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2017, volume 38, issue 8

Efficiency of U.S. hospitals between 2001 and 2011 pp. 1071-1081 Downloads
Jeong Hoon Choi, Sima M. Fortsch, Imsu Park and Ilyoung Jung
Dual licensing strategy with open source competition pp. 1082-1093 Downloads
Eric Darmon and Dominique Torre
R&D investment under spatial price discrimination pp. 1094-1104 Downloads
John Heywood and Zheng Wang
Business models: Formal description and economic optimisation pp. 1105-1115 Downloads
Peter Johnson
Are risk disclosures an effective tool to increase firm value? pp. 1116-1124 Downloads
Francisco Bravo
A systematic approach for ranking football players within an integrated DEA‐OWA framework pp. 1125-1136 Downloads
Amar Oukil and Srikrishna Madhumohan Govindaluri
Flexible collective bargaining agreements: Still a moderating effect on works council behaviour? pp. 1137-1153 Downloads
Tobias Brändle
Strategic trade policy with bargaining over managerial contracts pp. 1154-1161 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Domenico Buccella
Acquisitions in the biopharmaceutical IPO market: Collaboration, competition and co‐opetition pp. 1162-1171 Downloads
David R. Williams, Carlton C. Young and Betty S. Coffey
A pricing‐error rule on share distribution in equity joint ventures: The Bayesian approach pp. 1172-1184 Downloads
Shih‐Fen S. Chen, Hubert Pun and Liang (Lucas) Wang
Buyer cartels and private enforcement of antitrust policy pp. 1185-1193 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Wenche Wang
Equity‐based incentive contracts and behavior: Experimental evidence pp. 1194-1200 Downloads
Rudy Santore and Martin Tackie
Quality competition and entry deterrence: When to launch a second brand pp. 1201-1215 Downloads
Stephan Müller and Georg Götz
Contract design in dynamic agency: An experimental analysis pp. 1216-1226 Downloads
Christian Lukas
Performance implications of centrality in franchisee advice networks pp. 1227-1236 Downloads
Brinja Meiseberg, Karim Mignonac, Rozenn Perrigot and Assâad El Akremi
Competition and innovation: The tango of the market and technology in the competitive landscape pp. 1237-1247 Downloads
Lihong Qian and I. Kim Wang
Are athletes more cooperative than nonathletes? A laboratory experiment pp. 1248-1261 Downloads
Jérémy Celse, Michel Nicolas and Pierre Schilling

2017, volume 38, issue 7

How an Economic Recession Affects Qualitative Entrepreneurship: Focusing on the Entrepreneur's Exit Decision pp. 909-922 Downloads
Gihyun Kwak and Jeong-Dong Lee
The Low‐Quality Advantage in Vertical Product Differentiation pp. 923-928 Downloads
Stefanie Schubert
Hired to be Fired: The Publicity Value of Managers pp. 929-940 Downloads
John Bradbury
IT Outsourcing—A Source of Innovation? Microeconometric Evidence for Germany pp. 941-954 Downloads
Irene Bertschek, Daniel Erdsiek and Manuel Trenz
Communication versus Information Transparency in One‐Shot Interactions: A Labor Market Experiment pp. 955-963 Downloads
Ebru Işgın
Quota Bonuses as Localized Sales Bonuses pp. 964-970 Downloads
Barna Bakó and András Kálecz‐Simon
Institutional Path Dependence in Competitive Dynamics: The Case of Paper Industries in Finland and the USA pp. 971-991 Downloads
Juha‐Antti Lamberg, Juha Laurila and Tomi Nokelainen
Antitrust Compliance: Managerial Incentives and Collusive Behavior pp. 992-1002 Downloads
Johannes Paha
Consumer Risk‐reduction Behavior and New Product Purchases pp. 1003-1016 Downloads
Koichi Yonezawa and Timothy J. Richards
How Strategic Groups Act Competitively Within and Across Markets pp. 1017-1032 Downloads
Francisco J. Mas‐Ruiz and Felipe Ruiz‐Moreno
Risk Aversion, the Disposition Effect, and Group Decision Making: An Experimental Analysis pp. 1033-1045 Downloads
Wlademir R. Prates, Newton C.A. Costa and Anderson Dorow
Risk aversion in Entrepreneurship Panels: Measurement Problems and Alternative Explanations pp. 1046-1057 Downloads
Christian Hamböck, Christian Hopp, Cigdem Keles and Rudolf Vetschera
Managerial Altruism and Governance in Charitable Donations pp. 1058-1068 Downloads
Shirley J. Ho and Cheng‐Li Huang

