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2000 - 2021

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Volume 22, issue 8, 2021

A Comparative Analysis of Competitive Balance Between a Closed and an Open League in Rugby League pp. 871-892 Downloads
Daniel Read, Aaron C.T. Smith and James Skinner
Are You Ready for Some Football? Estimating the Effect of American Football Season on Labor Supply in the United States pp. 893-920 Downloads
Luke Petach and Dustin Rumbaugh
Financial Returns in Major League Soccer pp. 921-945 Downloads
John Charles Bradbury
The Lasting Impact of NCAA Sanctions: SMU and the Death Penalty pp. 946-981 Downloads
Kerianne Lawson
Does Crowd Support Drive the Home Advantage in Professional Football? Evidence from German Ghost Games during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 982-1008 Downloads
Kai Fischer and Justus Haucap

Volume 22, issue 7, 2021

Remembering Stefan Kesenne (1950–2021) pp. 739-743 Downloads
Thomas Peeters
Impact and Efficiency Ranking of Football Managers in the Italian Serie A: Sport and Financial Performance pp. 744-776 Downloads
Luigi Buzzacchi, Federico Caviggioli, Francesco Luigi Milone and Davide Scotti
When Falling Just Short is a Good Thing: The Effect of Past Performance on Improvement pp. 777-798 Downloads
Mariya Burdina and Scott Hiller
The Amenity Value of Sports Facilities: Evidence From the Staples Center in Los Angeles pp. 799-822 Downloads
Zachary T. Keeler, Heather M. Stephens and Brad Humphreys
Competitive Balance and the Away Goals Rule During Extra Time pp. 823-863 Downloads
Peter-J. Jost

Volume 22, issue 6, 2021

Are Foreigners at Disadvantage in a Global Labor Market? pp. 615-638 Downloads
David Pastoriza, Jean-François Plante and Nadjib Lakhlef
Hot Shots: An Analysis of the “Hot Hand†in NBA Field Goal and Free Throw Shooting pp. 639-677 Downloads
Robert Lantis and Erik Nesson
Is There a Differential Market Size Effect in U.S. Free Agent Signings? Evidence From Localized Sentiment Trading pp. 678-721 Downloads
Aigbe Akhigbe, Melinda Newman and Ann Marie Whyte
Will We Lose If We Lose You? Players’ Absence, Teams’ Performance and the Overlapping of Competitions pp. 722-734 Downloads
Levi Pérez

Volume 22, issue 5, 2021

A Comparison of NCAA FBS Head Coaches Salary Determination From New and Modified Contracts pp. 491-513 Downloads
Stacey L. Brook
The Effect of League Design on Spectator Attendance: A Regression Discontinuity Design Approach pp. 514-545 Downloads
Barry Reilly and Robert Witt
The (non) determinants of Olympic success pp. 546-570 Downloads
Johan Rewilak
Peer Effects on Individual Performance in a Team Sport pp. 571-586 Downloads
Mariia Molodchik, Sofiia Paklina and Petr Parshakov
Asymmetric Opportunities After an Unsuccessful Sports Career pp. 587-612 Downloads
Martin Grossmann

Volume 22, issue 4, 2021

Race and National Football League Player Salaries After Controlling for Fantasy Statistics and Arrests pp. 359-386 Downloads
Christopher Jepsen, Lisa Jepsen, Trevor Draisey and Josh Mahoney
Did the 2011 Change to NFL Rookie Compensation Alter How Sunk Costs Affect Utilization? pp. 387-411 Downloads
Quinn Andrew Wesley Keefer
Development of a Win Production Function and Evaluation of Cross-Sectional Dependence pp. 412-431 Downloads
Jin Lee and Young Hoon Lee
Does Sports Make People Happier, or Do Happy People More Sports? pp. 432-458 Downloads
Bruno Frey and Anthony Gullo
Applying Google Trends’ Search Popularity Indicator to Professional Cycling pp. 459-485 Downloads
Alexander Genoe, Ronald Rousseau and Sandra Rousseau

