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2021-025: Labor Market Effects of the Oxycodone-Heroin Epidemic Downloads
David Cho, Daniel Garcia, Joshua Montes and Alison E. Weingarden
2021-024: COVID-19 as a Stress Test: Assessing the Bank Regulatory Framework Downloads
Alice Abboud, Elizabeth Duncan, Akos Horvath, Diana A. Iercosan, Bert Loudis, Francis Martinez, Timothy Mooney, Benjamin Ranish, Ke Wang, Missaka Warusawitharana and Carlo Wix
2021-022: Fundamental Arbitrage under the Microscope: Evidence from Detailed Hedge Fund Transaction Data Downloads
Sandro Lunghi, Daniel Schmidt and Bastian von Beschwitz
2021-021: Gender and Social Networks on Bank Boards Downloads
Ann Owen, Judit Temesvary and Andrew Wei
2021-020: Global Stablecoins: Monetary Policy Implementation Considerations from the U.S. Perspective Downloads
David Lowe and Matthew Malloy
2021-016: The Fed's Discount Window in "Normal" Times Downloads
Huberto Ennis and Elizabeth Klee
2021-010: Monetary policy and the corporate bond market: How important is the Fed information effect? Downloads
Michael Smolyansky and Gustavo Suarez
2021-008: The COVID-19 Shock and Consumer Credit: Evidence from Credit Card Data Downloads
Akos Horvath, Benjamin S. Kay and Carlo Wix
2021-006: Bunching Estimation of Elasticities Using Stata Downloads
Marinho Bertanha, Andrew McCallum, Alexis Payne and Nathan Seegert
2021-005: Political Connections, Allocation of Stimulus Spending, and the Jobs Multiplier Downloads
Joonkyu Choi, Veronika Penciakova and Felipe Saffie
2021-004: Politicians Avoid Tax Increases Around Elections Downloads
Andrew C. Chang, Linda R. Cohen, Amihai Glazer and Urbashee Paul
2021-002: Better Bunching, Nicer Notching Downloads
Marinho Bertanha, Andrew McCallum and Nathan Seegert
2020-100: Latent Variables Analysis in Structural Models: A New Decomposition of the Kalman Smoother Downloads
Hess Chung, Cristina Fuentes-Albero, Matthias Paustian and Damjan Pfajfar
2020-099: Across the Universe: Policy Support for Employment and Revenue in the Pandemic Recession Downloads
Ryan Decker, Robert Kurtzman, Byron F. Lutz and Christopher Nekarda
2020-098: Collective Moral Hazard and the Interbank Market Downloads
Levent Altinoglu and Joseph Stiglitz
2020-097: Arbitrage and Liquidity: Evidence from a Panel of Exchange Traded Funds Downloads
David Rappoport and Tugkan Tuzun
2020-096: Price Discovery in the U.S. Treasury Cash Market: On Principal Trading Firms and Dealers Downloads
James Collin Harkrader and Michael Puglia
2020-095: Financial Conditions and Economic Activity: Insights from Machine Learning Downloads
Michael Kiley
2020-094: Price Level Risk and Some Long-Run Implications of Alternative Monetary Policy Strategies Downloads
James A. Clouse
2020-093: Financial Profiles of Workers Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus-Related Earnings Loss in the Spring of 2020 Downloads
Brooke Helppie-McFall and Joanne W. Hsu
2020-092: Let's Close the Gap: Revising Teaching Materials to Reflect How the Federal Reserve Implements Monetary Policy Downloads
Jane E. Ihrig and Scott Wolla
2020-091: Economics and Epidemics: Evidence from an Estimated Spatial Econ-SIR Model Downloads
Mark Bognanni, Douglas Hanley, Daniel Kolliner and Kurt Mitman
2020-090: Raiders of the Lost High-Frequency Forecasts: New Data and Evidence on the Efficiency of the Fed's Forecasting Downloads
Andrew C. Chang and Trace J. Levinson
2020-089r1: Business Exit During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Non-Traditional Measures in Historical Context Downloads
