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2011 - 2011

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Volume 1, issue February, 2011

Restorative Justice - an Alternative Concept of Reintegration of Child Offenders (English version) pp. 25 Downloads
Assistant Ph.D. Ramona Acsinte
The Idiosyncrasies of an Irritable Philosopher – Camil Petrescu (English version) pp. 26 Downloads
Prof. Ph.D. Anton Adamut
Ethics in Supervision pp. 27 Downloads
Research Assistant Elena Alexa
Ethical Extensions of Ideological Bipolarism: the American Way of Life and Homo Sovieticus pp. 28 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Candidate Ana-Maria Ambrosa
Using Technology to Deliver Career Development Services pp. 29 Downloads
Master student Diana Anghel
Considerations Regarding the Absence of Impediments to the Contracting of Marriage According to the Stipulations in the Family Code and Civil Code pp. 30 Downloads
Nadia Cerasela Anitei
The Great Orthodox Zone: Abandoning the Conflictual Paradigma for the Paradigma of Continuity (Iorga versus Huntington) pp. 31 Downloads
Ph.D. Madalina Virginia Antonescu
How can democracy to bear the truth? Problematization of Parrhêsia pp. 32 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Cristiana Arghire
The Strike - a means of ensuring collective bargaining pp. 33 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Lucian-Mihail Arnautu
Convergent Logos of Various Forms and Types of Mystics - Areopagitic Theognosy and Cusanian Coincidentia Oppositorum pp. 34 Downloads
Ph.D. Bogdan Baghiu
Legal Language – A Multidimensional Approach pp. 35 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Oana Bargan
Features of Legal Language. The Translator’s Perspective pp. 36 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Oana Bargan
The Recurrence of Maltreatment of Children - an Indicator of the Effectiveness of Social Services? pp. 37 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Student Oana Lacramioara Badarau
EU-Africa Joint Action Plan 2011-2013 A win-win game? pp. 38 Downloads
Ioana Raluca Balas
Improving the tax system in Romania pp. 39 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela Bebeselea
Contribution of Feminism to the Evolution of Deliberative Democracy Concept pp. 40 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Alexandru BOBOC Cojocaru
Ecological Security – Liaison of International Cooperation pp. 41 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Alexandru BOBOC Cojocaru
Political values – between contradiction and compatibility pp. 42 Downloads
Prof. Ph.D. Cristian Bocancea
P. P. Carp’s „Germanophilia” pp. 43 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Student Silvia Bocancea
The European Culture or the Identity of Diversity pp. 44 Downloads
Associate Professor Ph.D. Sorin Bocancea
Legislative Evolution and Development of the Decentralization Concept pp. 45 Downloads
Irina Bosie
Regional Television Characteristics pp. 46 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Margareta BUTNARIU (andreescu)
Good practices in social economy – methods and indicators of evaluation pp. 47 Downloads
Corina Cace, Sorin Cace and Associate Lecturer Ph.D.Victor Nicolaescu
Economic competences in the Rural Entrepreneurship Area - Current approaches and perspectives pp. 48
Corina Cace, Sorin Cace and Associate Lecturer Ph.D.Victor Nicolaescu
Mental modeling and mind-brain-reality relationship pp. 49 Downloads
Ph.D. Felicia Ceausu
Cognitive mechanisms and individual strategies: inferences and heuristics pp. 50 Downloads
Ph.D. Felicia Ceausu
Barbaria apriorica si intrinseca pp. 51 Downloads
PH.D. Candidate Radu – Vasile Chialda
The Role of the Interdisciplinary Team in Inclusive Education pp. 52 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Mihaela CIOBANU Grasu
An answer to our existence problems pp. 53 Downloads
Aura Ciobotaru
Statistical Methods for Analysis of Correlation Between the Quality of Employment and Its Influence Factors pp. 54 Downloads
Carmen Codreanu
Parenting education programs. What do we know about this domain in Romania? pp. 55 Downloads
Ph. D. Lecturer Daniela Cojocaru
