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Volume 32, issue 1, 2018

Capabilities and Choices of Vulnerable, Long-Term Unemployed Individuals pp. 3-19 Downloads
Vanessa Beck
Influence of Work–Welfare Cycling and Labour Market Segmentation on Employment Histories of Young Long-Term Unemployed pp. 20-37 Downloads
Alexander McTier and Alan McGregor
Rewarding Work: Cross-National Differences in Benefits, Volunteering During Unemployment, Well-Being and Mental Health pp. 38-56 Downloads
Daiga KamerÄ de and Matthew R Bennett
Evidence from the ‘Frontline’? An Ethnographic Problematisation of Welfare-to-Work Administrator Opinions pp. 57-74 Downloads
John David Jordan
Maternal Employment: Enabling Factors in Context pp. 75-92 Downloads
Giulia M Dotti Sani and Stefani Scherer
Britain’s Older Employees in Decline, 1990–2006: A Panel Analysis of Pay pp. 93-113 Downloads
Deborah Smeaton and Michael White
Contemporary Employer Interest Representation in the United Kingdom pp. 114-132 Downloads
Leon Gooberman, Marco Hauptmeier and Edmund Heery
The Work of Community Gardens: Reclaiming Place for Community in the City pp. 133-149 Downloads
Andrew Cumbers, Deirdre Shaw, John Crossan and Robert McMaster
Occupations, the Missing Link? A New Theoretical and Methodological Approach to Product Markets, Skill and Pay pp. 150-168 Downloads
Angela Knox and Chris Warhurst
‘Cool’ Meanings: Tattoo Artists, Body Work and Organizational ‘Bodyscape’ pp. 169-185 Downloads
Ruth Simpson and Alison Pullen
The Health and Well-Being at Work Agenda: Good News for (Disabled) Workers or Just a Capital Idea? pp. 186-197 Downloads
Deborah Foster
Pointless Diversity Training: Unconscious Bias, New Racism and Agency pp. 198-209 Downloads
Mike Noon
‘You End Up with Nothing’: The Experience of Being a Statistic of ‘In-Work Poverty’ in the UK pp. 210-218 Downloads
Jo McBride, Andrew Smith and Marcell Mbala
A Beginning and not the End: Work After a Diagnosis of Dementia pp. 219-229 Downloads
Jannine Williams, Sue Richardson and Elizabeth Draper
Book Review: Susan Bisom-Rapp and Malcolm Sargeant, Lifetime Disadvantage, Discrimination and the Gendered Workforce pp. 230-231 Downloads
Erika Kispeter
Book Review: Emiliana Armano, Arianna Bove and Annalisa Murgia, Mapping Precariousness, Labour Insecurity and Uncertain Livelihoods: Subjectivities and Resistance pp. 231-233 Downloads
Constantine Manolchev
Book Review: Suzan Lewis, Deirdre Anderson, Clare Lyonette, Nicola Payne and Stephen Wood (eds), Work–Life Balance in Times of Recession, Austerity and Beyond pp. 233-235 Downloads
Judie M Gannon

Volume 31, issue 6, 2017

Trading health for money: agential struggles in the (re)configuration of subjectivity, the body and pain among construction workers pp. 887-903 Downloads
Jeppe ZN Ajslev, Jeppe L Møller, Roger Persson and Lars L Andersen
Perforated body work: the case of tele-nursing pp. 904-920 Downloads
Diane van den Broek
Resisting labour control and optimizing social ties: experiences of women construction workers in Delhi pp. 921-936 Downloads
Sakshi Khurana
Linguistic barriers and bridges: constructing social capital in ethnically diverse low-skill workplaces pp. 937-953 Downloads
Frederik Thuesen
Speaking up, leaving or keeping silent: racialized employees in the Swedish elderly care sector pp. 954-971 Downloads
Alireza Behtoui, Kristina Boréus, Anders Neergaard and Soheyla Yazdanpanah
Working retirees in Europe: individual and societal determinants pp. 972-991 Downloads
Ellen Dingemans, Kène Henkens and Hanna van Solinge
Ethnicity and low wage traps: favouritism, homosocial reproduction and economic marginalization pp. 992-1009 Downloads
Maria Hudson, Gina Netto, Mike Noon, Filip Sosenko, Philomena de Lima and Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen
Union renewal in historical perspective pp. 1010-1020 Downloads
Richard Croucher and Geoffrey Wood
From duping clients to institutional entrepreneurship in Mauritius: the account of a former BPO worker who became an activist pp. 1021-1030 Downloads
Blandine Emilien and Shankar Veerta
Book review: Stephen Edgell, Heidi Gottfried and Edward Granter (eds), The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment pp. 1031-1036 Downloads
Tony Elger
Book review: Alan Felstead, Duncan Gallie and Francis Green (eds), Unequal Britain at Work pp. 1037-1038 Downloads
Huw Morris
Book review: Mary Romero, Valerie Preston and Wenona Giles (eds), When Care Work Goes Global: Locating the Social Relations of Domestic Work pp. 1038-1040 Downloads
Al Rainnie
Book review: Aileen O’Carroll, Working Time, Knowledge Work and Post-Industrial Society: Unpredictable Work pp. 1040-1042 Downloads
Matías D Scaglione
Thank you to referees pp. 1043-1043 Downloads
Corrigendum pp. 1044-1044 Downloads