2017, volume 38, issue 6

Manager‐Union Bargaining Agenda Under Monopoly and with Network Effects pp. 717-730 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Domenico Buccella
Does Managerial Ability Really Drive Cost Efficiency? Evidence from Broiler Businesses pp. 731-741 Downloads
Raymond K. Dziwornu
Performance Management in a Decentralized Setting: Monitoring and Gaming in the Financial Services Industry pp. 742-753 Downloads
Shlomo Mizrahi and Yizhaq Minchuk
Signaling and Efficiency in Gift Exchange: An Application to Tipping pp. 754-764 Downloads
Tom Hamami
Learning in Advance Selling with Heterogeneous Consumers pp. 765-783 Downloads
Oksana Loginova, X. Wang and Chenhang Zeng
Delegation and Incentives under Evolutionarily Stable Conjectures pp. 784-791 Downloads
Henrik Vetter
Regulating a Manager‐controlled Natural Monopoly with Unknown Costs pp. 792-805 Downloads
Ismail Saglam
Selecting Board Members: The Impact of Common Knowledge on Gender Diversity – An Experimental Investigation pp. 806-821 Downloads
Fabrice Galia, Frank Lentz, Sylvain Max, Angela Sutan and Emmanuel Zenou
Information Precision and Common Value Partnership Dissolution: An Experimental Study pp. 822-831 Downloads
Yuri Khoroshilov
A New Strategy Against Hostile Takeovers: A Model of Defense in Participations pp. 832-844 Downloads
Jean-Philippe Serbera
Costly Pre‐Play Communication and Coordination in Stag‐Hunt Games pp. 845-856 Downloads
Muruvvet Buyukboyaci and Serkan Küçükşenel
The Bargaining–sales‐delegation Game pp. 857-889 Downloads
Luciano Fanti, Luca Gori and Mauro Sodini
Impact of Management Practices on Persistent and Residual Technical Efficiency – a Study of Swedish pig Farming pp. 890-905 Downloads
Gordana Manevska‐Tasevska, Helena Hansson and Katarina Labajova

2017, volume 38, issue 5

Issue Information ‐ Info page pp. 631-632 Downloads
Roger D. Blair
Symposium Competition Issues in Sports Markets pp. 633-633 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Roger D. Blair
Reforming College Sports and a Constrained, Conditional Antitrust Exemption pp. 634-643 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Andrew Zimbalist
Litigation as a Strategy to Overcome Monopolistic Inefficiency in Sports pp. 644-654 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and S. F. Ross
Pro Sports League Antitrust ‘Beliefs’: Applied Theory and the Rule of Reason pp. 655-663 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Rodney Fort
Will American Needle Burst the NFL's Balloon? pp. 664-675 Downloads
Roger D. Blair, Roger D. Blair and Wenche Wang
Monopsony Exploitation in Professional Sport: Evidence from Major League Baseball Position Players, 2000–2011 pp. 676-688 Downloads
Roger D. Blair, Brad Humphreys and Hyunwoong Pyun
Monopsony Power in the Labor Market of Nippon Professional Baseball pp. 689-696 Downloads
Roger D. Blair, Eva Marikova Leeds and Michael Leeds
No Seat at the Table: Representation in Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports pp. 697-703 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Jason Winfree
The Economic Effects of Anti‐Tampering Rules in Professional Sports Leagues pp. 704-713 Downloads
Roger D. Blair, Roger D. Blair and John E. Lopatka

2017, volume 38, issue 4

Growth Opportunities, Stockholders' Claim/Liability on Pension Plans, and Corporate Pension Policies pp. 445-470 Downloads
Yul W. Lee
Targets and Resources: A Screening Perspective pp. 471-489 Downloads
Shiva Sikdar
Managerial Delegation Theory Revisited pp. 490-512 Downloads
Luciano Fanti, Luca Gori and Mauro Sodini
Options Compensation as a Commitment Mechanism in Oligopoly Competition pp. 513-525 Downloads
Jun Ishii and David Hao Zhang
Play It Again, Sam? Versioning in the Market for Second‐hand Video Game Software pp. 526-533 Downloads
Joe Cox
The Impact of Conviction for Anti‐Competitive Practices on Firm Valuation: A Contingency Approach pp. 534-546 Downloads
Frédéric Le Roy, Patrick Sentis and Ariste Jerson
Lump‐Sum versus Pay‐As‐You‐Go: The Moderating Effect of Contract Types on the Optimal Logistics Decisions pp. 547-555 Downloads
Thanh Tran, Kanghyun Yoon and Stefan Genchev
Prize Promotions as Costless Commitments pp. 556-564 Downloads
Masaoki Tamura
Decentralized Supply Chain Decisions on Lead Time Quote and Pricing with a Risk‐averse Supplier pp. 565-580 Downloads
Weichun Chen, Bo Li, Dongping Song and Qinghua Li
The Signaling Effects of the US Food and Drug Administration Fast‐Track Designation pp. 581-594 Downloads
Kathleen L. Miller, Clark Nardinelli, George Pink and Kristin Reiter
Do You Prefer Having More or More than Others in the Workplace? A Quasi‐experimental Survey in Algeria pp. 595-606 Downloads
Latifa Barbara, Gilles Grolleau and Naoufel Mzoughi
Bilateral Delegation in Duopoly Wage and Employment Bargaining pp. 607-621 Downloads
Ishita Chatterjee and Bibhas Saha
The Survival of Unique Corporate Cultures pp. 622-629 Downloads
Gil Epstein and Renana Lindner‐Pomerantz

