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1991 - 2022

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Volume 196, issue C, 2022

Insights into the decomposition kinetics of groundnut shell: An advanced isoconversional approach pp. 1-14 Downloads
Garima Mishra and Thallada Bhaskar
Regional applicability of thermochromic windows based on dynamic radiation spectrum pp. 15-27 Downloads
Yi Shen, Peng Xue, Tao Luo, Yanyun Zhang, Chi Yan Tso, Nan Zhang, Yuying Sun, Jingchao Xie and Jiaping Liu
Effect of optimized photoluminescence on luminous and passive cooling potential: A new combined experimental and numerical approach applied to yellow-emitting glass tiles pp. 28-39 Downloads
Chiara Chiatti, Ioannis Kousis, Claudia Fabiani and Anna Laura Pisello
Effects of operating conditions, various properties of the gas diffusion layer, and shape of endplate on the open-cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance pp. 40-51 Downloads
Jaebong Sim, Minsoo Kang, Jiwoong Kim and Kyoungdoug Min
Effects of blowing and suction jets on the aerodynamic performance of wind turbine airfoil pp. 52-64 Downloads
Longjun Wang, Md. Mahbub Alam, Shafiqur Rehman and Yu Zhou
Decarbonization of China's electricity systems with hydropower penetration and pumped-hydro storage: Comparing the policies with a techno-economic analysis pp. 65-83 Downloads
Xiaokui Wang, Olusola Bamisile, Shuheng Chen, Xiao Xu, Shihua Luo, Qi Huang and Weihao Hu
Comprehensive assessment and performance enhancement of compressed air energy storage: thermodynamic effect of ambient temperature pp. 84-98 Downloads
Qingshan Liu, Yingwen Liu, Hongjiang Liu, Zhilong He and Xiaodai Xue
A novel Geno-fuzzy based model for hydrodynamic efficiency prediction of a land-fixed oscillating water column for various front wall openings, power take-off dampings and incident wave steepnesses pp. 99-110 Downloads
Abdüsselam Altunkaynak and Anıl Çelik
Heat transfer enhancement of a parabolic trough solar collector using a semicircular multitube absorber pp. 111-124 Downloads
Elumalai Vengadesan, Abdul Rahim Ismail Rumaney, Rohan Mitra, Sattwik Harichandan and Ramalingam Senthil
Application of electromagnetic continuous variable transmission in hydraulic turbines to increase stability of an off-grid power system pp. 125-136 Downloads
Andrey A. Achitaev, Konstantin V. Suslov, Alexander N. Nazarychev, Irina O. Volkova, Vyacheslav E. Kozhemyakin, Alexander A. Voloshin and Andrey V. Minakov
Six-degrees-of-freedom simulation model for future multi-megawatt airborne wind energy systems pp. 137-150 Downloads
Dylan Eijkelhof and Roland Schmehl
Facilitating renewable energy transition, ecological innovations and stringent environmental policies to improve ecological sustainability: Evidence from MM-QR method pp. 151-160 Downloads
Sahar Afshan, Ilhan Ozturk and Tanzeela Yaqoob
Parametric analysis on performances of the pipe-encapsulated PCM (PenPCM) wall system coupled with gravity heat-pipe and nocturnal radiant cooler pp. 161-180 Downloads
Tian Yan, Xuan Zhou, Xinhua Xu, Jinghua Yu and Xianting Li
A semi-analytical solution for energy harvesting via the elastic motion of the circular floater of aquaculture cages attached with piezoelectric pp. 181-194 Downloads
Ataollah Gharechae, Abuzar Abazari and Mohammad Javad Ketabdari
The role of sustainable bioenergy in a fully decarbonised society pp. 195-203 Downloads
Henrik Lund, Iva Ridjan Skov, Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, Peter Sorknæs, Andrei David Korberg, Miguel Chang, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Mikkel Strunge Kany
A Wasserstein metric-based distributionally robust optimization approach for reliable-economic equilibrium operation of hydro-wind-solar energy systems pp. 204-219 Downloads
Xiaoyu Jin, Benxi Liu, Shengli Liao, Chuntian Cheng and Zhiyu Yan
Development of quality, environment, health, and safety (QEHS) management system and its integration in operation and maintenance (O&M) of onshore wind energy industries pp. 220-233 Downloads
