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Volume 14, issue 4, 2011

Two Challenges in Simulating the Social Processes of Science pp. 1 Downloads
Edmund Chattoe-Brown
Toward Multi-Level, Multi-Theoretical Model Portfolios for Scientific Enterprise Workforce Dynamics pp. 2 Downloads
Levent Yilmaz
Social Simulation That 'Peers into Peer Review' pp. 3 Downloads
Flaminio Squazzoni and Károly Takács
Bibliometrics, Stylized Facts and the Way Ahead: How to Build Good Social Simulation Models of Science? pp. 4 Downloads
Matthias Meyer
Two Outline Models of Science: AMS And HAMS pp. 5 Downloads
Jim Doran
Modeling Scientists as Agents. How Scientists Cope with the Challenges of the New Public Management of Science pp. 6 Downloads
Marc Mölders, Robin D. Fink and Johannes Weyer
A Brief Survey of Some Relevant Philosophy of Science pp. 7 Downloads
Bruce Edmonds
Modelling Theory Communities in Science pp. 8 Downloads
Petra Ahrweiler
For an Integrated Approach to Agent-Based Modeling of Science pp. 9 Downloads
Nicolas Payette
Science as a Social System and Virtual Research Environment pp. 10 Downloads
Sergei Parinov and Cameron Neylon
A Social Process in Science and its Content in a Simulation Program pp. 11 Downloads
Wolfgang Balzer and Klaus Manhart
Using Social Simulation to Explore the Dynamics at Stake in Participatory Research pp. 12 Downloads
Olivier Barreteau and Christophe Le Page
Conference Models to Bridge Micro and Macro Studies of Science pp. 13 Downloads
Matthew Francisco, Staša Milojevic and Selma ŠAbanovic
Simulating the Social Processes of Science pp. 14 Downloads
Bruce Edmonds, Nigel Gilbert, Petra Ahrweiler and Andrea Scharnhorst
Computer Simulation and Emergent Reliability in Science pp. 15 Downloads
Kevin Zollman
Simulating What? pp. 16 Downloads
Harry Collins
The Competition for Attention and the Evolution of Science pp. 17 Downloads
Warren Thorngate, Jing Liu and Wahida Chowdhury
Group-Level Exploration and Exploitation: A Computer Simulation-Based Analysis pp. 18 Downloads
Jennifer Kunz
A Virtual Laboratory for the Study of History and Cultural Dynamics pp. 19 Downloads
Juan-Luis Suárez and Fernando Sancho
Sympathy and Punishment: Evolution of Cooperation in Public Goods Game pp. 20 Downloads
Hang Ye, Fei Tan, Mei Ding, Yongmin Jia and Yefeng Chen
Role-Playing Game and Learning for Young People About Sustainable Development Stakes: An Experiment in Transferring and Adapting Interdisciplinary Scientific Knowledge pp. 21 Downloads
Françoise Gourmelon, Mathias Rouan, Jean-François Lefevre and Anne Rognant
Web Citations Analysis of the JASSS: the First Ten Years pp. 22 Downloads
Mohammad Karim Saberi, Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam and Sedigheh Mohamadesmaeil

Volume 14, issue 3, 2011

A Computational Model of Worker Protest pp. 1 Downloads
Jae-Woo Kim and Robert Hanneman
Multiagent System Applied to the Modeling and Simulation of Pedestrian Traffic in Counterflow pp. 2 Downloads
Ana Luisa Ballinas-Hernández, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez and Alejandro Rangel-Huerta
Scale-Free Relationships Facilitate Cooperation in Spatial Games with Sequential Strategy pp. 3 Downloads
Tetsushi Ohdaira and Takao Terano
An Agent-Based Model of Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Activities pp. 4 Downloads
Isamu Okada
Reallocation Problems in Agent Societies: A Local Mechanism to Maximize Social Welfare pp. 5 Downloads
Antoine Nongaillard and Philippe Mathieu
Stability of Groups with Costly Beliefs and Practices pp. 6 Downloads
Wesley J. Wildman and Richard Sosis
Agent-Based Modeling of Human-Induced Spread of Invasive Species in Agricultural Landscapes: Insights from the Potato Moth in Ecuador pp. 7 Downloads
François Rebaudo, Verónica Crespo-Pérez, Jean-François Silvain and Olivier Dangles
Leadership, Violence, and Warfare in Small Societies pp. 8 Downloads
Stephen Younger
Challenges in Modelling Social Conflicts: Grappling with Polysemy pp. 9 Downloads
Martin Neumann, Andreas Braun, Eva-Maria Heinke, Mehdi Saqalli and Armano Srbljinovic

