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From Center for Japanese Business Studies (HJBS), Graduate School of Commerce and Management Hitotsubashi University
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205: 日本企業における経営者能力の測定: Managerial Ability Scoreの応用とその妥当性, Measuring Managers' Ability in Japanese Firms: Application and Evaluation of Managerial Ability Score
拓磨 河内山, Takuma Kochiyama, 惣平 石田 and Souhei Ishida
204: IFRS任意適用の公表に対する株式市場の反応: 企業間の差異を中心に, Stock Market Reaction to the Announcement of Voluntary Adoption of IFRS: The Existence of Cross-sectional Heterogeneity
鐘勲 金 and Jonghoon Kim
203: 経営者の在職期間と業績予想, Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Forecasts
惣平 石田, Souhei Ishida, 豊彦 蜂谷 and Toyohiko Hachiya
202: K-IFRSを自発的に適用した韓国企業の特性, The Characteristics of Korean Firms that Voluntarily Adopted K-IFRS
鐘勲 金 and Jonghoon Kim
200: ビジネス・システムの自己革新: トリガーとしての企業家の役割とその内部伝播メカニズムの探求, Self-Renewal of a Business System: Inquiring the Trigger Role of Entrepreneur and Internal Diffusion Mechanism
公一郎 兒玉 and Koichiro Kodama
199: 経営者の在職期間と投資の効率性, Top Executive Tenure and Investment Efficiency
惣平 石田, Souhei Ishida, 豊彦 蜂谷 and Toyohiko Hachiya
197: 経営者の在任期間と目標利益達成を意図した利益調整, Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Target
惣平 石田 and 豊彦 蜂谷
196: 会計保守主義と雇用調整の下方硬直性, Accounting Conservatism and Employment Adjustment Stickiness
惣平 石田 and Souhei Ishida
195: 技術革新研究における環境適応観と淘汰観, Two different perspectives in innovation research Downloads
大樹 高橋 and Taiki Takahashi
190: 強い監視による看過の増幅: コミットメント・エスカレーションに役員が与える影響, The Escalation of Commitment Follows Monitoring: Dysfunctional Effects of Increasing Outside Directors on the Recognition of Bad Loans
周 渡辺 and Shu Watanabe
189: Organizational Inertia and Excessive Product Proliferation
Rie Sakuraki and 理江 櫻木
188: Component Sharing Across Product Categories Leads to Functional Diversification: Evidence from the Japanese Digital Products Market
Sayako Miura and 紗綾子 三浦
187: Role, Structure, and Determinants of Debt Covenants: Evidence from Japan Downloads
Takuma Kochiyama and Ryosuke Nakamura
186: 新しいソーシャル・キャピタルの測り方: 関係性の中でやり取りされる資源に注目して, A new measurement of social capital: Focusing on exchanging resources among relationships within a firm Downloads
孝史 西村 and Takashi Nishimura
184: 複数市場競争への売上最大化モデルの導入, Intoroducing sales maximizing model into multimarket contact theory Downloads
康之 酒井
183: 保守主義に関する実証研究の動向: Conditional conservatismとUnconditional Conservatismの役割, The Trend of the Empirical Studies about Accounting Conservatism Downloads
亮介 中村 and Ryosuke Nakamura
181: International university–industry collaboration and development of high-tech industries in China, 1980s-2000s Downloads
Hua Jin
180: The impact of trade liberalization on producing regions in an importing country and a successful region: The case of Japanese orange industry and Mikkabi-town, 1970s – 1980s Downloads
Hideto Matsubara
173: 優れたワーク・ライフ・バランス施策の運用を規定するものは何か ‐‐2 社におけるHRM システム‐‐, What is the resolution of great WLB practice in workplace?: In view of 2 Japanese companies’ HRM Downloads
有珍 林, Youjin Lim and ユジン イム
172: Does Management Forecast Drive Growth of the Firm? Downloads
Tomohiro Suzuki and Yusuke Takasu
Youjin Lim, 有珍 林 and ユジン イム
170: 文脈特殊の心理的契約-ライフ・イベントの変化に対応する組織と従業員の雇用関係の見直しプロセス-, Domain-specific psychological contracts Downloads
有珍 林, Youjin Lim and ユジン イム
166: Entrepreneurial Universities and Industrial Creation in China Downloads
Hua Jin
165: Industry crisis and leadership in high-performing organizations: The case of the Japanese orange industry, 1968–1989 Downloads
Hideto Matsubara and 日出人 松原
164: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Financial Strategy of Tonen Corporation within the Global Strategy of Exxon and Mobil, c.1970-c.1990 Downloads
Kayoko Ioka
163: Empirical Implications of Sequential Innovation and Legal Action Downloads
