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Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

2008 - 2017

Current editor(s): H.-H. Bock, W. Gaul, A. Okada, M. Vichi and C. Weihs

German Classification Society - Gesellschaft für Klassifikation (GfKl)
Japanese Classification Society (JCS)
Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society (CLADAG)
International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS)
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Volume 11, issue 3, 2017

Multivariate and functional classification using depth and distance pp. 445-466 Downloads
Mia Hubert, Peter Rousseeuw and Pieter Segaert
Benchmarking different clustering algorithms on functional data pp. 467-492 Downloads
Christina Yassouridis and Friedrich Leisch
Constrained clustering with a complex cluster structure pp. 493-518 Downloads
Marek Śmieja and Magdalena Wiercioch
A fuzzy neural network based framework to discover user access patterns from web log data pp. 519-546 Downloads
Zahid A. Ansari, Syed Abdul Sattar and A. Vinaya Babu
Dense traffic flow patterns mining in bi-directional road networks using density based trajectory clustering pp. 547-561 Downloads
Vaishali Mirge, Kesari Verma and Shubhrata Gupta
Disjoint factor analysis with cross-loadings pp. 563-591 Downloads
Maurizio Vichi
General location model with factor analyzer covariance matrix structure and its applications pp. 593-609 Downloads
Leila Amiri, Mojtaba Khazaei and Mojtaba Ganjali
Multi-objective retinal vessel localization using flower pollination search algorithm with pattern search pp. 611-627 Downloads
E. Emary, Hossam M. Zawbaa, Aboul Ella Hassanien and B. Parv
A new approach for determining the prior probabilities in the classification problem by Bayesian method pp. 629-643 Downloads
Thao Nguyen-Trang and Tai Vo- Van

Volume 11, issue 2, 2017

Exploratory data analysis for interval compositional data pp. 223-241 Downloads
Karel Hron, Paula Brito and Peter Filzmoser
Model-based regression clustering for high-dimensional data: application to functional data pp. 243-279 Downloads
Emilie Devijver
Mixture models for ordinal responses to account for uncertainty of choice pp. 281-305 Downloads
Gerhard Tutz, Micha Schneider, Maria Iannario and Domenico Piccolo
Logistic biplot for nominal data pp. 307-326 Downloads
Julio César Hernández-Sánchez and José Luis Vicente-Villardón
Principal component analysis for histogram-valued data pp. 327-351 Downloads
J. Le-Rademacher and L. Billard
T3C: improving a decision tree classification algorithm’s interval splits on continuous attributes pp. 353-370 Downloads
Panagiotis Tzirakis and Christos Tjortjis
ADCLUS and INDCLUS: analysis, experimentation, and meta-heuristic algorithm extensions pp. 371-393 Downloads
Stephen L. France, Wen Chen and Yumin Deng
A sequential distance-based approach for imputing missing data: Forward Imputation pp. 395-414 Downloads
Nadia Solaro, Alessandro Barbiero, Giancarlo Manzi and Pier Alda Ferrari
Backtransformation: a new representation of data processing chains with a scalar decision function pp. 415-439 Downloads
Mario Michael Krell and Sirko Straube

Volume 10, issue 4, 2016

Second special issue on “Advances in latent variables: methods, models and applications” pp. 417-421 Downloads
Angela Montanari and Maurizio Vichi
A mixture of generalized hyperbolic factor analyzers pp. 423-440 Downloads
Cristina Tortora, Paul D. McNicholas and Ryan P. Browne
Factor probabilistic distance clustering (FPDC): a new clustering method pp. 441-464 Downloads
Cristina Tortora, Mireille Gettler Summa, Marina Marino and Francesco Palumbo
Human capital estimation in higher education pp. 465-489 Downloads
Pietro Giorgio Lovaglio, Gianmarco Vacca and Stefano Verzillo
Quantile composite-based path modeling pp. 491-520 Downloads
Cristina Davino and Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi
Exponential family mixed membership models for soft clustering of multivariate data pp. 521-540 Downloads
Arthur White and Thomas Brendan Murphy
The determination of uncertainty levels in robust clustering of subjects with longitudinal observations using the Dirichlet process mixture pp. 541-562 Downloads
Reyhaneh Rikhtehgaran and Iraj Kazemi
An effective strategy for initializing the EM algorithm in finite mixture models pp. 563-583 Downloads
Semhar Michael and Volodymyr Melnykov

Volume 10, issue 3, 2016

Pruning boxes in a box-based classification method pp. 285-304 Downloads
Vincenzo Spinelli
Marginal and simultaneous predictive classification using stratified graphical models pp. 305-326 Downloads
Henrik Nyman, Jie Xiong, Johan Pensar and Jukka Corander
Semi-supervised model-based clustering with positive and negative constraints pp. 327-349 Downloads
Volodymyr Melnykov, Igor Melnykov and Semhar Michael
The forward search interactive outlier detection in cointegrated VAR analysis pp. 351-373 Downloads
Tiziano Bellini
Quantile regression with group lasso for classification pp. 375-390 Downloads
Hussein Hashem, Veronica Vinciotti, Rahim Alhamzawi and Keming Yu
Clustering of time series using quantile autocovariances pp. 391-415 Downloads
Borja Lafuente-Rego and José A. Vilar