Leland Crane, Ryan Decker, Aaron Flaaen, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas and Christopher J. Kurz
2020-088: Adverse Selection Dynamics in Privately-Produced Safe Debt Markets Downloads
Nathan Foley-Fisher, Gary Gorton and Stephane Verani
2020-087: Central Bank Communication with a Financial Stability Objective Downloads
David Arseneau
2020-086: Banks, Non Banks, and Lending Standards Downloads
Matthew Darst, Ehraz Refayet and Alexandros Vardoulakis
2020-085: Estimates of r* Consistent with a Supply-Side Structure and a Monetary Policy Rule for the U.S. Economy Downloads
Manuel González-Astudillo and Jean-Philippe Laforte
2020-084: Income in the Off-Season: Household Adaptation to Yearly Work Interruptions Downloads
John M. Coglianese and Brendan M. Price
2020-083: Pandemic Recession Dynamics: The Role of Monetary Policy in Shifting a U-Shaped Recession to a V-Shaped Rebound Downloads
Michael Kiley
2020-082: Revealing Cluster Structures Based on Mixed Sampling Frequencies Downloads
Hie Joo Ahn, Yun Liu and Yeonwoo Rho
2020-081: Boom Town Business Dynamics Downloads
Ryan Decker, Meagan McCollum and Gregory Upton
2020-080: Correcting for Endogeneity in Models with Bunching Downloads
Carolina Caetano, Gregorio Caetano and Eric Nielsen
2020-079: Investor Demands for Safety, Bank Capital, and Liquidity Measurement Downloads
Wayne Passmore and Judit Temesvary
2020-078: Out of Sight No More? The Effect of Fee Disclosures on 401(k) Investment Allocations Downloads
Mathias Kronlund, Veronika K. Pool, Clemens Sialm and Irina Stefanescu
2020-077: Modeling the Consumption Response to the CARES Act Downloads
Christopher Carroll, Edmund Crawley, Jiri Slacalek and Matthew White
2020-076: Intermeeting Rate Cuts as a Response to Rare Disasters Downloads
David Miller
2020-075: Considerations Regarding Inflation Ranges Downloads
Hess Chung, Brian Doyle, James Hebden and Michael Siemer
2020-074: Monetary Policy Strategies and Tools: Financial Stability Considerations Downloads
Jonathan Goldberg, Elizabeth Klee, Edward Prescott and Paul R. Wood
2020-073: Distributional Considerations for Monetary Policy Strategy Downloads
Laura Feiveson, Nils Goernemann, Julie Hotchkiss, Karel Mertens and Jae Sim
2020-072: Unemployment Rate Benchmarks Downloads
Richard Crump, Christopher Nekarda and Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau
2020-071: Issues in the Use of the Balance Sheet Tool Downloads
Mark Carlson, Stefania D'Amico, Cristina Fuentes-Albero, Bernd Schlusche and Paul R. Wood
2020-070: Issues Regarding the Use of the Policy Rate Tool Downloads
Jeffrey Campbell, Thomas King, Anna Orlik and Rebecca Zarutskie
2020-069: How Robust Are Makeup Strategies to Key Alternative Assumptions? Downloads
James Hebden, Edward Herbst, Jenny Tang, Giorgio Topa and Fabian Winkler
2020-068: Alternative Strategies: How Do They Work? How Might They Help? Downloads
Jonas E. Arias, Martin Bodenstein, Hess Chung, Thorsten Drautzburg and Andrea Raffo
2020-067: Strengthening the FOMC’s Framework in View of the Effective Lower Bound and Some Considerations Related to Time-Inconsistent Strategies Downloads
Fernando Duarte, Benjamin K. Johannsen, Leonardo Melosi and Taisuke Nakata
2020-066: Monetary Policy Tradeoffs and the Federal Reserve's Dual Mandate Downloads
Andrea Ajello, Isabel Cairo, Vasco Cúrdia, Thomas Lubik and Albert Queraltó
2020-065: Monetary Policy and Economic Performance since the Financial Crisis Downloads