Waqar Hussain, Sadia Khan and Ather Hussain Mover
Water-renewable energy Nexus: Optimization of geothermal energy-powered seawater desalination systems pp. 234-246 Downloads
Ariana M. Pietrasanta, Sergio F. Mussati, Pio A. Aguirre, Tatiana Morosuk and Miguel C. Mussati
Case study of photovoltaic power plants in a model of sustainable university in Brazil pp. 247-260 Downloads
João Lucas de Souza Silva, Karen Barbosa de Melo, Kaio Vieira dos Santos, Elson Yoiti Sakô, Michelle Kitayama da Silva, Hugo Soeiro Moreira, Giulianno Bolognesi Archilli, João Guilherme Ito Cypriano, Rafael Espino Campos, Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva and Marcelo Gradella Villalva
Experimental study on the micro-explosion characteristics of biodiesel/1-pentanol and biodiesel/ methanol blended droplets pp. 261-277 Downloads
Kai Han, Qizhao Lin, Minghou Liu, Kesheng Meng, Zhanshi Ni, Yu Liu, Junjian Tian and Zhicong Qiu
Effect of coupled platform pitch-surge motions on the aerodynamic characters of a horizontal floating offshore wind turbine pp. 278-297 Downloads
Yize Guo, Xiaodong Wang, Yuanhang Mei, Zhaoliang Ye and Xiaojiang Guo
Machine learning in photovoltaic systems: A review pp. 298-318 Downloads
Jorge Felipe Gaviria, Gabriel Narváez, Camilo Guillen, Luis Felipe Giraldo and Michael Bressan
Manure drying optimization pp. 319-327 Downloads
L. Da Lio, G. Nardin and P. Canu
Convective transport from geothermal borehole heat exchangers embedded in a fluid-saturated porous medium pp. 328-342 Downloads
Ganesh Ravi Shanker and K.O. Homan
Evaluating the opportunity for utilising anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis of livestock manure and grass silage to decarbonise gas infrastructure: A Northern Ireland case study pp. 343-357 Downloads
Neha Mehta, Aine Anderson, Christopher R. Johnston and David W. Rooney
Studies on the improvement of modelled solar radiation and the attenuation effect of aerosol using the WRF-Solar model with satellite-based AOD data over north China pp. 358-365 Downloads
Xinghong Cheng, Dong Ye, Yanbo Shen, Deping Li and Jinming Feng
Two-step activated carbon cloth enhances microbial interactions and methane production during anaerobic digestion of municipal sludge pp. 366-374 Downloads
Vikas Kumar, Brandon Kieft, Parmila Devi, Steven J. Hallam and Cigdem Eskicioglu
Investigating the performance characteristics of low concentrated photovoltaic systems utilizing a beam splitting device under variable cutoff wavelengths pp. 375-389 Downloads
A.A. Kandil, Mohamed M. Awad, Gamal I. Sultan and Mohamed S. Salem
Improved transfer function method for flexible simulation of hydraulic-mechanical-electrical transient processes of hydro-power plants pp. 390-404 Downloads
Yifan Huang, Weijia Yang, Yiwen Liao, Zhigao Zhao, Weichao Ma, Jiebin Yang and Jiandong Yang
Supply chain optimization and GHG emissions in biofuel production from forestry residues in Sweden pp. 405-421 Downloads
Flavia Basile, Lorenzo Pilotti, Marco Ugolini, Giovanni Lozza and Giampaolo Manzolini
Wind speed forecasting using a hybrid model considering the turbulence of the airflow pp. 422-431 Downloads
Alma Rosa Méndez-Gordillo, Rafael Campos-Amezcua and Erasmo Cadenas
Does financial development promote renewable energy consumption in the USA? Evidence from the Fourier-wavelet quantile causality test pp. 432-443 Downloads
Ugur Korkut Pata, Veli Yilanci, Qianxiao Zhang and Syed Ale Raza Shah
Modeling and interpretation of geomagnetic data related to geothermal sources, Northwest of Delijan pp. 444-450 Downloads
Rahim Zahedi, Sareh Daneshgar, Mohammad Ali Nasle Seraji and Hamidreza Asemi
Optimization of ternary blends among refined palm oil-hexanol-melaleuca cajuputi oil and engine emissions analysis of the blends pp. 451-461 Downloads
S. Che Mat, M.Y. Idroas, Y.H. Teoh, M.F. Hamid, H. Sharudin and M.A.A.H. Pahmi
