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2016 - 2024

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Volume 9, issue 2, 2024

Understanding the Past and Preparing for Tomorrow: Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior Insights from Research in Our Field pp. 107 - 118 Downloads
Deborah Roedder John, Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann and Lan Nguyen Chaplin
The Effects of Social Media Consumption on Adolescent Psychological Well-Being pp. 119 - 130 Downloads
Elena Fumagalli, L. J. Shrum and Tina M. Lowrey
Neurodevelopmental Theories of Adolescent Decision Making: Overview and Implications for Consumer Behavior pp. 131 - 142 Downloads
Elizabeth Beard, Vinod Venkatraman and Jason Chein
We’re on the Rise: How Social Movements Support Youth Well-Being pp. 143 - 154 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Lama Lteif, Gia Nardini, Laura A. Peracchio, Tracy Rank-Christman and Sophia Woodrow
Leveraging the Social World: A Recipe for Moving the Study of Children and Food Forward pp. 155 - 166 Downloads
Margaret Echelbarger and Michal Maimaran
Mathematics Is Good for the Mind and Body: Children Make Better Food Choices after Solving Math Problems pp. 167 - 177 Downloads
Mikyoung Lim, Annika Abell, Courtney Szocs and Dipayan Biswas
Impoverished Children and Consumption Adequacy pp. 178 - 186 Downloads
Ronald Paul Hill and Sarah Mady
Priming Young Minds: The Appeal of Gambling Advertising to Children and Young People pp. 187 - 199 Downloads
Raffaello Rossi and Agnes Nairn
Differential Effects of Parental Psychological Control on Boys’ versus Girls’ Smoking Development pp. 200 - 215 Downloads
Zhiyong Yang
Facilitating Relationship-Building Online for Positive Adolescent Development pp. 216 - 226 Downloads
Arianna R. Uhalde, Katherine M. Ross and Benjamin J. Houltberg
Educating for Adolescent Well-Being: Is It Time for Marketplace Literacy? pp. 227 - 234 Downloads
Wendy Attaya Boland, Sonya A. Grier and Paul M. Connell

Volume 9, issue 1, 2024

Connecting the Plot Points: How Consumers Use and Respond to Narratives pp. 1 - 8 Downloads
Anne Hamby and Jennifer Edson Escalas
We Will Rise: How Stories Unite Social Movements pp. 9 - 20 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Samantha N. N. Cross, Lama Lteif, Gia Nardini, Laura A. Peracchio, Tracy Rank-Christman and Sophia Woodrow
When Brand Narratives Are Written in Metaphoric Terms, Can They Weaken Self-Brand Connections? pp. 21 - 31 Downloads
Sydni Fomas Do, Martin Reimann, Alberto López and Raquel Castaño
Transported through Time: The Narrative Processing of Experiential Purchases pp. 32 - 45 Downloads
Iñigo Gallo, Jennifer Edson Escalas and Sanjay Sood
(Un)Bothered by the Story’s Ambiguity: How Individual Differences in Consumers’ Need for Closure Affect Transportation and Brand Attitude in Narrative Ads pp. 46 - 57 Downloads
Matthias Glaser, Yung Kyun Choi and Hans Baumgartner
Fact versus Fiction: Blending Storytelling with Product Attributes in Advertisements pp. 58 - 70 Downloads
Rebecca Krause-Galoni and Derek D. Rucker
Connecting the Past and the Present: How Narrative-Based Representations Affect Perceptions of Brand Heritage pp. 71 - 82 Downloads
Nathanael S. Martin, Noah VanBergen, T. Andrew Poehlman and Rashmi Adaval
Intimate Transportation: The Persuasive Role of Personal Narratives in Online Reviews pp. 83 - 94 Downloads
Ana Valenzuela and Maria Galli
Narrative Agency pp. 95 - 105 Downloads
Tom van Laer and Davide C. Orazi

