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2013/138999: The cost and benefit functions in the STAIRRS project: Strategies and Tools to Assess and Implement noise Reducing measures for Railway Systems
Aude Lenders and Walter Hecq
2013/138992: Establishment of an environmental indicator adapted to all existing or future road vehicles
Walter Hecq and Sandrine Meyer
2013/138982: Valuation of Marine Ecosystem Threshold Effects: Theory and Practice in relation to Algal Bloom in the North Sea
Anil Markandya, Alberto al Longo, Tim tt Taylor, Marta mp Petrucci, Walter Hecq and Véronique Choquette
2013/138929: From static to dynamic indicators of sustainable development: Example of the economy-energy-environment link
Walter Hecq
2013/138900: Inter-industry wage differentials: What do we know?
Francois Rycx and Ilan Tojerow
2013/138898: Inter-industry wage differentials: How much does rent sharing matter?
Philip Du Caju, Francois Rycx and Ilan Tojerow
2013/138897: Wage differentials across sectors in Europe: An east-west comparison
Iga Magda, Francois Rycx, Ilan Tojerow and Daphné Valsamis
2013/138896: Wage structure effects of international trade in a small open economy: The case of Belgium
Philip Du Caju, Francois Rycx and Ilan Tojerow
2013/138865: Éléments pour une géographie de l’offre charter européenne face à la concurrence des compagnies low-cost
Frédéric Dobruszkes, Vincent Schepens and Jean-Michel Decroly
2013/138176: Linking modal choice to motility: a comprehensive review
Astrid De Witte, Joachim Hollevoet, Frédéric Dobruszkes, Michel Hubert and Cathy Macharis
2013/137521: Fast-Track Authority and International Trade Negotiations Downloads
Paola Conconi, Giovanni Facchini and Maurizio Zanardi
2013/137492: The impact of the air transport liberalisation on the accessibility of European regions
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/137491: Airline and high-speed rail competition in Europe: Towards a comeback of air transport?
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/137489: In search of evidence for mode shift and induced demand following HSR development – an international perspective
Frédéric Dobruszkes and Moshe Givoni
2013/137488: The geography of European low-cost airline networks: An up-to-date analysis
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/137433: Why Bank Governance is Different
Marco Becht, Patrick Bolton and Ailsa Roell
2013/137072: Aviation and the Belgian Climate Policy: Integration Options and Impacts: Phase II: ABC Impacts Downloads
Sandrine Meyer, Julien Matheys, Annalia Bernardini, Tom Van Lier, Andrew Ferrone, Philippe Marbaix and Patrick Grenier
2013/137053: Aviation and the Belgian Climate Policy: Integration Options and Impacts: Phase I Downloads
Sandrine Meyer, Julien Matheys, Tim Festraets, Ben Matthews, Andrew Ferrone and Philippe Marbaix
2013/137040: La précarité énergétique: contours d'un nouvel enjeu en passe de redéfinir les frontières de la protection sociale
Sandrine Meyer
2013/137023: L’intervention résiduelle des États face au libre marché
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/136972: Analyse de la faisabilité et des impacts de différents scénarios de taxe carbone en Belgique
Martin Biernaux, Sandrine Meyer and Arnaud Brohe
2013/136964: Evaluation des conséquences économiques et administratives d'un prix élevé du baril de pétrole Région de Bruxelles-Capitale
Julien Matheys, Martin Biernaux, Patrick Brocorens and Sandrine Meyer
2013/136942: Energiearmoede in België (tweede editie) Downloads
Frédéric Huybrechs, Sandrine Meyer and Jan Vranken
2013/136906: La précarité énergétique en Belgique: seconde édition Downloads
Frédéric Huybrechs, Sandrine Meyer and Jan Vranken
2013/136899: Energiearmoede in Vlaanderen: problematiek en beleid belicht
Frédéric Huybrechs and Sandrine Meyer
2013/136897: Energiearmoede in België
Sandrine Meyer and Frédéric Huybrechs
2013/136893: La précarité énergétique en Belgique
Sandrine Meyer and Frédéric Huybrechs
2013/136806: The impact of party organization on electoral outcomes
Benoit Crutzen, Micael Castanheira and Nicolas Sahuguet
2013/136805: Party organization and electoral competition
Benoit Crutzen, Micael Castanheira and Nicolas Sahuguet
2013/136803: Which reforms for a fair and sustainable pension system?