Applications of catalysts in thermochemical conversion of biomass (pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and gasification): A critical review pp. 462-481 Downloads
Yujian Wu, Haoyu Wang, Haoyang Li, Xue Han, Mingyuan Zhang, Yan Sun, Xudong Fan, Ren Tu, Yimin Zeng, Chunbao Charles Xu and Xiwei Xu
Progress and challenges on blade load research of large-scale wind turbines pp. 482-496 Downloads
Juchuan Dai, Mimi Li, Huanguo Chen, Tao He and Fan Zhang
A deep asymmetric Laplace neural network for deterministic and probabilistic wind power forecasting pp. 497-517 Downloads
Yun Wang, Houhua Xu, Runmin Zou, Lingjun Zhang and Fan Zhang
Geopolitical risk and renewable energy asset prices: Implications for sustainable development pp. 518-525 Downloads
Anupam Dutta and Probal Dutta
How renewable energy and non-renewable energy affect environmental excellence in N-11 economies? pp. 526-534 Downloads
FengSheng Chien
Dynamic asymmetric impact of equity market uncertainty on energy markets: A time-varying causality analysis pp. 535-546 Downloads
Yanran Hong, Lu Wang, Xiaoqing Ye and Yaojie Zhang
Design and performance simulation of a distributed aerobic composting system assisted by solar PV/T heat pump pp. 547-559 Downloads
Yifan Jiang, Xinsheng Li, Jian Yao, Xin Wan, Jingxin Zhang and Yanjun Dai
Experimental study on dynamic responses of a spar-type floating offshore wind turbine pp. 560-578 Downloads
Jianbing Chen, Zenghui Liu, Yupeng Song, Yongbo Peng and Jie Li
Environmental and techno-economic analysis of the integration of biogas and solar power systems into urban wastewater treatment plants pp. 579-597 Downloads
Gözde Odabaş Baş and Merih Aydınalp Köksal
Solar tracker error impact on linear absorbers efficiency in parabolic trough collector – Optical and thermodynamic study pp. 598-609 Downloads
Bartosz Stanek, Daniel Węcel, Łukasz Bartela and Sebastian Rulik
Startup of UASB reactor with limestone fixed bed operating in the thermophilic range using vinasse as substrate pp. 610-616 Downloads
Sheyla Thays Vieira Barcelos, Igor Felipe Lima Ferreira, Reginaldo B. Costa, Fernando Jorge Corrêa Magalhães Filho, Alisson André Ribeiro and Marney Pascoli Cereda
Comparing the thermal conversion behavior of bio-wastes in three molten nitrates pp. 617-624 Downloads
Yuhan Yang, Tiancheng Wang, Chan Zou, Kai Xu, Hongyun Hu, Linxia Gao, Xian Li and Hong Yao
Effects of climate on renewable energy sources and electricity supply in Norway pp. 625-637 Downloads
I. Haddeland, J. Hole, E. Holmqvist, V. Koestler, M. Sidelnikova, C.A. Veie and M. Wold
Research on drying Lentinus edodes in a direct expansion heat pump assisted solar drying system and performance of different operating modes pp. 638-647 Downloads
Wengang Hao, Shuonan Liu, Yanhua Lai, Mingtao Wang and Shengze Liu
Multifaceted irradiance prediction by exploiting hybrid decomposition-entropy-Spatiotemporal attention based Sequence2Sequence models pp. 648-682 Downloads
Muhammad Sibtain, Xianshan Li, Snoober Saleem, Qurat-ul- Ain, Qiang Shi, Fei Li, Muhammad Saeed, Fatima Majeed, Syed Shoaib Ahmed Shah and Muhammad Hammad Saeed
Cascade hydropower stations short-term operation for load distribution considering water level synchronous variation pp. 683-693 Downloads
Kaixuan Lei, Jianxia Chang, Yimin Wang, Aijun Guo, Mengdi Huang and Bo Xu
Solar thermal generation forecast via deep learning and application to buildings cooling system control pp. 694-706 Downloads
Mashud Rana, Subbu Sethuvenkatraman, Rahmat Heidari and Stuart Hands
Economic dispatch of torrefied biomass polygeneration systems considering power/SNG grid demands pp. 707-719 Downloads
Wei Wu, Muhammad Ikhsan Taipabu, Wei-Chen Chang, Karthickeyan Viswanathan, Yi-Lin Xie and Po-Chih Kuo
Techno-economic analysis of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar-assisted heat pump system for domestic hot water and power generation pp. 720-736 Downloads
Mustapha A. Obalanlege, Jingyuan Xu, Christos N. Markides and Yasser Mahmoudi
