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2016 - 2020

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Volume 5, issue 2, 2020

Introduction to Special Issue: Trust in Doubt: Consuming in a Post-Truth World pp. 130 - 136 Downloads
Robert V. Kozinets, Andrew D. Gershoff and Tiffany Barnett White
Consuming Information from Sources Perceived as Biased versus Untrustworthy: Parallel and Distinct Influences pp. 137 - 148 Downloads
Laura E. Wallace, Duane T. Wegener and Richard E. Petty
Should We Trust Front-of-Package Labels? How Food and Brand Categorization Influence Healthiness Perception and Preference pp. 149 - 161 Downloads
Gustavo Schneider and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh
Past the Privacy Paradox: The Importance of Privacy Changes as a Function of Control and Complexity pp. 162 - 180 Downloads
James A. Mourey and Ari Ezra Waldman
Alexa, Can I Trust You? Exploring Consumer Paths to Trust in Smart Voice-Interaction Technologies pp. 181 - 205 Downloads
Jonas Foehr and Claas Christian Germelmann
A World of Mistrust: Fake News, Mistrust Mind-Sets, and Product Evaluations pp. 206 - 219 Downloads
Mina Kwon and Michael J. Barone
Role of Entertainment, Social Goals, and Accuracy Concerns in Knowingly Spreading Questionable Brand Rumors pp. 220 - 237 Downloads
Sutapa Aditya and Peter R. Darke

Volume 5, issue 1, 2020

Does Mere Exposure to Beauty-Related Words Promote Prosocial Behavior? Exploring the Mental Association between Beauty and Prosociality pp. 106 - 116 Downloads
Xiaojing Yang, Xiaoyan Deng and Amita Bhadauria
From Visitors to Donors: How and Why Funding Rates Vary over Time in All-or-Nothing Noninvestment Crowdfunding Projects pp. 117 - 127 Downloads
Lucia S. G. Barros, Cesar Zucco, Eduardo B. Andrade and Marcelo Salhab Brogliato
On Being the Tipping Point: Social Threshold Incentives Motivate Behavior pp. 19 - 33 Downloads
Lalin Anik and Michael I. Norton
A Review and Framework for Thinking about the Drivers of Prosocial Consumer Behavior pp. 2 - 18 Downloads
Katherine White, Rishad Habib and Darren W. Dahl
Selfish Prosocial Behavior: Gift-Giving to Feel Unique pp. 34 - 43 Downloads
Julian Givi and Jeff Galak
When Does Altruism Trump Self-Interest? The Moderating Role of Affect in Extrinsic Incentives pp. 44 - 55 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar
C2B: Motivating Consumer-to-Business Transactions through Environmental Appeals pp. 56 - 69 Downloads
J. Ian Norris, Alexis M. Allen and John Peloza
Can Thoughts of Having Less Ever Promote Prosocial Preferences? The Relationship between Scarcity, Construal Level, and Sustainable Product Adoption pp. 70 - 82 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith, Caroline Roux and Anne V. Wilson
You Did What with My Donation?! Betrayal of Moral Mandates Increases Negative Responses to Redirected Donations to Donor-to-Recipient Charities pp. 83 - 94 Downloads
Jeff Joireman, Mark Mulder, Yany Grégoire, David E. Sprott and Pavan Munaganti
Prosocial Behavior Reframed: How Consumer Mindsets Shape Dependency-Oriented versus Autonomy-Oriented Helping pp. 95 - 105 Downloads
Moran Anisman-Razin and Liat Levontin

