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1980 - 2020

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2016, volume 37, issue 8

Optimal Strategy and Business Models: A Control Theory Approach pp. 515-529 Downloads
Peter Johnson and Nicolai J. Foss
College Football Attendance: A Panel Study of the Football Championship Subdivision pp. 530-540 Downloads
Gregory A. Falls and Paul A. Natke
Do Managers Matter? Manager Effects on Organization Performance pp. 541-551 Downloads
Curtis M. Hall and Roberto Pedace
Why Do Board Members Receive Excess Compensation? pp. 552-562 Downloads
Hsiu‐I Ting
Explaining Bank Productivity in Ghana pp. 563-573 Downloads
Abdul Latif Alhassan and Nicholas Biekpe
A Good Walk Foiled: Monopoly Power and Barriers to Entry into the PGA Tour pp. 574-584 Downloads
Scott Hamel, Steven B Caudill and Frank Mixon

2016, volume 37, issue 7

The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment Colocation: Differences Between Manufacturing and Service Firms pp. 447-460 Downloads
Miriam Zschoche
The Impact of Monitoring and Sanctions on Cheating: Experimental Evidence from Tunisia pp. 461-473 Downloads
Insaf Békir, Sana Harbi, Gilles Grolleau, Naoufel Mzoughi and Angela Sutan
The Management of Creative Vision and the Economics of Creative Cycles pp. 474-484 Downloads
Peter Earl and Jason Potts
R&D Spillovers on a Salop Circle pp. 485-494 Downloads
Fabio Lamantia and Mario Pezzino
Aggressiveness of Managers in the Market with Network Effects: The Case of Biased Managers as Strategic Commitment pp. 495-506 Downloads
Yasuhiko Nakamura
Performance Pay and Productivity: A Note on the Moderating Role of a High‐wage Policy pp. 507-511 Downloads
Uwe Jirjahn

2016, volume 37, issue 6

Strategic Experimentation in the Lab pp. 375-391 Downloads
John R. Boyce, David Bruner and Michael McKee
An Open Innovation Decision Support System to Select a Biopharmaceutical R&D Portfolio pp. 392-406 Downloads
Giovanna Lo Nigro, Azzurra Morreale and Lorenzo Abbate
Relay the Right Way: Harnessing Heterogeneity in Sequential Team Production pp. 407-423 Downloads
Sean Collins
Third Parties and Contract Design: The Case of Contracts for Technology Transfer pp. 424-444 Downloads
Valérie Duplat and Fabrice Lumineau

2016, volume 37, issue 4-5

Issue Information ‐ TOC pp. 213-213 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall
Issue Information ‐ Info page pp. 214-214 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall
Operant Behavioral Economics pp. 215-223 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall and Gordon R. Foxall
Behavioral Economics and the Analysis of Consumption and Choice pp. 224-238 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Steven R. Hursh and Peter G. Roma
Driven by Consequences: The Multiscale Molar View of Choice pp. 239-248 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall and William M. Baum
Social Cooperation and Self‐control pp. 249-260 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall and Howard Rachlin
The Cardinal Anomalies that Led to Behavioral Economics: Cognitive or Motivational? This material is the result of work supported with resources and the use of facilities at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Coatesville, PA, USA. The opinions expressed are not those of the Department of Veterans Affairs or of the US Government. Many of the references of which I was author or coauthor are downloadable from pp. 261-273 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall and G. Ainslie
The Behavioral and Neuroeconomics of Reinforcer Pathologies: Implications for Managerial and Health Decision Making pp. 274-293 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, David P. Jarmolowicz, Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed and Warren K. Bickel
Matching and Behavioral Contrast in a Two‐Option Repeated Investment Simulation pp. 294-305 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Donald A. Hantula and Charles R. Crowell
Hypothetical Purchase Task Questionnaires for Behavioral Economic Assessments of Value and Motivation pp. 306-323 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Peter G. Roma, Steven R. Hursh and Stanton Hudja
An Experimental Study of Intertemporal Choices: The Case of Customer Relationship Management pp. 324-330 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Asle Fagerstrøm, Dag Aksnes and Erik Arntzen
How Does Probability Impact Consumers' Choice? The Case of Online Reviews pp. 331-336 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Asle Fagerstrøm, Gheorghita Ghinea and Lars Sydnes
Operant Behavioral Economics for E‐mail Marketing: An Experiment Based on the Behavioral Perspective Model Testing the Effectiveness of Motivational Operation, Utilitarian and Informational Stimuli pp. 337-344 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Valdimar Sigurdsson, Hinrik Hinriksson and R. G. Vishnu Menon
Conjoint Analysis for Social Media Marketing Experimentation: Choice, Utility Estimates and Preference Ranking pp. 345-359 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, R. G. Vishnu Menon and Valdimar Sigurdsson
What Consumers Maximize: Brand Choice as a Function of Utilitarian and Informational Reinforcement pp. 360-371 Downloads
Gordon R. Foxall, Jorge M. Oliveira‐Castro, Paulo R. Cavalcanti and Gordon R. Foxall

