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Volume 16, issue 4, 2013

CROSS: Modelling Crowd Behaviour with Social-Cognitive Agents pp. 1 Downloads
Nanda Wijermans, René Jorna, Wander Jager, Tony van Vliet and Otto Adang
The Evolution of Multiple Resistant Strains: An Abstract Model of Systemic Treatment and Accumulated Resistance pp. 2 Downloads
Benjamin D. Nye
Development of a Spatial and Temporal Agent-Based Model for Studying Water and Health Relationships: The Case Study of Two Villages in Limpopo, South Africa pp. 3 Downloads
Jeffrey Demarest, Sheree Pagsuyoin, Gerard Learmonth, Jonathan Mellor and Rebecca Dillingham
Simulating Social and Economic Specialization in Small-Scale Agricultural Societies pp. 4 Downloads
Denton Cockburn, Stefani A. Crabtree, Ziad Kobti, Timothy A. Kohler and R. Kyle Bocinsky
A Simulation Model of the Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry: A History-Friendly Model pp. 5 Downloads
Christian Garavaglia, Franco Malerba, Luigi Orsenigo and Michele Pezzoni
About the Uncertainties in Model Design and Their Effects: An Illustration with a Land-Use Model pp. 6 Downloads
Julia Schindler
Evolving Greenhouses: An Agent-Based Model of Universal Darwinism in Greenhouse Horticulture pp. 7 Downloads
J. Kasmire, Igor Nikolic and Gerard Dijkema
SocLab: A Framework for the Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Power in Social Organizations pp. 8 Downloads
Christophe Sibertin-Blanc, Pascal Roggero, Françoise Adreit, Bertrand Baldet, Paul Chapron, Joseph El-Gemayel, Matthias Mailliard and Sandra Sandri
When Demography Met Social Simulation: A Tale of Two Modelling Approaches pp. 9 Downloads
Eric Silverman, Jakub Bijak, Jason Hilton, Viet Dung Cao and Jason Noble
An Agent-Based Simulation of Destigmatization (DSIM): Introducing a Contact Theory and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Approach pp. 10 Downloads
Dietmar Heinke, Gregory Carslaw and Julie Christian
MayaSim: An Agent-Based Model of the Ancient Maya Social-Ecological System pp. 11 Downloads
Scott Heckbert
Generating a Synthetic Population of Individuals in Households: Sample-Free Vs Sample-Based Methods pp. 12 Downloads
Maxime Lenormand and Guillaume Deffuant
Communicating Social Simulation Models to Sceptical Minds pp. 13 Downloads
Annie Waldherr and Nanda Wijermans
Segregated Cooperation pp. 14 Downloads
Roger Waldeck

Volume 16, issue 3, 2013

Modelling the Economy as an Agent-Based Process: ABCE, A Modelling Platform and Formal Language for ACE pp. 1 Downloads
Davoud Taghawi-Nejad
Pitfalls in Spatial Modelling of Ethnocentrism: A Simulation Analysis of the Model of Hammond and Axelrod pp. 2 Downloads
Fredrik Jansson
SimPass: Quantifying the Impact of Password Behaviours and Policy Directives on an Organisation's Systems pp. 3 Downloads
Karen Renaud and Lewis Mackenzie
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: DIAL, A Dialogical Model for Opinion Dynamics pp. 4 Downloads
Piter Dykstra, Corinna Elsenbroich, Wander Jager, Gerard Renardel de Lavalette and Rineke Verbrugge
Building Mic-Core, a Specialized M&S Software to Simulate Multi-State Demographic Micro Models, Based on JAMES II, a General M&S Framework pp. 5 Downloads
Sabine Zinn, Jan Himmelspach, Adelinde M. Uhrmacher and Jutta Gampe
Techno-Social Energy Infrastructure Siting: Sustainable Energy Modeling Programming (SEMPro) pp. 6 Downloads
Mark Abdollahian, Zining Yang and Hal Nelson
The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation pp. 7 Downloads
Max Hartshorn, Artem Kaznatcheev and Thomas Shultz
Simulation Analysis of the Blocking Effect of Transaction Costs in China's Housing Market pp. 8 Downloads
Hong Zhang, Yue Wang, Yin Lin, Yang Zhang and Michael J. Seiler
An Abstract Model Showing That the Spatial Structure of Social Networks Affects the Outcomes of Cultural Transmission Processes pp. 9 Downloads
Andrew White
Combination of Empirical Study with Qualitative Simulation for Optimization Problem in Mobile Banking Adoption pp. 10 Downloads
Xiaochao Wei, Bin Hu and Kathleen Carley
Analysis of Asymmetric Two-Sided Matching: Agent-Based Simulation with Theorem-Proof Approach pp. 11 Downloads
Naoki Shiba
Why Simulate? To Develop a Mental Model pp. 12 Downloads
Andrzej Nowak, Agnieszka Rychwalska and Wojciech Borkowski
Asking the Oracle: Introducing Forecasting Principles into Agent-Based Modelling pp. 13 Downloads
Samer Hassan, Javier Arroyo, José Manuel Galán, Luis Antunes and Juan Pavón

