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Volume 10, issue 4, 2007

Groups of Agents with a Leader pp. 1 Downloads
Onofrio Gigliotta, Orazio Miglino and Domenico Parisi
Making Models Match: Replicating an Agent-Based Model pp. 2 Downloads
Uri Wilensky and William Rand
Cultural Learning in a Dynamic Environment: an Analysis of Both Fitness and Diversity in Populations of Neural Network Agents pp. 3 Downloads
Dara Curran and Colm O'Riordan
Simulating the Effect of Social Influence on Decision-Making in Small, Task-Oriented, Groups pp. 4 Downloads
Roy Wilson
Using Computational Agents to Design Participatory Social Simulations pp. 5 Downloads
Minh Nguyen-Duc and Alexis Drogoul
Studying Organisational Topology with Simple Computational Models pp. 6 Downloads
Anthony Dekker
The Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Context of Socioeconomic Stressors: an Evidence-Driven Approach pp. 7 Downloads
Shah Jamal Alam, Ruth Meyer, Gina Ziervogel and Scott Moss
A Model to Test How Diversity Affects Resilience in Regional Innovation Networks pp. 8 Downloads
Sergi Lozano and Alexandre Arenas
Spatial Dynamics of Pandemic Influenza in a Massive Artificial Society pp. 9 Downloads
Phillip Stroud, Sara Del Valle, Stephen Sydoriak, Jane Riese and Susan Mniszewski

Volume 10, issue 3, 2007

Research on Multi-Agent Simulation of Epidemic News Spread Characteristics pp. 1 Downloads
Xiaoguang Gong and Renbin Xiao
Dynamics of Network Formation Processes in the Co-Author Model pp. 2 Downloads
Laurent Tambayong
Finite Neighborhood Binary Games: a Structural Study pp. 3 Downloads
Jijun Zhao, Ferenc Szidarovszky and Miklos N. Szilagyi
The Evolution of Altruism in Spatially Structured Populations pp. 4 Downloads
András Németh and Károly Takács
How Realistic Should Knowledge Diffusion Models Be? pp. 5 Downloads
Jean-Philippe Cointet and Camille Roth
Characterising Land Holding Size Distributions in a Forest Reserve pp. 6 Downloads
Oswaldo Terán, Johanna Alvarez, Magdiel Ablan and Manuel Jaimes
Evolutionary Tournament-Based Comparison of Learning and Non-Learning Algorithms for Iterated Games pp. 7 Downloads
Stéphane Airiau, Sabyasachi Saha and Sandip Sen
Simulating Gender Stratification pp. 8 Downloads
James F. Robison-Cox, Richard F. Martell and Cynthia G. Emrich
Information Feedback and Mass Media Effects in Cultural Dynamics pp. 9 Downloads
Juan Carlos González-Avella, Mario G. Cosenza, Konstantin Klemm, Víctor M. Eguíluz and Maxi San Miguel
Open Access for Social Simulation pp. 10 Downloads
J. Gareth Polhill and Bruce Edmonds

Volume 10, issue 2, 2007

An Extended Reinforcement Algorithm for Estimation of Human Behaviour in Experimental Congestion Games pp. 1 Downloads
Thorsten Chmura and Thomas Pitz
A Semantic Grid Service for Experimentation with an Agent-Based Model of Land-Use Change pp. 2 Downloads
J. Gareth Polhill, Edoardo Pignotti, Nicholas M. Gotts, Pete Edwards and Alun Preece
CARDS: Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support Mechanism for Multi-Agent Negotiation in Mobile Commerce pp. 4 Downloads
Kun Chang Lee and Namho Lee
Peer-Allocated Instant Response (PAIR): Computational Allocation of Peer Tutors in Learning Communities pp. 5 Downloads
Wim Westera
Higher-Order Simulations: Strategic Investment Under Model-Induced Price Patterns pp. 6 Downloads
Gilbert Peffer and Barbara Llacay
Social Simulation of Stock Markets: Taking It to the Next Level pp. 7 Downloads
Arvid Hoffmann, Wander Jager and J. H. Von Eije
Empirical Validation of Agent-Based Models: Alternatives and Prospects pp. 8 Downloads
Paul Windrum, Giorgio Fagiolo and Alessio Moneta
Dynamic Agent Compression pp. 9 Downloads
Stephen Wendel and Catherine Dibble