Volume 31, issue 5, 2017

Would you think about doing sex for money? Structure and agency in deciding to sell sex in Canada pp. 731-747 Downloads
Cecilia Benoit, Nadia Ouellet, Mikael Jansson, Samantha Magnus and Michaela Smith
‘We all have one’: exit plans as a professional strategy in sex work pp. 748-763 Downloads
Julie Ham and Fairleigh Gilmour
Service nepotism in cosmopolitan transient social spaces pp. 764-781 Downloads
David Sarpong and Mairi Maclean
A floor to exploitation? Social economy organizations at the edge of a restructuring economy pp. 782-799 Downloads
M. Anne Visser
More than convenience: the role of habitus in understanding the food choices of fast food workers pp. 800-815 Downloads
Julia Woodhall-Melnik and Flora I Matheson
‘When the stomach is full we look for respect’: perceptions of ‘good work’ in the urban informal sectors of three developing countries pp. 816-833 Downloads
William Monteith and Lena Giesbert
Moral economy, intermediaries and intensified competition in the labour market for function musicians pp. 834-850 Downloads
Charles Umney
Global nursing and the lived experience of migration intermediaries pp. 851-860 Downloads
Diane van den Broek and Dimitria Groutsis
Explaining vertical gender segregation: a research agenda pp. 861-871 Downloads
Iñaki R Longarela
Book review symposium: Ruth Milkman, On Gender, Labor, and Inequality, by Jill Rubery pp. 872-873 Downloads
Jill Rubery
Book review symposium: Ruth Milkman, On Gender, Labor, and Inequality, by Leslie McCall pp. 873-875 Downloads
Leslie McCall
Book review symposium: Ruth Milkman, On Gender, Labor, and Inequality, by Tracey Warren pp. 875-877 Downloads
Tracey Warren
Response to reviews of On Gender, Labor, and Inequality pp. 877-879 Downloads
Ruth Milkman
Book review: Lina Dencik and Peter Wilkin, Worker Resistance and Media: Challenging Global Corporate Power in the 21st Century pp. 880-881 Downloads
Alex J Wood
Book review: Stewart Johnstone and Peter Ackers (eds), Finding A Voice at Work? New Perspectives on Employment Relations pp. 881-883 Downloads
Maurizio Atzeni

Volume 31, issue 4, 2017

Employee satisfaction and use of flexible working arrangements pp. 567-585 Downloads
Daniel Wheatley
Public sector austerity cuts in Britain and the changing discourse of work–life balance pp. 586-604 Downloads
Suzan Lewis, Deirdre Anderson, Clare Lyonette, Nicola Payne and Stephen Wood
Job satisfaction of non-standard workers in Korea: focusing on non-standard workers’ internal and external heterogeneity pp. 605-623 Downloads
Mihee Park and Joonmo Kang
His or her work–life balance? Experiences of self-employed immigrant parents pp. 624-639 Downloads
Mai Camilla Munkejord
Exploring the work–life challenges and dilemmas faced by managers and professionals who live alone pp. 640-656 Downloads
Krystal Wilkinson, Jennifer Tomlinson and Jean Gardiner
Trade union involvement in work–family life balance: lessons from France pp. 657-674 Downloads
Delphine Brochard and Marie-Thérèse Letablier
‘Doing the brand’: aesthetic labour as situated, relational performance in fashion retail pp. 675-691 Downloads
Leanne Cutcher and Pamela Achtel
Skill requirements in retail work: the case of high-end fashion retailing pp. 692-708 Downloads
Dennis Nickson, Robin Price, Hazel Baxter-Reid and Scott A Hurrell
Book review: Minimum Wages, Collective Bargaining and Economic Development in Asia and Europe: A Labour Perspective and Non-Standard Employment in Post-Industrial Labour Markets: An Occupational Perspective pp. 709-711 Downloads
Jennifer Ferreira
Book review: Christina Garsten and Anette Nyqvist (eds), Organisational Anthropology: Doing Ethnography in and among Complex Organisations pp. 712-713 Downloads
Xanthe Whittaker
Book review: Jesse Potter, Crisis at Work: Identity and the End of Career pp. 714-715 Downloads
Maria Adamson
Book review: Jukka Vuori, Roland Blonk and Richard H Price (eds), Sustainable Working Lives: Managing Work Transitions and Health throughout the Life Course pp. 715-717 Downloads
Josephine Foubert
Book review: Linsey McGoey, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy pp. 717-718 Downloads
Scott Taylor
Small business revivalism: employment relations in small and medium-sized enterprises pp. 721-728 Downloads
Oliver Mallett and Robert Wapshott