Volume 14, issue 2, 2011

Innovation as an Emerging System Property: An Agent Based Simulation Model pp. 1 Downloads
Cristiano Antonelli and Gianluigi Ferraris
A First Approach on Modelling Staff Proactiveness in Retail Simulation Models pp. 2 Downloads
Peer-Olaf Siebers and Uwe Aickelin
A Model of Political Judgment: An Agent-Based Simulation of Candidate Evaluation pp. 3 Downloads
Sung-youn Kim
An Agent Operationalization Approach for Context Specific Agent-Based Modeling pp. 4 Downloads
Christof Knoeri, Claudia R. Binder and Hans-Joerg Althaus
The ABM Template Models: A Reformulation with Reference Implementations pp. 5 Downloads
Alan G Isaac
The Current State of Normative Agent-Based Systems pp. 6 Downloads
Christopher D. Hollander and Annie S. Wu
Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation: Modelling Complex Entrepreneurial Behaviours by Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor: A Response to the Review pp. 7 Downloads
Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor

Volume 14, issue 1, 2011

Introducing the SAPS System and a Corresponding Allocation Mechanism for Synchronous Online Reciprocal Peer Support Activities pp. 1 Downloads
Gijs de Bakker, Jan van Bruggen, Wim Jochems and Peter B. Sloep
Zaller-Deffuant Model of Mass Opinion pp. 2 Downloads
Krzysztof Malarz, Piotr Gronek and Krzysztof Kulakowski
Fairness Emergence in Reputation Systems pp. 3 Downloads
Adam Wierzbicki and Radoslaw Nielek
Soft Power, World System Dynamics, and Democratization: A Bass Model of Democracy Diffusion 1800-2000 pp. 4 Downloads
Mikael Sandberg
Digested Information as an Information Theoretic Motivation for Social Interaction pp. 5 Downloads
Christoph Salge and Daniel Polani
Power of Criminal Attractors: Modeling the Pull of Activity Nodes pp. 6 Downloads
Richard Frank, Vahid Dabbaghian, Andrew Reid, Suraj Singh, Jonathan Cinnamon and Patricia Brantingham
Secession of the Center: A Virtual Probe of the Prospects for Punjabi Secessionism in Pakistan and the Secession of Punjabistan pp. 7 Downloads
Ian Lustick

Volume 13, issue 4, 2010

Prospects and Pitfalls of Statistical Testing: Insights from Replicating the Demographic Prisoner's Dilemma pp. 1 Downloads
Wolfgang Radax and Bernhard Rengs
The Roundtable: An Abstract Model of Conversation Dynamics pp. 2 Downloads
Massimo Mastrangeli, Martin Schmidt and Lucas Lacasa
Obligation Norm Identification in Agent Societies pp. 3 Downloads
Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu, Stephen Cranefield, Maryam A. Purvis and Martin K. Purvis
Dilbert-Peter Model of Organization Effectiveness: Computer Simulations pp. 4 Downloads
Pawel Sobkowicz
Opinion Formation by Informed Agents pp. 5 Downloads
Mohammad Afshar and Masoud Asadpour
Modelling Contextualized Reasoning in Complex Societies with "Endorsements" pp. 6 Downloads
Shah Jamal Alam, Armando Geller, Ruth Meyer and Bogdan Werth
Agent-Based Modelling: The Next 15 Years pp. 7 Downloads
Lynne Hamill
Diffusion of Competing Innovations: The Effects of Network Structure on the Provision of Healthcare pp. 8 Downloads
Adam G. Dunn and Blanca Gallego
ODD Updated pp. 9 Downloads
J. Gareth Polhill

Volume 13, issue 3, 2010

Between Replication and Docking: "Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions, and Civic Traditions" Revisited pp. 1 Downloads
Dan Miodownik, Britt Cartrite and Ravi Bhavnani
A Tag-Based Evolutionary Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Networks with Different Topologies pp. 2 Downloads
Jae-Woo Kim
Interorganizational Information Exchange and Efficiency: Organizational Performance in Emergency Environments pp. 3 Downloads
Adam Zagorecki, Kilkon Ko and Louise K. Comfort
Co-Operative Punishment Cements Social Cohesion pp. 4 Downloads
Klaus Jaffe and Luis Zaballa
Leadership in Small Societies pp. 5 Downloads
Stephen Younger
Why Bother with What Others Tell You? An Experimental Data-Driven Agent-Based Model pp. 6 Downloads
Riccardo Boero, Giangiacomo Bravo, Marco Castellani and Flaminio Squazzoni
When Does a Newcomer Contribute to a Better Performance? A Multi-Agent Study on Self-Organising Processes of Task Allocation pp. 7 Downloads
Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman
The Third Way of Agent-Based Social Simulation and a Computational Account of Emergence pp. 8 Downloads
Roy Wilson

