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Volume 22, issue 1, 2024

Schumpeter Lecture 2023: Rationality and Zero Risk pp. 1-33 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Stefania Minardi and Fan Wang
Come Together: Firm Boundaries and Delegation pp. 34-72 Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Nick Bloom, Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger, Patrick Legros, Andrew F Newman, Raffaella Sadun and John Van Reenen
Ethnic Conflict and the Informational Dividend of Democracy pp. 73-116 Downloads
Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti, Dominic Rohner and Mathias Thoenig
Discretion and Favoritism in Public Procurement pp. 117-160 Downloads
Ferenc Szucs
Spillovers in Childbearing Decisions and Fertility Transitions: Evidence from China pp. 161-199 Downloads
Pauline Rossi and Yun Xiao
Energy Transition Metals: Bottleneck for Net-Zero Emissions? pp. 200-229 Downloads
Lukas Boer, Andrea Pescatori and Martin Stuermer
Time to Grow Up? Adult Children as Determinants of Parental Labor Supply pp. 230-262 Downloads
Breno Braga and Olga Malkova
Aggregate Properties of Open Economy Models with Expanding Varieties pp. 263-309 Downloads
Saroj Bhattarai and Konstantin Kucheryavyy
Risk in Time: The Intertwined Nature of Risk Taking and Time Discounting pp. 310-354 Downloads
Thomas F Epper and Helga Fehr-Duda
The Life-Cycle Effects of Pension Reforms: A Structural Approach pp. 355-392 Downloads
Claudio Daminato and Mario Padula
Hard-to-Interpret Signals pp. 393-427 Downloads
Larry G Epstein and Yoram Halevy
Structural Change within the Services Sector and the Future of Cost Disease pp. 428-473 Downloads
Georg Duernecker, Berthold Herrendorf and Ákos Valentinyi

Volume 21, issue 6, 2023

FBBVA Lecture 2023. The Importance of Modeling Income Taxes over Time: U.S. Reforms and Outcomes pp. 2237-2286 Downloads
Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De Nardi, Michael Pak, Nicolo Russo and Fang Yang
Presidential Address 2023: The Beauty of Uncertainty: The Rise of Insurance Contracts and Markets in Medieval Europe pp. 2287-2326 Downloads
Maristella Botticini, Pietro Buri and Massimo Marinacci
Marshall Lecture 2023: Behavioral Macroeconomics via Sparse Dynamic Programming pp. 2327-2376 Downloads
Xavier Gabaix
What do Happiness Data Mean? Theory and Survey Evidence pp. 2377-2412 Downloads
Daniel J Benjamin, Jakina Debnam Guzman, Marc Fleurbaey, Ori Heffetz and Miles Kimball
Recruitment Policies, Job-Filling Rates, and Matching Efficiency pp. 2413-2459 Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Hermann Gartner and Leo Kaas
Bubbles and Stagnation pp. 2460-2484 Downloads
Inês Xavier
Pandemic Recessions and Contact Tracing pp. 2485-2517 Downloads
Leonardo Melosi and Matthias Rottner
Carbon Taxation and Greenflation: Evidence from Europe and Canada pp. 2518-2546 Downloads
Maximilian Konradt and Beatrice Weder
American Indian Casinos and Native American Self-Identification pp. 2547-2585 Downloads
Francisca M Antman and Brian Duncan
Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance, and Investment pp. 2586-2634 Downloads
James Cloyne, Clodomiro Ferreira, Maren Froemel and Paolo Surico
Inspiring Regime Change pp. 2635-2681 Downloads
Stephen Morris and Mehdi Shadmehr
Tracking Inattention pp. 2682-2725 Downloads
Nathan Goldstein

