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Volume 22, issue V7, 2014

Introduction to the Virtual Issue pp. 1-1 Downloads
R. Michael Alvarez and Jonathan Katz

Volume 22, issue V6, 2014

Introduction to the Virtual Issue: Measurement in Political Science pp. 1-3 Downloads
William G. Jacoby

Volume 22, issue 4, 2014

Measuring Transparency pp. 413-434 Downloads
James R. Hollyer, B. Peter Rosendorff and James Vreeland
Polarization and Ideology: Partisan Sources of Low Dimensionality in Scaled Roll Call Analyses pp. 435-456 Downloads
John H. Aldrich, Jacob M. Montgomery and David B. Sparks
Dyadic Analysis in International Relations: A Cautionary Tale pp. 457-463 Downloads
Robert S. Erikson, Pablo M. Pinto and Kelly T. Rader
Varying Responses to Common Shocks and Complex Cross-Sectional Dependence: Dynamic Multilevel Modeling with Multifactor Error Structures for Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data pp. 464-496 Downloads
Xun Pang
Multiple Imputation for Continuous and Categorical Data: Comparing Joint Multivariate Normal and Conditional Approaches pp. 497-519 Downloads
Jonathan Kropko, Ben Goodrich, Andrew Gelman and Jennifer Hill
Relating Latent Class Assignments to External Variables: Standard Errors for Correct Inference pp. 520-540 Downloads
Zsuzsa Bakk, Daniel L. Oberski and Jeroen K. Vermunt

Volume 22, issue 3, 2014

Introduction to Political Analysis Mini-Symposium on Advances in Survey Methodology pp. 281-284 Downloads
Lonna Rae Atkeson and R. Michael Alvarez
Does Survey Mode Still Matter? Findings from a 2010 Multi-Mode Comparison pp. 285-303 Downloads
Stephen Ansolabehere and Brian F. Schaffner
Nonresponse and Mode Effects in Self- and Interviewer-Administered Surveys pp. 304-320 Downloads
Lonna Rae Atkeson, Alex N. Adams and R. Michael Alvarez
Online Polls and Registration-Based Sampling: A New Method for Pre-Election Polling pp. 321-335 Downloads
Michael J. Barber, Christopher B. Mann, J. Quin Monson and Kelly D. Patterson
Looking Beyond Demographics: Panel Attrition in the ANES and GSS pp. 336-353 Downloads
Laura Lazarus Frankel and D. Sunshine Hillygus
Extracting Wisdom from Experts and Small Crowds: Strategies for Improving Informant-based Measures of Political Concepts pp. 354-373 Downloads
Cherie D. Maestas, Matthew K. Buttice and Walter J. Stone
Strategy and Sample Selection: A Strategic Selection Estimator pp. 374-397 Downloads
Lucas Leemann
Authoritarianism in Black and White: Testing the Cross-Racial Validity of the Child Rearing Scale pp. 398-412 Downloads
Pérez, Efrén O. and Marc J. Hetherington

Volume 22, issue 2, 2014

Kernel Regularized Least Squares: Reducing Misspecification Bias with a Flexible and Interpretable Machine Learning Approach pp. 143-168 Downloads
Jens Hainmueller and Chad Hazlett
A Selection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects pp. 169-182 Downloads
Matthew Blackwell
Analyzing the Robustness of Semi-Parametric Duration Models for the Study of Repeated Events pp. 183-204 Downloads
Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Suzanna Linn and Corwin D. Smidt
A Common Left-Right Scale for Voters and Parties in Europe pp. 205-223 Downloads
James Lo, Sven-Oliver Proksch and Thomas Gschwend
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Applications of Automated Document Classification Using Support Vector Machines pp. 224-242 Downloads
Vito D'Orazio, Steven T. Landis, Glenn Palmer and Philip Schrodt
Strategic Votes and Sincere Counterfactuals pp. 243-257 Downloads
Alaitz Artabe and Javier Gardeazabal
Dynamic Panel Analysis under Cross-Sectional Dependence pp. 258-273 Downloads
Khusrav Gaibulloev, Todd Sandler and Donggyu Sul
Of Nickell Bias and its Cures: Comment on Gaibulloev, Sandler, and Sul pp. 274-278 Downloads
Nathaniel L. Beck, Jonathan Katz and Umberto G. Mignozzetti
Of Nickell Bias, Cross-Sectional Dependence, and Their Cures: Reply pp. 279-280 Downloads
Khusrav Gaibulloev, Todd Sandler and Donggyu Sul

Volume 22, issue 1, 2014

Causal Inference in Conjoint Analysis: Understanding Multidimensional Choices via Stated Preference Experiments pp. 1-30 Downloads
Jens Hainmueller, Daniel J. Hopkins and Teppei Yamamoto
A New Multinomial Accuracy Measure for Polling Bias pp. 31-44 Downloads
Kai Arzheimer and Jocelyn Evans
Evaluating Sensitivity of Parameters of Interest to Measurement Invariance in Latent Variable Models pp. 45-60 Downloads
Daniel L. Oberski
Defining and Modeling State-Dependent Dynamic Systems pp. 61-85 Downloads
Justin Esarey and Jacqueline H. R. DeMeritt
Scoring from Contests pp. 86-114 Downloads
Keith E. Schnakenberg and Elizabeth Maggie Penn
Estimating the Political Center from Aggregate Data: An Item Response Theory Alternative to the Stimson Dyad Ratios Algorithm pp. 115-129 Downloads
Anthony J. McGann
Experiments to Reduce the Over-Reporting of Voting: A Pipeline to the Truth pp. 130-141 Downloads
Michael J. Hanmer, Antoine J. Banks and Ismail K. White

