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2016 - 2023

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Volume 8, issue 2, 2023

Reflection, Resilience, Rebound: Consumer Coping with the Pandemic pp. 121 - 129 Downloads
Xiaoyan Deng, Xiaojing Yang, Yuwei Jiang and Selin A. Malkoc
Synchronized Scheduling: Choosing to Experience Different Events in Different Places at the Same Time as Others pp. 130 - 141 Downloads
Franklin Shaddy, Yanping Tu and Ayelet Fishbach
Friends Interrupted: How Reunions after Social Separation Motivate Physically Transformative Consumer Behavior pp. 142 - 152 Downloads
Carter Morgan, Cait Lamberton, Rebecca Walker Reczek and Claudia Townsend
Choosing Backgrounds for Success: The Role of Videoconference Backgrounds in Self-Presentation pp. 153 - 164 Downloads
Feyzan Karabulut, Sarah G. Moore and Paul R. Messinger
Consumer Pandemic Coping: A Stage Model of COVID-19 Response pp. 165 - 175 Downloads
Jean Zhang and On Amir
Covid Time: How Quarantine Affects Feelings of Elapsed Time pp. 176 - 186 Downloads
Minju Han, Guy Voichek and Gal Zauberman
The Pursuit of the Solitary pp. 187 - 194 Downloads
Mark J. Kay, Sophie A. Kay, Fiona Cheetham and Haiyan Hu
Inequality, Stress, and Obesity: Socioeconomic Disparities in the Short- and Long-Term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 195 - 206 Downloads
Maria Langlois and Pierre Chandon
Ending Hunger: How COVID-19 Revealed a Path to Food Access for All pp. 207 - 219 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Katherine M. Du, Jonathan Hansen, Elizabeth G. Miller and Laura A. Peracchio
Exploring Consumer Responses to COVID-19: Meaning Making, Cohort Effects, and Consumer Rebound pp. 220 - 234 Downloads
Martin Mende, Dhruv Grewal, Abhijit Guha, Kusum Ailawadi, Anne Roggeveen, Maura L. Scott, Aric Rindfleisch, Koen Pauwels and Barbara Kahn
Retraction pp. 235 - 235 Downloads
Eugene Y. Chan, Gavin Northey and Sylvie Borau

Volume 8, issue 1, 2023

Fulfilling Jerome’s Legacy pp. 1 - 7 Downloads
Samantha N. N. Cross and Stephanie Dellande
In the Back of the Bus: Racialized High-Risk Consumption and Sickle Cell Disease pp. 8 - 20 Downloads
Lez Trujillo-Torres and Benét DeBerry-Spence
Racial Regard and Black Consumers’ Responses to Stigmatized-Identity Cues pp. 21 - 32 Downloads
Tracy Rank-Christman and David Wooten
Racial Disparities in the Sharing Economy: Evidence from More Than 100,000 Airbnb Hosts across 14 Countries pp. 33 - 46 Downloads
Bastian Jaeger and Willem W. A. Sleegers
I’m Only Human? The Role of Racial Stereotypes, Humanness, and Satisfaction in Transactions with Anthropomorphic Sales Bots pp. 47 - 58 Downloads
Nicole Davis, Nils Olsen, Vanessa G. Perry, Marcus M. Stewart and Tiffany B. White
Delegitimizing Racialized Brands pp. 59 - 71 Downloads
Ela Veresiu
Calculators for Women: When Identity-Based Appeals Alienate Consumers pp. 72 - 82 Downloads
Tami Kim, Kate Barasz, Michael I. Norton and Leslie K. John
Brands and Social Justice Movements: The Effects of True versus Performative Allyship on Brand Evaluation pp. 83 - 94 Downloads
Nathalie Spielmann, Susan Dobscha and L. J. Shrum
A Multicontextual Lens on Racism and Discrimination in the Multicultural Marketplace pp. 95 - 106 Downloads
Cristina Galalae, Eva Kipnis, Charles C. Cui, Emma Johnson, Tana Licsandru, Lizette Vorster, Catherine Demangeot, Shauna Kearney, Carlo Mari, Verónica Martín Ruiz, Chris Pullig and Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren
Moving beyond Perceptions: Examining Service Disparities among Consumers pp. 107 - 119 Downloads
Sterling A. Bone, Glenn L. Christensen, Jerome D. Williams, Samantha N. N. Cross and Stephanie Dellande