Volume 10, issue 1, 2007

Cellular-Automata Based Qualitative Simulation for Nonprofit Group Behavior pp. 1 Downloads
Bin Hu and Debing Zhang
Social Reputation: a Mechanism for Flexible Self-Regulation of Multiagent Systems pp. 2 Downloads
Christian Hahn, Bettina Fley, Michael Florian, Daniela Spresny and Klaus Fischer
Socionic Multi-Agent Systems Based on Reflexive Petri Nets and Theories of Social Self-Organisation pp. 3 Downloads
Michael Köhler, Roman Langer, Rolf von Lüde, Daniel Moldt, Heiko Rölke and Rüdiger Valk
Construction and Evaluation of Social Agents in Hybrid Settings: Approach and Experimental Results of the INKA Project pp. 4 Downloads
Martin Meister, Kay Schröter, Diemo Urbig, Eric Lettkemann, Hans-Dieter Burkhard and Werner Rammert
The Empirical Semantics Approach to Communication Structure Learning and Usage: Individualistic Vs. Systemic Views pp. 5 Downloads
Matthias Nickles, Michael Rovatsos, Marco Schmitt, Wilfried Brauer, Felix Fischer, Thomas Malsch, Kai Paetow and Gerhard Weiss
Culture Outsmarts Nature in the Evolution of Cooperation pp. 7 Downloads
Klaus Jaffe and Roberto Cipriani
Forecasting China's Medical Insurance Policy for Urban Employees Using a Microsimulation Model pp. 8 Downloads
Linping Xiong and Xiuqiang Ma
Communication Between Process and Structure: Modelling and Simulating Message Reference Networks with COM/TE pp. 9 Downloads
Thomas Malsch, Christoph Schlieder, Peter Kiefer, Maren Lübcke, Rasco Perschke, Marco Schmitt and Klaus Stein
Taking into Account the Variations of Neighbourhood Sizes in the Mean-Field Approximation of the Threshold Model on a Random Network pp. 10 Downloads
Sylvie Huet, Margaret Edwards and Guillaume Deffuant
Socionics: Sociological Concepts for Social Systems of Artificial (and Human) Agents pp. 11 Downloads
Thomas Malsch and Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer

Volume 9, issue 4, 2006

Enhancing the Supply Chain Performance by Integrating Simulated and Physical Agents into Organizational Information Systems pp. 1 Downloads
Fu-ren Lin and Shyh-ming Lin
Cultural Differences and Economic Incentives: an Agent-Based Study of Their Impact on the Emergence of Regional Autonomy Movements pp. 2 Downloads
Dan Miodownik
Self-Organizing Traffic at a Malfunctioning Intersection pp. 3 Downloads
Sujai Kumar and Sugata Mitra
Is Your Model Susceptible to Floating-Point Errors? pp. 4 Downloads
Luis Izquierdo and J. Gareth Polhill
Expectation-Driven Interaction: a Model Based on Luhmann's Contingency Approach pp. 5 Downloads
Michael Barber, Philippe Blanchard, Eva Buchinger, Bruno Cessac and Ludwig Streit
An "All Hands" Call to the Social Science Community: Establishing a Community Framework for Complexity Modeling Using Agent Based Models and Cyberinfrastructure pp. 6 Downloads
Lilian N. Alessa, Melinda Laituri and C. Michael Barton
Agent-Based Participatory Simulations: Merging Multi-Agent Systems and Role-Playing Games pp. 8 Downloads
Paul Guyot and Shinichi Honiden
Cascades of Failure and Extinction in Evolving Complex Systems pp. 9 Downloads
Paul Ormerod and Rich Colbaugh

Volume 9, issue 3, 2006

Votes and Lobbying in the European Decision-Making Process: Application to the European Regulation on GMO Release pp. 1 Downloads
Juliette Rouchier and Sophie Thoyer
Using Hybrid Agent-Based Systems to Model Spatially-Influenced Retail Markets pp. 2 Downloads
Alison Heppenstall, Andrew Evans and Mark Birkin
Simulation of the Categorization-Elaboration Model of Diversity and Work-Group Performance pp. 3 Downloads
Victor Palmer
Better Be Convincing or Better Be Stylish? a Theory Based Multi-Agent Simulation to Explain Minority Influence in Groups Via Arguments or Via Peripheral Cues pp. 4 Downloads
Hans-Joachim Mosler
Spatial Behavior in Groups: an Agent-Based Approach pp. 5 Downloads
Francesc S. Beltran, Laura Salas and Vicenç Quera
The Simulation of Financial Markets by an Agent-Based Mix-Game Model pp. 6 Downloads
Chengling Gou
The Simulation of Financial Markets by Agent-Based Mix-Game Models pp. 6 Downloads
Chengling Gou
Comparing Extremism Propagation Patterns in Continuous Opinion Models pp. 8 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant
A Generic Approach to an Object-Oriented Learning Classifier System Library pp. 9 Downloads
Matthias Meyer and Klaus Hufschlag
Truth and Cognitive Division of Labour: First Steps Towards a Computer Aided Social Epistemology pp. 10 Downloads
Rainer Hegselmann and Ulrich Krause