Volume 10, issue 2, 2016

Special issue on Advances in latent variables: methods, models and applications pp. 133-137 Downloads
Angela Montanari and Maurizio Vichi
Micro–macro multilevel latent class models with multiple discrete individual-level variables pp. 139-154 Downloads
Margot Bennink, Marcel A. Croon, Brigitte Kroon and Jeroen K. Vermunt
Model based clustering for mixed data: clustMD pp. 155-169 Downloads
Damien McParland and Isobel Claire Gormley
Beyond the number of classes: separating substantive from non-substantive dependence in latent class analysis pp. 171-182 Downloads
D. L. Oberski
Latent class model with conditional dependency per modes to cluster categorical data pp. 183-207 Downloads
Matthieu Marbac, Christophe Biernacki and Vincent Vandewalle
Power analysis for the bootstrap likelihood ratio test for the number of classes in latent class models pp. 209-224 Downloads
Fetene B. Tekle, Dereje W. Gudicha and Jeroen K. Vermunt
Varying uncertainty in CUB models pp. 225-244 Downloads
Anna Gottard, Maria Iannario and Domenico Piccolo
Item selection by latent class-based methods: an application to nursing home evaluation pp. 245-262 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci, Giorgio E. Montanari and Silvia Pandolfi
Dynamic segmentation with growth mixture models pp. 263-279 Downloads
Francesca Bassi

Volume 10, issue 1, 2016

A principal component method to impute missing values for mixed data pp. 5-26 Downloads
Vincent Audigier, François Husson and Julie Josse
Extreme logistic regression pp. 27-52 Downloads
Che Ngufor and Janusz Wojtusiak
A multilevel finite mixture item response model to cluster examinees and schools pp. 53-70 Downloads
Michela Gnaldi, Silvia Bacci and Francesco Bartolucci
A comparison of reliability coefficients for psychometric tests that consist of two parts pp. 71-84 Downloads
Matthijs J. Warrens
Supervised clustering of variables pp. 85-101 Downloads
Mingkun Chen and Evelyne Vigneau
The $$k$$ k -means algorithm for 3D shapes with an application to apparel design pp. 103-132 Downloads
Guillermo Vinué, Amelia Simó and Sandra Alemany

Volume 9, issue 4, 2015

Maximum likelihood estimation of Gaussian mixture models without matrix operations pp. 371-394 Downloads
Hien Nguyen and Geoffrey McLachlan
Probabilistic assessment of model-based clustering pp. 395-422 Downloads
Xuwen Zhu and Volodymyr Melnykov
Robust model-based clustering via mixtures of skew-t distributions with missing information pp. 423-445 Downloads
Wan-Lun Wang and Tsung-I Lin
Improved initialisation of model-based clustering using Gaussian hierarchical partitions pp. 447-460 Downloads
Luca Scrucca and Adrian Raftery
Simulating mixtures of multivariate data with fixed cluster overlap in FSDA library pp. 461-481 Downloads
Marco Riani, Andrea Cerioli, Domenico Perrotta and Francesca Torti
Latent drop-out based transitions in linear quantile hidden Markov models for longitudinal responses with attrition pp. 483-502 Downloads
Maria Marino and Marco Alfó

Volume 9, issue 3, 2015

A new biplot procedure with joint classification of objects and variables by fuzzy c-means clustering pp. 243-266 Downloads
Naoto Yamashita and Shin-ichi Mayekawa
Probabilistic auto-associative models and semi-linear PCA pp. 267-286 Downloads
Serge Iovleff
Classifying real-world data with the $${ DD}\alpha $$ D D α -procedure pp. 287-314 Downloads
Pavlo Mozharovskyi, Karl Mosler and Tatjana Lange
Financial clustering in presence of dominant markets pp. 315-339 Downloads
Edoardo Otranto and Romana Gargano
A diffusion model for churn prediction based on sociometric theory pp. 341-365 Downloads
Uroš Droftina, Mitja Å Tular and Andrej Košir

Volume 9, issue 2, 2015

Basic statistics for distributional symbolic variables: a new metric-based approach pp. 143-175 Downloads
Antonio Irpino and Rosanna Verde
Enhancing the selection of a model-based clustering with external categorical variables pp. 177-196 Downloads
Jean-Patrick Baudry, Margarida Cardoso, Gilles Celeux, Maria Amorim and Ana Ferreira
Mixture model averaging for clustering pp. 197-217 Downloads
Yuhong Wei and Paul McNicholas
Spline-based nonlinear biplots pp. 219-238 Downloads
Patrick Groenen, Niël Roux and Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe

Volume 9, issue 1, 2015

Lasso-constrained regression analysis for interval-valued data pp. 5-19 Downloads
Paolo Giordani
Trimmed fuzzy clustering for interval-valued data pp. 21-40 Downloads
Pierpaolo D’Urso, Livia Giovanni and Riccardo Massari
Modeling and forecasting interval time series with threshold models pp. 41-57 Downloads
Paulo Rodrigues and Nazarii Salish
Principal component analysis for probabilistic symbolic data: a more generic and accurate algorithm pp. 59-79 Downloads
Meiling Chen, Huiwen Wang and Zhongfeng Qin
Linear regression for numeric symbolic variables: a least squares approach based on Wasserstein Distance pp. 81-106 Downloads
Antonio Irpino and Rosanna Verde
Strategies evaluation in environmental conditions by symbolic data analysis: application in medicine and epidemiology to trachoma pp. 107-119 Downloads
Christiane Guinot, Denis Malvy, Jean-François Schémann, Filipe Afonso, Raja Haddad and Edwin Diday
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