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Volume 12, issue 4, 2009

The Methodology of Simulation Models: Chances and Risks pp. 1 Downloads
Andreas Pyka and Claudia Werker
Policy Advice Derived from Simulation Models pp. 2 Downloads
Thomas Brenner and Claudia Werker
An Objective-Based Perspective on Assessment of Model-Supported Policy Processes pp. 3 Downloads
Gönenç Yücel and Els van Daalen
Agent Based Modeling and Simulation: An Informatics Perspective pp. 4 Downloads
Stefania Bandini, Sara Manzoni and Giuseppe Vizzari
On the Effects of Skill Upgrading in the Presence of Spatial Labor Market Frictions: An Agent-Based Analysis of Spatial Policy Design pp. 5 Downloads
Herbert Dawid, Simon Gemkow, Philipp Harting and Michael Neugart
A Pragmatic Reading of Friedman's Methodological Essay and What It Tells Us for the Discussion of ABMs pp. 6 Downloads
Simon Deichsel and Andreas Pyka
Cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma Game Based on the Second-Best Decision pp. 7 Downloads
Tetsushi Ohdaira and Takao Terano
Sendero: An Extended, Agent-Based Implementation of Kauffman's NKCS Model pp. 8 Downloads
Julian Padget, Richard Vidgen, James Mitchell, Amy Marshall and Rick Mellor
A Survey of Agent-Based Modeling Practices (January 1998 to July 2008) pp. 9 Downloads
Brian Heath, Raymond Hill and Frank Ciarallo
Agent Street: An Environment for Exploring Agent-Based Models in Second Life pp. 10 Downloads
Andrew Crooks, Andrew Hudson-Smith and Joel Dearden
Resolving a Replication That Failed: News on the Macy & Sato Model pp. 11 Downloads
Oliver Will
The Development of Social Simulation as Reflected in the First Ten Years of JASSS: a Citation and Co-Citation Analysis pp. 12 Downloads
Matthias Meyer, Iris Lorscheid and Klaus G. Troitzsch
Understanding Artificial Anasazi pp. 13 Downloads
Marco A. Janssen

Volume 12, issue 3, 2009

Punishment Deters Crime Because Humans Are Bounded in Their Strategic Decision-Making pp. 1 Downloads
Heiko Rauhut and Marcel Junker
When and How to Imitate Your Neighbours: Lessons from and for FEARLUS pp. 2 Downloads
Nicholas M. Gotts and J. Gareth Polhill
Income Distribution Effects of a Finnish Work Incentive Trap Reform pp. 3 Downloads
Paivi Mattila-Wiro
Effects of a Trust Mechanism on Complex Adaptive Supply Networks: An Agent-Based Social Simulation Study pp. 4 Downloads
Whan-Seon Kim
Forecasting a Language Shift Based on Cellular Automata pp. 5 Downloads
Francesc S. Beltran, Salvador Herrando, Doris Ferreres, Marc-Antoni Adell, Violant Estreder and Marcos Ruiz-Soler
An Analysis of the Insertion of Virtual Players in GMABS Methodology Using the Vip-JogoMan Prototype pp. 7 Downloads
Diana Adamatti, Jaime Simão Sichman and Helder Coelho

Volume 12, issue 2, 2009

Design Guidelines for Agent Based Model Visualization pp. 1 Downloads
Daniel Kornhauser, Uri Wilensky and William Rand
Tools of the Trade: A Survey of Various Agent Based Modeling Platforms pp. 2 Downloads
Cynthia Nikolai and Gregory Madey
Social Circles: A Simple Structure for Agent-Based Social Network Models pp. 3 Downloads
Lynne Hamill and Nigel Gilbert
How Groups Can Foster Consensus: The Case of Local Cultures pp. 4 Downloads
Patrick Groeber, Frank Schweitzer and Kerstin Press
Agent-Based Simulation on Women's Role in a Family Line on Civil Service Examination in Chinese History pp. 5 Downloads
Chao Yang, Kurahashi Setsuya, Keiko Kurahashi, Isao Ono and Takao Terano

