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1981 - 2022

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Volume 42, issue 4, 2022

Optimal Sample Size Calculation for Clinical Research under a Budget Constraint pp. 417-418 Downloads
Afschin Gandjour
Author Response to “Optimal Sample Size Calculation for Clinical Research under a Budget Constraint†pp. 419-420 Downloads
Michael Fairley, Lauren E. Cipriano and Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert
Generating, Presenting, and Interpreting Cost-Effectiveness Results in the Context of Uncertainty: A Tutorial for Deeper Knowledge and Better Practice pp. 421-435 Downloads
Joke Bilcke and Philippe Beutels
Assessing Interventions That Prevent Multiple Infectious Diseases: Simple Methods for Multidisease Modeling pp. 436-449 Downloads
Anneke L. Claypool, Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert and Margaret L. Brandeau
Personalization of Medical Treatment Decisions: Simplifying Complex Models while Maintaining Patient Health Outcomes pp. 450-460 Downloads
Christopher Weyant and Margaret L. Brandeau
Expected Value of Sample Information to Guide the Design of Group Sequential Clinical Trials pp. 461-473 Downloads
Laura Flight, Steven Julious, Alan Brennan and Susan Todd
A Value-of-Information Framework for Personalizing the Timing of Surveillance Testing pp. 474-486 Downloads
Aasthaa Bansal, Patrick J. Heagerty, Lurdes Y. T. Inoue, David L. Veenstra, Charles J. Wolock and Anirban Basu
Model-Based ROC Curve: Examining the Effect of Case Mix and Model Calibration on the ROC Plot pp. 487-499 Downloads
Mohsen Sadatsafavi, Paramita Saha-Chaudhuri and John Petkau
Recalibration Methods for Improved Clinical Utility of Risk Scores pp. 500-512 Downloads
Anu Mishra, Robyn L. McClelland, Lurdes Y. T. Inoue and Kathleen F. Kerr
Risk Stratification in Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Cancer Screening: Intervention Eligibility, Strategy Choice, and Optimality pp. 513-523 Downloads
James F. O’Mahony
Evaluating Risk-Stratified HPV Catch-up Vaccination Strategies: Should We Go beyond Age 26? pp. 524-537 Downloads
Fan Wang, Kristen N. Jozkowski and Shengfan Zhang
Quantifying the Impact of Capacity Constraints in Economic Evaluations: An Application in Precision Medicine pp. 538-553 Downloads
Stuart J. Wright, William G. Newman and Katherine Payne
Abstracts 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting for the Society of Medical Decision Making, October 18-20, 2021 pp. NP1-NP239 Downloads