Appreciative Approach in Social Work. Exceeding the Limits Constructed by Deficiency Paradigm pp. 56 Downloads
Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Stefan Cojocaru
Straight - Evaluation Style Versus Self-Evaluation Leadership in Organization - A Qualitative Approach pp. 57 Downloads
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Georgiana Corcaci
On the Regenerative Tendencies of Grammatical Structures:The Romanian Present Presumptive pp. 59 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Cristina Corches and Ph.D. Student Diana Roman
Business Ethics and Game Theory pp. 60
Prof. Ph.D. Dan Craciun
The Model of the Philosopher in The Hieroglyphic History: the Cynical Wolf pp. 61 Downloads
Ph.D. Lecturer Bogdan Cretu
Economic Aspects of the Rosia Montana Project pp. 62
Prof.Ph.D. Lidia Cristea
Women in / and Academia pp. 63
Ph.D. PostDoc Scholar Cristina-Emanuela Dascalu
Postcoloniality, Multiculturalism and Exile: The Reification of the Human Being in Contemporary Literature pp. 64-65
Ph.D. PostDoc Scholar Cristina-Emanuela Dascalu
Gender Segregation, Gender Inequity in the Romanian School System pp. 66
Mariana-Gabriela Dascalu
New Forms of Management and Governance in the School System in England and Wales pp. 67 Downloads
Ph.D. Arthur Davies
The System of Local Management of Schools in the UK -- Achieving an Optimal Balance of Centralization and Decentralization in Education pp. 68 Downloads
Ph.D. Arthur Davies
History of the Hungarian Philosophy of Law pp. 69
Ph.D. Candidate Beatrice Dérer
Architecture and the Protection of Historical Monuments in the Hungarian Legislation pp. 70
Ph.D. Candidate Beatrice Dérer
Sources of Funding of Central and Eastern European Business: Comparative Aspects and Impact Factors pp. 71 Downloads
Mihaela Diaconu
Good faith in contracts and the consequences of non-compliance from the point of view of fraud in conventions pp. 72 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Mirela Carmen Dobrila
Some Considerations about the Subrogation in the Rights of the Buyer, the Right Recognized in Tenants Favour in Case of Violation of Pre-emption Right Provided by G.O. n. 40/1999 pp. 73-74
Lecturer Ph.D. Dan Druga and Assistant Ph.D. Student Larisa Demeter
The “Continuous Creation” Theme in Leibniz’s Philosophy pp. 75 Downloads
Prof. Ph.D. Marius Dumitrescu
Axiological Dimensions in the Educational Process pp. 77 Downloads
PhD Lecturer Marius-Costel Esi
Epistemological Investigations on Linguistic Identity pp. 78 Downloads
PhD Lecturer Marius-Costel Esi
Symbolic Violence in Television pp. 79 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Maria FLOREA Nicuta
The Athenian Political Thinking and the Empire of Alexander the Great pp. 80-81 Downloads
Ph.D. Irina Frasin
Altruism vs. Financial Incentives in Transplantation Ethics pp. 82 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela Frunza and Associate Prof. Ph.D. Cristina Gavriluta
Elements for a profile of ethical expert adapted to the Romanian context pp. 83 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela Frunza, Associate Prof. Ph.D. Sandu Frunza, Ph.D. Iulia Grad, Ph.D. Student Ovidiu Grad and PH.D. Catalin Bobb
An ethical analysis of the terminology of living donors proposed by ELPAT pp. 84 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela Frunza and Associate Prof. Ph.D. Sandu Frunza
Bassarabia, Disputed Land Between East and West pp. 85-87 Downloads
Ludmila Gamurari
Ethnicity and Interetnicity, Approach Methods pp. 88 Downloads
Associate Prof. Ph.D. Mictat Garlan
The Validity Conditions of the Will in the Romanian New Civil Code and in French Law pp. 89 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Ilioara Genoiu
Issues on International State Liability pp. 90 Downloads
Assistant Ph.D. Student Cristina Mihaela Gheghes
The Symbol of the Serpent in Peter Stoica's Poetry pp. 91 Downloads
Florentina Ghita-Nica
Decision making – Impact Factor in Project Management pp. 92 Downloads
Ph.D. Ecaterina Gica and Ph.D. Nicoleta Dumitrache
The Impact of Educational Reforms on Teaching Resource of Kindergartens that Function with Prolonged Program in Iasi pp. 93 Downloads
Ph.D. Octavia GRAMATICU (amaritei)
Virtual Communities – A Study of a Protean Identity pp. 94 Downloads
