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2016 - 2019

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Volume 4, issue 1, 2019

The Proper Mix: Balancing Motivational Orientations in Goal Pursuit pp. 13 - 20 Downloads
James F. M. Cornwell, Becca Franks and E. Tory Higgins
Introduction to the Special Issue: Goals and Motivation pp. 2 - 4 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Ayelet Fishbach and Ravi Dhar
You Don’t Blow Your Diet on Twinkies: Choice Processes When Choice Options Conflict with Incidental Goals pp. 21 - 35 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith, Elizabeth M. S. Friedman and Ravi Dhar
Restricting Choice Freedom Reduces Post-choice Goal Disengagement pp. 36 - 46 Downloads
Jordan Etkin and Juliano Laran
Decisional Conflict Predicts Impatience pp. 47 - 56 Downloads
Paul E. Stillman and Melissa J. Ferguson
The Psychology of Multiple Goal Pursuit: Choices, Configurations, and Commitments pp. 5 - 12 Downloads
Jessica Renee Fernandez and Arie W. Kruglanski
On Metamotivation: Consumers’ Knowledge about the Role of Construal Level in Enhancing Task Performance pp. 57 - 64 Downloads
Kentaro Fujita, Abigail A. Scholer, David B. Miele and Tina Nguyen
The Unique Role of Anger among Negative Emotions in Goal-Directed Decision Making pp. 65 - 76 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Alexander DePaoli and Michal Maimaran
Leveraging Means-Goal Associations to Boost Children’s Water Consumption: Persuasion in a Four-School, Three-Month Field Experiment pp. 77 - 86 Downloads
Szu-Chi Huang, Daniella Kupor, Michal Maimaran and Andrea Weihrauch
Evoking Goals to Be Responsible: When Political Cues Increase Utilitarian Choice pp. 87 - 96 Downloads
Jessica Gamlin, Ping Dong, Aparna A. Labroo and Aaron Robinson

Volume 3, issue 4, 2018

The Science of Extraordinary Beliefs: An Introduction to This Issue pp. 451 - 453 Downloads
Pankaj Aggarwal, Lauren Block, Thomas Kramer and Ann L. McGill
A Functional Motivation Framework for Examining Superstitious Behavior pp. 454 - 465 Downloads
Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Praveen Aggarwal and Marat Bakpayev
Paying the Doughboy: The Effect of Time and Money Mind-sets on Preference for Anthropomorphized Products pp. 466 - 476 Downloads
Jing Wan
The Influence of Implicit Self-Theories on Causal Inferences about Superstitions and Consequences on Subsequent Tasks pp. 477 - 489 Downloads
Jungyun Kang, Ji Kyung Park and Hakkyun Kim
What Goes Around, Comes Around: How Beliefs in Karma Influence the Use of Word of Mouth for Self-Enhancement pp. 490 - 502 Downloads
Ana Valenzuela, Andrea Bonezzi and Teodóra Szabó-Douat
Does Endowing a Product with Life Make One Feel More Alive? The Effect of Product Anthropomorphism on Consumer Vitality pp. 503 - 513 Downloads
Fangyuan Chen, Jaideep Sengupta and Rashmi Adaval
Bringing Narratives to Life: Animism, Totems, and Intangible Value pp. 514 - 526 Downloads
George E. Newman
Expectancy Neglect: Why Superstitious Acts Increase Risk Seeking in Gains but Risk Avoidance in Losses pp. 527 - 539 Downloads
Ping Dong and Aparna A. Labroo
You Reflect Me: Narcissistic Consumers Prefer Anthropomorphized Arrogant Brands pp. 540 - 554 Downloads
Norah Awad and Nara Youn
Amending the Law of Contagion: A General Theory of Property Transference pp. 555 - 565 Downloads
Andrea C. Morales, Darren W. Dahl and Jennifer J. Argo
The Roles of Extraordinary Beliefs in Consumption Rituals pp. 566 - 581 Downloads
Cele C. Otnes, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Robert Alfonso Arias and Arun Sreekumar
Superstition, Ethics, and Transformative Consumer Research pp. 582 - 590 Downloads
Stuart Vyse
A Mind like Mine: The Exceptionally Ordinary Underpinnings of Anthropomorphism pp. 591 - 598 Downloads
Nicholas Epley
Understanding People’s Fear of Tempting Fate pp. 599 - 611 Downloads
Jane L. Risen and Thomas Gilovich
Back in Touch with Contagion: Some Essential Issues pp. 612 - 624 Downloads
Carol Nemeroff and Paul Rozin