Volume 8, issue 4, 2023

Consumer Financial Decision Making: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going pp. 365 - 372 Downloads
Abigail B. Sussman, Hal E. Hershfield and Oded Netzer
Commentary: Advancing Applied Behavioral Science with Larger and Longer Field Partnerships pp. 373 - 375 Downloads
William Mailer
Commentary: Behavioral Finance: Investing Is Just the Beginning pp. 376 - 377 Downloads
Christine Benz
Subjective Knowledge Differences within Couples Predict Influence over Shared Financial Decisions pp. 378 - 389 Downloads
Jenny G. Olson and Scott I. Rick
Scarcity and Predictability of Income over Time: Experimental Games as a Way to Study Consumption Smoothing pp. 390 - 402 Downloads
Heather Barry Kappes, Rebecca Campbell and Andriy Ivchenko
“I’ll Have What She’s Having”: Neighborhood Social Interactions Lead to Policy Spillovers pp. 403 - 415 Downloads
Avni Shah and W. Ben McCartney
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars: Visual Aids Promote Investor Decisions pp. 416 - 428 Downloads
Brian Scholl, Adam W. Craig and Alycia Chin
When Financial Platforms Become Gamified, Consumers’ Risk Preferences Change pp. 429 - 440 Downloads
Christoph Hüller, Martin Reimann and Caleb Warren
Trickle Down Spending: The Role of Income Inequality on Gift Spending Decisions pp. 441 - 451 Downloads
Max Alberhasky and Andrew D. Gershoff
Purchase Justifiability Drives Payment Choice: Consumers Pay with Card to Remember and Cash to Forget pp. 452 - 464 Downloads
Christopher J. Bechler, Szu-chi Huang and Joshua I. Morris

Volume 8, issue 3, 2023

Reducing Emissions across the Consumption Cycle and an Agenda for Future Research on Consumers and Climate Change: Introduction to the Special Issue on Climate Change pp. 237 - 242 Downloads
Karen Page Winterich, Rebecca Walker Reczek and Bryan Bollinger
Commentary: A Behavioral Perspective on Climate Inaction pp. 243 - 245 Downloads
Robert H. Frank
Commentary: Consumer Perspective on the Impact of Climate Change and Planetary Health pp. 246 - 250 Downloads
Steve French
How Does Knowledge Translation Involving (Non)Humans Influence the Adoption of Climate Change Solutions? The Case of Nature-Dependent Prosumers pp. 251 - 263 Downloads
Andres Barrios, Laurel Steinfield, Samuelson Appau, Roland Gau and Charlene A. Dadzie
Forgot Your Bottle or Bag Again? How Well-Placed Reminder Cues Can Help Consumers Build Sustainable Habits pp. 264 - 275 Downloads
Eleanor Putnam-Farr, Ravi Dhar, Margaret Gorlin, Jane Upritchard, Michelle Hatzis and Michiel Bakker
Does Reframing Fund Carbon Emissions to Increase Their Personal Relevance Boost Investment in Sustainable Funds? Evidence from a Discrete Choice Conjoint Experimental Design pp. 276 - 289 Downloads
Joe J. Gladstone, Jake W. Reynolds and Jairo Ramos
Making Prosocial Social: The Effectiveness of Social Proof for Energy Conservation Using Social Media pp. 290 - 300 Downloads
Bryan Bollinger, Kenneth Gillingham and Kelley Gullo Wight
Driving Sustainable Food Choices: How to Craft an Effective Sustainability Labeling System pp. 301 - 313 Downloads
Paul E. Stillman, Anna Gavrieli, Jane Upritchard, Chavanne Hanson, Treeny Ahmed, Jonathan Kaplan, Ravi Dhar and Michiel Bakker
Examining the Effects of Carbon Emission Information on Restaurant Menu Items: Differential Effects of Positive Icons, Negative Icons, and Numeric Disclosures on Consumer Perceptions and Restaurant Evaluations pp. 314 - 326 Downloads
Garrett Rybak, Daniel Villanova, Scot Burton and Christopher Berry
Born to Be Sustainable: Consumers’ Response toward Luxury Products That Are Born versus Reborn Sustainable pp. 327 - 338 Downloads
Inbar Sani-Elia, Dikla Perez and Amir Grinstein
The Effects of Item Dirtiness on Disposal Decisions pp. 339 - 350 Downloads
Grant E. Donnelly, Christian Blanco, Calvin Spanbauer and Sara L. Stienecker
“Recycle Me!” Product Anthropomorphism Can Increase Recycling Behavior pp. 351 - 363 Downloads
Alisa Y. Wu, Maayan S. Malter and Gita Venkataramani Johar

