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2023-060: Tokenization: Overview and Financial Stability Implications Downloads
Francesca Carapella, Grace Chuan, Jacob Gerszten and Nathan Swem
2023-059: Data Privacy for Digital Asset Systems Downloads
Jillian Mascelli
2023-058: Are Real Assets Owners Less Averse to Inflation? Evidence from Consumer Sentiments and Inflation Expectations Downloads
Geng Li and Nitish R. Sinha
2023-057: An Overview of Personal Loans in the U.S Downloads
Jessica N. Flagg and Simona Hannon
2023-056: FinTech and Banks: Strategic Partnerships That Circumvent State Usury Laws Downloads
Gregory E. Elliehausen and Simona Hannon
2023-055: Default Clustering Risk Premium and its Cross-Market Asset Pricing Implications Downloads
Kiwoong Byun, Baeho Kim and Dong Hwan Oh
2023-054: Options on Interbank Rates and Implied Disaster Risk Downloads
Hitesh Doshi, Hyung Joo Kim and Sang Byung Seo
2023-053: The Pricing Kernel in Options Downloads
Steven Heston, Kris Jacobs and Hyung Joo Kim
2023-052: Can Measurement Error Explain Slow Productivity Growth in Construction? Downloads
Daniel Garcia and Raven S. Molloy
2023-051: Sticky Leverage: Comment Downloads
Andrea Ajello, Ander Pérez-Orive and Bálint Szőke
2023-050: Disclosure Regulation, Intangible Capital and the Disappearance of Public Firms Downloads
Sara Casella, Hanbaek Lee and Sergio Villalvazo
2023-049: Why Does the Yield Curve Predict GDP Growth? The Role of Banks Downloads
Camelia Minoiu, Andrés Schneider and Min Wei
2023-048: Your Friends, Your Credit: Social Capital Measures Derived from Social Media and the Credit Market Downloads
Jesse Bricker and Geng Li
2023-047: Affording Degree Completion: An Experimental Study of Completion Grants at Accessible Public Universities Downloads
Christine Baker-Smith, Kallie Clark, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Christel Perkins, Douglas A. Webber and Travis T. York
2023-046: Termination of SNAP Emergency Allotments, Food Sufficiency, and Economic Hardships Downloads
Kabir Dasgupta and Alexander Plum
2023-045: Aggregate Implications of Deviations from Modigliani-Miller: A Sufficient Statistics Approach Downloads
Robert J. Kurtzman and David Zeke
2023-044: Interconnected DeFi: Ripple Effects from the Terra Collapse Downloads
Anton Badev and Cy Watsky
2023-043: College Networks and Re-employment of Displaced Workers Downloads
Ben Ost, Weixiang Pan and Douglas A. Webber
2023-042: A Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation of Biases in Expectation Formation Downloads
Kenneth Eva and Fabian Winkler
2023-041: End of an Era: The Coming Long-Run Slowdown in Corporate Profit Growth and Stock Returns Downloads
Michael Smolyansky
2023-041: End of an Era: The Coming Long-Run Slowdown in Corporate Profit Growth and Stock Returns Downloads
Michael Smolyansky
2023-040: Finite-State Markov-Chain Approximations: A Hidden Markov Approach Downloads
Eva F. Janssens and Sean McCrary
2023-039: The FOMC's Use of Operational Targets: 85 Years and Counting Downloads
Jeff W. Huther, Kevin F. Kiernan, Elizabeth C. Klee and Ethan Rodriguez-Shah
2023-038: Inflation and Real Activity over the Business Cycle Downloads
Francesco Bianchi, Giovanni Nicolo and Dongho Song
2023-037: Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy Downloads
Thiago Revil T. Ferreira, Daniel Ostry and John Rogers
2023-036: Fed Communication, News, Twitter, and Echo Chambers Downloads
Bennett Schmanski, Chiara Scotti and Clara Vega
2023-035: Measuring Job Loss during the Pandemic Recession in Real Time with Twitter Data Downloads
Anbar Aizenman, Connor M. Brennan, Tomaz Cajner, Cynthia L. Doniger and Jacob Williams
2023-034: More than Words: Twitter Chatter and Financial Market Sentiment Downloads
Andrea Ajello, Diego Silva, Travis Adams and Francisco Vazquez-Grande
2023-033: Optimal Bidder Selection in Clearing House Default Auctions Downloads
Rodney Garratt, David Murphy, Travis Nesmith and Xiaopeng Wu
2023-032: Recovery of 1933 Downloads
Margaret M. Jacobson, Eric M. Leeper and Bruce Preston
2023-031: The Dual U.S. Labor Market Uncovered Downloads
Hie Joo Ahn and Bart Hobijn
2023-030: Endogenous Bargaining Power and Declining Labor Compensation Share Downloads
Juan C. Córdoba, Anni T. Isojärvi and Haoran Li
2023-029: A Financial Stress Index for a Small Open Economy: The Australian Case Downloads