Post-doctoral Researcher Camelia Gradinaru
Existential options: microsuicide versus authenticity pp. 95 Downloads
Ph.D. Aurora Hrituleac
Gender and Grief Patterns pp. 96 Downloads
Ph.D. Aurora Hrituleac
Integration of Gender Equality in Public Policy - Theoretical, Methodological and Social Dimensions pp. 97 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Alina Hurubean
Philosophy of Science Within Lucian Blaga’s Metaphysics – Contemporary Views pp. 98-99 Downloads
Ph.D. Senior Researcher Ionut Isac
Why Do Ece Teachers Need to be Mentored By Ece Administrators? pp. 100 Downloads
Ph.D. Peter P. Kiriakidis
The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in the Transformation of Organizations from the Service Sector pp. 101 Downloads
Catalina Lache
Comparative Aspects Regarding the Territorial Sovereignty pp. 102 Downloads
Ph.D. Student C.J. Daniela Lames
Considerantions for Territorial Division and Achievement of the Internal Functions of the Romanian Unitary State pp. 103 Downloads
Ph.D. Student C.J. Daniela Lames
The Chronological Evolution of the European Politicy in the Filed of Research, Development, Innovation pp. 104 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Roxana Elena Lazar
The Slum’s Characters in Early Romanian Novels pp. 107 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Daniel Luca
Propaganda and Manipulation, Seduction or Conviction? pp. 108 Downloads
Ph.D. Nicolae Lupascu
Human Resources from Front Office Secrvices pp. 109 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Alina MINEA (cas.TROCIN)
Leadership and Soldier's Motivation pp. 110 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Ioan Mitrea
The Identitary References. The Language and the New Face of the Other pp. 111 Downloads
Ph.D. Simona Mitroiu and Ph.D. Anca-Diana Bibiri
The Identitary Landmarks. Intellectuals and Their Role in the Construction of the European Identity pp. 112 Downloads
Ph.D. Simona Mitroiu
Representative Idea as Divine Gift. A Theological Ambiguity of Malebranche’s Theory of Knowledge pp. 113 Downloads
Ph.D. Cristian Moisuc
European Court on Human Rights in the Course of Justice Interference pp. 114 Downloads
Prof. Ph.D. Victor Moraru
Lege Ferenda Suggestions in Case of Diverted Offense pp. 115 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Calina Andreea Munteanu
Perspectives and Policies Concerning the Child Integrated Approach within the Early Education pp. 116 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Neculai Eusebiu Munteanu
Implications of Constructivist and Socio-Constructivist Theories in the Early Education pp. 117 Downloads
Ph.D. Student Neculai Eusebiu Munteanu
The Quagmire of Philosophical Standpoints (Paradigms) in Management Research pp. 118 Downloads
Mohammed Kamil Naail
Youth’s values and social aspirations pp. 119 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Sebastian Nastuta
The Absorbtion of Structural Funds by the Universities of Romania. Institutional Problems pp. 120 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Geta Nepotu
Certain issues on legal community order pp. 121 Downloads
Ph.D. Assistant Mara-Cleopatra Ochiros
Critic Theories: Henry James seen by Northrop Frye and David Lodge pp. 122 Downloads
Ph.D. Candidate Paula-Andreea Onofrei
The Right to Petition of the Detainees. Limitation of the Abuse of Law pp. 123 Downloads
Associate Prof.Ph.D. Mihaela Laura Pamfil
Reading the City: Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy pp. 124 Downloads
Ph. D. Student Lucia-Hedviga Pascariu
Preventive diplomacy and the role of the High Commissioner on National Minorities pp. 125 Downloads
Lecturer Ph.D. Alina Petraru
Teachers’ training for the early childhood education - a paradigm shift in terms of professionalisations pp. 126 Downloads
Ph. D. Student Anca Petrescu and Ph. D. Student Mirela Rosu
The Concept of Intelligence as a Multidimensional Attributes pp. 127 Downloads
Ph.D. Lecturer Mihaela Amalia PETROVICI (andronic)
New Approaches in Personal Development Field- Appreciative Socialization Goup pp. 128 Downloads
Researcher Assistant Simona Ponea and Antonio Sandu
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