Volume 8, issue 2, 2023

Reflection, Resilience, Rebound: Consumer Coping with the Pandemic pp. 121 - 129 Downloads
Xiaoyan Deng, Xiaojing Yang, Yuwei Jiang and Selin A. Malkoc
Synchronized Scheduling: Choosing to Experience Different Events in Different Places at the Same Time as Others pp. 130 - 141 Downloads
Franklin Shaddy, Yanping Tu and Ayelet Fishbach
Friends Interrupted: How Reunions after Social Separation Motivate Physically Transformative Consumer Behavior pp. 142 - 152 Downloads
Carter Morgan, Cait Lamberton, Rebecca Walker Reczek and Claudia Townsend
Choosing Backgrounds for Success: The Role of Videoconference Backgrounds in Self-Presentation pp. 153 - 164 Downloads
Feyzan Karabulut, Sarah G. Moore and Paul R. Messinger
Consumer Pandemic Coping: A Stage Model of COVID-19 Response pp. 165 - 175 Downloads
Jean Zhang and On Amir
Covid Time: How Quarantine Affects Feelings of Elapsed Time pp. 176 - 186 Downloads
Minju Han, Guy Voichek and Gal Zauberman
The Pursuit of the Solitary pp. 187 - 194 Downloads
Mark J. Kay, Sophie A. Kay, Fiona Cheetham and Haiyan Hu
Inequality, Stress, and Obesity: Socioeconomic Disparities in the Short- and Long-Term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 195 - 206 Downloads
Maria Langlois and Pierre Chandon
Ending Hunger: How COVID-19 Revealed a Path to Food Access for All pp. 207 - 219 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Katherine M. Du, Jonathan Hansen, Elizabeth G. Miller and Laura A. Peracchio
Exploring Consumer Responses to COVID-19: Meaning Making, Cohort Effects, and Consumer Rebound pp. 220 - 234 Downloads
Martin Mende, Dhruv Grewal, Abhijit Guha, Kusum Ailawadi, Anne Roggeveen, Maura L. Scott, Aric Rindfleisch, Koen Pauwels and Barbara Kahn
Retraction pp. 235 - 235 Downloads
Eugene Y. Chan, Gavin Northey and Sylvie Borau

Volume 8, issue 1, 2023

Fulfilling Jerome’s Legacy pp. 1 - 7 Downloads
Samantha N. N. Cross and Stephanie Dellande
In the Back of the Bus: Racialized High-Risk Consumption and Sickle Cell Disease pp. 8 - 20 Downloads
Lez Trujillo-Torres and Benét DeBerry-Spence
Racial Regard and Black Consumers’ Responses to Stigmatized-Identity Cues pp. 21 - 32 Downloads
Tracy Rank-Christman and David Wooten
Racial Disparities in the Sharing Economy: Evidence from More Than 100,000 Airbnb Hosts across 14 Countries pp. 33 - 46 Downloads
Bastian Jaeger and Willem W. A. Sleegers
I’m Only Human? The Role of Racial Stereotypes, Humanness, and Satisfaction in Transactions with Anthropomorphic Sales Bots pp. 47 - 58 Downloads
Nicole Davis, Nils Olsen, Vanessa G. Perry, Marcus M. Stewart and Tiffany B. White
Delegitimizing Racialized Brands pp. 59 - 71 Downloads
Ela Veresiu
Calculators for Women: When Identity-Based Appeals Alienate Consumers pp. 72 - 82 Downloads
Tami Kim, Kate Barasz, Michael I. Norton and Leslie K. John
Brands and Social Justice Movements: The Effects of True versus Performative Allyship on Brand Evaluation pp. 83 - 94 Downloads
Nathalie Spielmann, Susan Dobscha and L. J. Shrum
A Multicontextual Lens on Racism and Discrimination in the Multicultural Marketplace pp. 95 - 106 Downloads
Cristina Galalae, Eva Kipnis, Charles C. Cui, Emma Johnson, Tana Licsandru, Lizette Vorster, Catherine Demangeot, Shauna Kearney, Carlo Mari, Verónica Martín Ruiz, Chris Pullig and Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren
Moving beyond Perceptions: Examining Service Disparities among Consumers pp. 107 - 119 Downloads
Sterling A. Bone, Glenn L. Christensen, Jerome D. Williams, Samantha N. N. Cross and Stephanie Dellande
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