2016, volume 37, issue 3

Online Market Entry: The Motivations for Imitation across Retailer Types pp. 151-166 Downloads
Amit Bhatnagar, Ralitza Nikolaeva and Sanjoy Ghose
Network or Independent Business? Entrepreneurs' Human, Social and Financial Capital as Determinants of Mode of Entry pp. 167-181 Downloads
Françoise Bastié, Pascal Cussy and Anne-Laure Le Nadant
A Computational Dynamic Model of Strategic Behavior in the US Retail Banking Market pp. 182-194 Downloads
Ran Tao
Reason, Intuition, and Time pp. 195-207 Downloads
Marco Sahm and Robert K. Weizsäcker
State Lotteries as a Multiproduct Monopoly pp. 208-212 Downloads
George Geronikolaou and George Papachristou

2016, volume 37, issue 2

Endogenous R&D Networks among Upstream Firms pp. 79-94 Downloads
Dusanee Kesavayuth, Constantine Manasakis and Vasileios Zikos
Non‐Neutral and Asymmetric Effects of Neutral Ratings: Evidence From eBay pp. 95-105 Downloads
Faisal Rabby and Quazi Shahriar
Managerial Efficiency in Higher Education Using Individual Versus Aggregate Level Data. Does the choice of Decision Making Units Count? pp. 106-126 Downloads
Cristian Barra and Roberto Zotti
Principal‐agent and Peer Relationships in Tournaments pp. 127-139 Downloads
Gerald Eisenkopf and Sabrina Teyssier
Location Choice and Contract Bargaining pp. 140-148 Downloads
Michael Kopel, Mario Pezzino and Anna Ressi

2016, volume 37, issue 1

Private Equity as Canary in a Coal Mine: Building the Ecosystem for Effective Global Financial Integration pp. 3-18 Downloads
Stephen J. Mezias and Prodyumna Goutam
The Strategic Interplay Between Bundling and Merging in Complementary Markets pp. 19-36 Downloads
Andrea Mantovani and Jan Vandekerckhove
Mixed Duopoly with Subcontracting pp. 37-49 Downloads
Jie Shuai
Some Unintended Consequences of Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals pp. 50-61 Downloads
Giorgio Matteucci and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Vertical De‐Integration in the Mutual Fund Industry: Using Knowledge as a Factor of Production pp. 62-76 Downloads
Herman A. Berg

2015, volume 36, issue 8

Signaling in Takeover Auctions with Flexible Reserve Price pp. 499-507 Downloads
Yuri Khoroshilov
Work Recognition and Labor Productivity: Evidence from French Data pp. 508-516 Downloads
Gilles Grolleau, Naoufel Mzoughi and Sanja Pekovic
Vertical Integration, Organizational Governance, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Italian Business Groups pp. 517-527 Downloads
Giulio Cainelli and Donato Iacobucci
Upstream Foreclosure Decisions under Successive Monopoly Structure pp. 528-534 Downloads
Aekapol Chongvilaivan
Measuring the Value of Product Characteristics in the Presence of Price Dispersion pp. 535-544 Downloads
Damian R. Ward
Consumer Search, Market Characteristics, and Price Dispersion: New Evidence from the Retail Markets for Prescription Drugs pp. 545-558 Downloads
Jihui Chen
Price and Quantity Contracts in a Mixed Duopoly with a Socially Concerned Firm pp. 559-566 Downloads
Michael Kopel

2015, volume 36, issue 7

What Determines Demographic Similarity Between Incumbent CEOs and Their Successors? A CEO Informal Power Perspective pp. 421-438 Downloads
Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Ingo Kleindienst and Claas Greger
Profits and Corporate Philanthropy: An Economic Rationale for Dual Mission Firms pp. 439-455 Downloads
Wen Mao, John A. Pearce and Renya Reed Wasson
Collaboration in the Shadow of the Technology Frontier: Evidence from the Flat Panel Display Industry pp. 456-469 Downloads
I. Kim Wang, Hsiao‐shan Yang and Douglas J. Miller
Why Do Strategic Alliances Persist? A Behavioral Decision Model pp. 470-486 Downloads
Andreas Klossek, Klaus Meyer and Michael Nippa
Naïve Responses to Kind Delegation pp. 487-498 Downloads
Gerald Eisenkopf and Urs Fischbacher