Volume 16, issue 2, 2013

Agent-Based Modeling as a Tool for Trade and Development Theory pp. 1 Downloads
Timothy R. Gulden
Agent-Based Simulation of Residential Promoting Policy Effects on Downtown Revitalization pp. 2 Downloads
Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen and Mitsuhiko Kawakami
Opening the Black-Box of Peer Review: An Agent-Based Model of Scientist Behaviour pp. 3 Downloads
Flaminio Squazzoni and Claudio Gandelli
Measuring Simulation-Observation Fit: An Introduction to Ordinal Pattern Analysis pp. 4 Downloads
Warren Thorngate and Bruce Edmonds
Catching the PHEVer: Simulating Electric Vehicle Diffusion with an Agent-Based Mixed Logit Model of Vehicle Choice pp. 5 Downloads
Maxwell Brown
Cooperation Could Evolve in Complex Networks when Activated Conditionally on Network Characteristics pp. 6 Downloads
Yen-Sheng Chiang
An Agent Based Model of Monopolistic Competition in International Trade with Emerging Firm Heterogeneity pp. 7 Downloads
Ermanno Catullo
Modeling Sanction Choices on Fraudulent Benefit Exchanges in Public Service Delivery pp. 8 Downloads
Yushim Kim, Wei Zhong and Yongwan Chun
MAIA: a Framework for Developing Agent-Based Social Simulations pp. 9 Downloads
Amineh Ghorbani, Pieter Bots, Virginia Dignum and Gerard Dijkema
An Agent-Based Social Network Model of Binge Drinking Among Dutch Adults pp. 10 Downloads
Philippe Giabbanelli and Rik Crutzen
Return Migration After Brain Drain: A Simulation Approach pp. 11 Downloads
Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Alessandro Pluchino and Andrea Rapisarda

Volume 16, issue 1, 2013

Transparency Effect in the Emergence of Monopolies in Social Networks pp. 1 Downloads
Amir Hossein Shirazi, Ali Namaki, Amir Ahmad Roohi and Gholam Reza Jafari
An Agent-Based Model to Explore Game Setting Effects on Attitude Change During a Role Playing Game Session pp. 2 Downloads
Emmanuel Dubois, Olivier Barreteau and Véronique Souchère
An Agent-Based Competitive Product Diffusion Model for the Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Social Network Structure and Purchase Time Distribution pp. 3 Downloads
Keeheon Lee, Shintae Kim, Chang Ouk Kim and Taeho Park
Tag-Mediated Altruism is Contingent on How Cheaters Are Defined pp. 4 Downloads
Shade T. Shutters and David Hales
The Leviathan Model: Absolute Dominance, Generalised Distrust, Small Worlds and Other Patterns Emerging from Combining Vanity with Opinion Propagation pp. 5 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant, Timoteo Carletti and Sylvie Huet
Modelling "Marriage Markets": A Population-Scale Implementation and Parameter Test pp. 6 Downloads
Lyndon Walker and Peter Davis
Policy Innovation, Decentralised Experimentation, and Laboratory Federalism pp. 7 Downloads
Nicole J. Saam and Wolfgang Kerber
Synthetic Population Dynamics: A Model of Household Demography pp. 8 Downloads
Nicholas Geard, James M McCaw, Alan Dorin, Kevin B Korb and Jodie McVernon
Cosmopolis: A Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Social and Behavioral Research pp. 9 Downloads
Marc Spraragen, Peter Landwehr, Balakrishnan Ranganathan, Michael Zyda, Kathleen Carley, Yu-Han Chang and Rajiv Maheswaran
Is Social Simulation a Social Science Outstation? A Bibliometric Analysis of the Impact of JASSS pp. 10 Downloads
Flaminio Squazzoni and Niccolò Casnici
The Results of Meadows and Cliff Are Wrong Because They Compute Indicator y Before Model Convergence pp. 11 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant, Gérard Weisbuch, Frederic Amblard and Thierry Faure

Volume 15, issue 4, 2012

Old and Young Individuals' Role in Cultural Change pp. 1 Downloads
Alberto Acerbi, Stefano Ghirlanda and Magnus Enquist
Slumulation: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach to Slum Formations pp. 2 Downloads
Amit Patel, Andrew Crooks and Naoru Koizumi
Social Relationships and the Emergence of Social Networks pp. 3 Downloads
Alistair Sutcliffe, Di Wang and Robin Dunbar
Reexamining the Relative Agreement Model of Opinion Dynamics pp. 4 Downloads
Michael Meadows and Dave Cliff
The Reactive-Causal Architecture: Radar Task Simulation pp. 5 Downloads
Ali Orhan Aydin and Mehmet Ali Orgun
Modelling the Emergence of Spatial Patterns of Economic Activity pp. 6 Downloads
Jung-Hun Yang and Dick Ettema
An Agent-Based Model of Social Identity Dynamics pp. 7 Downloads
Paul Smaldino, Cynthia Pickett, Jeffrey Sherman and Jeffrey Schank
Using Artificial Societies to Understand the Impact of Teacher Student Match on Academic Performance: The Case of Same Race Effects pp. 8 Downloads
Guillermo Montes
Thomas C. Schelling and the Computer: Some Notes on Schelling's Essay "On Letting a Computer Help with the Work" pp. 9 Downloads
Rainer Hegselmann