Volume 21, issue 5, 2023

Reflecting on the First 20 Years of the Journal of the European Economic Association pp. e1-e33 Downloads
Pierre Dubois, Jonas Hjort, Guido Lorenzoni, Nicola Pavoni, Giovanni Peri, Vasiliki Skreta, Romain Wacziarg and Andrea Weber
The Political Economy Consequences of China’s Export Slowdown pp. 1721-1771 Downloads
Filipe R Campante, Davin Chor and Bingjing Li
The Quran and the Sword pp. 1772-1820 Downloads
Emmanuelle Auriol, Jean-Philippe Platteau and Thierry Verdier
Approximate Expected Utility Rationalization pp. 1821-1864 Downloads
Federico Echenique, Taisuke Imai and Kota Saito
The Human Cost of Collusion: Health Effects of a Mexican Insulin Cartel pp. 1865-1904 Downloads
Aaron Barkley
Workers’ Bargaining Power and the Phillips Curve: A Micro–Macro Analysis pp. 1905-1943 Downloads
Marco Lombardi, Marianna Riggi and Eliana Viviano
A Worker’s Backpack as an Alternative to PAYG Pension Systems pp. 1944-1993 Downloads
Julián Díaz-Saavedra, Ramon Marimon and João Brogueira de
Dynamics of Large Multinationals pp. 1994-2042 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Benjamin Niswonger
Health Risk, Insurance, and Optimal Progressive Income Taxation pp. 2043-2097 Downloads
Juergen Jung and Chung Tran
Modern Pandemics: Recession and Recovery pp. 2098-2130 Downloads
Chang Ma, John Rogers and Sili Zhou
Forward Guidance and Household Expectations pp. 2131-2171 Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Dimitris Georgarakos, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Michael Weber
Maternal Mortality and Women’s Political Power pp. 2172-2208 Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Joseph Gomes and Atheendar Venkataramani
Three Layers of Uncertainty pp. 2209-2236 Downloads
Ilke Aydogan, Loïc Berger, Valentina Bosetti and Ning Liu

Volume 21, issue 4, 2023

Collective Information Acquisition pp. 1269-1317 Downloads
Ran Eilat and Kfir Eliaz
The Dynamic Impact of Exporting on Firm R&D Investment pp. 1318-1362 Downloads
Florin G Maican, Matilda Orth, Mark Roberts and Vuong Van Anh
Monetary Policy in a World of Cryptocurrencies pp. 1363-1396 Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno
The Effects of Government Spending in the Eurozone pp. 1397-1427 Downloads
Ricardo Duque Gabriel, Mathias Klein and Ana Sofia Pessoa
Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan pp. 1428-1477 Downloads
James Andreoni, Michael Callen, Karrar Hussain, Muhammad Khan and Charles Sprenger
Famine, Inequality, and Conflict pp. 1478-1509 Downloads
Jaakko Meriläinen, Matti Mitrunen and Tuomo Virkola
Improving Parenting Practices for Early Child Development: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda pp. 1510-1550 Downloads
Patricia Justino, Marinella Leone, Pierfrancesco Rolla, Monique Abimpaye, Caroline Dusabe, Marie D Uwamahoro and Richard Germond
Technological and Organizational Change and the Careers of Workers pp. 1551-1594 Downloads
Michele Battisti, Christian Dustmann and Uta Schönberg
Women’s Fertility and Labor Market Responses to a Health Innovation pp. 1595-1646 Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra, Atheendar Venkataramani and Selma Walther
Childhood Send-Down Experience and Old-Age Support to Parents: The Twins Experiment in China pp. 1647-1685 Downloads
Hongliang Zhang, Junsen Zhang and Ning Zhang
Inattention Matters: An Analysis of Consumers’ Inaction in Choosing a Water Tariff pp. 1686-1719 Downloads
Florian Heiss, Carmine Ornaghi and Mirco Tonin