Synthesis and evaluation of bifunctional polymeric agent for improving cold flow properties and oxidation stability of diesel-biodiesel blends pp. 737-748 Downloads
Xiaokang Zhang, Nana Li, Zhong Wei, Bin Dai and Sheng Han
The use of kaolin and dolomite bed additives as an agglomeration mitigation method for wheat straw and miscanthus biomass fuels in a pilot-scale fluidized bed combustor pp. 749-762 Downloads
Jonathan D. Morris, Syed Sheraz Daood and William Nimmo
Wind speed forecasting based on hybrid model with model selection and wind energy conversion pp. 763-781 Downloads
Chen Wang, Shenghui Zhang, Peng Liao and Tonglin Fu
Cascade and hybrid processes for co-generating solar-based fuels and electricity via combining spectral splitting technology and membrane reactor pp. 782-799 Downloads
Bingzheng Wang, Xiaofei Lu, Cancan Zhang and Hongsheng Wang
Green hydrogen production potential in West Africa – Case of Niger pp. 800-811 Downloads
Ramchandra Bhandari
Effects of a vertical wall on wave power absorption with wave energy converters arrays pp. 812-823 Downloads
Fuat Kara
The impacts of renewable energy, financial inclusivity, globalization, economic growth, and urbanization on carbon productivity: Evidence from net moderation and mediation effects of energy efficiency gains pp. 824-838 Downloads
Muntasir Murshed, Nicholas Apergis, Md Shabbir Alam, Uzma Khan and Sakib Mahmud
Drone-based large-scale particle image velocimetry applied to tidal stream energy resource assessment pp. 839-855 Downloads
Iain Fairley, Benjamin J. Williamson, Jason McIlvenny, Nicholas King, Ian Masters, Matthew Lewis, Simon Neill, David Glasby, Daniel Coles, Ben Powell, Keith Naylor, Max Robinson and Dominic E. Reeve
Study on vortex flow and pressure fluctuation in dustpan-shaped conduit of a low head axial-flow pump as turbine pp. 856-869 Downloads
Fan Yang, Zhongbin Li, Yao Yuan, Zhikang Lin, Guangxin Zhou and Qingwei Ji
Geothermal potential of granites: Case study- Kaymaz and Sivrihisar (Eskisehir region) Western Anatolia pp. 870-882 Downloads
Dornadula Chandrasekharam, Alper Baba, Tolga Ayzit and Hemant K. Singh
DOBC-based frequency & voltage regulation strategy for PV-diesel hybrid microgrid during islanding conditions pp. 883-900 Downloads
Himanshu Grover, Ashu Verma and T.S. Bhatti
Demonstrating the potential of iron-doped strontium titanate electrolyte with high-performance for low temperature ceramic fuel cells pp. 901-911 Downloads
M.A.K. Yousaf Shah, Yuzheng Lu, Naveed Mushtaq, Sajid Rauf, Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D. Lund and Bin Zhu
Selective and simultaneous membrane separation of CO and H2 from N2 by protic chlorocuprate ionic liquids pp. 912-920 Downloads
Zhuoheng Tu, Ping Zhang, Mingzhen Shi, Xiaomin Zhang, Youting Wu and Xingbang Hu
On the Nile Fan's wave power potential and controlling factors integrating spectral and geostatistical techniques pp. 921-945 Downloads
Alaa A. Masoud
Experiment and dynamic simulation of a solar tower collector system for power generation pp. 946-958 Downloads
Jinli Chen, Gang Xiao, Haoran Xu, Xin Zhou, Jiamin Yang, Mingjiang Ni and Kefa Cen
Physics and flame morphology of supersonic spontaneously combusting hydrogen spouting into air pp. 959-972 Downloads
Yiming Jiang, Xuhai Pan, Qiong Cai, Zhilei Wang, Oleksiy V. Klymenko, Min Hua, Qingyuan Wang, Tao Zhang, Yunyu Li and Juncheng Jiang
Piezoelectric wave energy harvester pp. 973-982 Downloads
Wenzheng Cai, Vesselina Roussinova and Vesselin Stoilov
Technical and economic assessment of a 1 MWp floating photovoltaic system in Polish conditions pp. 983-994 Downloads
Andrzej Boduch, Krzysztof Mik, Rui Castro and Paweł Zawadzki
Impact of measured spectrum variation on solar photovoltaic efficiencies worldwide pp. 995-1016 Downloads
