimov

Volume 10, issue 2, 2014

The Peer-review Process: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Extraordinary pp. 167-173 Downloads
Arie Y. Lewin
The Developmental Reviewer pp. 175-181 Downloads
Paul S. Hempel
Addressing Reviewer Comments as an Integrative Negotiation pp. 183-190 Downloads
Leigh Anne Liu
Ensuring Manuscript Quality and Preserving Authorial Voice: The Balancing Act of Editors pp. 191-197 Downloads
Eric W. K. Tsang
Business Leadership in the Chinese Context: Trends, Findings, and Implications 中国情境下的企业领导力:趋势、研究发现与含义 pp. 199-221 Downloads
Zhi-Xue Zhang, (George) Zhen Xiong Chen, Ya-Ru Chen and Soon Ang
Leader–Member Relationship and Burnout: The Moderating Role of Leader Integrity. 领导-成员关系与下属工作倦怠:领导正直的调解作用 pp. 223-247 Downloads
Jane Y. Jiang, Kenneth S. Law and James J. M. Sun
Authentic Leadership, Traditionality, and Interactional Justice in the Chinese Context. 真实型领导力、传统性与交互公平感在中国环境中的关系 pp. 249-273 Downloads
Fangjun Li, Kuo Frank Yu, Jixia Yang, Zhenjiang Qi and Jeanne Ho-ying Fu
A Multilevel Analysis of Middle Manager Performance: The Role of CEO and Top Manager Leadership CEO及高层经理的领导行为对中层经理工作绩效的多层次交互影响 pp. 275-297 Downloads
Lynda Jiwen Song, Xiujuan Zhang and Joshua B. Wu
Leader Integrity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in China. 中国领导者的正直品格对组织公民行为之影响 pp. 299-319 Downloads
Gang Zhang, Yuntao Bai, Arran Caza and Lu Wang
The Unique Value of Yin-Yang Balancing: A Critical Response pp. 321-332 Downloads
Peter Ping Li

Volume 10, issue 1, 2014

Emerging Economies Open Unlimited Opportunities for Advancing Management and Organization Scholarship pp. 1-5 Downloads
Arie Y. Lewin
Can Yin-Yang Guide Chinese Indigenous Management Research? 阴阳能指引中国管理本土研究吗? pp. 7-27 Downloads
Xin Li
A Yin-Yang Model of Organizational Change: The Case of Chengdu Bus Group. 中国阴阳文化视角的组织变革模型: 基于CBG的案例研究 pp. 29-54 Downloads
Runtian Jing and Andrew H. Van de Ven
Sentimental Drivers of Social Entrepreneurship: A Study of China's Guangcai (Glorious) Program. 社会创业与情操驱动力:中国光彩事业研究 pp. 55-80 Downloads
Daphne W. Yiu, William P. Wan, Frank W. Ng, Xing Chen and Jun Su
Dirty Work and Dirtier Work: Differences in Countering Physical, Social, and Moral Stigma. 脏活与更脏的工作:在对抗身体、社会和道德污名上的差异 pp. 81-108 Downloads
Blake E. Ashforth and Glen E. Kreiner
Co-worker Mistreatment in a Singaporean Chinese Firm: The Roles of Third Party Embeddedness and Network Closure. 新加坡华人企业中的同事虐待:第三方嵌入性和网络闭合的作用 pp. 109-134 Downloads
Violet T. Ho
Enhancing the Effects of Power Sharing on Psychological Empowerment: The Roles of Management Control and Power Distance Orientation. 权力分享对提升心理授权感的影响:管理控制与权力距离的调节作用 pp. 135-156 Downloads
Chao C. Chen, Ann Yan Zhang and Hui Wang
Retraction statement for ‘Ethics and Integrity of the Publishing Process: Myths, Facts, and a Roadmap’ by Marshall Schminke and Maureen L. Ambrose pp. 157-162 Downloads
Anne S. Tsui, Arie Y. Lewin, Marshall Schminke and Maureen Ambrose