Volume 12, issue 1, 2009

Errors and Artefacts in Agent-Based Modelling pp. 1 Downloads
José Manuel Galán, Luis Izquierdo, Segismundo Izquierdo, José Santos, Ricardo del Olmo, Adolfo Lopez-Paredes and Bruce Edmonds
Exploring Agent-Based Methods for the Analysis of Payment Systems: A Crisis Model for StarLogo TNG pp. 2 Downloads
Luca Arciero, Claudia Biancotti, Leandro D'Aurizio and Claudio Impenna
Agent-Based Urban Land Markets: Agent's Pricing Behavior, Land Prices and Urban Land Use Change pp. 3 Downloads
Tatiana Filatova, Dawn Parker and Anne van der Veen
Simulating Light-Weight Personalised Recommender Systems in Learning Networks: A Case for Pedagogy-Oriented and Rating-Based Hybrid Recommendation Strategies pp. 4 Downloads
Rob J. Nadolski, Bert van den Berg, Adriana J. Berlanga, Hendrik Drachsler, Hans G.K. Hummel, Rob E.J.R. Koper and Peter B. Sloep
Games on Cellular Spaces: How Mobility Affects Equilibrium pp. 5 Downloads
Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade, Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro, Gilberto Câmara and Sandra Sandri
Techniques to Understand Computer Simulations: Markov Chain Analysis pp. 6 Downloads
Luis Izquierdo, Segismundo Izquierdo, José Manuel Galán and José Santos
A Proximate Mechanism for Communities of Agents to Commemorate Long Dead Ancestors pp. 7 Downloads
Bill Tomlinson
A Spatial Agent-Based Model of N-Person Prisoner's Dilemma Cooperation in a Socio-Geographic Community pp. 8 Downloads
Conrad Power
Contra Epstein, Good Explanations Predict pp. 9 Downloads
Nicholas S. Thompson and Patrick Derr
Not All Explanations Predict Satisfactorily, and Not All Good Predictions Explain pp. 10 Downloads
Klaus G. Troitzsch
Modelling Opinion Formation with Physics Tools: Call for Closer Link with Reality pp. 11 Downloads
Pawel Sobkowicz
Industrial Dynamics and Financial Markets pp. 12 Downloads
Thomas Grebel and Esther Merey

Volume 11, issue 4, 2008

Pricing Strategies and Protection of Digital Products Under Presence of Piracy: A Welfare Analysis pp. 1 Downloads
Gokhan Ozertan and Baris Cevik
The Dynamics of Public Opinion in Complex Networks pp. 2 Downloads
Shuguang Suo and Yu Chen
Marriage Formation/Dissolution and Marital Distribution in a Two-Period Economic Model of Matching with Cooperative Bargaining pp. 3 Downloads
Ayşe Mumcu and Ismail Saglam
An Agent-Based Model of Mediterranean Agricultural Land-Use/Cover Change for Examining Wildfire Risk pp. 4 Downloads
James Millington, Raúl Romero-Calcerrada, John Wainwright and George Perry
Population Heterogeneity and Individual Differences in an Assortative Agent-Based Marriage and Divorce Model (MADAM) Using Search with Relaxing Expectations pp. 5 Downloads
Thomas Hills and Peter Todd
Homo Socionicus: a Case Study of Simulation Models of Norms pp. 6 Downloads
Martin Neumann
Governments, Civilians, and the Evolution of Insurgency: Modeling the Early Dynamics of Insurgencies pp. 7 Downloads
D. Scott Bennett
Replication in the Deception and Convergence of Opinions Problem pp. 8 Downloads
André C. R. Martins
Can Extremism Guarantee Pluralism? pp. 9 Downloads
Floriana Gargiulo and Alberto Mazzoni
A Framework for Megascale Agent Based Model Simulations on Graphics Processing Units pp. 10 Downloads
Mikola Lysenko and Roshan M. D'Souza
Reply to Will and Hegselmann pp. 11 Downloads
Michael Macy and Yoshimichi Sato
Why Model? pp. 12 Downloads
Joshua M. Epstein
Remark on a Reply pp. 13 Downloads
Oliver Will and Rainer Hegselmann