Geoffrey S. Kinsey, Nicholas C. Riedel-Lyngskær, Alonso-Abella Miguel, Matthew Boyd, Marília Braga, Chunhui Shou, Raul R. Cordero, Benjamin C. Duck, Christopher J. Fell, Sarah Feron, George E. Georghiou, Nicholas Habryl, Jim J. John, Nipon Ketjoy, Gabriel López, Atse Louwen, Elijah Loyiso Maweza, Takashi Minemoto, Ankit Mittal, Cécile Molto, Guilherme Neves, Gustavo Nofuentes Garrido, Matthew Norton, Basant R. Paudyal, Enio Bueno Pereira, Yves Poissant, Lawrence Pratt, Qu Shen, Thomas Reindl, Marcus Rennhofer, Carlos D. Rodríguez-Gallegos, Ricardo Rüther, Wilfried van Sark, Miguel A. Sevillano-Bendezú, Hubert Seigneur, Jorge A. Tejero, Marios Theristis, Jan A. Töfflinger, Carolin Ulbrich, Waldeir Amaral Vilela, Xiangao Xia and Márcia A. Yamasoe
Energy and exergy analysis and multi-objective optimization of using combined vortex tube-photovoltaic/thermal system in city gate stations pp. 1017-1028 Downloads
Amin Shahsavar, Ali Jahangiri, Amir Qatarani nejad, Gholamreza Ahmadi and Alireza Karamzadeh dizaji
Low-frequency energy capture and water wave attenuation of a hybrid WEC-breakwater with nonlinear stiffness pp. 1029-1047 Downloads
Huaqing Jin, Haicheng Zhang, Daolin Xu, Ding Jun and Sun Ze
Energy and exergy analysis of a glazed solar preheating collector wall with non-uniform perforated corrugated plate pp. 1048-1063 Downloads
Meng Gao, Jianhua Fan, Simon Furbo and Yutong Xiang
Wake characterization of paired cross-flow turbines pp. 1064-1094 Downloads
Antonio Posa
The opportunity of using wave energy converters in a Mediterranean hot spot pp. 1095-1114 Downloads
Carlo Lo Re, Giorgio Manno, Mirko Basile and Giuseppe Ciraolo
Multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting approach coupling maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform, improved grey wolf optimization algorithm and long short-term memory pp. 1115-1126 Downloads
Yiman Li, Tian Peng, Chu Zhang, Wei Sun, Lei Hua, Chunlei Ji and Nazir Muhammad Shahzad
A novel solar PV/T driven photocatalytic multifunctional system: Concept proposal and performance investigation pp. 1127-1141 Downloads
Xiaokang Xia, Tao Gu, Miaomiao Fan, Haifei Chen and Bendong Yu
Technical and economic evaluation of using biomethane from sanitary landfills for supplying vehicles in the Southeastern region of Brazil pp. 1142-1157 Downloads
Sara Talita Sales Silva, Regina Mambeli Barros, Ivan Felipe Silva dos Santos, Adriele Maria de Cassia Crispim, Geraldo Lúcio Tiago Filho and Electo Eduardo Silva Lora
A novel time-variant prediction model for megawatt flexible wind turbines and its application in NTM and ECD conditions pp. 1158-1169 Downloads
Zhiguo Li, Zhiying Gao, Yongyan Chen, Liru Zhang and Jianwen Wang
Degradation and reliability analysis of photovoltaic modules after operating for 12 years: A case study with comparisons pp. 1170-1186 Downloads
Rashmi Singh, Madhu Sharma and Kamlesh Yadav
New proton conductive membranes of indazole- and condensed pyrazolebisphosphonic acid-Nafion membranes for PEMFC pp. 1187-1196 Downloads
Fátima C. Teixeira, António P.S. Teixeira and C.M. Rangel
Online detection of trace volatile organic sulfur compounds in a complex biogas mixture with proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry pp. 1197-1203 Downloads
Prince Tiwari, Tiantian Wang, Julian Indlekofer, Imad El Haddad, Serge Biollaz, Andre Stephan Henry Prevot and Houssni Lamkaddam
Experimental investigation of the upstream turbulent flow modifications in front of a scaled tidal turbine pp. 1204-1217 Downloads
Philippe Druault and Grégory Germain
Influence of plastic content on synergistic effect and bio-oil quality from the co-pyrolysis of waste rigid polyurethane foam and sawdust mixture pp. 1218-1228 Downloads
H. Stančin, M. Šafář, J. Růžičková, H. Mikulčić, H. Raclavská, X. Wang and N. Duić
Batteries and interconnection: Competing or complementary roles in the decarbonisation of the European power system? pp. 1229-1240 Downloads
L. Mehigan, Brian Ó Gallachóir and Paul Deane
Exploring the impact of green energy and consumption on the sustainability of natural resources: Empirical evidence from G7 countries pp. 1241-1249 Downloads
