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Volume 6, issue 4, 2003

Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions and Civic Traditions in Modern Italy pp. 1 Downloads
Ravi Bhavnani
Simulation and Validation of an Integrated Markets Model pp. 2 Downloads
Brian Sallans, Alexander Pfister, Alexandros Karatzoglou and Georg Dorffner
Coordination Mechanisms Based on Cooperation and Competition Within Industrial Districts: an Agent-Based Computational Approach pp. 3 Downloads
Vito Albino, Nunzia Carbonara and Ilaria Giannoccaro
Social Attitudes: Investigations with Agent Simulations Using Webots pp. 4 Downloads
Ivica Mitrovic and Kerstin Dautenhahn
Model-To-Model Analysis pp. 5 Downloads
David Hales, Juliette Rouchier and Bruce Edmonds
Cross-Element Validation in Multiagent-Based Simulation: Switching Learning Mechanisms in Agents pp. 6 Downloads
Keiki Takadama, Yutaka L. Suematsu, Norikazu Sugimoto, Norberto E. Nawa and Katsunori Shimohara
Re-Implementation of a Multi-Agent Model Aimed at Sustaining Experimental Economic Research: the Case of Simulations with Emerging Speculation pp. 7 Downloads
Juliette Rouchier
Simulations of Group Dynamics with Different Models pp. 8 Downloads
Jürgen Klüver and Christina Klüver
Comparing an Individual-Based Model of Behaviour Diffusion with Its Mean Field Aggregate Approximation pp. 9 Downloads
Margaret Edwards, Sylvie Huet, François Goreaud and Guillaume Deffuant
Comparative Analysis of Agent-Based Social Simulations: GeoSim and FEARLUS Models pp. 10 Downloads
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla and Nicholas M. Gotts
Replication, Replication and Replication: Some Hard Lessons from Model Alignmen pp. 11 Downloads
Bruce Edmonds and David Hales
Sim2Web: an Open Source System for Web-Enabling Economic and Financial Simulations pp. 12 Downloads
Sergio Margarita and Michele Sonnessa

Volume 6, issue 3, 2003

Discrete Agent Simulations of the Effect of Simple Social Structures on the Benefits of Resource Sharing pp. 1 Downloads
Stephen Younger
Sentiment and Social Mitosis: Implications of Heider's Balance Theory pp. 2 Downloads
Zhigang Wang and Warren Thorngate
Agent-Based Approach to Investors? Behavior and Asset Price Fluctuation in Financial Markets pp. 3 Downloads
Hiroshi Takahashi and Takao Terano
Do Real Options Perform Better Than Net Present Value? Testing in an Artificial Financial Market pp. 4 Downloads
Massimo Sapienza
Using Self-Designed Role-Playing Games and a Multi-Agent System to Empower a Local Decision-Making Process for Land Use Management: the SelfCormas Experiment in Senegal pp. 5 Downloads
Patrick D'aquino, Christophe Le Page, François Bousquet and Alassane Bah
A Role-Playing Game in Irrigated System Negotiation: Between Play and Reality pp. 6 Downloads
William's Daré and Olivier Barreteau
Gaming Approach Route 26: a Combination of Computer Simulation, Design Tools and Social Interaction pp. 7 Downloads
M Duijn, Immers L.h, Waaldijk F.a and H.J. Stoelhorst
My Kingdom for a Function: Modeling Misadventures of the Innumerate pp. 8 Downloads
Michael Agar
The Significance of Initial Conditions in Simulations pp. 9 Downloads
K. K. Fung and Shekhar Vemuri

Volume 6, issue 2, 2003

Our Companion Modelling Approach pp. 1 Downloads
Olivier Barreteau
A Step-By-Step Approach to Building Land Management Scenarios Based on Multiple Viewpoints on Multi-Agent System Simulations pp. 2 Downloads
Michel Etienne, Christophe Le Page and Mathilde Cohen
The Joint Use of Role-Playing Games and Models Regarding Negotiation Processes: Characterization of Associations pp. 3 Downloads
Olivier Barreteau
Cooperation with Random Interactions and Without Memory or "tags" pp. 4 Downloads
Hugo Fort
SYLVOPAST: a Multiple Target Role-Playing Game to Assess Negotiation Processes in Sylvopastoral Management Planning pp. 5 Downloads
Michel Etienne
Report on the Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS) 2002 Workshop, Bologna, Italy, July 2002 pp. 6 Downloads
François Bousquet, Ray Paul, Paul Davidsson and Jaime Simão Sichman
Industry As an Organisation of Agents: Innovation and R&D Management pp. 7 Downloads
Javier Pajares, Adolfo Lopez-Paredes and Cesareo Hernandez
Formal Models, Social Theory and Computer Simulations: Some Methodical Reflections pp. 8 Downloads
Jürgen Klüver, Christina Klüver and Jörn Schmidt
Agent-Based Verification of Von Thünen's Location Theory pp. 9 Downloads
Yuya Sasaki and Paul Box
Role-Playing Games, Models and Negotiation Processes pp. 10 Downloads
Olivier Barreteau, Christophe Le Page and Patrick D'aquino

