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1998 - 2018

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Volume 21, issue 2, 2018

Genetics and risk – an exploration of conceptual approaches to genetic risk pp. 101-108 Downloads
Mats G. Hansson, Frederic Bouder and Heidi C. Howard
Genetic risk information pp. 109-116 Downloads
Julia Inthorn
Mapping uncertainty in genomics pp. 117-128 Downloads
Heidi Carmen Howard and Erik Iwarsson
Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of risk in the context of genetic testing for the prediction of chronic disease: a qualitative metasynthesis pp. 129-166 Downloads
Marie Falahee, Gwenda Simons, Karim Raza and Rebecca J. Stack
Perceptions of predictive testing for those at risk of developing a chronic inflammatory disease: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies pp. 167-189 Downloads
Kerin Bayliss, Karim Raza, Gwenda Simons, Marie Falahee, Mats Hansson, Bella Starling and Rebecca Stack
Towards a concept of genetic risk tolerance: a risk analysis perspective pp. 190-205 Downloads
Frederic Bouder
Genetic risk assessment from an ethical point of view pp. 206-221 Downloads
Sven Ove Hansson
Genetic risk and value pp. 222-235 Downloads
Ulrik Kihlbom
Genetic risk and responsibility: reflections on a complex relationship pp. 236-258 Downloads
Silke Schicktanz
Capturing how individuals perceive genetic risk information: a phenomenological perspective pp. 259-267 Downloads
Serena Oliveri and Gabriella Pravettoni

Volume 21, issue 1, 2018

Considering risk: placing the work of Ulrich Beck in context pp. 1-5 Downloads
Adam Burgess, Jamie Wardman and Gabe Mythen
Ulrich Beck: exploring and contesting risk pp. 6-16 Downloads
Mads P. Sørensen
Thinking with Ulrich Beck: security, terrorism and transformation pp. 17-28 Downloads
Gabe Mythen
Beck’s creative challenge to class analysis: from the rejection of class to the discovery of risk-class pp. 29-40 Downloads
Dean Curran
The politics of urban climate risks: theoretical and empirical lessons from Ulrich Beck’s methodological cosmopolitanism pp. 41-55 Downloads
Anders Blok
Risk and the cosmopolitanization of solidarities pp. 56-67 Downloads
Daniel Levy
Cosmopolitan risk community in a bowl: a case study of China’s good food movement pp. 68-82 Downloads
Joy Y. Zhang
Individualization revisited: global family developments, uncertainty and risk pp. 83-95 Downloads
Adam Burgess
The prophecy of Ulrich Beck: signposts for the social sciences pp. 96-100 Downloads
Gabe Mythen, Adam Burgess and Jamie K. Wardman

Volume 20, issue 12, 2017

Dimensions of strategic intervention for risk reduction and mitigation: a case study of the MV Sewol incident pp. 1516-1533 Downloads
Namkyung Oh
Communicating risk in disaster risk management systems – experimental evidence of the perceived usefulness of risk descriptions pp. 1534-1553 Downloads
Lexin Lin, Claudia Rivera, Marcus Abrahamsson and Henrik Tehler
Risk perceptions, moral attitudes, and anticipated guilt in US consumers’ climate change behavioral intentions pp. 1554-1567 Downloads
Xiao Wang
The disaster: risk or danger? pp. 1568-1584 Downloads
Gaspar Mairal
Understanding the framing effect: do affective responses to decision options mediate the influence of frame on choice? pp. 1585-1597 Downloads
Emily Stark, Austin S. Baldwin, Andrew W. Hertel and Alexander J. Rothman
Editorial Board pp. ebi-ebi Downloads
The Editors

Volume 20, issue 11, 2017

Corrigendum pp. i-i Downloads
The Editors
Looking back and going forward: what should the new European Commission do in order to promote evidence-based policy-making? pp. 1359-1378 Downloads
Ragnar Lofstedt and Anne Katrin Schlag
The relationship between risk experience and risk response: a study of farmers and climate change pp. 1379-1393 Downloads
Alice Hamilton-Webb, Louise Manning, Rhiannon Naylor and John Conway
Preparing for the worst: public perceptions of risk management innovations pp. 1394-1417 Downloads
Brooke Fisher Liu, Holly Roberts, Elizabeth L. Petrun Sayers, Gary Ackerman, Daniel Smith and Irina Iles
The effect of task-technology fit on purchase intention: The moderating role of perceived risks pp. 1418-1438 Downloads
Yu-Shan Chen and Stanley Y.B. Huang
The challenges of risk society for impact assessment pp. 1439-1449 Downloads
Sanne Vammen Larsen
Preparing for disaster: a comparative analysis of education for critical infrastructure collapse pp. 1450-1465 Downloads
Kaori Kitagawa, John Preston and Charlotte Chadderton
My computer is infected: the role of users’ sensation seeking and domain-specific risk perceptions and risk attitudes on computer harm pp. 1466-1479 Downloads
Juan Herrero, Alberto Urueña, Andrea Torres and Antonio Hidalgo
Convergent and concurrent validity of the Frankfurt Complaint Questionnaire as a screener for psychosis risk pp. 1480-1496 Downloads
Chantal Michel, Christine Kutschal, Benno G. Schimmelmann and Frauke Schultze-Lutter
Reassessing the risk conditions for political instability in the light of the Arab Spring pp. 1497-1515 Downloads
Leonie Kaphahn and Louis Brennan