Volume 3, issue 3, 2018

Introduction to Special Issue: Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape pp. 255 - 259 Downloads
Barbara E. Kahn, J. Jeffrey Inman and Peter C. Verhoef
Buying Unicorns: The Impact of Consumer-to-Consumer Branded Buy/Sell/Trade Communities on Traditional Retail Buying Behavior pp. 260 - 276 Downloads
Catherine Armstrong Soule and Sara Hanson
From Browsing to Buying and Beyond: The Needs-Adaptive Shopper Journey Model pp. 277 - 293 Downloads
Leonard Lee, J. Jeffrey Inman, Jennifer J. Argo, Tim Böttger, Utpal Dholakia, Timothy Gilbride, Koert van Ittersum, Barbara Kahn, Ajay Kalra, Donald R. Lehmann, Leigh M. McAlister, Venkatesh Shankar and Claire I. Tsai
The Effects of Multichannel Shopping on Customer Spending, Customer Visit Frequency, and Customer Profitability pp. 294 - 311 Downloads
Ashish Kumar, Ram Bezawada and Minakshi Trivedi
When Reward Convenience Meets a Mobile App: Increasing Customer Participation in a Coalition Loyalty Program pp. 314 - 329 Downloads
Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang, Lakshman Krishnamurthi and Edward C. Malthouse
Websites as Information Hubs: How Informational Channel Integration and Shopping Benefit Density Interact in Steering Customers to the Physical Store pp. 330 - 342 Downloads
Kristina Kleinlercher, Oliver Emrich, Dennis Herhausen, Peter C. Verhoef and Thomas Rudolph
The Sales Impact of Featuring Healthy Foods, Indulgent Foods, or Both: Findings from a Large-Scale Retail Field Study pp. 346 - 363 Downloads
Peggy J. Liu, Steven K. Dallas, Matthew Harding and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Don’t You Dare Push Me: How Persuasive Social Media Tactics Shape Customer Engagement pp. 364 - 378 Downloads
Welf H. Weiger, Maik Hammerschmidt and Hauke A. Wetzel
How Should Retailers Deal with Consumer Sabotage of a Manufacturer Brand? pp. 379 - 395 Downloads
Bettina Nyffenegger, Andrea Kähr, Harley Krohmer and Wayne D. Hoyer
Write or Type? How a Paper versus a Digital Shopping List Influences the Way Consumers Plan and Shop pp. 396 - 409 Downloads
Yanliu Huang and Zhen Yang
Selling the Extraordinary in Experiential Retail Stores pp. 412 - 424 Downloads
Steffen Jahn, Tim Nierobisch, Waldemar Toporowski and Till Dannewald
Pop-ups, Ephemerality, and Consumer Experience: The Centrality of Buzz pp. 425 - 439 Downloads
Thomas S. Robertson, Hubert Gatignon and Ludovica Cesareo
Don’t Surprise Me: How Social Relationships Shape Consumers’ Attitudes toward Probabilistic Selling pp. 440 - 450 Downloads
Linying (Sophie) Fan and Yuwei Jiang
Commentary on Multichannel Research: What do Managers Learn? Downloads
Gordon Wyner
Commentary on "The Effects of Multichannel Shopping on Customer Spending, Customer Visit Frequency, and Customer Profitability": Marketing Requires More Actual Data Downloads
Ewald Hoppen
The impact of digitization on grocery retailing: why shopping lists might be a valuable tool for brick-and-mortar grocery retailers Downloads
Laurens Sloot