Volume 9, issue 3, 2013

The Spirit of Science and Socially Responsible Scholarship pp. 375-394 Downloads
Anne S. Tsui
Knowledge Spillovers, Search, and Creation in China's Emerging Market. 新兴中国市场中的知识溢出、搜寻和创新 pp. 395-412 Downloads
Haiyang Li, Yan (Anthea) Zhang and Marjorie Lyles
FDI Spillovers at the National and Subnational Level: The Impact on Product Innovation by Chinese Firms. 外国直接投资在国家及地区层面的溢出效应:对中国企业产品创新的影响 pp. 413-435 Downloads
Jing Li, Dong Chen and Daniel M. Shapiro
External Knowledge Search Strategies in China's Technology Ventures: The Role of Managerial Interpretations and Ties. 中国技术创业型企业的外部知识搜索策略:管理者解释和纽带的作用 pp. 437-463 Downloads
Jingjiang Liu, Lu Chen and Wiboon Kittilaksanawong
Effects of Geographic Search on Product Innovation in Industrial Cluster Firms in China. 地理搜寻对中国集群企业产品创新的影响 pp. 465-487 Downloads
Aiqi Wu and Jiang Wei
Do Foreign-owned Subsidiaries in China Follow a Distinctive Pattern of Technological Knowledge Sourcing? 外资企业是否在中国遵循特殊的科技能力发展道路? pp. 489-512 Downloads
John Cantwell and Feng Zhang
Chinese Outward Direct Investment Research: Theoretical Integration and Recommendations. 通过研究中国对外投资发展理论: 现实与建议 pp. 513-539 Downloads
Ping Deng
Psychological Contract Breach, Negative Reciprocity, and Abusive Supervision: The Mediated Effect of Organizational Identification. 心理契约破裂、负向互惠与管理欺凌:组织认同的中介作用研究 pp. 541-561 Downloads
Feng Wei and Steven Si

Volume 9, issue 2, 2013

The Impact of Behavioural Assumptions on Management Ability: A Test Based on the Earnings of MBA Graduates. 行为假设对管理能力的影响:基于MBA毕业生收入的检验 pp. 209-232 Downloads
Benito Arruñada and Xosé Vázquez
Whose Time Is It? Understanding Clock-time Pacing and Event-time Pacing in Complex Innovations. 谁更胜一筹?在复杂创新中理解钟表时间节奏和时间事件节奏 pp. 233-263 Downloads
Deborah Dougherty, Heidi Bertels, Ken Chung, Danielle D. Dunne and Justin Kraemer
Multiple Large Shareholder Structure and Governance: The Role of Shareholder Numbers, Contest for Control, and Formal Institutions in Chinese Family Firms. 多个大股东结构与公司治理:大股东数量、控制权竞争以及正式制度的作用 pp. 265-294 Downloads
Jin-hui Luo, Di-fang Wan, Di Cai and Heng Liu
From Personal Relationship to Psychological Ownership: The Importance of Manager–Owner Relationship Closeness in Family Businesses. 从私人关系到心理所有权:家族企业中经理与企业主关系亲密度的重要性 pp. 295-318 Downloads
Hang Zhu, Chao C. Chen, Xinchun Li and Yinghui Zhou
In Whom Collectivists Trust: The Role of (in)Voluntary Social Obligations in Japan. 集体主义者信任谁:自愿与非自愿社会义务在日本的作用 pp. 319-343 Downloads
Oana Branzei, Ronald D Camp and Ilan Vertinsky
The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: The Role of Cultural Value Orientations. 组织公正与组织公民行为之间的关系:文化价值导向的作用 pp. 345-374 Downloads
Marieke C. Schilpzand, Luis L. Martins, Bradley L. Kirkman, Kevin B. Lowe and Zhen Xiong Chen

Volume 9, issue 1, 2013

Calling for Humanistic Scholarship in China pp. 1-15 Downloads
Anne S. Tsui and Liangding Jia
Going (More) Public: Institutional Isomorphism and Ownership Reform among Chinese Firms. (更多的)上市流通:制度同构与中国公司的股权改革 pp. 17-51 Downloads
Heather A. Haveman and Yongxiang Wang
Transformation of State-owned Enterprises in China: A Strategic Action Model. 中国国有企业改制:一个战略行动模型 pp. 53-86 Downloads
Runtian Jing (井润田) and E. Patrick McDermott
The CEO's Representation of Demands and the Corporation's Response to External Pressures: Do Politically Affiliated Firms Donate More? CEO所代表的诉求和公司对外部压力的反应: 具有政治关联的公司捐赠更多吗? pp. 87-114 Downloads
Ming Jia and Zhe Zhang
Technological Capability, Marketing Capability, and Firm Performance in Turbulent Conditions. 技术能力、市场能力与企业绩效:基于环境不确定性的研究 pp. 115-137 Downloads
Zhongfeng Su (苏中锋), Jisheng Peng (彭纪生), Hao Shen (沈灏) and Ting Xiao (肖婷)
Larger or Broader: Performance Implications of Size and Diversity of the Knowledge Worker's Egocentric Network. 更多或更广:知识员工个人中心网络大小和 多样性对绩效的影响 pp. 139-165 Downloads
Liang Chen (陈亮) and Guy G. Gable
Chinese Guanxi: An Integrative Review and New Directions for Future Research. 中国人的关系: 综合文献回顾及未来研究方向 pp. 167-207 Downloads
Chao C. Chen, Xiao-Ping Chen and Shengsheng Huang