Volume 20, issue 10, 2017

Quality in risk reporting on energy issues in German news media pp. 1227-1252 Downloads
Adriane Schmidt, Sebastian Thuß and Thomas Meyer
Siting controversies analysis: framework and method for questioning the procedure pp. 1253-1274 Downloads
Nicolas Rossignol, Céline Parotte, Geoffrey Joris and Catherine Fallon
The concept of as a model for risk regulation – its hidden and not so hidden ambitions, side effects, and risks pp. 1275-1291 Downloads
Lucas Bergkamp
Public perception of solar radiation management: the impact of information and evoked affect pp. 1292-1307 Downloads
Bernadette Sütterlin and Michael Siegrist
Are people emotionally aroused by hypothetical medical scenarios in experiments? An eye tracking study with pupil dilation pp. 1308-1319 Downloads
Christina Kreuzmair, Michael Siegrist and Carmen Keller
Political–security risk in the oil and gas industry: the impact of terrorism on risk management and mitigation pp. 1320-1337 Downloads
Derica Lambrechts and Lars B. Blomquist
Explaining Americans’ responses to dread epidemics: an illustration with Ebola in late 2014 pp. 1338-1357 Downloads
Branden B. Johnson

Volume 20, issue 9, 2017

“How are you vulnerable?”: Using participation for vulnerability analysis in emergency planning pp. 1095-1114 Downloads
Nicolas Rossignol, Catrinel Turcanu, Catherine Fallon and Catherine Zwetkoff
Improving lay understanding of exposure to electromagnetic fields; the effect of information on perception of and responses to risk pp. 1115-1131 Downloads
Liesbeth Claassen, Diana van Dongen and Danielle R.M. Timmermans
Perceptions of electricity-use communications: effects of information, format, and individual differences pp. 1132-1153 Downloads
Casey Canfield, Wändi Bruine de Bruin and Gabrielle Wong-Parodi
One size fits all? Safety management regulation of ship accidents and personal injuries pp. 1154-1172 Downloads
Kristine Vedal Størkersen, Stian Antonsen and Trond Kongsvik
Risk perception and worry in environmental decision-making – a case study within the Swedish steel industry pp. 1173-1194 Downloads
Stina Alriksson and Monika Filipsson
Biomedical risks and citizenship: depoliticizing cell site deployment in the Netherlands and Southern California pp. 1195-1210 Downloads
M.B. de Graaff, C. Bröer and R.A. Wester
How (not) to talk about the uncertain: siting geological disposal for highly radioactive waste in the Czech Republic pp. 1211-1225 Downloads
Karel Svačina

Volume 20, issue 8, 2017

Risk-risk tradeoffs: what should we do in Europe? pp. 963-983 Downloads
Ragnar Lofstedt and Anne Schlag
Five caveats for risk–risk analysis pp. 984-987 Downloads
Sven Ove Hansson
Differences in the strengths of evidence matters in risk–risk trade-offs pp. 988-994 Downloads
Ullrika Sahlin and Maj Rundlöf
‘Ordinary science intelligence’: a science-comprehension measure for study of risk and science communication, with notes on evolution and climate change pp. 995-1016 Downloads
Dan M. Kahan
The two faces of social capital in private flood mitigation: opposing effects on risk perception, self-efficacy and coping capacity pp. 1017-1037 Downloads
Philipp Babcicky and Sebastian Seebauer
Do closed survey questions overestimate public perceptions of food risks? pp. 1038-1052 Downloads
George Gaskell, Katrin Hohl and Monica M. Gerber
The institutional work of hospital risk managers: democratizing and professionalizing risk management pp. 1053-1075 Downloads
Véronique Labelle and Linda Rouleau
Psychological determinants of financial buffer saving: the influence of financial risk tolerance and regulatory focus pp. 1076-1093 Downloads
J. Magendans, J.M. Gutteling and S. Zebel