Volume 22, issue 3, 2021

How do Bookmakers Interpret Running Performance of Teams in Previous Games? Evidence From the Football Bundesliga pp. 231-250 Downloads
Brian Soebbing, Pamela Wicker, Daniel Weimar and Johannes Orlowski
The Predictive Power of College Football Spreads: Regular Season Versus Bowl Games pp. 251-273 Downloads
Justin Cox, Adam L. Schwartz, Bonnie F. Van Ness and Robert A. Van Ness
Economic Development Effects of Major and Minor League Teams and Stadiums pp. 274-294 Downloads
Nola Agha and Daniel Rascher
In the Money: Gender and Jockey Success on the Thoroughbred Racetrack pp. 295-328 Downloads
Alexander D. Binder, Paul Grimes and Russell G. Winterbotham
Three is a Magic Number: Evidence on the Effects of the Application of the Three-Point Rule in Italy’s Serie A pp. 329-356 Downloads
Vincenzo Alfano, Lorenzo Cicatiello, Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Michele Gallo and Francesca Rotondo

Volume 22, issue 2, 2021

Effect of Star Power on NBA All-Star Game TV Audience pp. 139-163 Downloads
Scott D. Grimshaw and Jeffrey S. Larson
Is the NBA Summer League Predictive of Performance for NBA Rookies? pp. 164-182 Downloads
Brent A. Evans, Joshua Pitts and Chris Clark
How Does the Super Bowl Affect Host City Tourism? pp. 183-201 Downloads
Lauren R. Heller and E. Frank Stephenson
Loss Aversion in Professional Golf pp. 202-217 Downloads
Ryan Elmore and Andrew Urbaczewski
Does Sport Affect Health and Well-Being or Is It the Other Way Around? A Note on Reverse-Causality in Empirical Applications pp. 218-226 Downloads
Jing Guan and Juan de Dios Tena

Volume 22, issue 1, 2021

Home Advantage in Skeleton: Familiarity versus Crowd Support pp. 3-26 Downloads
Seungwhan Chun and Sang Soo Park
“The ball is round, the game lasts 90 minutes, everything else is pure theory†pp. 27-74 Downloads
Peter-J. Jost
The AFL Pick Trading Market as a Coasian Utopia pp. 75-84 Downloads
Jemuel Chandrakumaran
Team Visibility and City Travel: Evidence From the UEFA Champions' League Random Draw pp. 85-114 Downloads
Bruno Caprettini
The Effect of Seeding on Tournament Outcomes: Evidence From a Regression-Discontinuity Design pp. 115-136 Downloads
Oliver Engist, Erik Merkus and Felix Schafmeister

Volume 21, issue 8, 2020

The “Cinderella Effectâ€: The Value of Unexpected March Madness Runs as Advertising for the Schools pp. 783-807 Downloads
Trevor Collier, Nancy Haskell, Kurt W. Rotthoff and Alaina Baker
League Ranking Mobility Affects Attendance: Evidence From European Soccer Leagues pp. 808-828 Downloads
András Gyimesi
The Impact of National Anthem Protests on National Football League Television Ratings pp. 829-847 Downloads
Judah Brown and Brandon Sheridan
Optimal Tournament Design: Lessons From the Men’s Handball Champions League pp. 848-868 Downloads
László Csató
Obituary of John Vrooman pp. 869-870 Downloads
Robert Driskill

Volume 21, issue 7, 2020

Fans and Match Results: Evidence From a Natural Experiment in Brazil pp. 663-687 Downloads
Carlos Alberto Belchior
The Demand for the Characteristics of Football Matches: A Hedonic Price Approach pp. 688-704 Downloads
Jaume García, Plácido Rodríguez and Federico Todeschini
Do You Get What You Pay for? Salary and Ex Ante Player Value in Major League Baseball pp. 705-722 Downloads
John Solow and Anthony C. Krautmann
The Private Benefit of Public Funding: The FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and Attendance at Host Country League Soccer pp. 723-745 Downloads
Stefan Szymanski and Bastien Drut
Who Should Sign a Professional Baseball Contract? Quantifying the Financial Opportunity Costs of Major League Draftees pp. 746-780 Downloads
N. David Pifer, Christopher M. McLeod, William J. Travis and Colten R. Castleberry

Volume 21, issue 6, 2020

Revenue per Quality of College Football Recruit pp. 571-592 Downloads
Stephen A. Bergman and Trevon D. Logan
Staking in Sports Betting Under Unknown Probabilities: Practical Guide for Profitable Bettors pp. 593-609 Downloads
Andrés Barge-Gil and Alfredo Garcia-Hiernaux
Boys in the Booth: The Impact of Announcer Gender on Audience Demand pp. 610-627 Downloads
Ryan Rogers
Employer-Assigned Workload and Human Capital Deterioration: Evidence From the National Football League pp. 628-659 Downloads
Steven Salaga, Brian Mills and Scott Tainsky