Volume 31, issue 3, 2017

Gendered effects of intensified care burdens: employment and sickness absence in families with chronically sick or disabled children in Norway pp. 391-408 Downloads
Idunn Brekke and Marjan Nadim
The effect of foreign accent on employability: a study of the aural dimensions of aesthetic labour in customer-facing and non-customer-facing jobs pp. 409-428 Downloads
Andrew R Timming
Escaping the rural pay penalty: location, migration and the labour market pp. 429-446 Downloads
Martin Culliney
Macho, mobile and resilient? How workers with impairments are doubly disabled in project-based film and television work pp. 447-464 Downloads
Keith Randle and Kate Hardy
‘Rusty, invisible and threatening’: ageing, capital and employability pp. 465-482 Downloads
Dina Bowman, Michael McGann, Helen Kimberley and Simon Biggs
Pay equity after the Equality Act 2010: does sexual orientation still matter? pp. 483-500 Downloads
Alex Bryson
The social norm of unemployment in relation to mental health and medical care use: the role of regional unemployment levels and of displaced workers pp. 501-521 Downloads
Veerle Buffel, Sarah Missinne and Piet Bracke
The shadow of future homeownership: the association of wanting to move into homeownership with labour supply pp. 522-541 Downloads
Philipp M Lersch and Wilfred Uunk
‘An end to the job as we know it’: how an IT professional has experienced the uncertainty of IT outsourcing pp. 542-552 Downloads
Clive Trusson and Frankie Woods
Informal and uncertain: employment relations through the broken mirror of Russian social sciences pp. 553-559 Downloads
Claudio Morrison and Petr Bizyukov
Book review: Cathryn Costello and Mark Freedland, Migrants at Work: Immigration and Vulnerability in Labour Law pp. 560-561 Downloads
Desai Shan
Book review: A Hodder and L Kretsos (eds), Young Workers and Trade Unions: A Global View pp. 561-562 Downloads
Jane Holgate