Volume 8, issue 3, 2012

Innovations in Public and Non-profit Sector Organizations in China pp. 491-506 Downloads
G. Zhiyong Lan and Joseph Galaskiewicz
Institutional Sources of Reform: The Diffusion of Land Banking Systems in China pp. 507-533 Downloads
Yanlong Zhang
A Restaurant in Urumqi, August 2012 pp. 534-534 Downloads
Fredrik Wang
Managing HIV/AIDS: Yunnan's Government-driven, Multi-sector Partnership Model pp. 535-557 Downloads
Mei-Ling Wang
The Meaning of Life pp. 558-558 Downloads
Tony Fang
The Adoption of Bottom-up Governance in China's Homeowner Associations pp. 559-583 Downloads
Feng Wang, Haitao Yin and Zhiren Zhou
Longtang (Long Alley) in Shanghai pp. 584-584 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee
Building a Knowledge-Driven Society: Scholar Participation and Governance in Large Public Works Projects pp. 585-607 Downloads
Lihua Yang
A Young Man from Inner Mongolia pp. 608-608 Downloads
Jianxin Zhang
The Corporatist System and Social Organizations in China pp. 609-628 Downloads
Kazuko Kojima, Jae-Young Choe, Takafumi Ohtomo and Yutaka Tsujinaka

Volume 8, issue 2, 2012

The Rise of SASAC: Asset Management, Ownership Concentration, and Firm Performance in China's Capital Markets pp. 253-281 Downloads
Junmin Wang, Doug Guthrie and Zhixing Xiao
A Northern Chinese Village in Snow pp. 282-282 Downloads
Jianxin Zhang
Control Modes and Outcomes of Transformed State-Owned Enterprises in China: An Empirical Test pp. 283-309 Downloads
Shaomin Li, Jun Xia, Cheryl Xiaoning Long and Justin Tan
Over the Campus pp. 310-310 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee
Executives' Assessments of International Joint Ventures in China: A Multi-Theoretical Investigation pp. 311-340 Downloads
Jeffrey J. Reuer, Beverly B. Tyler, Tony W. Tong and Cheng-Wei Wu
Does Value Congruence Lead to Voice? Cooperative Voice and Cooperative Silence under Team and Differentiated Transformational Leadership pp. 341-370 Downloads
An-Chih Wang, Hsu-Hung Hsieh, Chou-Yu Tsai and Bor-Shiuan Cheng
The Contextual Antecedents of Organizational Trust: A Multidimensional Cross-level Analysis pp. 371-396 Downloads
Peter Ping Li, Yuntao Bai and Youmin Xi
Trust, Reciprocity, and Guanxi in China: An Experimental Investigation pp. 397-421 Downloads
Fei Song, Charles Cadsby and Yunyun Bi
The Way pp. 422-422 Downloads
Nancy Adler
Managerial Innovation: Conceptions, Processes, and Antecedents pp. 423-454 Downloads
Fariborz Damanpour and Deepa Aravind
Doing Better Research on Organizational Behaviour in Chinese Cultural Settings: Suggestions from the Notebooks of Two Fellow-Travellers pp. 455-475 Downloads
Michael Harris Bond and Miriam Muethel
Forbidden City in Action pp. 476-476 Downloads
Justin Tan

Volume 8, issue 1, 2012

Indigenous Chinese Management Research: Like It or Not, We Need It pp. 1-5 Downloads
Kwok Leung
Indigenous Research on Chinese Management: What and How pp. 7-24 Downloads
Peter Ping Li, Kwok Leung, Chao C. Chen and Jar- Der Luo
Yin Yang: A New Perspective on Culture pp. 25-50 Downloads
Tony Fang
A Relational View of Organizational Restructuring: The Case of Transitional China pp. 51-75 Downloads
Dali Ma
Home pp. 76-76 Downloads
Justin Tan
The Structure of Chinese Cultural Traditions: An Empirical Study of Business Employees in China pp. 77-95 Downloads
Yaotian Pan, Julie A. Rowney and Mark F. Peterson
Dancing Lotus pp. 96-96 Downloads
Xiao-Ping Chen
Perceived Interactional Justice and Trust-in-supervisor as Mediators for Paternalistic Leadership pp. 97-121 Downloads
Min Wu, Xu Huang, Chenwei Li and Wu Liu
The Road to Scholarship pp. 122-122 Downloads
Tony Fang
Indigenous Management Research in China from an Engaged Scholarship Perspective pp. 123-137 Downloads
Andrew H. Van de Ven and Runtian Jing
Guanxi and Organizational Performance: A Meta-Analysis pp. 139-172 Downloads
Yadong Luo, Ying Huang and Stephanie Lu Wang
Chinese Context and Theoretical Contributions to Management and Organization Research: A Three-decade Review pp. 173-209 Downloads
Liangding Jia, Shuyang You and Yunzhou Du
Indigenous or Imported Knowledge in Brazilian Management Studies: A Quest for Legitimacy? pp. 211-232 Downloads
Suzana B. Rodrigues, Roberto Gonzalez Duarte and Alexandre de Padua Carrieri
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