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Volume 34, issue 5, 2019

Institutional quality and market selection in the transition to market economy pp. - Downloads
Hien Thu Tran
User entrepreneurs' multiple identities and crowdfunding performance: Effects through product innovativeness, perceived passion, and need similarity pp. - Downloads
Pyayt P. Oo, Thomas H. Allison, Arvin Sahaym and Sakdipon Juasrikul
Entrepreneurship and well-being: The role of psychological autonomy, competence, and relatedness pp. - Downloads
Nadav Shir, Boris N. Nikolaev and Joakim Wincent
Accelerating strategic fit or venture emergence: Different paths adopted by corporate accelerators pp. - Downloads
Raj K. Shankar and Dean A. Shepherd
Editorial: Enhancing quantitative theory-testing entrepreneurship research pp. - Downloads
Brian S. Anderson, Karl Wennberg and Jeffery S. McMullen
Entrepreneurs meet financiers: Evidence from the business angel market pp. - Downloads
Angela Cipollone and Paolo Giordani
Infrastructure investments and entrepreneurial dynamism in the U.S pp. - Downloads
Daniel L. Bennett

Volume 34, issue 4, 2019

Entrepreneurship and well-being: Past, present, and future pp. 579-588 Downloads
Johan Wiklund, Boris Nikolaev, Nadav Shir, Maw-Der Foo and Steve Bradley
Well-being effects of self-employment: A spatial inquiry pp. 589-607 Downloads
Maria Abreu, Özge Öner, Aleid Brouwer and Eveline van Leeuwen
Can prosocial motivation harm entrepreneurs' subjective well-being? pp. 608-624 Downloads
Ewald Kibler, Joakim Wincent, Teemu Kautonen, Gabriella Cacciotti and Martin Obschonka
Micro-entrepreneurship and subjective well-being: Evidence from rural Bangladesh pp. 625-645 Downloads
Muhammad Bhuiyan and Artjoms Ivlevs
Entrepreneurship and eudaimonic well-being: Five venues for new science pp. 646-663 Downloads
Carol D. Ryff
Switching to self-employment can be good for your health pp. 664-691 Downloads
Milena Nikolova
I can't get no sleep—The differential impact of entrepreneurial stressors on work-home interference and insomnia among experienced versus novice entrepreneurs pp. 692-708 Downloads
Tobias Kollmann, Christoph Stöckmann and Julia M. Kensbock
The Yin and Yang of entrepreneurship: Gender differences in the importance of communal and agentic characteristics for entrepreneurs' subjective well-being and performance pp. 709-730 Downloads
Keith M. Hmieleski and Leah D. Sheppard
Self-employment and allostatic load pp. 731-751 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe and Trenton A. Williams

Volume 34, issue 3, 2019

A wakeup call for the field of entrepreneurship and its evaluators pp. 413-417 Downloads
Jeffery S. McMullen
Founder retention as CEO at IPO in emerging economies: The role of private equity owners and national institutions pp. 418-438 Downloads
Bruce Hearn and Igor Filatotchev
Entrepreneurial orientation and start-ups' external financing pp. 439-458 Downloads
Egle Vaznyte and Petra Andries
The emergence of the maker movement: Implications for entrepreneurship research pp. 459-476 Downloads
Russell E. Browder, Howard E. Aldrich and Steven W. Bradley
How optimal distinctiveness affects new ventures' failure risk: A contingency perspective pp. 477-495 Downloads
Jan Goldenstein, Michael Hunoldt and Simon Oertel
Narcissism and learning from entrepreneurial failure pp. 496-512 Downloads
Yiran Liu, Yong Li, Xiling Hao and Yuli Zhang
Navigating liminality in new venture internationalization pp. 513-527 Downloads
Shameen Prashantham and Steven W. Floyd
Biased and overconfident, unbiased but going for it: How framing and anchoring affect the decision to start a new venture pp. 528-557 Downloads
Saulo Dubard Barbosa, Alain Fayolle and Brett R. Smith
The co-evolution of social networks and selection system orientations as core constituents of institutional logics of future entrepreneurs at school pp. 558-577 Downloads
Joris J. Ebbers and Nachoem M. Wijnberg