Volume 42, issue 3, 2022

Toward Transparent Demographic Analyses: Statement on the Use and Reporting of Classification Variables Presented as Measuring Individual Characteristics Such as Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity, National Origin, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Socioeconomic Status pp. 277-279 Downloads
Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher
Medical Decision Making and MDM Policy & Practice Reviewers, 2021 pp. 280-282 Downloads
Doctors’ Attitudes to Patient Question Asking, Patient-Generated Question Lists, and Question Prompt Lists: A Qualitative Study pp. 283-292 Downloads
Marguerite Clare Tracy, Danielle Maree Muscat, Heather L. Shepherd and Lyndal Jane Trevena
Comparison of Diagnostic Recommendations from Individual Physicians versus the Collective Intelligence of Multiple Physicians in Ambulatory Cases Referred for Specialist Consultation pp. 293-302 Downloads
Elaine C. Khoong, Sarah S. Nouri, Delphine S. Tuot, Shantanu Nundy, Valy Fontil and Urmimala Sarkar
Physicians under Pressure: Evidence from Antibiotics Prescribing in England pp. 303-312 Downloads
Thomas Allen, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Søren Rud Kristensen, Anne Sophie Oxholm, Line Bjørnskov Pedersen and Mario Pezzino
Key Factors in Decision Making for ECLS: A Binational Factorial Survey pp. 313-325 Downloads
Daniel Drewniak, Giovanna Brandi, Philipp Karl Buehler, Peter Steiger, Niels Hagenbuch, Sabine Stamm-Balderjahn, Liane Schenk, Ana Rosca and Tanja Krones
Perceived Social Norms Guide Health Care Decisions for Oneself and Others: A Cross-Sectional Experiment in a US Online Panel pp. 326-340 Downloads
JoNell Strough, Eric R. Stone, Andrew M. Parker and Wändi Bruine de Bruin
Don’t Throw Your Heart Away: Increased Transparency of Donor Utilization Practices in Transplant Center Report Cards Alters How Center Performance Is Evaluated pp. 341-351 Downloads
Alison E. Butler and Gretchen B. Chapman
Relationships among Antecedents, Processes, and Outcomes for Shared Decision Making: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Patients with Lumbar Degenerative Disease pp. 352-363 Downloads
Chia-Hsien Chen, Hsin-Yi Chuang, Yen Lee, Glyn Elwyn, Wen-Hsuan Hou and Ken N. Kuo
Preparing Patients with Early Stage Prostate Cancer to Participate in Clinical Appointments Using a Shared Decision Making Training Video pp. 364-374 Downloads
Karen Scherr, Rebecca K. Delaney, Peter Ubel, Valerie C. Kahn, Daniel Hamstra, John T. Wei and Angela Fagerlin
Fostering Patient Choice Awareness and Presenting Treatment Options Neutrally: A Randomized Trial to Assess the Effect on Perceived Room for Involvement in Decision Making pp. 375-386 Downloads
Arwen H. Pieterse, Kim Brandes, Jessica de Graaf, Joyce E. de Boer, Nanon H. M. Labrie, Anouk Knops, Cornelia F. Allaart, Johanna E. A. Portielje, Willem Jan W. Bos and Anne M. Stiggelbout
The Impact of 4 Risk Communication Interventions on Cancer Screening Preferences and Knowledge pp. 387-397 Downloads
K. D. Valentine, Pete Wegier, Victoria A. Shaffer and Laura D. Scherer
Effect of Superstitious Beliefs and Risk Intuitions on Genetic Test Decisions pp. 398-403 Downloads
Kristen E. Riley, Andrew L. Sussman, Elizabeth Schofield, Dolores D. Guest, Yvonne T. Dailey, Matthew R. Schwartz, David B. Buller, Keith Hunley, Kimberly A. Kaphingst, Marianne Berwick and Jennifer L. Hay
Changes over Time in Patient Stated Values and Treatment Preferences Regarding Aggressive Therapies: Insights from the DECIDE-LVAD Trial pp. 404-414 Downloads
Christopher E. Knoepke, Erin L. Chaussee, Daniel D. Matlock, Jocelyn S. Thompson, Colleen K. McIlvennan, Amrut V. Ambardekar, Elisabeth M. Schaffer, Prateeti Khazanie, Laura Scherer, Robert M. Arnold and Larry A. Allen

Volume 42, issue 2, 2022

Measuring What Matters: Little Evidence Supporting the Content Validity of EQ-5D in People with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Their Caregivers pp. 139-140 Downloads
Philip A. Powell, Jill Carlton, Donna Rowen, John Brazier, Karen Facey, Klair Bayley, Fleur Chandler, Josie Godfrey and Emily Crossley
Authors’ Response to Comment on “Assessing the Appropriateness of the EQ-5D for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Patient-Centered Study†pp. 141-142 Downloads
Norah L. Crossnohere, Ryan Fischer, Andrew Lloyd, Lisa A. Prosser and John F. P. Bridges
Simulating Study Data to Support Expected Value of Sample Information Calculations: A Tutorial pp. 143-155 Downloads
Anna Heath, Mark Strong, David Glynn, Natalia Kunst, Nicky J. Welton and Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert
Augmented Inverse Probability Weighting and the Double Robustness Property pp. 156-167 Downloads
Christoph F. Kurz
Multilevel and Quasi Monte Carlo Methods for the Calculation of the Expected Value of Partial Perfect Information pp. 168-181 Downloads
Wei Fang, Zhenru Wang, Michael B. Giles, Chris H. Jackson, Nicky J. Welton, Christophe Andrieu and Howard Thom
Reference Case Methods for Expert Elicitation in Health Care Decision Making pp. 182-193 Downloads
Laura Bojke, Marta O. Soares, Karl Claxton, Abigail Colson, Aimée Fox, Chris Jackson, Dina Jankovic, Alec Morton, Linda D. Sharples and Andrea Taylor
Estimating Treatment-Switching Bias in a Randomized Clinical Trial of Ovarian Cancer Treatment: Combining Causal Inference with Decision-Analytic Modeling pp. 194-207 Downloads
Felicitas Kuehne, Ursula Rochau, Noman Paracha, Jennifer M. Yeh, Eduardo Sabate and Uwe Siebert
Testing for a Sweet Spot in Randomized Trials pp. 208-216 Downloads
Donald A. Redelmeier, Deva Thiruchelvam and Robert J. Tibshirani
Reducing the Prevalence of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies in the United States: A Simulation Modeling Study pp. 217-227 Downloads
Reza Yaesoubi, Maya Mahin, Geoffrey Martin, A. David Paltiel and Mona Sharifi
Improving the Estimation of Subgroup Effects for Clinical Trial Participants with Multimorbidity by Incorporating Drug Class-Level Information in Bayesian Hierarchical Models: A Simulation Study pp. 228-240 Downloads
Laurie J. Hannigan, David M. Phillippo, Peter Hanlon, Laura Moss, Elaine W. Butterly, Neil Hawkins, Sofia Dias, Nicky J. Welton and David A. McAllister
Development and Validation of a Discrete Event Simulation Model to Evaluate the Cardiovascular Impact of Population Policies for Obesity pp. 241-254 Downloads
Arantzazu Arrospide, Oliver Ibarrondo, Iván Castilla, Igor Larrañaga and Javier Mar
Defensive Medicine Practices: Scale Development and Validation pp. 255-261 Downloads
Özgün Ünal and Mahmut Akbolat
The Application of Multicriteria Decision Analysis Methods in Health Care: A Literature Review pp. 262-274 Downloads
Ilyas Khan, Liliane Pintelon and Harry Martin
Corrigendum pp. NP1-NP1 Downloads