Volume 13, issue 2, 2010

Simulating Rural Environmentally and Socio-Economically Constrained Multi-Activity and Multi-Decision Societies in a Low-Data Context: A Challenge Through Empirical Agent-Based Modeling pp. 1 Downloads
Mehdi Saqalli, Charles L. Bielders, Bruno Gerard and Pierre Defourny
An Agent Based Market Design Methodology for Combinatorial Auctions pp. 2 Downloads
Jinho Choi, Gyoo Gun Lim and Kun Chang Lee
Simulation of the Long-Term Effects of Decentralized and Adaptive Investments in Cross-Agency Interoperable and Standard IT Systems pp. 3 Downloads
Sungho Lee
Simulating Political Stability and Change in the Netherlands (1998-2002): an Agent-Based Model of Party Competition with Media Effects Empirically Tested pp. 4 Downloads
Jasper Muis
Social Simulation and Analysis of the Dynamics of Criminal Hot Spots pp. 5 Downloads
Tibor Bosse and Charlotte Gerritsen
Socio-Economic Mechanisms to Coordinate the Internet of Services: The Simulation Environment SimIS pp. 6 Downloads
Stefan König, Sebastian Hudert and Torsten Eymann
Social Preference, Incomplete Information, and the Evolution of Ultimatum Game in the Small World Networks: An Agent-Based Approach pp. 7 Downloads
Bo Xianyu
Flocking Behaviour: Agent-Based Simulation and Hierarchical Leadership pp. 8 Downloads
Vicenç Quera, Francesc S. Beltran and Ruth Dolado
The Surprising Success of a Replication That Failed pp. 9 Downloads
Michael Macy and Yoshimichi Sato
Using Qualitative Evidence to Enhance an Agent-Based Modelling System for Studying Land Use Change pp. 10 Downloads
J. Gareth Polhill, Lee-Ann Sutherland and Nicholas M. Gotts

Volume 13, issue 1, 2010

Using Microsimulation to Optimize an Income Transfer System Towards Poverty Reduction pp. 1 Downloads
Seppo Sallila
Optimization and Falsification in Empirical Agent-Based Models pp. 2 Downloads
Sebastian Schutte
Ontology, a Mediator for Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science pp. 3 Downloads
Pierre Livet, Jean-Pierre Muller, Denis Phan and Lena Sanders
Explaining Simulations Through Self Explaining Agents pp. 4 Downloads
Maaike Harbers, John-Jules Meyer and Karel van den Bosch
Agent-Based Models and Simulations in Economics and Social Sciences: From Conceptual Exploration to Distinct Ways of Experimenting pp. 5 Downloads
Denis Phan and Franck Varenne
What Do Agent-Based and Equation-Based Modelling Tell Us About Social Conventions: The Clash Between ABM and EBM in a Congestion Game Framework pp. 6 Downloads
Federico Cecconi, Marco Campenni, Giulia Andrighetto and Rosaria Conte
A Methodology for Complex Social Simulations pp. 7 Downloads
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla
Bootstrapping Knowledge About Social Phenomena Using Simulation Models pp. 8 Downloads
Bruce Edmonds
Simulation-Based Definitions of Emergence pp. 9 Downloads
Alan Baker
Social Simulations: Improving Interdisciplinary Understanding of Scientific Positioning and Validity pp. 10 Downloads
Stuart Rossiter, Jason Noble and Keith R.W. Bell
A Spatial Approach to Network Generation for Three Properties: Degree Distribution, Clustering Coefficient and Degree Assortativity pp. 11 Downloads
Jennifer Badham and Rob Stocker
Norm Internalisation in Human and Artificial Intelligence pp. 12 Downloads
Martin Neumann
Large Scale Daily Contacts and Mobility Model - an Individual-Based Countrywide Simulation Study for Poland pp. 13 Downloads
Franciszek Rakowski, Magdalena Gruziel, Michal Krych and Jan P Radomski
Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation III pp. 14 Downloads
Nuno David, José Castro Caldas and Helder Coelho
Social Influence and Decision-Making: Evaluating Agent Networks in Village Responses to Change in Freshwater pp. 15 Downloads
Mark Altaweel, Lilian N. Alessa and Andrew D. Kliskey
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