Volume 7, issue 4, 2022

Paths to Healthier Eating: Perceptions and Interventions for Success pp. 383 - 392 Downloads
Pierre Chandon, Kelly L. Haws and Peggy J. Liu
Open Science Online Grocery: A Tool for Studying Choice Context and Food Choice pp. 393 - 402 Downloads
Holly S. Howe, Peter A. Ubel and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Examining Eating: Bridging the Gap between “Lab Eating” and “Free-Living Eating” pp. 403 - 418 Downloads
Kelly L. Haws, Peggy J. Liu, Brent McFerran and Pierre Chandon
Harder Than You Think: Misconceptions about Logging Food with Photos versus Text pp. 419 - 428 Downloads
Jackie Silverman, Alixandra Barasch, Kristin Diehl and Gal Zauberman
Consumption Variety in Food Recommendation pp. 429 - 437 Downloads
Daiva E. Nielsen, Nathan Yang, Laurette Dubé, Bärbel Knäuper, Yabo Ling and Jian-Yun Nie
Misunderstood Menu Metrics: Side-Length Food Sizing Leads to Quantity Underestimation and Overeating pp. 438 - 449 Downloads
Thomas Allard and Stefano Puntoni
Choice Architecture Effects on Indulgent Consumption: Evidence from Combinations of Nudges at an Ice-Cream Store pp. 450 - 460 Downloads
Ga-Eun (Grace) Oh, Ralf van der Lans and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Increasing the Selection of Low-Carbon-Footprint Entrées through the Addition of New Menu Items and a Social Marketing Campaign in University Dining pp. 461 - 470 Downloads
Hannah Malan, Carole Bartolotto, Charles Wilcots, Peter Angelis, Al Ferrone, Chris Wible, Edward Westbrook, Erin Fabris, May C. Wang, Wendelin Slusser, Jennifer A. Jay and Michael L. Prelip
Effect of a Pleasure-Oriented Intervention Conducted at Home on the Energy Intake of Midafternoon Snacks Consumed by Children pp. 471 - 481 Downloads
Delphine Poquet, Emilie Ginon, Sylvie Marty, Caterina Franzon, Claire Chabanet, Sylvie Issanchou and Sandrine Monnery-Patris
Embarrassed by Calories: Joint Effect of Calorie Posting and Social Context pp. 482 - 491 Downloads
Melis Ceylan, Nilüfer Z. Aydinoğlu and Vicki G. Morwitz
Light or Regular, Now or Later: The Impact of Advance Ordering and Restrained Eating on Choices and Consumption of Light and Regular Vice Food pp. 492 - 500 Downloads
Phyliss Jia Gai, Mirjam A. Tuk and Steven Sweldens
Baking Your Own Cookies: Does Food Self-Production Increase Consumption? pp. 501 - 508 Downloads
Arnaud Monnier, Sarah Lim, Kathryn Latour and Stijn M. J. Van Osselaer

Volume 7, issue 3, 2022

Political Ideology and Consumption: Perspectives and Effects pp. 247 - 254 Downloads
Rashmi Adaval and Robert S. Wyer
Liberals as Cultural Omnivores pp. 255 - 265 Downloads
Nick Rogers and John T. Jost
Political Ideology and Cultural Consumption: The Role of Flexibility in Shaping Liberal and Conservative Preferences for Global-Local Experiences pp. 266 - 275 Downloads
Bryan M. Buechner, Joshua J. Clarkson, Ashley S. Otto and Garrett Ainsworth
“Open to Give”: Mindfulness Improves Evaluations of Charity Appeals That Are Incongruent with the Consumer’s Political Ideology pp. 276 - 286 Downloads
Amy Errmann, Yuri Seo and Felix Septianto
Economic Conservatism Predicts Preference for Automated Products pp. 287 - 295 Downloads
Eugene Y. Chan, Gavin Northey and Sylvie Borau
Politics, Promotions, and Pandemics: Political Ideologies Shape Consumers’ Responses to Framed versus Unframed Brand Logos and COVID-19 Recommendations pp. 296 - 304 Downloads
Mina Kwon, Andrew S. Manikas and Michael J. Barone
Are Conservatives Less Likely Than Liberals to Accept Welfare? The Psychology of Welfare Politics pp. 305 - 315 Downloads
Shreyans Goenka and Manoj Thomas
How Political Identity Influences COVID-19 Risk Perception: A Model of Identity-Based Risk Perception pp. 316 - 324 Downloads
Ellie Kyung, Manoj Thomas and Aradhna Krishna
A Tale of Two “Ideologies”: Differences in Consumer Response to Brand Activism pp. 325 - 339 Downloads
Nitika Garg and Geetanjali Saluja
Under a Political Cloud: How Politicized Brands Shape Gift Appreciation pp. 340 - 349 Downloads
William Ding, Jeff Joireman and David E. Sprott
Bringing Our Values to the Table: Political Ideology, Food Waste, and Overconsumption pp. 350 - 359 Downloads
Erick M. Mas, Kelly L. Haws and Kelly Goldsmith
The Face of Political Beliefs: Why Gender Matters for Electability pp. 360 - 370 Downloads
Ahreum Maeng and Pankaj Aggarwal
Women’s Attitudes toward Sexual Objectification in Brands: A Political Ideology Perspective pp. 371 - 381 Downloads
Carlos J. Torelli, Yafei Guo and Hyewon Cho