2015, volume 36, issue 6

The Role of Commitment Devices in Budgeting pp. 345-363 Downloads
Steven T. Schwartz, Eric E. Spires, David E. Wallin and Richard A. Young
Political Connections and Leverage: Firm‐level Evidence from Pakistan pp. 364-383 Downloads
Abubakr Saeed, Yacine Belghitar and Ephraim Clark
Information Flow Analysis and the Theory of the Firm pp. 384-400 Downloads
Paul Clyde
Profit‐raising Entry in Vertically Related Markets pp. 401-407 Downloads
Leonard Wang and Jen‐yao Lee
Team Production with Punishment Option: Insights from a Real‐Effort Experiment pp. 408-420 Downloads
Radu Vranceanu, Fouad El Ouardighi and Delphine Dubart

2015, volume 36, issue 5

Incentives and Selection in Promotion Contests: Is It Possible to Kill Two Birds with One Stone? pp. 275-285 Downloads
Rudi Stracke, Wolfgang Höchtl, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Uwe Sunde
Management Efficiency in Football: An Empirical Analysis of Two Extreme Cases pp. 286-298 Downloads
Miguel Jara, Dimitri Paolini and Juan Dios Tena Horrillo
Reverse Pricing and Revenue Sharing in a Vertical Market pp. 299-313 Downloads
Qihong Liu and Jie Shuai
Measuring Embeddedness and Its Effect on New Venture Creation—A Study of Farm Diversification pp. 314-325 Downloads
Richard Ferguson and Helena Hansson
The Price of Envy—An Experimental Investigation of Spiteful Behavior pp. 326-335 Downloads
Inga Wobker
Can the Timing of Negotiations Impact the Consequences of Mergers? pp. 336-344 Downloads
Nathan Wilson

2015, volume 36, issue 4

Firm Complexity and Capital Structure: Evidence from Italian Diversified Firms pp. 205-220 Downloads
Daniele Monteforte and Raffaele Staglianò
Explaining Firm Emergence: Specialization, Transaction Costs, and the Integration Process pp. 221-238 Downloads
Per Bylund
Market Power, Efficiencies, and Entry Evidence from an Airline Merger pp. 239-255 Downloads
Kai Hüschelrath and Kathrin Müller
Subsidies and Corporate Governance – An Agency Approach pp. 256-264 Downloads
Philip C. Hanke and Klaus Heine
Do Overconfident Workers Cooperate Less? The Relationship Between Overconfidence and Cooperation in Team Production pp. 265-274 Downloads
Vanessa Mertins and Wolfgang Hoffeld

2015, volume 36, issue 3

Robust Imitation Strategies pp. 139-157 Downloads
D. Sudharshan, Olivier Furrer and Ramesh A. Arakoni
Executive Turnover and Outside Directors on Two‐Tiered Boards pp. 158-176 Downloads
Benjamin Balsmeier, Achim Buchwald and Alexander Dilger
Pharmaceutical Regulation and Innovative Performance: A Decision‐theoretic Model pp. 177-190 Downloads
Tannistra Banerjee and Stephen Martin
The Determinants of Attendance at Neutral Site College Football Games pp. 191-204 Downloads
McDonald Mirabile

2015, volume 36, issue 2

Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance: A Simultaneous Equation Approach pp. 67-96 Downloads
Collins Ntim, Sarah Lindop, Kofi A. Osei and Dennis A. Thomas
Repertoire Conventionality in Major US Symphony Orchestras: Factors Influencing Management's Programming Choices pp. 97-108 Downloads
Lawrence Tamburri, Johnathan Munn and Jeffrey Pompe
Direct and Indirect Exporting and Productivity: Evidence from Firm‐Level Data pp. 109-120 Downloads
Mahmut Yasar
Human Capital Intangibles and Performance of Franchise Networks: A Complementary View between Agency and Critical Resource Perspectives pp. 121-138 Downloads
Frédéric Perdreau, Anne-Laure Le Nadant and Gérard Cliquet

2015, volume 36, issue 1

Foreword: Coase and the Theory of the Firm pp. 1-1 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Antony Dnes
Coase and the Theory of the Firm: Guest Editor's Introduction[I am so ap] pp. 2-5 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Lowell R. Jacobsen
Knowledge and Organisation in Economics and Economic Systems: A Research Tradition pp. 6-15 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Brian Loasby
In the Field: Coase an Exemplar in the Tradition of Smith, Marshall and Ostrom pp. 16-32 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Gavin Reid
Formula Pricing and Profit Sharing in Inter‐Firm Contracts pp. 33-43 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen, Roger D. Blair and Francine Lafontaine
Coase and the Contribution of ‘The Nature of the Firm’[I am grate] pp. 44-54 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Neil M. Kay
Coase and International Business: The Origin and Development of Internalisation Theory pp. 55-66 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen and Mark Casson
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