Volume 21, issue 3, 2023

Bureaucrats and Policies in Equilibrium Administrations pp. 815-863 Downloads
Jean Guillaume Forand, Gergely Ujhelyi and Michael M Ting
Reconciling Relational Contracting and Hold-up: A Model of Repeated Negotiations pp. 864-906 Downloads
Susanne Goldlücke and Sebastian Kranz
Public Versus Secret Voting in Committees pp. 907-940 Downloads
Andrea Mattozzi and Marcos Y Nakaguma
Managing Relational Contracts pp. 941-986 Downloads
Marta Troya-Martinez and Liam Wren-Lewis
The One-Child Policy and Household Saving pp. 987-1032 Downloads
Taha Choukhmane, Nicolas Coeurdacier and Keyu Jin
Reporting Peers’ Wrongdoing: Evidence on the Effect of Incentives on Morally Controversial Behavior pp. 1033-1071 Downloads
Stefano Fiorin
Social Interactions and Legislative Activity pp. 1072-1118 Downloads
Nathan Canen, Matthew Jackson and Francesco Trebbi
Procrastination in the Field: Evidence from Tax Filing pp. 1119-1153 Downloads
Seung-Keun, Stephan Meier and Charles Sprenger
Optimal Taxation of Robots pp. 1154-1190 Downloads
Uwe Thuemmel
The Significance of Data-Sharing Policy pp. 1191-1226 Downloads
Zohid Askarov, Anthony Doucouli, Hristos Doucouli and T. Stanley
Social Benefits and Private Costs of Driving Restriction Policies: The Impact of Madrid Central on Congestion, Pollution, and Consumer Spending pp. 1227-1267 Downloads
Jose Enrique, Ricard Gil, Felix Holub and Guillermo Uriz

Volume 21, issue 2, 2023

Endogenous Lemon Markets: Risky Choices and Adverse Selection pp. 413-454 Downloads
Avi Lichtig and Ran Weksler
European Firm Concentration and Aggregate Productivity pp. 455-483 Downloads
Tommaso Bighelli, Filippo di Mauro, Marc J Melitz and Matthias Mertens
Firms and Collective Reputation: a Study of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal pp. 484-525 Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann, Gabriel Ehrlich, Ying Fan, Dimitrije Ruzic and Benjamin Leard
Housing Insecurity and Homelessness: Evidence from the United Kingdom pp. 526-559 Downloads
Thiemo Fetzer, Srinjoy Sen and Pedro C L Souza
Inattentive Inference pp. 560-592 Downloads
Thomas Graeber
Investment Funds, Monetary Policy, and the Global Financial Cycle pp. 593-636 Downloads
Christoph Kaufmann
The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation, and Productivity pp. 637-689 Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Alejandro Cuñat, Harald Fadinger and Yanping Liu
City of Dreams pp. 690-726 Downloads
Jorge De la Roca, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Diego Puga
Terrorism, Media Coverage, and Education: Evidence from al-Shabaab Attacks in Kenya pp. 727-763 Downloads
Marco Alfano and Joseph-Simon Görlach
Ballots Instead of Bullets? The Effect of the Voting Rights Act on Political Violence pp. 764-813 Downloads
Jean Lacroix

Volume 21, issue 1, 2023

On Risk and Time Pressure: When to Think and When to Do pp. 1-47 Downloads
Christoph Carnehl and Johannes Schneider
The Supply of Skill and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence from a College Expansion Reform pp. 48-92 Downloads
Pedro Carneiro, Kai Liu and Kjell G Salvanes
On the Other Side of the Fence: Property Rights and Productivity in the United States pp. 93-134 Downloads
Mathias Bühler
Behavioral Influence pp. 135-166 Downloads
Christopher P, Tugce Cuhadaroglu and Yusufcan Masatlioglu
Do Police Maximize Arrests or Minimize Crime? Evidence from Racial Profiling in U.S. Cities pp. 167-214 Downloads
Allison Stashko
Stop Suffering! Economic Downturns and Pentecostal Upsurge pp. 215-250 Downloads
Francisco Costa, Angelo Marcantonio and Rudi Rocha
How European Markets Became Free: A Study of Institutional Drift pp. 251-292 Downloads
German Gutierrez and Thomas Philippon
Monetary Policy and Sovereign Debt Sustainability pp. 293-325 Downloads
Samuel Hurtado, Galo Nuño Barrau and Carlos Thomas
Search Frictions in International Goods Markets pp. 326-366 Downloads
Clémence Lenoir, Julien Martin and Isabelle Mejean
Can Distributed Intermittent Renewable Generation Reduce Future Grid Investments? Evidence from France pp. 367-412 Downloads
Nicolas Astier, Ram Rajagopal and Frank A Wolak
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