Volume 9, issue 2, 2006

Comparison of Eurovision Song Contest Simulation with Actual Results Reveals Shifting Patterns of Collusive Voting Alliances pp. 1 Downloads
Derek Gatherer
Multi-Agent Simulation of Emergence of Schwa Deletion Pattern in Hindi pp. 2 Downloads
Monojit Choudhury, Anupam Basu and Sudeshna Sarkar
Repage: REPutation and ImAGE Among Limited Autonomous Partners pp. 3 Downloads
Jordi Sabater-Mir, Mario Paolucci and Rosaria Conte
My Way or the Highway: a More Naturalistic Model of Altruism Tested in an Iterative Prisoners' Dilemma pp. 4 Downloads
David Joyce, John Kennison, Owen Densmore, Stephen Guerin, Shawn Barr, Eric Charles and Nicholas S. Thompson
Metamimetic Games: Modeling Metadynamics in Social Cognition pp. 5 Downloads
David Chavalarias
Formal Interpretation of a Multi-Agent Society As a Single Agent pp. 6 Downloads
Tibor Bosse and Jan Treur
An Agent-Based Model of Mortality Shocks, Intergenerational Effects, and Urban Crime pp. 7 Downloads
Michael Makowsky
Simulation in Economics: Evidence on Diffusion and Communication pp. 8 Downloads
Magda Fontana
Emerging Artificial Societies Through Learning pp. 9 Downloads
Nigel Gilbert, Matthijs den Besten, Akos Bontovics, Bart G.W. Craenen, Federico Divina, A.E. Eiben, Robert Griffioen, György Hévízi, Andras Lõrincz, Ben Paechter, Stephan Schuster, Martijn C. Schut, Christian Tzolov, Paul Vogt and Lu Yang

Volume 9, issue 1, 2006

Dialogues Concerning a (Possibly) New Science pp. 1 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant, Scott Moss and Wander Jager
An Agent-Based Spatially Explicit Epidemiological Model in MASON pp. 3 Downloads
Jill Bigley Dunham
On the Simulation of Global Reputation Systems pp. 4 Downloads
Andreas Schlosser, Marco Voss and Lars Brückner
Simulating the Emergence of Task Rotation pp. 5 Downloads
Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman
The AtollGame Experience: from Knowledge Engineering to a Computer-Assisted Role Playing Game pp. 6 Downloads
Anne Dray, Pascal Perez, Natalie Jones, Christophe Le Page, Patrick D'aquino, Ian White and Titeem Auatabu
Uncertainty and Cooperation: Analytical Results and a Simulated Agent Society pp. 7 Downloads
Peter Andras, John Lazarus, Gilbert Roberts and Steven J Lynden
Consensus Strikes Back in the Hegselmann-Krause Model of Continuous Opinion Dynamics Under Bounded Confidence pp. 8 Downloads
Jan Lorenz
Cultural Transmission Between and Within Generations pp. 9 Downloads
Alberto Acerbi and Domenico Parisi
The Emergence of Symbiotic Groups Resulting from Skill-Differentiation and Tags pp. 10 Downloads
Bruce Edmonds
Mass Media and Polarisation Processes in the Bounded Confidence Model of Opinion Dynamics pp. 11 Downloads
Gary Mckeown and Noel Sheehy
The Viability of Cooperation Based on Interpersonal Commitment pp. 12 Downloads
István Back and Andreas Flache
A Continuous Opinion Dynamics Model Based on the Principle of Meta-Contrast pp. 13 Downloads
Laurent Salzarulo
Deception and Convergence of Opinions Part 2: the Effects of Reproducibility pp. 14 Downloads
Victor Palmer
A Common Protocol for Agent-Based Social Simulation pp. 15 Downloads
Matteo Richiardi, Roberto Leombruni, Nicole J. Saam and Michele Sonnessa
Introduction to the Special Section on Reputation in Agent Societies pp. 16 Downloads
Mario Paolucci and Jordi Sabater-Mir
Evolution of Cooperation when Feedback to Reputation Scores is Voluntary pp. 17 Downloads
Marco A. Janssen
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