Volume 34, issue 2, 2019

Applying experimental methods to advance entrepreneurship research: On the need for and publication of experiments pp. 215-223 Downloads
David W. Williams, Matthew S. Wood, J. Robert Mitchell and Diemo Urbig
Increasing quantity without compromising quality: How managerial framing affects intrapreneurship pp. 224-241 Downloads
Rigtering, J.P.C. (Coen), Utz Weitzel and Muehlfeld, K. (Katrin)
Knocking at the gate: The path to publication for entrepreneurship experiments through the lens of gatekeeping theory pp. 242-260 Downloads
Regan M. Stevenson and Matthew Josefy
The effect of a tax training program on tax compliance and business outcomes of starting entrepreneurs: Evidence from a field experiment pp. 261-283 Downloads
Hanskje Nagel, Laura Rosendahl Huber, Mirjam Van Praag and Sjoerd Goslinga
Navigating the validity tradeoffs of entrepreneurship research experiments: A systematic review and best-practice suggestions pp. 284-310 Downloads
Denis A. Grégoire, Julia K. Binder and Andreas Rauch
“I know I can, but I don't fit”: Perceived fit, self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial intention pp. 311-326 Downloads
Dan K. Hsu, Burmeister-Lamp, Katrin, Sharon A. Simmons, Maw-Der Foo, Michelle C. Hong and Jesse D. Pipes
Entrepreneurial cognition and the quality of new venture ideas: An experimental approach to comparing future-oriented cognitive processes pp. 327-347 Downloads
Arjan Frederiks, Basil G. Englis, Michel L. Ehrenhard and Aard J. Groen
Out of control or right on the money? Funder self-efficacy and crowd bias in equity crowdfunding pp. 348-367 Downloads
Regan M. Stevenson, Michael P. Ciuchta, Chaim Letwin, Jenni M. Dinger and Jeffrey B. Vancouver
Why and how do founding entrepreneurs bond with their ventures? Neural correlates of entrepreneurial and parental bonding pp. 368-388 Downloads
Tom Lahti, Marja-Liisa Halko, Necmi Karagozoglu and Joakim Wincent
Discounted: The effect of founder race on the price of new products pp. 389-412 Downloads
Peter Younkin and Venkat Kuppuswamy

Volume 34, issue 1, 2019

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) to finance new ventures pp. 1-22 Downloads
Christian Fisch
Perceived uncertainty and behavioral logic: Temporality and unanticipated consequences in the new venture creation process pp. 23-40 Downloads
Yi Jiang and Erno T. Tornikoski
What's in a logo? The impact of complex visual cues in equity crowdfunding pp. 41-62 Downloads
Ammara Mahmood, Jonathan Luffarelli and Mudra Mukesh
Orchestrating boundaries: The effect of R&D boundary permeability on new venture growth pp. 63-79 Downloads
Robert S. Nason, Johan Wiklund, Alexander McKelvie, Michael Hitt and Wei Yu
Early employment expansion and long-run survival pp. 80-102 Downloads
Gjerløv-Juel, Pernille and Christina Guenther
The guppy and the whale: Relational pluralism and start-ups' expropriation dilemma in partnership formation pp. 103-121 Downloads
Joris Knoben and Rene M. Bakker
The role of top management teams in transforming technology-based new ventures' product introductions into growth pp. 122-140 Downloads
Daniela Nuscheler, Andreas Engelen and Shaker A. Zahra
Signaling in science-based IPOs: The combined effect of affiliation with prestigious universities, underwriters, and venture capitalists pp. 141-177 Downloads
Massimo G. Colombo, Michele Meoli and Silvio Vismara
Socio-cognitive traits and entrepreneurship: The moderating role of economic institutions pp. 178-196 Downloads
Christopher Boudreaux, Boris N. Nikolaev and Peter Klein
Entrepreneurship as a solution to extreme poverty: A review and future research directions pp. 197-214 Downloads
Christopher Sutter, Garry D. Bruton and Juanyi Chen