Volume 7, issue 2, 2022

Emerging Marketing Research on Healthcare and Medical Decision Making: Toward a Consumer-Centric and Pluralistic Methodological Perspective pp. 133 - 141 Downloads
Meng Zhu, Dipankar Chakravarti and Jian Ni
Machine Learning Models for Predicting, Understanding, and Influencing Health Perception pp. 142 - 153 Downloads
Ada Aka and Sudeep Bhatia
Empowering Consumers to Engage with Health Decisions: Making Medical Choices Feel Easy Increases Patient Participation pp. 154 - 163 Downloads
Mary Steffel, Elanor F. Williams and Stephan Carney
Psychological Causes of Medical Signs Decrease Perceived Severity, Support for Care, and Donations pp. 164 - 174 Downloads
Selin Goksel, David Faro and Stefano Puntoni
Quantifying the Zero-Price Effect in the Field: Evidence from Swedish Prescription Drug Choices pp. 175 - 185 Downloads
Andrew Ching, David Granlund and David Sundström
Motivated Inferences of Price and Quality in Healthcare Decisions pp. 186 - 197 Downloads
Emily Prinsloo, Kate Barasz and Peter A. Ubel
Consumer Health in the Digital Age pp. 198 - 209 Downloads
Peggy J. Liu, J. Jeffrey Inman, Beibei Li, Charlene A. Wong and Nathan Yang
Advance Care Plans: Planning for Critical Healthcare Decisions pp. 210 - 221 Downloads
Nazli Gurdamar-Okutur, Simona Botti and Vicki G. Morwitz
The Enthusiasts and the Reluctants of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Cluster Analysis pp. 222 - 234 Downloads
Angela Y. Lee, Jiaqian Wang, Ulf Böckenholt, Leonard Lee, Rafal Ohme, Dorota Reykowska and Catherine Yeung
Is Religiosity a Barrier to Organ Donations? Examining the Role of Religiosity and the Salience of a Religious Context on Organ-Donation Decisions pp. 235 - 245 Downloads
Inbal Harel, Marcus Mayorga, Paul Slovic and Tehila Kogut

Volume 7, issue 1, 2022

Looking Back and Looking Forward: (Re)Interpreting Consumer Insights in a Time of Transition pp. 1 - 7 Downloads
Angela Y. Lee and Kelly Goldsmith
(Not) Near and Dear: COVID-19 Concerns Increase Consumer Preference for Products That Are Not “Near Me” pp. 8 - 16 Downloads
Mina Kwon, Andrew S. Manikas and Michael J. Barone
Collective Health versus Individual Freedom: Goal Centrality and Political Identity Shape COVID-19 Prevention Behaviors pp. 17 - 26 Downloads
Beatriz Pereira and Jason Stornelli
“Don’t Give Us Death like This!” Commemorating Death in the Age of COVID-19 pp. 27 - 35 Downloads
Benét DeBerry-Spence and Lez Trujillo-Torres
Political Ideology and the Perceived Impact of Coronavirus Prevention Behaviors for the Self and Others pp. 36 - 44 Downloads
Aylin Cakanlar, Remi Trudel and Katherine White
In These Uncertain Times: Fake News Amplifies the Desires to Save and Spend in Response to COVID-19 pp. 45 - 53 Downloads
Justin Pomerance, Nicholas Light and Lawrence E. Williams
How Childhood Adversity Shapes Susceptibility to COVID-19 Scams pp. 54 - 62 Downloads
Tito L. H. Grillo and Adrian F. Ward
Numbers, Not Lives: AI Dehumanization Undermines COVID-19 Preventive Intentions pp. 63 - 71 Downloads
Li Huang, Zhi Lu and Priyali Rajagopal
Getting Conservatives and Liberals to Agree on the COVID-19 Threat pp. 72 - 80 Downloads
Luke Nowlan and Daniel M. Zane
It’s Alive! Increasing Protective Action against the Coronavirus through Anthropomorphism and Construal pp. 81 - 88 Downloads
Jing Wan, Katina Kulow and Kirsten Cowan
Pricing Fairness in a Pandemic: Navigating Unintended Changes to Value or Cost pp. 89 - 97 Downloads
Elizabeth M. S. Friedman and Olivier Toubia
Unleashing Heaven’s Power: How Faith Motivates Consumer Exercise Behavior during a Pandemic pp. 98 - 106 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Minton, Cindy X. Wang and Carissa M. Anthony
Social Marginalization Motivates Indiscriminate Sharing of COVID-19 News on Social Media pp. 107 - 114 Downloads
Youjung Jun and Gita Venkataramani Johar
Fear in the Stock Market: How COVID-19 Affects Preference for High- and Low-Priced Stocks pp. 115 - 123 Downloads
Jorge Pena-Marin, Rashmi Adaval and Liang Shen
Rejections Make the Heart Grow Fonder: The Benefits of Articulating Risks When Declining Social Invitations pp. 124 - 132 Downloads
Anne Wilson, Ashley Whillans and Tobias Schlager
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