Volume 11, issue 3, 2008

Agent-Based Simulation of the Trust and Tracing Game for Supply Chains and Networks pp. 1 Downloads
Dmytro Tykhonov, Catholijn Jonker, Sebastiaan Meijer and Tim Verwaart
Enhancing the Australian National Health Survey Data for Use in a Microsimulation Model of Pharmaceutical Drug Usage and Cost pp. 2 Downloads
Annie Abello, Sharyn Lymer, Laurie Brown, Ann Harding and Ben Phillips
A Replication That Failed - on the Computational Model in 'Michael W. Macy and Yoshimichi Sato: Trust, Cooperation and Market Formation in the U.S. and Japan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May 2002' pp. 3 Downloads
Oliver Will and Rainer Hegselmann
Simple Heuristics in Complex Networks: Models of Social Influence pp. 4 Downloads
Gero Schwenk and Torsten Reimer
Emergence and Collapse of Peace with Friend Selection Strategies pp. 6 Downloads
Yutaka Nakai and Masayoshi Muto
Modelling Socio-Technical Transition Patterns and Pathways pp. 7 Downloads
Noam Bergman, Alex Haxeltine, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Jonathan Köhler, Michel Schilperoord and Jan Rotmans
Simulating Evolutionary Games: A Python-Based Introduction pp. 8 Downloads
Alan G Isaac
Agent-Based Emergency Evacuation Simulation with Individuals with Disabilities in the Population pp. 9 Downloads
Keith Christensen and Yuya Sasaki

Volume 11, issue 2, 2008

Reinforcement Learning Dynamics in Social Dilemmas pp. 1 Downloads
Segismundo Izquierdo, Luis Izquierdo and Nicholas M. Gotts
Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation? pp. 2 Downloads
James Dow
Using the ODD Protocol for Describing Three Agent-Based Social Simulation Models of Land-Use Change pp. 3 Downloads
J. Gareth Polhill, Dawn Parker, Daniel Brown and Volker Grimm
Opinion Dynamics: the Effect of the Number of Peers Met at Once pp. 4 Downloads
Diemo Urbig, Jan Lorenz and Heiko Herzberg
Horizontal and Vertical Multiple Implementations in a Model of Industrial Districts pp. 5 Downloads
Ugo Merlone, Michele Sonnessa and Pietro Terna
Towards a Community Framework for Agent-Based Modelling pp. 6 Downloads
Marco A. Janssen, Lilian N. Alessa, C. Michael Barton, Sean Bergin and Allen Lee
REsCape: an Agent-Based Framework for Modeling Resources, Ethnicity, and Conflict pp. 7 Downloads
Ravi Bhavnani, Dan Miodownik and Jonas Nart
Progress in Model-To-Model Analysis pp. 8 Downloads
Juliette Rouchier, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, J. Gareth Polhill and Keiki Takadama
Micro- and Macro-Level Validation in Agent-Based Simulation: Reproduction of Human-Like Behaviors and Thinking in a Sequential Bargaining Game pp. 9 Downloads
Keiki Takadama, Tetsuro Kawai and Yuhsuke Koyama
Differential Equation Models Derived from an Individual-Based Model Can Help to Understand Emergent Effects pp. 10 Downloads
Sylvie Huet and Guillaume Deffuant
A Model-To-Model Analysis of Bertrand Competition pp. 11 Downloads
Xavier Vilà

Volume 11, issue 1, 2007

An Agent-Based Representation of the Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice pp. 1 Downloads
Guido Fioretti and Alessandro Lomi
A Cognitively Founded Model of the Social Emergence of Lexicon pp. 2 Downloads
Umberto Gostoli
Cricketsim: a Genetic and Evolutionary Computer Simulation pp. 3 Downloads
Kyle Wagner and Kerry Shaw
Rethinking Lock-in and Locking: Adopters Facing Network Effects pp. 4 Downloads
Marc R.H. Roedenbeck and Barnas Nothnagel
Alternative Approaches to the Empirical Validation of Agent-Based Models pp. 5 Downloads
Scott Moss
How to Choose the Bidding Strategy in Continuous Double Auctions: Imitation Versus Take-The-Best Heuristics pp. 6 Downloads
Marta Posada and Adolfo Lopez-Paredes
Network Formation and Strategic Firm Behaviour to Explore and Exploit pp. 7 Downloads
Müge Ozman
Imitation and Cooperation in Different Helping Games pp. 8 Downloads
Giangiacomo Bravo
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