Volume 33, issue 6, 2018

Bribes as entrepreneurial actions: Why underdog entrepreneurs feel compelled to use them pp. 679-690 Downloads
Robert A. Baron, Jintong Tang, Zhi Tang and Yuli Zhang
The intersection of entrepreneurship and selling: An interdisciplinary review, framework, and future research agenda pp. 691-719 Downloads
Russell S. Matthews, Dominic M. Chalmers and Simon S. Fraser
Signals' flexibility and interaction with visual cues: Insights from crowdfunding pp. 720-741 Downloads
David J. Scheaf, Blakley C. Davis, Justin W. Webb, Joseph E. Coombs, Jared Borns and Garrett Holloway
Business cycles and start-ups across industries: An empirical analysis of German regions pp. 742-761 Downloads
Alexander Konon, Michael Fritsch and Alexander Kritikos
Gender differences in entrepreneurial propensity: Evidence from matrilineal and patriarchal societies pp. 762-779 Downloads
Abu Zafar M. Shahriar
Narcissistic rhetoric and crowdfunding performance: A social role theory perspective pp. 780-812 Downloads
Aaron H. Anglin, Marcus T. Wolfe, Jeremy C. Short, Aaron F. McKenny and Robert J. Pidduck
A woman's place is in the… startup! Crowdfunder judgments, implicit bias, and the stereotype content model pp. 813-831 Downloads
Michael A. Johnson, Regan M. Stevenson and Chaim R. Letwin

Volume 33, issue 5, 2018

Going pro-social: Extending the individual-venture nexus to the collective level pp. 551-565 Downloads
Oana Branzei, Simon C. Parker, Peter W. Moroz and Edward Gamble
Brace for impact: Uniting our diverse voices through a social impact frame pp. 566-574 Downloads
Tyler Wry and Helen Haugh
Organizational hybrids as biological hybrids: Insights for research on the relationship between social enterprise and the entrepreneurial ecosystem pp. 575-590 Downloads
Jeffery S. McMullen
Common property: Uncommon forms of prosocial organizing pp. 591-602 Downloads
Ana Maria Peredo, Helen M. Haugh and Murdith McLean
Learning “who we are” by doing: Processes of co-constructing prosocial identities in community-based enterprises pp. 603-622 Downloads
Domenico Dentoni, Stefano Pascucci, Kim Poldner and William B. Gartner
Bringing the elephant into the room? Enacting conflict in collective prosocial organizing pp. 623-642 Downloads
E. Erin Powell, Ralph Hamann, Verena Bitzer and Ted Baker
Funding the story of hybrid ventures: Crowdfunder lending preferences and linguistic hybridity pp. 643-659 Downloads
Todd W. Moss, Maija Renko, Emily Block and Moriah Meyskens
Reference points for measuring social performance: Case study of a social business venture pp. 660-678 Downloads
Kévin André, Charles H. Cho and Matias Laine

Volume 33, issue 4, 2018

Language and market inclusivity for women entrepreneurship: the case of microfinance pp. 395-415 Downloads
Israel Drori, Ronny Manos, Santacreu-Vasut, Estefania, Oded Shenkar and Amir Shoham
The opportunity not taken: The occupational identity of entrepreneurs in contexts of poverty pp. 416-437 Downloads
Angelique Slade Shantz, Geoffrey Kistruck and Charlene Zietsma
Signaling for more money: The roles of founders' human capital and investor prominence in resource acquisition across different stages of firm development pp. 438-454 Downloads
Eun-Jeong Ko and Alexander McKelvie
Entrepreneurial orientation and innovation in family SMEs: Unveiling the (actual) impact of the Board of Directors pp. 455-469 Downloads
Unai Arzubiaga, Josip Kotlar, Alfredo De Massis, Amaia Maseda and Txomin Iturralde
The power of positivity? The influence of positive psychological capital language on crowdfunding performance pp. 470-492 Downloads
Aaron H. Anglin, Jeremy C. Short, Will Drover, Regan M. Stevenson, Aaron F. McKenny and Thomas H. Allison
Finding the threshold: A configurational approach to optimal distinctiveness pp. 493-512 Downloads
Brent McKnight and Charlene Zietsma
Equity crowdfunding: First resort or last resort? pp. 513-533 Downloads
Walthoff-Borm, Xavier, Armin Schwienbacher and Tom Vanacker
International entrepreneurship beyond individuals and firms: On the systemic nature of international opportunities pp. 534-550 Downloads
Tuija Mainela, Vesa Puhakka and Sakari Sipola