Volume 6, issue 1, 2003

An Agent-Based Model of Ethnic Mobilisation pp. 1 Downloads
Armano Srbljinovic, Drazen Penzar, Petra Rodik and Kruno Kardov
Attitude Dynamics with Limited Verbalisation Capabilities pp. 2 Downloads
Diemo Urbig
On the Scalability of Social Order - Modeling the Problem of Double and Multi Contingency Following Luhmann pp. 3 Downloads
Peter Dittrich, Thomas Kron and Wolfgang Banzhaf
Investigating Social Interaction Strategies for Bootstrapping Lexicon Development pp. 4 Downloads
Paul Vogt and Hans Coumans
When the Centre Becomes Radical pp. 5 Downloads
Gero von Randow
Simple is Beautiful? and Necessary pp. 6 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant and Frederic Amblard
Evolutionary Development and Learning: Two Facets of Strategy Generation pp. 7 Downloads
Ilan Fischer

Volume 5, issue 4, 2002

How Can Extremism Prevail? a Study Based on the Relative Agreement Interaction Model pp. 1 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant, Frederic Amblard and Gérard Weisbuch
SAM - Simulation of Computer-Mediated Negotiations pp. 2 Downloads
Niels Lepperhoff
Network Structures and Agreement in Social Network Simulations pp. 3 Downloads
Rob Stocker, David Cornforth and Terry Bossomaier
Group Reputation Supports Beneficent Norms pp. 4 Downloads
David Hales
Identifying Cases of Social Contagion Using Memetic Isolation: Comparison of the Dynamics of a Multisociety Simulation with an Ethnographic Data Set pp. 5 Downloads
Derek Gatherer
Social Modelling and Public Policy: Application of Microsimulation Modelling in Australia pp. 6 Downloads
Laurie Brown and Ann Harding

Volume 5, issue 3, 2002

The Power of Commitment in Cooperative Social Action pp. 1 Downloads
David Brichoux and Paul E. Johnson
Opinion Dynamics and Bounded Confidence Models, Analysis and Simulation pp. 2 Downloads
Rainer Hegselmann and Ulrich Krause
An Economic Analysis of Altruism: Who Benefits from Altruistic Acts? pp. 3 Downloads
Klaus Jaffe
Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Systems: Application to Collective Management of Animal Wastes pp. 4 Downloads
Rémy Courdier, François Guerrin, Fenintsoa Andriamasinoro and Jean-Marie Paillat
A Comparison of Simulation Models Applied to Epidemics pp. 5 Downloads
Raul Bagni, Roberto Berchi and Pasquale Cariello
System Dynamic Experiments with Non-Linearity and a Rate of Learning pp. 6 Downloads
C van Dijkum, J van Mens-Verhulst, E van Kuijk and N Lam
PS-I: a User-Friendly Agent-Based Modeling Platform for Testing Theories of Political Identity and Political Stability pp. 7 Downloads
Ian Lustick
Philosophical Ideas on the Simulation of Social Behaviour pp. 8 Downloads
Carlos Gershenson
A European Social Simulation Association pp. 9 Downloads
John Scott and Scott Moss

Volume 5, issue 2, 2002

The Role of Oblivion, Memory Size and Spatial Separation in Dynamic Language Games pp. 1 Downloads
Juan de Lara Jaramillo and Manuel Alfonseca
The Integration of Defectors in a Cooperative Setting pp. 2 Downloads
Marie-Edith Bissey and Guido Ortona
A Multi-Agent Simulation Platform for Modeling Perfectly Rational and Bounded-Rational Agents in a Firm pp. 3 Downloads
Arianna Dal Forno and Ugo Merlone
Simulated Evolution of Language: a Review of the Field pp. 4 Downloads
Amy Perfors
UMDBS - a New Tool for Dynamic Microsimulation pp. 5 Downloads
Thomas Sauerbier
"Methodological Implications of Complex Systems Approaches to Sociality": Some Further Remarks pp. 6 Downloads
Kurt Richardson

Volume 5, issue 1, 2002

Economic Performance, Inter-Firm Relations and Local Institutional Engineering in a Computational Prototype of Industrial Districts pp. 1 Downloads
Flaminio Squazzoni and Riccardo Boero
Xenophobia and Social Closure: a Development of a Model from Coleman pp. 2 Downloads
Volker Müller-Benedict
Methodological Implications of Complex Systems Approaches to Sociality: Simulation As a Foundation for Knowledge pp. 3 Downloads
Chris Goldspink
Can Agent-Based Simulation Improve Dialogue Between Science and Theology? pp. 5 Downloads
Ted Metzler
Mixed Reality or One Reality: a Socio-Semiotic Approach to Hybrid Multiagent Environments pp. 6 Downloads
Inga Tomic-Koludrovic, Mirko Petric and Ivica Mitrovic
Agent Based Social Simulation: a Computer Science View pp. 7 Downloads
Paul Davidsson
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