2017, volume 38, issue 3

A Note on Managerial Delegation with Asymmetric and Convex Costs pp. 279-284 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Nicola Meccheri
Performance Feedback and Moral Hazard in Firms: An Identity Approach pp. 285-290 Downloads
Matthias Peiss
IT Contract Flexibility and Negotiator Incentives pp. 291-301 Downloads
Tridas Mukhopadhyay, Eric Walden and Mark A. Thompson
The Value of Online Seller Reputation: Evidence from a Price Comparison Site pp. 302-313 Downloads
Steve Thompson and Michelle Haynes
Advertising Spending, Mood and Level of Product Information on Quality Perception pp. 314-325 Downloads
Clara Koetz, Cristiane Pizzutti Santos and Gérard Cliquet
Price versus Quantity in a Duopolistic Market with Bargaining over Managerial Delegation Contracts pp. 326-343 Downloads
Yasuhiko Nakamura
Effects of Temporary Regulation of Asymmetric Access Charges in Telecommunications pp. 344-364 Downloads
Takashi Shibata and Michi Nishihara
Competition, Outside Directors and Executive Turnover: Implications for Corporate Governance in the EU pp. 365-381 Downloads
Achim Buchwald
Effect of Overconfidence on Cournot Competition in the Presence of Yield Uncertainty pp. 382-393 Downloads
Xujin Pu, Delong Jin and Guanghua Han
Decentralization Policies for Supply Chain Investments Under Asymmetric Information pp. 394-408 Downloads
Per Agrell and Peter Bogetoft
Overconfidence and Disappointment in Decision‐making under Risk: The Triumph of Hope over Experience pp. 409-422 Downloads
Jeffrey L. Ringuest and Samuel B. Graves
Fairness, One's Source of Income, and Others' Decisions: An Ultimatum Game Experiment pp. 423-431 Downloads
Kangoh Lee and Quazi Shahriar
A Study of Effective Financial Support for SMEs to Improve Economic and Employment Conditions: Evidence from OECD Countries pp. 432-442 Downloads
Ji‐Yong Seo

2017, volume 38, issue 2

Is the Grass Greener? Switching Costs and Geographic Proximity in the High Status Affiliations of Professional Baseball pp. 95-108 Downloads
Nola Agha and Joe Cobbs
How R&D Competition Affects Investment Choices pp. 109-124 Downloads
Thierry Lafay and Céline Maximin
Risk Preferences and Asset Ownership: Integrating Prospect Theory and Transaction Cost Economics pp. 125-143 Downloads
Aleksey Martynov and Donald J. Schepker
Insider Trading: Does Being a Neighbor of the Securities and Exchange Commission Matter? pp. 144-165 Downloads
Xuesong Hu, Xin Wang and Baohua Xin
Shareholder Value Implications of Compliance with the German Corporate Governance Code pp. 166-177 Downloads
Thomas Kaspereit, Kerstin Lopatta and Dennis Onnen
Ownership Concentration, Institutional Development and Firm Performance in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 178-192 Downloads
Benjamin Balsmeier and Dirk Czarnitzki
The Role of Goals and Feedback in Incentivizing Performance pp. 193-211 Downloads
Zafer Akin and Emin Karagözoğlu
When Price Discrimination Fails – A Principal Agent Problem with Social Influence pp. 212-221 Downloads
Vlad Radoias
The Impact of Intermediate Information on Sabotage in Tournaments with Heterogeneous Contestants pp. 222-237 Downloads
Christian Deutscher and Sandra Schneemann
The Market Performance of Socially Responsible Investment during Periods of the Economic Cycle – Illustrated Using the Case of FTSE pp. 238-251 Downloads
Junjie Wu, George Lodorfos, Aftab Dean and Georgios Gioulmpaxiotis
The Influence of New Technology on the Home Market Competition and the Strategies Chosen by Norwegian Savings Banks in 2000–2010 pp. 252-276 Downloads
M. Rynning

2017, volume 38, issue 1

The Importance of Alliances in Firm Capital Structure Decisions: Evidence from Biotechnology Firms pp. 3-18 Downloads
Fabio Zambuto, Giovanna Lo Nigro and Jonathan P. O'Brien
Options as a Marketing Tool: Pricing a Promotional Scheme for a Product with a Secondary Market pp. 19-36 Downloads
Zvika Afik, Oded Lowengart and Rami Yosef
The Determinants of Price Adjustments in Retail Supermarkets pp. 37-52 Downloads
Richard Volpe, Corey Risch and Michael Boland
Mind the Gap: Crowdfunding and the Role of Seed Money pp. 53-75 Downloads
Joseph Deutsch, Gil Epstein and Alon Nir
Relative Home‐Court Advantage: The Impact of Travel on Team Production When One Team is Closer than its Opponent to a Neutral Game Site pp. 76-91 Downloads
Kelly E. Carter
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