Yasuhiro Arai and Fumitoshi Moriya
162: Bridging the gap between local and global: Two economic functions of Shibusawa Eiichi's Gappon-shugi in Japan's modernization Downloads
Takeo Kikkawa and 武郎 橘川
161: 日本企業の現金保有決定要因分析 -所有構造と取締役会特性の視点から-, Determinants of Cash Holding in Japan Downloads
誠 中野, Makoto Nakano, 悠介 髙須 and Yusuke Takasu
156: Employee Grading Principles of Japanese Firms: Complementary Relationship with Power and Information Capabilities of the Human Resources Department, 日本企業における様々な社員格付原理: 人事部門の権限や現場情報力との補完的関係 Downloads
Ikutaro Enatsu and 幾多郎 江夏
145: 両立支援施策の利用プロセスにおける心理的契約の内容と影響, Exploring Domain-Specific Psychological Contract and Their Effects to Employee Outcomes Downloads
有珍 林, Youjin Lim and ユジン イム
144: The Perception of Cost for Work-Life Balance(WLB) Practice Use and Employee outcomes Downloads
Youjin Lim, 有珍 林 and ユジン イム
143: Income Smoothing and the Cost of Bank Loans -The Effect of Information Asymmetry- Downloads
Yusuke Takasu and 悠介 高須
142: How Can Integration Reduce Inefficiencies Due to Ex Post Adaptation? Downloads
Yusuke Mori and 祐介 森
141: The relationship between Material Weaknesses in Internal Controls over Financial Reporting and Executive Turnover: Evidence from Japan Downloads
Hiroshi Uemura and 浩 上村
140: “Tragedy of the Nouveau Rich” Encountered by the Japanese Economy: Based on the Post-War History of the Financial System Downloads
Takeo Kikkawa and 武郎 橘川
138: 我が国におけるコンフリクト研究の課題 -近年のコンフリクト研究に対する文献研究より-, Within-group Conflict Research in Japan: Unsolved Issues Downloads
拓人 宍戸 and Takuto Shishido
131: Beyond Product Lifecycle and Flying Geese: International Competitiveness of East Asian Region and the Japanese Position within Downloads
Takeo Kikkawa and 武郎 橘川
122: Economic Consequences of Fair Value Accounting and a Change in the Distribution Rule Downloads
Takuma Kochiyama and 拓磨 河内山
120: 1910年代東京における自動車車体工場と伝統的技術: イノベーション・ダイナミクスと国際分業, Innovation Dynamics, Traditional Technologies, and International Division of Labor: Motor Coach-builders in Tokyo in the 1910' Downloads
陽介 飯塚 and Yosuke Meshitsuka
118: 戦略人材マネジメント研究の精緻化に向けて: 分析レベルの問題と企業内の雇用区分との関連性, Moving toward an elaborate Strategic Human Resource Management study: A question of levels of analysis and the relevance of employment diversifications in a firm Downloads
孝史 西村 and Takashi Nishimura
117: 技術変化と対抗策のタイミング: 写真のデジタル化の事例から, Technological Change and Timing for Response: The Case Study of the Digitization of Photograph
公一郎 兒玉
Yuki Yamauchi, 雄気 山内 and Takahiro Endo
110: Ownership structure and incentives to stock repurchase Downloads
Min Teng, Toyohiko Hachiya and 豊彦 蜂谷
109: The Pump-Priming Effect of Regulatory Reform on Stock Repurchases: Evidence from Lifting the Ban on Treasury Stocks in Japan Downloads
Min Teng, Toyohiko Hachiya and 豊彦 蜂谷
108: 従業員像ギャップが人事施策に与える影響: 事業経営者・人事部・従業員が抱く認知の差異, The Effect of the Employee’s Cognition on Human Resource Management: The Differences of Opinions among the General Manager, the Human Resource Department, and the Employees about Workers in their Company Downloads
孝史 西村 and Takashi Nishimura
107: 株式会社ローソン: 「お店」としてのコンビニから「企業」としてのコンビニへ, Business Case: LAWSON. Inc: A convenience store from "shop" to "company" Downloads
孝史 西村 and Takashi Nishimura
106: Hybrid Car Creates Hybrid Organization: Development of Toyota's First Prius Model and Limits that Traditional Development Organization at Toyota confronted Downloads
Hiroaki Niihara and 浩朗 新原
101: 明治日本における機械取引: 新商品としての機械とその衝撃, Machine-dealers in Modern Tokyo and Yokohama: Machinery as new commercial goods and emerging alieness Downloads
陽介 飯塚 and Yosuke Meshitsuka
100: 日本の工業化と三つのタイプの実業家, Three Types of Entrepreneurs in the Process of Japan’s Industrialization Downloads
武郎 橘川 and Takeo Kikkawa
99: Japan’s Contribution to Cool Earth Downloads
Takeo Kikkawa and 武郎 橘川
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