Volume 20, issue 7, 2017

Is the willingness to take risks contagious? A comparison of immigrants and native-born in the United States pp. 827-845 Downloads
Aigul Mavletova and James Witte
Household adoption of smog protective behavior: a comparison between two Chinese cities pp. 846-867 Downloads
Jiuchang Wei, Weiwei Zhu, Dora Marinova and Fei Wang
The importance of threat, strategy, and resource appraisals for long-term proactive risk management among forest owners in Sweden pp. 868-886 Downloads
Louise Eriksson
Perceptions of protective actions for a water contamination emergency pp. 887-908 Downloads
Michael K. Lindell, Jeryl L. Mumpower, Shih-Kai Huang, Hao-Che Wu, Charles D. Samuelson and Hung-Lung Wei
Prospect theory, mitigation and adaptation to climate change pp. 909-930 Downloads
Daniel Osberghaus
Re-conceptualizing community in risk research pp. 931-951 Downloads
Travis B. Paveglio, Amanda D. Boyd and Matthew S. Carroll
How to classify failures when collecting data for safety-instrumented systems in the oil and gas industry pp. 952-962 Downloads
J.T. Selvik and E.B. Abrahamsen

Volume 20, issue 6, 2017

Expert opinion and probabilistic volcanic risk assessment pp. 693-710 Downloads
Amy Donovan, J. Richard Eiser and R. Stephen J. Sparks
Resilience indicators: opportunities for including distributive justice concerns in disaster management pp. 711-731 Downloads
Neelke Doorn
The perceiver’s social role and a risk’s causal structure as determinants of environmental risk evaluation pp. 732-759 Downloads
Gisela Böhm and Hans-Rüdiger Pfister
Understanding the motivations of coastal residents to voluntarily purchase federal flood insurance pp. 760-775 Downloads
Samuel D. Brody, Wesley E. Highfield, Morgan Wilson, Michael K. Lindell and Russell Blessing
Representations of coastal risk (erosion and marine flooding) among inhabitants of at-risk municipalities pp. 776-799 Downloads
Elisabeth Michel-Guillou and Catherine Meur-Ferec
The relationship between risk control imperative and perceived causation: the case of product counterfeiting in China pp. 800-826 Downloads
B Ding, M Stevenson and J.S. Busby

Volume 20, issue 5, 2017

Modeling the relationships among emotional intelligence, sensation-seeking and risk-taking attitudes of university students in Hong Kong pp. 569-589 Downloads
Hoi Yan Cheung, Timothy Teo and Ming-Tak Hue
Exemplification effects: responses to perceptions of risk pp. 590-610 Downloads
Patric R. Spence, Kenneth A. Lachlan, David Westerman, Xialing Lin, Christina J. Harris, Timothy L. Sellnow and Deborah D. Sellnow-Richmond
Science vs. fear: the Ebola quarantine debate as a case study that reveals how the public perceives risk pp. 611-633 Downloads
Anat Gesser-Edelsburg and Yaffa Shir-Raz
Harm-advocating online content and subjective well-being: a cross-national study of new risks faced by youth pp. 634-649 Downloads
Teo Keipi, Atte Oksanen, James Hawdon, Matti Näsi and Pekka Räsänen
The role of safety culture/climate and social cognitive factors for driving behaviors of Turkish professional drivers transporting petroleum products pp. 650-663 Downloads
Ö. Şimşekoğlu and T. Nordfjærn
Farmers’ crop insurance perception and participation decisions: empirical evidence from Hunan, China pp. 664-677 Downloads
Tao Ye, Yangbin Liu, Jiwei Wang, Ming Wang and Peijun Shi
A tool for analysing the interdependence of indoor environmental quality and reported symptoms of the hospitals’ personnel pp. 678-691 Downloads
G. Loupa, S. Fotopoulou and K.P. Tsagarakis

Volume 20, issue 4, 2017

Helping behavior in a virtual crisis situation: effects of safety awareness and crisis communication pp. 433-444 Downloads
H.E. Stubbé, M.L. van Emmerik and J.H. Kerstholt
Being active when judging risks: bodily states interfere with accurate risk analysis pp. 445-462 Downloads
Martina Raue, Bernhard Streicher, Eva Lermer and Dieter Frey
Risk and safety in large-scale socio-technological (military) systems: a literature review pp. 463-481 Downloads
Gwendolyn C.H. Bakx and James M. Nyce
Concern or apathy: the attitude of the public toward urban air pollution pp. 482-498 Downloads
Jianhua Xu, Cheryl S.F. Chi and Kejun Zhu
The association between transformational leadership in German hospitals and the frequency of events reported as perceived by medical directors pp. 499-515 Downloads
Hendrik Hillen, Holger Pfaff and Antje Hammer
A new method for early detection of mass concern about public health issues pp. 516-532 Downloads
Jiayin Pei, Guang Yu, Xianyun Tian and Maureen Renee Donnelley
Risk communication policy design: Cyprus compared to France and the Netherlands pp. 533-550 Downloads
Sophie Tourenq, George Boustras and Jan M. Gutteling
The role of epistemic policies in regulatory science: scientific substantiation of health claims in the European Union pp. 551-565 Downloads
Oliver Todt and José Luis Luján
Special Issue on ‘Risk Analytics and Business Intelligence’ pp. 566-567 Downloads
The Editors
Erratum pp. 568-568 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 20, issue 3, 2017