Volume 33, issue 3, 2018

Are SMEs with immigrant owners exceptional exporters? pp. 241-260 Downloads
Horatio M. Morgan, Sui Sui and Matthias Baum
Giving up the hats? Entrepreneurs' role transitions and venture growth pp. 261-277 Downloads
Blake D. Mathias and David W. Williams
Inequality and entrepreneurial thresholds pp. 278-295 Downloads
Soumodip Sarkar, Carlos Rufín and Jonathan Haughton
Perceived psychological distance, construal processes, and abstractness of entrepreneurial action pp. 296-314 Downloads
H. Shawna Chen, Ronald K. Mitchell, Keith H. Brigham, Roy Howell and Robert Steinbauer
Passion for entrepreneurship or passion for the product? A conjoint analysis of angel and VC decision-making pp. 315-332 Downloads
Benjamin J. Warnick, Charles Y. Murnieks, Jeffery S. McMullen and Wade T. Brooks
Feeling capable and valued: A prosocial perspective on the link between empathy and social entrepreneurial intentions pp. 333-350 Downloads
Sophie Bacq and Elisa Alt
Entrepreneurs' perceived exit performance: Conceptualization and scale development pp. 351-370 Downloads
Steffen Strese, Philipp Gebhard, David Feierabend and Malte Brettel
Beyond financing: crowdfunding as an informational mechanism pp. 371-393 Downloads
Jordana Viotto da Cruz

Volume 33, issue 2, 2018

Imprinting with purpose: Prosocial opportunities and B Corp certification pp. 117-129 Downloads
Peter W. Moroz, Oana Branzei, Simon C. Parker and Edward N. Gamble
Positively deviant: Identity work through B Corporation certification pp. 130-148 Downloads
Matthew G. Grimes, Joel Gehman and Ke Cao
The double-edged sword of purpose-driven behavior in sustainable venturing pp. 149-178 Downloads
Pablo Muñoz, Gabriella Cacciotti and Boyd Cohen
Category membership, identity control, and the reevaluation of prosocial opportunities pp. 179-206 Downloads
Michael Conger, Jeffery S. McMullen, Brian J. Bergman and Jeffrey G. York
A configural framework of practice change for B corporations pp. 207-224 Downloads
Garima Sharma, 'Alim J. Beveridge and Nardia Haigh
A longitudinal comparison of capital structure between young for-profit social and commercial enterprises pp. 225-240 Downloads
Ana Cristina O. Siqueira, Nadja Guenster, Tom Vanacker and Saskia Crucke

Volume 33, issue 1, 2018

Having a creative day: Understanding entrepreneurs' daily idea generation through a recovery lens pp. 1-19 Downloads
Eva Weinberger, Dominika Wach, Ute Stephan and Jürgen Wegge
Corporate venture capital (CVC) investments and technological performance: Geographic diversity and the interplay with technology alliances pp. 20-34 Downloads
Rene Belderbos, Jojo Jacob and Boris Lokshin
Signaling by early stage startups: US government research grants and venture capital funding pp. 35-51 Downloads
Mazhar Islam, Adam Fremeth and Alfred Marcus
Action! Moving beyond the intendedly-rational logics of entrepreneurship pp. 52-69 Downloads
Daniel A. Lerner, Richard Hunt and Dimo Dimov
Government guaranteed small business loans and regional growth pp. 70-83 Downloads
Yong Suk Lee
Overcoming constraints of collective imagination: An inquiry into activist entrepreneuring, disruptive truth-telling and the creation of ‘possible worlds’ pp. 84-99 Downloads
Pascal Dey and Chris Mason
Effectuation under risk and uncertainty: A simulation model pp. 100-116 Downloads
Christopher Welter and Sungho Kim
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