Volume 42, issue 1, 2022

Translating Evidence Updates to International Standards: Is More Certainty Needed for International Standards on Decision Aids? pp. 3-7 Downloads
Stacey L. Sheridan
Partial Personalization of Medical Treatment Decisions: Adverse Effects and Possible Solutions pp. 8-16 Downloads
Christopher Weyant and Margaret L. Brandeau
Program Evaluation of Population- and System-Level Policies: Evidence for Decision Making pp. 17-27 Downloads
Simon Walker, Aimee Fox, James Altunkaya, Tim Colbourn, Mike Drummond, Susan Griffin, Nils Gutacker, Paul Revill and Mark Sculpher
Choosing a Metamodel of a Simulation Model for Uncertainty Quantification pp. 28-42 Downloads
Tiago M. de Carvalho, Joost van Rosmalen, Harold B. Wolff, Hendrik Koffijberg and Veerle M. H. Coupé
A Simple Method for Simulating Dementia Onset and Death within an Existing Demographic Model pp. 43-50 Downloads
Carolyn M. Rutter, Ifeanyi Edochie, Esther M. Friedman, Mary E. Slaughter and Margaret M. Weden
Medicare’s Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Values Quality over QALYs pp. 51-59 Downloads
Edward Norton, Jun Li, Anup Das, Andrew M. Ryan and Lena M. Chen
Randomized Controlled Trial of Paper-Based at a Hospital versus Continual Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes at Home for Metastatic Cancer Patients: Does Electronic Measurement at Home Detect Patients’ Health Status in Greater Detail? pp. 60-67 Downloads
Takeru Shiroiwa, Yasuhiro Hagiwara, Naruto Taira, Takuya Kawahara, Keiko Konomura, Tetsuya Iwamoto, Shinichi Noto, Takashi Fukuda and Kojiro Shimozuma
One Size Does Not Fit All: Financial Incentives Needed to Change Physical Exercise Levels for Different Groups pp. 68-79 Downloads
Alberto Longo, Eileen Mitchell, Anil Markandya and Ibon Galarraga
Spillover Effects of Mental Health Disorders on Family Members’ Health-Related Quality of Life: Evidence from a US Sample pp. 80-93 Downloads
Donghoon Lee, Yeonil Kim and Beth Devine
Effect of Having, but Not Consulting, a Computerized Diagnostic Aid pp. 94-104 Downloads
Mark V. Pezzo, Brenton E. D. Nash, Pierre Vieux and Hannah W. Foster-Grammer
Using Standardized Videos to Examine the Validity of the Shared Decision Making Process Scale: Results of a Randomized Online Experiment pp. 105-113 Downloads
K. D. Valentine, Brittney Mancini, Ha Vo, Suzanne Brodney, Carol Cosenza, Michael J. Barry and Karen R. Sepucha
The Multifocal Approach to Sharing in Shared Decision Making: A Critical Appraisal of the MAPPIN’SDM pp. 114-124 Downloads
David Forner, Christopher W. Noel, Laura Boland, Arwen H. Pieterse, Cornelia M. Borkhoff and Paul Hong
The Influence of Patient and Provider Religious and Spiritual Beliefs on Treatment Decision Making in the Cancer Care Context pp. 125-134 Downloads
Elizabeth Palmer Kelly, Brian Myers, Brent Henderson, Petra Sprik, Kelsey B. White and Timothy M. Pawlik
CORRIGENDUM to “Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Alternatives in Adapting Electronic Health Records for Health Services Research†pp. 135-135 Downloads
Corrigendum pp. 136-136 Downloads
Erratum pp. NP1-NP1 Downloads
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