Ka Yin Chau, Massoud Moslehpour, Yu-Te Tu, Nguyen Tan Tai, Nguyen Hoang Tien and Pham Quang Huy
Importance of international relations for the promotion of renewable energy, preservation of natural resources and environment: Empirics from SEA nations pp. 1250-1257 Downloads
Xiying Lei, Majed Alharthi, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Babar Aziz and Zain ul Abdin
Assessing the prospective environmental performance of hydrogen from high-temperature electrolysis coupled with concentrated solar power pp. 1258-1268 Downloads
Gonzalo Puig-Samper, Eleonora Bargiacchi, Diego Iribarren and Javier Dufour
Asymmetric effects of high-tech industry and renewable energy on consumption-based carbon emissions in MINT countries pp. 1269-1280 Downloads
Ling Du, Hua Jiang, Tomiwa Sunday Adebayo, Abraham Ayobamiji Awosusi and Asif Razzaq
Evaluation of priority strategies for the expansion of installed wind power capacity in Turkey using a fuzzy analytic network process analysis pp. 1281-1293 Downloads
Fazıl Kaytez
Evaluating geothermal energy production from suspended oil and gas wells by using data mining pp. 1294-1307 Downloads
Tamer Moussa and Hassan Dehghanpour
Study based on “Heat Flux - Energy Saving Pointer”: Exploring why phase change materials is not energy efficient enough on internal wall in cold region pp. 1308-1324 Downloads
Xing Xie, Xing-ni Chen, Bin Xu, Yue Fei and Gang Pei
Social behavior analysis for improving the positive energy transition pp. 1325-1344 Downloads
Catalina Alexandra Sima, Mariacristina Roscia and Vasile Sebastian Dancu
Thermal performance of the packed bed thermal energy storage system with encapsulated phase change material pp. 1345-1356 Downloads
Weimin Guo, Zhaoyu He, Yuting Zhang and Peng Zhang
Assessing the combining role of public-private investment as a green finance and renewable energy in carbon neutrality target pp. 1357-1365 Downloads
Qingchang Lu, Muhammad Umar Farooq, Xiaoyu Ma and Robina Iram
Sizing of energy storage systems for ramp rate control of photovoltaic strings pp. 1366-1375 Downloads
Kari Lappalainen and Seppo Valkealahti
Integration of renewable energy, environmental policy stringency, and climate technologies in realizing environmental sustainability: Evidence from OECD countries pp. 1376-1384 Downloads
Zeyun Li, Yen-Ku Kuo, Abdul Rahman Mahmud, Abdelmohsen A. Nassani, Mohamed Haffar and Iskandar Muda
Transcritical carbon dioxide cycle as a way to improve the efficiency of a Liquid Air Energy Storage system pp. 1385-1391 Downloads
Aleksandra Dzido, Marcin Wołowicz and Piotr Krawczyk
Energy and exergy analysis of a switchable solar photovoltaic/thermal-phase change material system with thermal regulation strategies pp. 1392-1405 Downloads
Chenyu Zhang, Ning Wang, Qiguo Yang, Hongtao Xu, Zhiguo Qu and Yuan Fang
Optimization of solar-assisted GWHP system based on the Trnsys model in cold regions pp. 1406-1417 Downloads
Qiang Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Haotian Zhang, Yinghan Ma and Shiyu Zhao
The role of exogenous technological factors and renewable energy in carbon dioxide emission reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1418-1428 Downloads
Bless Kofi Edziah, Huaping Sun, Philip Kofi Adom, Feng Wang and Andrew Osei Agyemang
Long-term operation of tunnel-lining ground heat exchangers in tropical zones: Energy, environmental, and economic performance evaluation pp. 1429-1442 Downloads
Chenglin Li, Guozhu Zhang, Suguang Xiao, Yongli Xie, Xiaohua Liu and Shiding Cao
Parametric optimization of a novel solar concentrating photovoltaic-near field thermophotovoltaic hybrid system based on cascade utilization of full-spectrum solar energy pp. 1443-1454 Downloads
Huadong Huang, Shiquan Shan and Zhijun Zhou
Ultrahigh-efficiency solar energy harvesting via a non-concentrating evacuated aerogel flat-plate solar collector pp. 1455-1468 Downloads
Datong Gao, Lijun Wu, Yong Hao and Gang Pei
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