Volume 21, issue 5, 2020

Does Proximity to a New Sports Facility Affect Existing Businesses’ Survival Time? pp. 451-476 Downloads
Geoffrey Propheter
Rivalries, Bowl Eligibility, and Scheduling Effects in College Football pp. 477-492 Downloads
Jason Winfree
Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach Effects on Team Defensive Performance in the National Football League pp. 493-524 Downloads
Joshua Pitts and Brent A. Evans
When to Walk Away and When to Risk It All pp. 525-547 Downloads
Scott DeAngelis and W Viscusi
The Advantage of Scoring Just Before the Half-Time Break—Pure Myth? Quasi-Experimental Evidence From European Football pp. 548-565 Downloads
Philippe Meier, Raphael Flepp, Maximilian Ruedisser and Egon Franck

Volume 21, issue 4, 2020

Firm-Level Economic Activity Before, During, and After Local Events: A Case Study pp. 327-334 Downloads
Craig Depken and Benjamin L. Fore
Dealing With Randomness in Match Outcomes: How to Rethink Performance Evaluation in European Club Football Using Expected Goals pp. 335-362 Downloads
Marc Brechot and Raphael Flepp
NCAA Expenditure and Efficiency: Analyzing Generated and Allocated Revenue in the Football Bowl Subdivision pp. 363-390 Downloads
R. Todd Jewell
Impacts of Performance-Enhancing Drug Suspensions on the Demand for Major League Baseball pp. 391-419 Downloads
Jeffrey Cisyk
Measuring Customer Discrimination: Evidence From the Professional Cricket League in India pp. 420-448 Downloads
Pramod Sur and Masaru Sasaki

Volume 21, issue 3, 2020

Mind the Absent Gap: Gender-Specific Competitive Behavior in Nonprofessional Sports pp. 215-233 Downloads
Anna Katharina Pikos and Alexander Straub
A Benford Analysis of National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Finance Data pp. 234-255 Downloads
Willis A. Jones
The Impact of Hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Differences in TV Viewership Between Seasoned Football Fans and Occasional Watchers of Football Games in Russia pp. 256-280 Downloads
Daam Van Reeth and Nikita Osokin
The Undesirable Consequences of Doping Regulations: Why Stricter Efforts Might Strengthen Doping Incentives pp. 281-303 Downloads
Kasim Music
Are Fair Weather Fans Affected by Weather? Rainfall, Habit Formation, and Live Game Attendance pp. 304-322 Downloads
Qi Ge, Brad Humphreys and Kun Zhou

Volume 21, issue 2, 2020

Equal Revenue Sharing and the Optimal Distribution of Talent in the N-Team Leagues pp. 103-114 Downloads
Masaki Fujimoto
The Impact of Variable Pricing, Dynamic Pricing, and Sponsored Secondary Markets in Major League Baseball pp. 115-138 Downloads
Pascal Courty and Luke Davey
How Did the AFL National Draft Mitigate Perverse Incentives? pp. 139-151 Downloads
Jemuel Chandrakumaran
The Effect of Superstars on Game Attendance: Evidence From the NBA pp. 152-175 Downloads
Brad Humphreys and Candon Johnson
Moving the Needle in MMA: On the Marginal Revenue Product of UFC Fighters pp. 176-209 Downloads
Paul Gift

Volume 21, issue 1, 2020

Productivity, Rents, and the Salaries of Group of Five Football Coaches pp. 3-19 Downloads
Michael Leeds and Ngoc Tram Nguyen Pham
Competitive Intensity, Fans’ Expectations, and Match-Day Tickets Sold in the Italian Football Serie A, 2012-2015 pp. 20-43 Downloads
Alexander John Bond and Francesco Addesa
Do Tournaments With Superstars Encourage or Discourage Competition? pp. 44-63 Downloads
Michael Babington, Sebastian Goerg and Carl Kitchens
The Third Place Game pp. 64-86 Downloads
Netanel Nissim and Aner Sela
Universities Behaving Badly: The Impact of Athletic Malfeasance on Student Quality and Enrollment pp. 87-100 Downloads
Austin F. Eggers, Peter Groothuis, Parker Redding, Kurt W. Rotthoff and Michael Solimini
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