Dario Caldara, Etienne Gagnon, Enrique Martinez-Garcia and Christopher Neely
2020-064: When it Rains it Pours: Cascading Uncertainty Shocks Downloads
Anthony M. Diercks, Alex Hsu and Andrea Tamoni
2020-063: The Consequences of Medicare Pricing: An Explanation of Treatment Choice Downloads
Elena Falcettoni
2020-062: Paying Too Much? Price Dispersion in the U.S. Mortgage Market Downloads
Neil Bhutta, Andreas Fuster and Aurel Hizmo
2020-061: Are Shadow Rate Models of the Treasury Yield Curve Structurally Stable? Downloads
Don H. Kim and Marcel A. Priebsch
2020-060: Supply-Side Effects of Pandemic Mortality: Insights from an Overlapping-Generations Model Downloads
Etienne Gagnon, Benjamin K. Johannsen and David Lopez-Salido
2020-059: A New Daily Federal Funds Rate Series and History of the Federal Funds Market, 1928-1954 Downloads
Sriya Anbil, Mark Carlson, Christopher Hanes and David Wheelock
2020-058: The Multiplier Effect of Education Expenditure Downloads
Simona Hannon and Damjan Pfajfar
2020-057: Market Power, Inequality, and Financial Instability Downloads
Isabel Cairo and Jae Sim
2020-056: Optimal Dynamic Capital Requirements and Implementable Capital Buffer Rules Downloads
Matthew Canzoneri, Behzad Diba, Luca Guerrieri and Arsenii Mishin
2020-055: Reconciling Unemployment Claims with Job Losses in the First Months of the COVID-19 Crisis Downloads
Tomaz Cajner, Andrew Figura, Brendan M. Price, David Ratner and Alison E. Weingarden
2020-054: The Hidden Heterogeneity of Inflation Expectations and its Implications Downloads
Lena Dräger, Michael Lamla and Damjan Pfajfar
2020-053: A Crisis of Missed Opportunities? Foreclosure Costs and Mortgage Modification During the Great Recession Downloads
Stuart Gabriel, Matteo Iacoviello and Chandler Lutz
2020-052: Designing a Main Street Lending Facility Downloads
Alexandros Vardoulakis
2020-051: The Evolution of Price Discovery in an Electronic Market Downloads
Alain P. Chaboud, Erik Hjalmarsson and Filip Zikes
2020-050: The Effect of the Central Bank Liquidity Support during Pandemics: Evidence from the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Downloads
Haelim Anderson, Jin-Wook Chang and Adam Copeland
2020-049: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Effects of COVID-19: A Real-time Analysis Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Andrey Ermolov
2020-048: Global Demand for Basket-Backed Stablecoins Downloads
Garth Baughman and Jean Flemming
2020-047: Macroeconomic Effects of Large-Scale Asset Purchases: New Evidence Downloads
Kyungmin Kim, Thomas Laubach and Min Wei
2020-046: ivcrc: An Instrumental Variables Estimator for the Correlated Random Coefficients Model Downloads
David Benson, Matthew Masten and Alexander Torgovitsky
2020-045: Can Forecast Errors Predict Financial Crises? Exploring the Properties of a New Multivariate Credit Gap Downloads
Elena Afanasyeva
2020-044: Housing Supply and Affordability: Evidence from Rents, Housing Consumption and Household Location Downloads
Raven S. Molloy, Charles G. Nathanson and Andrew D. Paciorek
2020-043: Wealth Distribution and Retirement Preparation Among Early Savers Downloads
Alice Henriques Volz, Lindsay Jacobs, Elizabeth Llanes, Kevin B. Moore and Jeffrey Thompson
2020-042: Post-crisis Signals in Securitization: Evidence from Auto ABS Downloads
Elizabeth Klee and Chae Hee Shin
2020-041: A Comparison of Living Standards Across the States of America Downloads
Elena Falcettoni and Vegard Nygaard
2020-040: Bank Lending in the Knowledge Economy Downloads