Volume 21, issue V5, 2013

The Five Vs of Big Data Political Science Introduction to the Virtual Issue on Big Data in Political Science Political Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Burt L. Monroe

Volume 21, issue 4, 2013

Harder Than It Looks: Coding Political Knowledge on the ANES pp. 393-406 Downloads
Matthew DeBell
An Analysis of ANES Items and Their Use in the Construction of Political Knowledge Scales pp. 407-429 Downloads
Matthew T. Pietryka and Randall C. MacIntosh
Dynamic Network Logistic Regression: A Logistic Choice Analysis of Inter- and Intra-Group Blog Citation Dynamics in the 2004 US Presidential Election pp. 430-448 Downloads
Zack W. Almquist and Carter T. Butts
How Does Multilevel Regression and Poststratification Perform with Conventional National Surveys? pp. 449-467 Downloads
Matthew K. Buttice and Benjamin Highton
Estimating Party Positions across Countries and Time—A Dynamic Latent Variable Model for Manifesto Data pp. 468-491 Downloads
König, Thomas, Moritz Marbach and Osnabrügge, Moritz
Beyond LATE: Estimation of the Average Treatment Effect with an Instrumental Variable pp. 492-506 Downloads
Peter M. Aronow and Allison Carnegie
Blocking for Sequential Political Experiments pp. 507-523 Downloads
Ryan T. Moore and Sally A. Moore
Measuring Unemployment Insurance Generosity pp. 524-549 Downloads
Stephane Pallage, Lyle Scruggs and Christian Zimmermann

Volume 21, issue 3, 2013

Text as Data: The Promise and Pitfalls of Automatic Content Analysis Methods for Political Texts pp. 267-297 Downloads
Justin Grimmer and Brandon M. Stewart
Validating Estimates of Latent Traits from Textual Data Using Human Judgment as a Benchmark pp. 298-313 Downloads
Will Lowe and Kenneth Benoit
Modeling Dynamic Preferences: A Bayesian Robust Dynamic Latent Ordered Probit Model pp. 314-333 Downloads
Daniel Stegmueller
The Democracy Cluster Classification Index pp. 334-349 Downloads
Mihaiela Ristei Gugiu and Miguel Centellas
Genes and Politics: A New Explanation and Evaluation of Twin Study Results and Association Studies in Political Science pp. 350-367 Downloads
Doron Shultziner
Gene-Environment Interplay in Twin Models pp. 368-389 Downloads
Brad Verhulst and Peter K. Hatemi
Fatal Flaws in the Twin Study Paradigm: A Reply to Hatemi and Verhulst pp. 390-392 Downloads
Doron Shultziner

Volume 21, issue 2, 2013

Identification and Sensitivity Analysis for Multiple Causal Mechanisms: Revisiting Evidence from Framing Experiments pp. 141-171 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and Teppei Yamamoto
Computerized Adaptive Testing for Public Opinion Surveys pp. 172-192 Downloads
Jacob M. Montgomery and Josh Cutler
How Much Is Minnesota Like Wisconsin? Assumptions and Counterfactuals in Causal Inference with Observational Data pp. 193-216 Downloads
Luke Keele and William Minozzi
A Dynamic State-Space Model of Coded Political Texts pp. 217-232 Downloads
Martin Elff
Causal Inference without Ignorability: Identification with Nonrandom Assignment and Missing Treatment Data pp. 233-251 Downloads
Walter R. Mebane and Paul Poast
Qualitative Comparative Analysis: How Inductive Use and Measurement Error Lead to Problematic Inference pp. 252-265 Downloads
Simon Hug

Volume 21, issue 1, 2013

Fishing, Commitment, and Communication: A Proposal for Comprehensive Nonbinding Research Registration pp. 1-20 Downloads
Macartan Humphreys, Raul Sanchez de la Sierra and Peter Van der Windt
A Case for Registering Studies of Political Outcomes: An Application in the 2010 House Elections pp. 21-37 Downloads
James E. Monogan
Registration and Replication: A Comment pp. 38-39 Downloads
Richard G. Anderson
Preregistration of Studies and Mock Reports pp. 40-41 Downloads
Andrew Gelman
Fisheries Management pp. 42-47 Downloads
David D. Laitin
Asking About Numbers: Why and How pp. 48-69 Downloads
Stephen Ansolabehere, Marc Meredith and Erik Snowberg
Comparing Discrete Distributions: Survey Validation and Survey Experiments pp. 70-85 Downloads
Kishore Gawande, Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, Carol L. Silva and Domonic Bearfield
Robust Estimation with Nonrandom Measurement Error and Weak Instruments pp. 86-96 Downloads
Timm Betz
Reasoning about Interference Between Units: A General Framework pp. 97-124 Downloads
Jake Bowers, Mark M. Fredrickson and Costas Panagopoulos
Bayesian Metric Multidimensional Scaling pp. 125-140 Downloads
Ryan Bakker and Keith T. Poole
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