Dispute and morality in the perception of societal risks: extending the psychometric model pp. 299-325 Downloads
Claudia Bassarak, Hans-Rüdiger Pfister and Gisela Böhm
Choosing between precautions for nanoparticles in the workplace: complementing the precautionary principle with caring pp. 326-346 Downloads
Shannon Lydia Spruit
Public perception and responses to environmental pollution and health risks: evaluation and implication from a national survey in China pp. 347-365 Downloads
Yi Chen, Zhao Zhang, Peijun Shi, Xiao Song, Pin Wang, Xing Wei and Fulu Tao
Italian consumers’ attitudes towards food risks: - and -- profiles for effective risk communication pp. 366-384 Downloads
Anna Pinto, Giulia Mascarello, Nicoletta Parise, Silvia Bonaldo, Stefania Crovato and Licia Ravarotto
Factors contributing to business actions in response to climate change in Korea pp. 385-403 Downloads
Jung Eun Kang, D.K. Yoon and Jinyoung Rhee
A framework for selection of strategy for management of security measures pp. 404-417 Downloads
Eirik Bjorheim Abrahamsen, Kenneth Pettersen, Terje Aven, Mareile Kaufmann and Tony Rosqvist
Doing and undoing risk: the mutual constitution of risk and heteronormativity in contemporary society pp. 418-432 Downloads
Katarina Giritli Nygren, Susanna Öhman and Anna Olofsson

Volume 20, issue 2, 2017

Imagining worse than reality: comparing beliefs and intentions between disaster evacuees and survey respondents pp. 169-194 Downloads
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt
How do natural and man-made disasters affect international trade? A country-level and industry-level analysis pp. 195-217 Downloads
Chang Hoon Oh
Influence of perceived risk on entrepreneurial desirability and feasibility: multidimensional approach for nascent entrepreneurs pp. 218-236 Downloads
Karla Roxana Giordano Martínez, Ángel Herrero Crespo and Ana Fernández-Laviada
Judgments under uncertainty: evaluations of univocal, ambiguous and conflicting probability information pp. 237-255 Downloads
Vivianne H.M. Visschers
Self-determination and risk: the role of life goals and causality orientation in domain-specific risk propensity pp. 256-276 Downloads
Hakim Djeriouat
Determinants of stakeholders’ attitudes towards a new technology: nanotechnology applications for food, water, energy and medicine pp. 277-298 Downloads
Heleen van Dijk, Arnout R.H. Fischer, Hans J.P. Marvin and Hans C.M. van Trijp

Volume 20, issue 1, 2017

Culturally antagonistic memes and the Zika virus: an experimental test pp. 1-40 Downloads
Dan M. Kahan, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Asheley Landrum and Kenneth Winneg
Activation and variation of the United Nation’s cluster coordination model: a comparative analysis of the Haiti and Japan disasters pp. 41-60 Downloads
Namkyung Oh and Junghyae Lee
A life history approach to perceptions of global climate change risk: young adults’ experiences about impacts, causes, and solutions pp. 61-75 Downloads
Richard D. Besel, Krista Burke and Vana Christos
Effect of perceived risk on nuclear power plant operators’ safety behavior and errors pp. 76-84 Downloads
Li-Lin Rao, Yaoshan Xu, Shu Li, Yongjuan Li and Rui Zheng
Descriptive framework of injury data: a proposal based on a Japanese experience of injury database integration pp. 85-98 Downloads
Kun Zhang, Jinxing Wang, Takabumi Fukuda and Yoshiki Mikami
Demographic determinants of incident experience and risk perception: do high-risk groups accurately perceive themselves as high-risk? pp. 99-117 Downloads
Björn Sund, Mikael Svensson and Henrik Andersson
Risk management of Chinese food companies; a management perspective pp. 118-134 Downloads
Dongyong Zhang, Stephen Morse and Bingjun Li
Risk definition and the struggle for legitimation: a case study of Bt cotton in Andhra Pradesh, India pp. 135-150 Downloads
E. Desmond
Characterization of unknown unknowns using separation principles in case study on Deepwater Horizon oil spill pp. 151-168 Downloads
Seong Dae Kim
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