Pedro Gomis-Porqueras, Romina Ruprecht and Xuan Zhou
2023-028: The Effects of Volatility on Liquidity in the Treasury Market Downloads
Andrew C. Meldrum and Oleg Sokolinskiy
2023-027: Financial and Macroeconomic Data Through the Lens of a Nonlinear Dynamic Factor Model Downloads
Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Alexey Khazanov and Molin Zhong
2023-026: Less Bank Regulation, More Non-Bank Lending Downloads
Mary Chen, Seung Jung Lee, Daniel Neuhann and Farzad Saidi
2023-025: Implications of Student Loan COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Measures for Families with Children Downloads
Sarena Goodman, Simona Hannon, Adam Isen and Alvaro Mezza
2023-024: The Role of Property Assessment Oversight in School Finance Inequality Downloads
Alex Combs and Erin Troland
2023-023: Workplace Automation and Corporate Liquidity Policy Downloads
Jessie Jiaxu Wang
2023-022: The Role of Wages in Trend Inflation: Back to the 1980s? Downloads
Michael Kiley
2023-021: Stressed Banks? Evidence from the Largest-Ever Supervisory Review Downloads
Puriya Abbassi, Rajkamal Iyer, José-Luis Peydró and Paul E. Soto
2023-020: It's Not Who You Know—It's Who Knows You: Employee Social Capital and Firm Performance Downloads
DuckKi Cho, Lyungmae Choi and Jessie Jiaxu Wang
2023-019: The Long-Run Real Effects of Banking Crises: Firm-Level Investment Dynamics and the Role of Wage Rigidity Downloads
Carlo Wix
2023-018: Private Equity and Debt Contract Enforcement: Evidence from Covenant Violations Downloads
Sharjil M. Haque and Anya V. Kleymenova
2023-017: Racial Unemployment Gaps and the Disparate Impact of the Inflation Tax Downloads
Mohammed Ait Lahcen, Garth Baughman and Hugo van Buggenum
2023-016: Contagion in Debt and Collateral Markets Downloads
Jin-Wook Chang and Grace Chuan
2023-015: Breaks in the Phillips Curve: Evidence from Panel Data Downloads
Jonathan H. Wright
2023-014: Bank Relationships and the Geography of PPP Lending Downloads
David P. Glancy
2023-013: Household, Bank, and Insurer Exposure to Miami Hurricanes: a flow-of-risk analysis Downloads
Benjamin Dennis
2023-012: Early Joiners and Startup Performance Downloads
Joonkyu Choi, Nathan Goldschlag, John Haltiwanger and J. Daniel Kim
2023-011: Using U.S. Business Registry Data to Corroborate Corporate Identity: Case Study of the Legal Entity Identifier Downloads
William F. Treacy
2023-010: IT Shields: Technology Adoption and Economic Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Myrto Oikonomou, Nicola Pierri and Yannick Timmer
2023-009: Does Private Equity Over-Lever Portfolio Companies? Downloads
Sharjil M. Haque
2023-008: Recession Signals and Business Cycle Dynamics: Tying the Pieces Together Downloads
Michael Kiley
2023-007: Who Pays For Your Rewards? Redistribution in the Credit Card Market Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Andrea Presbitero, André F. Silva and Carlo Wix
2023-006: Monetary Policy and Home Buying Inequality Downloads
Daniel R. Ringo
2023-005: Beyond "Horizontal" and "Vertical": The Welfare Effects of Complex Integration Downloads
Margaret Loudermilk, Gloria Sheu and Charles Taragin
2023-004: Earnings Business Cycles: The Covid Recession, Recovery, and Policy Response Downloads
Jeff Larrimore, Jacob Mortenson and David Splinter
2023-003: The Information Value of Past Losses in Operational Risk Downloads
Filippo Curti and Marco Migueis
2023-002: Welfare and Spending Effects of Consumption Stimulus Policies Downloads
Christopher Carroll, Edmund Crawley and Håkon Tretvoll
2023-001: Bad News, Good News: Coverage and Response Asymmetries Downloads
Luca Gambetti
2022-086: Equilibrium Yield Curves with Imperfect Information Downloads
Hiroatsu Tanaka
2022-085: How sensitive is the economy to large interest rate increases? Evidence from the taper tantrum Downloads
Nitish R. Sinha and Michael Smolyansky
2022-084: The Monetization of Innovation Downloads
Missaka Warusawitharana and Francesca Zucchi
2022-083: Understanding Uncertainty Shocks and the Role of Black Swans Downloads
Laura Veldkamp
2022-082: On Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty, and Credibility Downloads
Anna Orlik
2022-081: "The Great Retirement Boom": The Pandemic-Era Surge in Retirements and Implications for Future Labor Force Participation Downloads
Joshua Montes and Christopher L. Smith
2022-080: Demand Shocks, Hysteresis and Monetary Policy Downloads