Giovanni Dell'ariccia, Dalida Kadyrzhanova, Camelia Minoiu and Lev Ratnovski
2020-039: Zeroing in on the Expected Returns of Anomalies Downloads
Andrew Chen and Mihail Velikov
2020-038: Machine Learning, the Treasury Yield Curve and Recession Forecasting Downloads
Michael Puglia
2020-037: Equity Financing Risk Downloads
Mamdouh Medhat and Berardino Palazzo
2020-036: Should Children Do More Enrichment Activities? Leveraging Bunching to Correct for Endogeneity Downloads
Carolina Caetano, Gregorio Caetano and Eric Nielsen
2020-035: Monetary Policy, Self-Fulfilling Expectations and the U.S. Business Cycle Downloads
Giovanni Nicolo
2020-034: Branching Networks and Geographic Contagion of Commodity Price Shocks Downloads
Teng Wang
2020-032: Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Monetary Policy Surprises Downloads
Michiel De Pooter, Giovanni Favara and Michele Modugno
2020-031: Social Distancing and Supply Disruptions in a Pandemic Downloads
Martin Bodenstein, Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Guerrieri
2020-030: Tracking Labor Market Developments during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Assessment Downloads
Tomaz Cajner, Leland Crane, Ryan Decker, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas and Christopher J. Kurz
2020-029: "Revitalize or Stabilize": Does Community Development Financing Work? Downloads
Daniel R. Ringo
2020-028: Sowing the Seeds of Financial Imbalances: The Role of Macroeconomic Performance Downloads
Elena Afanasyeva, Sam Jerow, Seung Jung Lee and Michele Modugno
2020-027: Dynamic Beveridge Curve Accounting Downloads
Hie Joo Ahn and Leland Crane
2020-026: When is the Fiscal Multiplier High? A Comparison of Four Business Cycle Phases Downloads
Travis J. Berge and Damjan Pfajfar
2020-025: Costly Commuting and the Job Ladder Downloads
Jean Flemming
2020-024: Common and Idiosyncratic Inflation Downloads
Matteo Luciani
2020-023: Online Estimation of DSGE Models Downloads
Michael Cai, Marco Del Negro, Edward Herbst, Ethan Matlin, Reca Sarfati and Frank Schorfheide
2020-022: The Fed’s “Ample-Reserves” Approach to Implementing Monetary Policy Downloads
Jane E. Ihrig, Zeynep Senyuz and Gretchen C. Weinbach
2020-021r1: The Increasing Deflationary Influence of Consumer Digital Access Services Downloads
David Byrne and Carol Corrado
2020-020: Monetary Policy Implementation with an Ample Supply of Reserves Downloads
Kyungmin Kim, Antoine Martin, Gara Afonso, Ed Nosal, Simon Potter and Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
2020-019: Capacity Choice, Monetary Trade, and the Cost of Inflation Downloads
Garth Baughman and Stanislav Rabinovich
2020-018: Technological Innovation and Discrimination in Household Finance Downloads
Adair Morse and Karen M. Pence
2020-017: Changing Stability in U.S. Employment Relationships: A Tale of Two Tails Downloads
Raven S. Molloy, Christopher Smith and Abigail Wozniak
2020-016: Financial Stability Committees and Basel III Macroprudential Capital Buffers Downloads
Rochelle Edge and J. Nellie Liang
2020-015: Primer on the Forward-Looking Analysis of Risk Events (FLARE) Model: A Top-Down Stress Test Model Downloads
Cindy M. Vojtech
2020-014: Forward-Looking Monetary Policy and the Transmission of Conventional Monetary Policy Shocks Downloads
Chunya Bu, John Rogers and Wenbin Wu
2020-013: Inflation at Risk Downloads
David Lopez-Salido and Francesca Loria
2020-012r1: Time-varying Uncertainty of the Federal Reserve’s Output Gap Estimate Downloads
Travis J. Berge
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