Volume 3, issue 2, 2018

Introduction to the Special Issue: Brand Relationships, Emotions, and the Self pp. 123 - 129 Downloads
C. Whan Park and Deborah J. MacInnis
A Synthesis of the Consumer-Brand Relationship Domain: Using Text Mining to Track Research Streams, Describe Their Emotional Associations, and Identify Future Research Priorities pp. 130 - 146 Downloads
Noel Albert and Matthew Thomson
Call Me Rollie! The Role of Brand Nicknames in Shaping Consumer-Brand Relationships pp. 147 - 162 Downloads
Zhe Zhang and Vanessa M. Patrick
The Janus Face of Ideal Self-Congruence: Benefits for the Brand versus Emotional Distress for the Consumer pp. 163 - 174 Downloads
Lucia Malär, Daniela Herzog, Harley Krohmer, Wayne D. Hoyer and Andrea Kähr
Developing Brand Relationships after a Brand Transgression: The Role of Implicit Theories of Relationships pp. 175 - 187 Downloads
Ji Kyung Park and Deborah Roedder John
Monogamous versus Polygamous Brand Relationships pp. 188 - 201 Downloads
Pankaj Aggarwal and Mengze Shi
Connections to Brands That Help Others versus Help the Self: The Impact of Incidental Awe and Pride on Consumer Relationships with Social-Benefit and Luxury Brands pp. 202 - 215 Downloads
Patti Williams, Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Andrea C. Morales and Ludovica Cesareo
Pride of Ownership: An Identity-Based Model pp. 216 - 228 Downloads
Aaron Ahuvia, Nitika Garg, Rajeev Batra, Brent McFerran and Pablo Brice Lambert de Diesbach
Can Brands Squeeze Wine from Sour Grapes? The Importance of Self-Esteem in Understanding Envy’s Effects pp. 229 - 239 Downloads
Kirk Kristofferson, Cait Lamberton and Darren W. Dahl
Insights into the Experience of Brand Betrayal: From What People Say and What the Brain Reveals pp. 240 - 254 Downloads
Martin Reimann, Deborah J. MacInnis, Valerie S. Folkes, Arianna Uhalde and Gratiana Pol

Volume 3, issue 1, 2018

Beyond the Risky Gamble: A Framework for Consumer Research in Real-World Risk pp. 1 - 6 Downloads
Cait Lamberton and Ronald Paul Hill
Gender and Risk: The Emotional Fluctuation Effect pp. 109 - 122 Downloads
Punam Anand Keller and Ardis L. Olson
Guns as a Source of Order and Chaos: Compensatory Control and the Psychological (Dis)Utility of Guns for Liberals and Conservatives pp. 16 - 26 Downloads
Steven Shepherd and Aaron C. Kay
Preparing for the Attack: Mitigating Risk through Routines in Armed Self-Defense pp. 27 - 45 Downloads
Michelle Barnhart, Aimee Dinnin Huff, Brandon McAlexander and James H. McAlexander
The Role of Digital Virtual Consumption in Navigating Risk-Laden Life Events pp. 46 - 62 Downloads
Jenna Drenten and Linda Tuncay Zayer
Is the Preference for Certainty Always So Certain? pp. 63 - 80 Downloads
Kristen E. Duke, Kelly Goldsmith and On Amir
Risky Research? How Relational Engagement in Research Can Mitigate Harm and Enhance Benefits pp. 7 - 15 Downloads
Brennan Davis and Julie L. Ozanne
Hoarding: Understanding Divergent Acquisition, Consumption, and Disposal pp. 81 - 96 Downloads
Samantha N. N. Cross, Gail Leizerovici and Dante M. Pirouz
Risks of Prostitution: When the Person Is the Product pp. 97 - 108 Downloads
Melissa Farley
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