Volume 4, issue 4, 2019

Introduction to Special Issue: Uncovering the Potential of Aesthetics and Design to Transform Everyday Life pp. 306 - 312 Downloads
Vanessa M. Patrick, Laura A. Peracchio and Claudia Townsend
Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities pp. 313 - 331 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Tracy Rank-Christman, Luca Cian, Xavier Cortada, Adriana Madzharov, Vanessa M. Patrick, Laura A. Peracchio, Maura L. Scott, Aparna Sundar, Ngoc (Rita) To and Claudia Townsend
Commentary: Art Ignites Change pp. 332 - 333 Downloads
Caitlin Butler
Commentary: Project Row Houses: Arts, Culture, and Collective Creative Action pp. 334 - 335 Downloads
Eureka Gilkey
Shared Aesthetics: A Commentary on Collaborative Art pp. 336 - 336 Downloads
Henrik Hagtvedt
From Oldie to Goldie: Humanizing Old Produce Enhances Its Appeal pp. 337 - 351 Downloads
Minkyung Koo, Hyewon Oh and Vanessa M. Patrick
The Effect of Packaging Perceptual Cues on Consumer Disposal Behavior of Partially Consumed Products pp. 352 - 362 Downloads
Rong Huang, Darren W. Dahl, Shenyu Li and Qiong Zhou
Too Cute to Be Healthy: How Cute Packaging Designs Affect Judgments of Product Tastiness and Healthiness pp. 363 - 375 Downloads
Benedikt Schnurr
Dressed to Impress: The Effect of Victim Attire on Helping Behavior pp. 376 - 386 Downloads
Sergio W. Carvalho, Diogo Hildebrand and Sankar Sen
The Aesthetics We Wear: How Attire Influences What We Buy pp. 387 - 397 Downloads
Keisha M. Cutright, Shalena Srna and Adriana Samper
The Influence of Product Aesthetics on Consumer Inference Making pp. 398 - 408 Downloads
Cammy Crolic, Yanmei Zheng, JoAndrea Hoegg and Joseph W. Alba
Crazy-Funny-Cool Theory: Divergent Reactions to Unusual Product Designs pp. 409 - 421 Downloads
Caleb Warren and Martin Reimann
Dynamic by Design: How Incorporating Dynamism in Advertising Affects Evaluations pp. 422 - 435 Downloads
James A. Mourey and Ryan S. Elder
The Shape of Money: The Impact of Financial Resources on Product Shape Preference pp. 436 - 445 Downloads
Yuwei Jiang, Lei Su and Rui (Juliet) Zhu

Volume 4, issue 3, 2019

Who Benefits from JACR? pp. 210 - 213 Downloads
Joel Huber
Introduction to the Special Issue on Consumer Response to Big Innovations pp. 214 - 216 Downloads
Page Moreau and Stacy Wood
Human or Robot? Consumer Responses to Radical Cognitive Enhancement Products pp. 217 - 230 Downloads
Noah Castelo, Bernd Schmitt and Miklos Sarvary
The Doctor-of-the-Future Is In: Patient Responses to Disruptive Health-Care Innovations pp. 231 - 243 Downloads
Stacy Wood and Kevin Schulman
How a New Product Idea Is Generated Impacts Market Desirability: Innovators’ Ideation Strategies and Innovation Success pp. 244 - 255 Downloads
Maria Sääksjärvi and Katarina Hellén
Putting a Price on User Innovation: How Consumer Participation Can Decrease Perceived Price Fairness pp. 256 - 268 Downloads
Ashley Stadler Blank and Lisa E. Bolton
Look at Me! Or Don’t…: How Mere Social Presence Impacts Innovation Adoption pp. 269 - 279 Downloads
Lidan Xu, Ravi Mehta and Kelly B. Herd
To Buy or to Resist: When Upward Social Comparison Discourages New Product Adoption pp. 280 - 292 Downloads
Jaeyeon (Jae) Chung and Leonard Lee
Dim or Bright? The Impact of Ambient Illuminance on Consumer Response to Innovative Solutions pp. 293 - 303 Downloads
Chen Wang, Ravi Mehta, Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Jennifer J. Argo

