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2016 - 2021

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Volume 6, issue 2, 2021

A Research Agenda for (Gender) Troubled Times: Striving for a Better Tomorrow pp. 205 - 210 Downloads
Catherine Coleman, Eileen Fischer and Linda Tuncay Zayer
Real Men Don’t Buy “Mrs. Clean”: Gender Bias in Gendered Brands pp. 211 - 222 Downloads
Nathalie Spielmann, Susan Dobscha and Tina M. Lowrey
Female Stereotypes in Print Ads: A Longitudinal Analysis from an Institutional Viewpoint pp. 223 - 235 Downloads
Andres Rodriguez Veloso, Kavita Miadaira Hamza, Lara Petrini Victorino and Lealis Vaz Meleiro Lopes
The Sleep-Deprived Masculinity Stereotype pp. 236 - 249 Downloads
Nathan B. Warren and Troy H. Campbell
Sincere, Not Sinful: Political Ideology and the Unique Role of Brand Sincerity in Shaping Heterosexual and LGBTQ Consumers’ Views of LGBTQ Ads pp. 250 - 262 Downloads
Steven Shepherd, Tanya L. Chartrand and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Advanced Style Influencers: Confronting Gendered Ageism in Fashion and Beauty Markets pp. 263 - 273 Downloads
Ela Veresiu and Marie-Agnès Parmentier
This Is Who I Am: Instagram as Counterspace for Shared Gendered Ethnic Identity Expressions pp. 274 - 285 Downloads
B. Yasanthi Perera, Sarita Ray Chaudhury, Pia A. Albinsson and Lubna Nafees
Velocity and Vertigo: Gender Trends in Consumer Research: In Conversation with Fernando Desouches, Linda Ong, and Linda Scott pp. 286 - 295 Downloads
Catherine Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Fernando Desouches, Linda Ong and Linda Scott
Un/Re/Doing Gender in Consumer Research: In Conversation with Pauline Maclaran, Lisa Peñaloza, and Craig Thompson pp. 296 - 305 Downloads
Jenna Drenten, Pauline Maclaran, Lisa Peñaloza and Craig J. Thompson

Volume 6, issue 1, 2021

JACR: Using the Power and Diversity of Consumer Research to Tackle Important Substantive Problems pp. 1 - 3 Downloads
Vicki G. Morwitz
Introduction to Special Issue on Behavioral Pricing pp. 4 - 9 Downloads
Haipeng (Allan) Chen, David Hardesty, Akshay Rao and Lisa E. Bolton
The Consumer in Physical Pain: Implications for the Pain-of-Paying and Pricing pp. 10 - 20 Downloads
Eugene Chan
Why Do Cashless Payments Increase Unhealthy Consumption? The Decision-Risk Inattention Hypothesis pp. 21 - 32 Downloads
Joowon Park, Clarence Lee and Manoj Thomas
If You Think 9-Ending Prices Are Low, Think Again pp. 33 - 47 Downloads
Avichai Snir and Daniel Levy
Born to Shop? A Genetic Component of Deal Proneness pp. 48 - 53 Downloads
Robert M. Schindler, Vishal Lala and Jeanette E. Taylor
Interest-Free Financing Promotions Increase Consumers’ Demand for Credit for Experiential Goods pp. 54 - 66 Downloads
Johannes C. Bauer, Vicki G. Morwitz and Liane Nagengast
Price Promotions Are Inherently More Arousing for Interdependents pp. 67 - 80 Downloads
Sharon Ng, Mehak Bharti and Kim Huat Goh
Isolating Price Promotions: The Influence of Promotional Timing on Promotion Redemption pp. 81 - 90 Downloads
Daniel Sheehan and Koert van Ittersum
Price Promotion (In)frequency and Consumers’ Brand Quality Evaluations pp. 91 - 101 Downloads
Ashok K. Lalwani, Jessie J. Wang and David H. Silvera
Commentary: Profitable Discounting for Premium Brands pp. 102 - 104 Downloads
Brent Pfister
A Triadic Model of Social Motivations in Pay-What-You-Want Decisions pp. 105 - 119 Downloads
Saerom Lee, Hans Baumgartner and Rik Pieters
Tip to Show Off: Impression Management Motivations Increase Consumers’ Generosity pp. 120 - 129 Downloads
Shirley Bluvstein Netter and Priya Raghubir
Where You Shop Affects How You Choose: Retailer Price Image and the Importance of Enriched versus Comparable Attributes pp. 130 - 141 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Larson, Ryan Hamilton and Jeffrey R. Parker
A View from Inside: Insights on Consumer Behavior during a Global Pandemic pp. 142 - 148 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith and Angela Y. Lee
Passing the Buck versus Sharing Responsibility: The Roles of Government, Firms, and Consumers in Marketplace Risks during COVID-19 pp. 149 - 158 Downloads
Aya Aboelenien, Zeynep Arsel and Charles H. Cho
Who Gets the Ventilator? Moral Decision Making Regarding Medical Resource Allocation in a Pandemic pp. 159 - 167 Downloads
Liyin Jin, Yunhui Huang, Yongheng Liang and Qiang Zhang
Personality Matters during a Pandemic: Implicit Theory Beliefs Influence Preparedness and Prevention Behaviors pp. 168 - 177 Downloads
Yuanyuan Zhang, Pragya Mathur and Lauren Block
Together We Stand: The Solidarity Effect of Personized Sellers on Essential Workers pp. 178 - 186 Downloads
Katina Kulow, Kara Bentley and Priyali Rajagopal
Misdirecting Persuasive Efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Targets People Choose May Not Be the Most Likely to Change pp. 187 - 195 Downloads
Christopher J. Bechler and Zakary L. Tormala
Truth Distortion: A Process to Explain Polarization over Unsubstantiated Claims Related to COVID-19 pp. 196 - 203 Downloads
Anne-Sophie Chaxel and Sandra Laporte