Jae Sim
2022-079: How Large is the Output Cost of Disinflation? Downloads
Robert Tetlow
2022-078: Choices and Implications when Measuring the Local Supply of Prescription Opioids Downloads
David Cho, Alvaro Mezza and Joshua Montes
2022-077: Sentiment in Bank Examination Reports and Bank Outcomes Downloads
Maureen Cowhey, Seung Jung Lee, Thomas Popeck Spiller and Cindy M. Vojtech
2022-076: The Macroeconomic Implications of CBDC: A Review of the Literature Downloads
Sebastian Infante, Kyungmin Kim, André F. Silva and Robert J. Tetlow
2022-075: How Can Asset Prices Value Exchange Rate Wedges? Downloads
Karen K. Lewis and Edith Liu
2022-074: These Caps Spilleth Over: Equilibrium Effects of Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Cynthia L. Doniger
2022-073: Do Sustainable Investment Strategies Hedge Climate Change Risks? Evidence from Germany's Carbon Tax Downloads
Juan Ochoa, Matthias Paustian and Laura Wilcox
2022-072: The Welfare Effects of Bank Liquidity and Capital Requirements Downloads
Skander Van den Heuvel
2022-071: Demand Segmentation in the Federal Funds Market Downloads
Manjola Tase
2022-070: Considerations regarding the use of the discount window to support economic activity through a funding for lending program Downloads
Mark Carlson and Rebecca Zarutskie
2022-069: Losing insurance and psychiatric hospitalizations Downloads
Johanna Catherine Maclean, Daniel Tello-Trillo and Douglas Webber
2022-068: Climate Change and the Role of Regulatory Capital: A Stylized Framework for Policy Assessment Downloads
Michael Holscher, David Ignell, Morgan Lewis and Kevin Stiroh
2022-067: How Much Does Racial Bias Affect Mortgage Lending? Evidence from Human and Algorithmic Credit Decisions Downloads
Neil Bhutta, Aurel Hizmo and Daniel R. Ringo
2022-066: Climate Change and Double Materiality in a Micro- and Macroprudential Context Downloads
Kevin Stiroh
2022-065: Effects of Monetary Policy on Household Expectations: The Role of Homeownership Downloads
Hie Joo Ahn and Choongryul Yang
2022-064: Pricing of Climate Risk Insurance: Regulation and Cross-Subsidies Downloads
Sangmin Oh, Ishita Sen and Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva
2022-063: The FOMC's Committee on the Directive: Behind Volcker's New Operating Procedures Downloads
Nicholas A. Burk and David H. Small
2022-062: Consumers and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Protection) on Vehicle Financing Contracts: A First Look Downloads
Thomas A. Durkin, Gregory E. Elliehausen and Thomas W. Miller, Jr.
2022-061: Beliefs, Aggregate Risk, and the U.S. Housing Boom Downloads
Margaret Jacobson
2022-060: Bank Deposit Flows to Money Market Funds and ON RRP Usage during Monetary Policy Tightening Downloads
Manjola Tase and Andrei Zlate
2022-059: The Rise of Nonbanks and the Quality of Financial Services: Evidence from Consumer Complaints Downloads
Ahmet Degerli and Jing Wang
2022-058: The Financial Stability Implications of Digital Assets Downloads
Garth Baughman, Francesca Carapella, David E. Rappoport, Chiara Scotti, Nathan Swem and Alexandros Vardoulakis
2022-057: Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Transformative Potential & Associated Risks Downloads
Francesca Carapella and Nathan Swem
2022-056: Climate Change and Adaptation in Global Supply-Chain Networks Downloads
Nora Pankratz and Christoph M. Schiller
2022-055: Cash-Hedged Stock Returns Downloads
Chase P. Ross and Landon J. Ross
2022-054: Inflation Measured Every Day Keeps Adverse Responses Away: Temporal Aggregation and Monetary Policy Transmission Downloads
Margaret Jacobson, Christian Matthes and Todd B. Walker
2022-053: LINVER: The Linear Version of FRB/US Downloads
Flint Brayton and David L. Reifschneider
2022-052: Information Externalities, Funding Liquidity, and Fire Sales Downloads
Levent Altinoglu and Jin-Wook Chang
2022-051: Pre-Positioning and Cross-Border Financial Intermediation Downloads
Nicholas K. Tabor and Jeffery Y. Zhang
2022-050: Loan Modifications and the Commercial Real Estate Market Downloads
David Glancy, Robert Kurtzman and Lara Loewenstein
2022-049: Labor Market Tightness during WWI and the Postwar Recession of 1920-1921 Downloads
Haelim Anderson and Jin-Wook Chang
2022-048: Climate Change and Financial Policy: A Literature Review Downloads
Benjamin Dennis
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