Volume 15, issue 3, 2012

Explanation in Agent-Based Modelling: Functions, Causality or Mechanisms? pp. 1 Downloads
Corinna Elsenbroich
Use of an Agent-Based Model to Understand Clinical Systems pp. 2 Downloads
Luci Leykum, Pradeep Kumar, Michael Parchman, Reuben R McDaniel, Holly Lanham and Michael Agar
Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Complex Networks with Agents' Adaptive Expectations pp. 3 Downloads
Bo Xianyu
Why Do Social Democrats Retrench the Welfare State? A Simulation pp. 4 Downloads
Gijs Schumacher and Barbara Vis
Predicting Behavior in New Behavioral Experiments: Outcomes of a Modeling Competition pp. 5 Downloads
Marco A. Janssen and Nathan Rollins
Flora: A Testbed for Evaluating the Potential Impact of Proposed Systems on Population Wellbeing pp. 6 Downloads
Edgar Sioson
Logic-Based Reputation Model in E-Commerce Simulation pp. 7 Downloads
Ioan Alfred Letia and Radu Razvan Slavescu
Agent-Based Modelling: Tools for Linking NetLogo and r pp. 8 Downloads
Jan C. Thiele, Winfried Kurth and Volker Grimm

Volume 15, issue 2, 2012

Investigating the Relative Influence of Genes and Memes in Healthcare pp. 1 Downloads
Alistair Sutcliffe and Di Wang
Simulation Modelling as a Theory Building Tool: The Formation of Risk Perceptions pp. 2 Downloads
Mercedes Bleda and Simon Shackley
An Agent Based Model of Switching: The Case of Boulogne S/mer Fish Market pp. 3 Downloads
Sylvain Mignot, Gabriele Tedeschi and Annick Vignes
Agent-Based Modeling of Ecological Niche Theory and Assortative Drinking pp. 4 Downloads
Ben Fitzpatrick and Jason Martinez
Typical Pitfalls of Simulation Modeling - Lessons Learned from Armed Forces and Business pp. 5 Downloads
Rolf Barth, Matthias Meyer and Jan Spitzner
Commuting Network Models: Getting the Essentials pp. 6 Downloads
Floriana Gargiulo, Maxime Lenormand, Sylvie Huet and Omar Baqueiro Espinosa
Analysis of the Emergent Properties: Stationarity and Ergodicity pp. 7 Downloads
Jakob Grazzini
ABMland - a Tool for Agent-Based Model Development on Urban Land Use Change pp. 8 Downloads
Nina Schwarz, Daniel Kahlenberg, Dagmar Haase and Ralf Seppelt

Volume 15, issue 1, 2012

Creating Realistic Synthetic Populations at Varying Spatial Scales: A Comparative Critique of Population Synthesis Techniques pp. 1 Downloads
Kirk Harland, Alison Heppenstall, Dianna Smith and Mark Birkin
Nonlinear Dynamics of Crime and Violence in Urban Settings pp. 2 Downloads
Maria Fonoberova, Vladimir A. Fonoberov, Igor Mezic, Jadranka Mezic and P. Jeffrey Brantingham
Computational Modelling of Trust and Social Relationships pp. 3 Downloads
Alistair Sutcliffe and Di Wang
Rethinking the Tragedy of the Commons: The Integration of Socio-Psychological Dispositions pp. 4 Downloads
Julia Schindler
A Hybrid Model for Disease Spread and an Application to the SARS Pandemic pp. 5 Downloads
Teruhiko Yoneyama, Sanmay Das and Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
The Schelling Model of Ethnic Residential Dynamics: Beyond the Integrated - Segregated Dichotomy of Patterns pp. 6 Downloads
Erez Hatna and Itzhak Benenson
Are R&D Subsidies Provided Optimally? Evidence from a Simulated Agency-Firm Stochastic Dynamic Game pp. 7 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli
JAMSIM: a Microsimulation Modelling Policy Tool pp. 8 Downloads
Oliver Mannion, Roy Lay-Yee, Wendy Wrapson, Peter Davis and Janet Pearson
UML for ABM pp. 9 Downloads
Hugues Bersini
Participatory Agent-Based Simulation for Renewable Resource Management: The Role of the Cormas Simulation Platform to Nurture a Community of Practice pp. 10 Downloads
Christophe Le Page, Nicolas Becu, Pierre Bommel and François Bousquet
Outstanding in the Field: Evaluating Auction Markets for Farmland Using Multi-Agent Simulation pp. 11 Downloads
Adam Arsenault, James Nolan, Richard Schoney and Donald Gilchrist
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