Volume 31, issue 2, 2017

Understanding social exclusion in elite professional service firms: field level dynamics and the ‘professional project’ pp. 211-229 Downloads
Louise Ashley and Laura Empson
Gender, availability and dual emancipation in the Swedish ICT sector pp. 230-247 Downloads
Line Holth, Ann Bergman and Robert MacKenzie
The value of and values in the work of teachers in Estonia pp. 248-264 Downloads
Eeva Kesküla and Krista Loogma
Union learning representatives in the UK: activity, impact and organization pp. 265-283 Downloads
Richard Saundry, Valerie Antcliff and Alison Hollinrake
Chinese employer associations, institutional complementarity and countervailing power pp. 284-301 Downloads
Judith Shuqin Zhu and Chris Nyland
The community dimensions of union renewal: racialized and caring relations in personal support services pp. 302-318 Downloads
Louise Birdsell Bauer and Cynthia Cranford
‘Justice for Janitors’ goes Dutch: the limits and possibilities of unions’ adoption of organizing in a context of regulated social partnership pp. 319-335 Downloads
Heather Connolly, Stefania Marino and Miguel Martinez Lucio
Mechanisms of invisibility: rethinking the concept of invisible work pp. 336-351 Downloads
Erin Hatton
Race and racism in an elite postcolonial context: reflections from investment banking pp. 352-362 Downloads
Ajnesh Prasad and Tanvir Qureshi
Book review symposium: Colin Crouch, Governing Social Risks in Post-Crisis Europe by Matt Vidal pp. 363-365 Downloads
Matt Vidal
Book review symposium: Colin Crouch, Governing Social Risks in Post-Crisis Europe by Janine Leschke pp. 365-367 Downloads
Janine Leschke
Book review symposium: Colin Crouch, Governing Social Risks in Post-Crisis Europe by Richard Hyman pp. 367-370 Downloads
Richard Hyman
Response to reviews of Governing Social Risks in Post-Crisis Europe pp. 370-372 Downloads
Colin Crouch
Neoliberal globalization, unions and labour movement strategies pp. 373-379 Downloads
George Lafferty
Joint book review: Daniel Berliner, Anne Regan Greenleaf, Milli Lake, Margaret Levi and Jennifer Noveck, Labour Standards in International Supply Chains: Aligning Rights and Incentives and Colin C Williams, Confronting the Shadow Economy: Evaluating Tax Compliance and Behaviour Policies pp. 380-383 Downloads
Janet Druker
Book review: Kirsty Newsome, Philip Taylor, Jennifer Bair and Al Rainnie (eds), Putting Labour in Its Place: Labour Process Analysis and Global Value Chains pp. 384-385 Downloads
Christopher Land
Book review: Matthias Ebenau, Ian Bruff and Christian May (eds), New Directions in Comparative Capitalisms Research: Critical and Global Perspectives pp. 385-387 Downloads
Anita Hammer
Corrigendum pp. 388-388 Downloads

Volume 31, issue 1, 2017

Time reclaimed: temporality and the experience of meaningful work pp. 3-18 Downloads
Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden
Neo-villeiny and the service sector: the case of hyper flexible and precarious work in fitness centres pp. 19-35 Downloads
Geraint Harvey, Carl Rhodes, Sheena J Vachhani and Karen Williams
The hidden face of job insecurity pp. 36-53 Downloads
Duncan Gallie, Alan Felstead, Francis Green and Hande Inanc
‘Disappearing workers’: Foxconn in Europe and the changing role of temporary work agencies pp. 54-70 Downloads
Rutvica Andrijasevic and Devi Sacchetto
Underemployment and well-being in the UK before and after the Great Recession pp. 71-89 Downloads
Jason Heyes, Mark Tomlinson and Adam Whitworth
In debt to the time-bank: the manipulation of working time in Indian garment factories and ‘working dead horse’ pp. 90-105 Downloads
Jean Jenkins and Paul Blyton
Beyond the symbolic: a relational approach to dirty work through a study of refuse collectors and street cleaners pp. 106-122 Downloads
Jason Hughes, Ruth Simpson, Natasha Slutskaya, Alex Simpson and Kahryn Hughes
Social partnership and political devolution in the National Health Service: emergence, operation and outcomes pp. 123-141 Downloads
Nicolas Bacon and Peter Samuel
Work in and beyond the Second Machine Age: the politics of production and digital technologies pp. 142-152 Downloads
David Spencer
An old model of social class? Job characteristics and the NS-SEC schema pp. 153-165 Downloads
Mark Williams
‘The whole week comes down to the team sheet’: a footballer’s view of insecure work pp. 166-174 Downloads
Martin Roderick and James Schumacker
‘I’ll do it step by step’: care, cover and quiet campaigning pp. 175-184 Downloads
Darren McGuire and Maria Lozada
Labour relations and labour unrest in China pp. 185-190 Downloads
Jessica Pflueger and Antonia Enssner
Trade unions, equality and diversity: an inconsistent record of transformative action pp. 191-196 Downloads
Susan Milner
Bringing financial regulation back down to earth pp. 197-200 Downloads
Nathan Coombs
Book review: Alan McKinlay and Philip Taylor, Foucault, Governmentality, and Organization: Inside the Factory of the Future pp. 201-202 Downloads
Douglas Martin
Book review: Pat O’Connor, Management and Gender in Higher Education pp. 202-204 Downloads
Richard Courtney
Book review: Andrew Dunn, Rethinking Unemployment and the Work Ethic: Beyond the ‘Quasi-Titmuss’ Paradigm pp. 204-205 Downloads
Nathan Hudson-Sharp
Book review: Leo McCann, International and Comparative Business: Foundations of Political Economies pp. 206-207 Downloads
Le Bo
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