Volume 5, issue 4, 2020

Scarcity and Consumer Decision Making: Is Scarcity a Mindset, a Threat, a Reference Point, or a Journey? pp. 358 - 364 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith, Vladas Griskevicius and Rebecca Hamilton
Scarcity and Cognitive Function around Payday: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis pp. 365 - 376 Downloads
Anandi Mani, Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir and Jiaying Zhao
Monetary Scarcity Leads to Increased Desire for Assortment pp. 377 - 390 Downloads
Anneleen Van Kerckhove, Renaud Lunardo and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Overcoming Resource Scarcity: Consumers’ Response to Gifts Intending to Save Time and Money pp. 391 - 403 Downloads
Alice Lee-Yoon, Grant E. Donnelly and Ashley V. Whillans
How Early-Life Resource Scarcity Influences Self-Confidence and Task Completion Judgments pp. 404 - 414 Downloads
Chiraag Mittal, Juliano Laran and Vladas Griskevicius
Scarcity of Choice: The Effects of Childhood Socioeconomic Status on Consumers’ Responses to Substitution pp. 415 - 426 Downloads
Debora V. Thompson, Ishani Banerji and Rebecca W. Hamilton
Risky Spending after Experienced Loss: The Moderating Effect of Socioeconomic Background pp. 427 - 438 Downloads
André Hansla and Lars-Olof Johansson
Does Research on Scarcity Apply to Impoverished Consumers? pp. 439 - 443 Downloads
Ronald Paul Hill
Cognitive and Affective Scarcities and Relational Abundance: Lessons from the Confluence of Extreme and Chronic Scarcities in Subsistence Marketplaces pp. 444 - 457 Downloads
Madhubalan Viswanathan and Ashok K. Lalwani
Resource Scarcity Increases the Value of Pride pp. 458 - 469 Downloads
Anthony Salerno and Brianna Escoe
How Do I Like My Chances (to Unfold)? Why Perceived Scarcity and Anticipated Hope Lead Consumers to Prefer Increasing Probabilities of Obtaining a Resource pp. 470 - 484 Downloads
Julian Givi and Christopher Y. Olivola
“It Could Happen for Me … but How Good Can It Be?” Investigating the Relationship between Scarcity Beliefs, Similarity, and Perceived Value pp. 485 - 494 Downloads
Elise Chandon Ince, Gustavo Schneider and Robyn A. LeBoeuf
Retraction pp. 495 - 495 Downloads
Patti Williams, Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Andrea C. Morales and Ludovica Cesareo