Volume 4, issue 2, 2019

Warm Hearts and Cool Heads: Uncomfortable Temperature Influences Reliance on Affect in Decision-Making pp. 102 - 114 Downloads
Rhonda Hadi and Lauren Block
Being “Rational” Is Not Always Rational: Encouraging People to Be Rational Leads to Hedonically Suboptimal Decisions pp. 115 - 124 Downloads
Xilin Li and Christopher K. Hsee
Cold Anticipated Regret versus Hot Experienced Regret: Why Consumers Fail to Regret Unhealthy Consumption pp. 125 - 135 Downloads
HaeEun Helen Chun, Joowon Park and Manoj Thomas
Outsourcing Responsibility for Indulgent Food Consumption to Prevent Negative Affect pp. 136 - 146 Downloads
Linda Hagen, Aradhna Krishna and Brent McFerran
The Freedom of Constraint: How Perceptions of Time Limitations Alleviate Guilt from Two-Phase Indulgent Consumption pp. 147 - 159 Downloads
Ted Matherly, Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh and Yogesh V. Joshi
Small Probabilistic Discounts Stimulate Spending: Pain of Paying in Price Promotions pp. 160 - 171 Downloads
Chang-Yuan Lee, Carey K. Morewedge, Guy Hochman and Dan Ariely
What’s New Is Old Again: Nostalgia and Retro-Styling in Response to Authenticity Threats pp. 172 - 184 Downloads
Jannine D. Lasaleta and Katherine E. Loveland
Rituals and Nuptials: The Emotional and Relational Consequences of Relationship Rituals pp. 185 - 197 Downloads
Ximena Garcia-Rada, Ovul Sezer and Michael I. Norton
The Effect of Incidental Emotions on Judgments and Behavior in Unrelated Situations: A Review pp. 198 - 207 Downloads
Robert S. Wyer, Ping Dong, Xun (Irene) Huang, Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang and Lisa C. Wan
Introduction to Special Issue: Consumer Emotions in the Marketplace pp. 98 - 101 Downloads
Michel Tuan Pham and Leonard Lee

Volume 4, issue 1, 2019

The Proper Mix: Balancing Motivational Orientations in Goal Pursuit pp. 13 - 20 Downloads
James F. M. Cornwell, Becca Franks and E. Tory Higgins
Introduction to the Special Issue: Goals and Motivation pp. 2 - 4 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Ayelet Fishbach and Ravi Dhar
You Don’t Blow Your Diet on Twinkies: Choice Processes When Choice Options Conflict with Incidental Goals pp. 21 - 35 Downloads
Kelly Goldsmith, Elizabeth M. S. Friedman and Ravi Dhar
Restricting Choice Freedom Reduces Post-choice Goal Disengagement pp. 36 - 46 Downloads
Jordan Etkin and Juliano Laran
Decisional Conflict Predicts Impatience pp. 47 - 56 Downloads
Paul E. Stillman and Melissa J. Ferguson
The Psychology of Multiple Goal Pursuit: Choices, Configurations, and Commitments pp. 5 - 12 Downloads
Jessica Renee Fernandez and Arie W. Kruglanski
On Metamotivation: Consumers’ Knowledge about the Role of Construal Level in Enhancing Task Performance pp. 57 - 64 Downloads
Kentaro Fujita, Abigail A. Scholer, David B. Miele and Tina Nguyen
The Unique Role of Anger among Negative Emotions in Goal-Directed Decision Making pp. 65 - 76 Downloads
Uzma Khan, Alexander DePaoli and Michal Maimaran
Leveraging Means-Goal Associations to Boost Children’s Water Consumption: Persuasion in a Four-School, Three-Month Field Experiment pp. 77 - 86 Downloads
Szu-Chi Huang, Daniella Kupor, Michal Maimaran and Andrea Weihrauch
Evoking Goals to Be Responsible: When Political Cues Increase Utilitarian Choice pp. 87 - 96 Downloads
Jessica Gamlin, Ping Dong, Aparna A. Labroo and Aaron Robinson
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