Volume 5, issue 3, 2020

It’s About Time: A Call for More Longitudinal Consumer Research Insights pp. 240 - 247 Downloads
Pradeep Chintagunta and Aparna A. Labroo
How Parental Love Received in Childhood Affects Consumers’ Future Financial Discipline pp. 248 - 258 Downloads
Rajagopal Raghunathan, Zhiyong Yang and Deepa Chandrasekaran
Increasing Recruitment and Engagement with Time-Limited Financial Incentives pp. 259 - 270 Downloads
Punam A. Keller, Kevin Hesselton and Kevin G. Volpp
Pay Me with Venmo: Effect of Service Providers’ Decisions to Adopt P2P Payment Methods on Consumer Evaluations pp. 271 - 281 Downloads
Liang Huang, Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh, Ruoou Li and Elise Chandon Ince
A Tale of Two Evaluations: The Dynamic Effects of Cause-Related Marketing pp. 282 - 290 Downloads
Uzma Khan and Colton Pond
Does Practice Make Perfect? The Contrasting Effects of Repeated Practice on Creativity pp. 291 - 301 Downloads
Melanie S. Brucks and Szu-Chi Huang
Predicting Changes in Patient Choice of Preventive Health Care after Celebrity Diagnoses pp. 302 - 310 Downloads
Stacy Wood and Bryan Bollinger
The Motivating and Demotivating Effects of Negative Feedback on Cross-Domain Goal Pursuit Behaviors pp. 311 - 321 Downloads
Alison Jing Xu, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng and Tiffany Barnett White
Children’s Variety Seeking in Food Choices pp. 322 - 328 Downloads
Margaret Echelbarger, Michal Maimaran and Susan A. Gelman
Copy-Paste Prompts: A New Nudge to Promote Goal Achievement pp. 329 - 334 Downloads
Katie S. Mehr, Amanda E. Geiser, Katherine Milkman and Angela L. Duckworth
She’ll Take Two: Relationship Interdependence and Negative Emotion in Everyday Choice for Others pp. 335 - 344 Downloads
Sarah G. Moore, Gráinne M. Fitzsimons and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
The Communal Consumer: Longitudinal Evidence for the Distinction between Nurturing and Affiliative Motives pp. 345 - 355 Downloads
Christopher Cannon and Derek D. Rucker

Volume 5, issue 2, 2020

Introduction to Special Issue: Trust in Doubt: Consuming in a Post-Truth World pp. 130 - 136 Downloads
Robert V. Kozinets, Andrew D. Gershoff and Tiffany Barnett White
Consuming Information from Sources Perceived as Biased versus Untrustworthy: Parallel and Distinct Influences pp. 137 - 148 Downloads
Laura E. Wallace, Duane T. Wegener and Richard E. Petty
Should We Trust Front-of-Package Labels? How Food and Brand Categorization Influence Healthiness Perception and Preference pp. 149 - 161 Downloads
Gustavo Schneider and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh
Past the Privacy Paradox: The Importance of Privacy Changes as a Function of Control and Complexity pp. 162 - 180 Downloads
James A. Mourey and Ari Ezra Waldman
Alexa, Can I Trust You? Exploring Consumer Paths to Trust in Smart Voice-Interaction Technologies pp. 181 - 205 Downloads
Jonas Foehr and Claas Christian Germelmann
A World of Mistrust: Fake News, Mistrust Mind-Sets, and Product Evaluations pp. 206 - 219 Downloads
Mina Kwon and Michael J. Barone
Role of Entertainment, Social Goals, and Accuracy Concerns in Knowingly Spreading Questionable Brand Rumors pp. 220 - 237 Downloads
Sutapa Aditya and Peter R. Darke

Volume 5, issue 1, 2020

A Review and Framework for Thinking about the Drivers of Prosocial Consumer Behavior pp. 2 - 18 Downloads
Katherine White, Rishad Habib and Darren W. Dahl
On Being the Tipping Point: Social Threshold Incentives Motivate Behavior pp. 19 - 33 Downloads
Lalin Anik and Michael I. Norton
Selfish Prosocial Behavior: Gift-Giving to Feel Unique pp. 34 - 43 Downloads
Julian Givi and Jeff Galak
When Does Altruism Trump Self-Interest? The Moderating Role of Affect in Extrinsic Incentives pp. 44 - 55 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar
C2B: Motivating Consumer-to-Business Transactions through Environmental Appeals pp. 56 - 69 Downloads
J. Ian Norris, Alexis M. Allen and John Peloza
Can Thoughts of Having Less Ever Promote Prosocial Preferences? The Relationship between Scarcity, Construal Level, and Sustainable Product Adoption pp. 70 - 82 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith, Caroline Roux and Anne V. Wilson
You Did What with My Donation?! Betrayal of Moral Mandates Increases Negative Responses to Redirected Donations to Donor-to-Recipient Charities pp. 83 - 94 Downloads
Jeff Joireman, Mark Mulder, Yany Grégoire, David E. Sprott and Pavan Munaganti
Prosocial Behavior Reframed: How Consumer Mindsets Shape Dependency-Oriented versus Autonomy-Oriented Helping pp. 95 - 105 Downloads
Moran Anisman-Razin and Liat Levontin
Does Mere Exposure to Beauty-Related Words Promote Prosocial Behavior? Exploring the Mental Association between Beauty and Prosociality pp. 106 - 116 Downloads
Xiaojing Yang, Xiaoyan Deng and Amita Bhadauria
From Visitors to Donors: How and Why Funding Rates Vary over Time in All-or-Nothing Noninvestment Crowdfunding Projects pp. 117 - 127 Downloads
Lucia S. G. Barros, Cesar Zucco, Eduardo B. Andrade and Marcelo Salhab Brogliato
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