Micael Castanheira and Vincenzo Galasso
2013/136801: Le défi des réformes structurelles
Micael Castanheira
2013/136798: On the Political Economics of Tax Reforms: survey and empirical assessment
Micael Castanheira, Gaëtan Nicodème and Paola Profeta
2013/136795: Environmental Impacts of Mobility and Urban Development: A Case Study of the Brussels-Capital Region
Pavel Safonov, Vincent Favrel and Walter Hecq
2013/136790: Comprehensive methodology to compare the environmental damage caused by vehicles with different alternative fuels and drive trains
Gaston Maggetto, Joeri Van Mierlo, Vincent Favrel, Sandrine Meyer and Walter Hecq
2013/136784: Geographical distribution of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects: Barriers analysis and actions to undertake for the African continent
Simon Bisore and Walter Hecq
2013/136662: Quantification of interdependencies between economic systems and ecosystem services: an input-output model applied to the Seine estuary
Mateo Cordier, José A. Pérez Agúndez, Martin MO O'Connor, Walter Hecq and S. Rochette
2013/136660: Optimal portfolios with end-of-period target
Hiroshi Shiraishi, Hiroaki Ogata, Tomoyuki Amano, Valentin Palitea, Masanobu Taniguchi and David Veredas
2013/136659: Statistical Estimation of Portfolios for Dependent Financial Returns
Cathy W. S. Chen, Junichi Hirukawa, Hiroshi Shiraishi, Kenichiro Tamaki, Masanobu Taniguchi and David Veredas
2013/136579: Les régions européennes à l’épreuve de la libéralisation du transport aérien:quelle concurrence entre compagnies et quel usage des nouvelles libertés ?
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/136578: Geography and typology of European low-cost airlines networks
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/136577: Axes de développement, besoins en espace, programmes régionaux d’aménagement du territoire et perspectives de réutilisation des friches ferroviaires à Schaerbeek-Formation
Frédéric Dobruszkes and Christian Vandermotten
2013/136576: Projet d’un terminal TGV à Schaerbeek-Formation:mission d’experts pour la Ministre de la mobilité et des transports
Frédéric Dobruszkes and Christian Vandermotten
2013/136574: Éléments pour une géographie de l’offre charter européenne face à la concurrence des compagnies low-cost
Frédéric Dobruszkes, Vincent Schepens and Jean-Michel Decroly
2013/136535: Géographie de la concurrence aérienne et des services publics résiduels en Europe
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/136530: Libéralisation et desserte des territoires:le cas du transport aérien européen
Frédéric Dobruszkes
Walter Hecq
2013/136355: The chilling trade effects of antidumping proliferation
Hylke Vandenbussche and Maurizio Zanardi
2013/136353: Does reduced trade tax revenue affect government spending patterns?
MichaelO. Moore and Maurizio Zanardi
2013/136352: Trade Liberalization and Antidumping: Is There a Substitution Effect?
Michael Moore and Maurizio Zanardi
2013/136351: Political pressure deflection
JamesE. Anderson and Maurizio Zanardi
2013/136284: Latest developments in heavy-tailed distributions
Marc Paolella, Eric Renault, Gennady Samorodnitsky and David Veredas
2013/136283: On sample marginal quantiles for stationary processes
Yves Dominicy, Siegfried Hörmann, Hiroaki Ogata and David Veredas
2013/136282: Inference for vast dimensional elliptical distributions
Yves Dominicy, Hiroaki Ogata and David Veredas
2013/136281: R-estimation in linear models with stable errors
Marc Hallin, Yves-Caoimhin Swan, Thomas Verdebout and David Veredas
2013/136245: Quantitative Finance Group: Activity Report 2010-2012
David Veredas
2013/136240: Which model to match?
Matteo Barigozzi, Roxana Halbleib and David Veredas
2013/136239: A simple model for vast panels of volatilities
Matteo Luciani and David Veredas
2013/136238: TailCoR
Lorenzo Ricci and David Veredas
2013/136237: Disentangling systematic and idiosyncratic risks for large panels of assets
Matteo Barigozzi, Christian Brownlees, Giampiero Gallo and David Veredas
2013/136236: Macro Surprises and short-term behavior in bond futures
David Veredas
2013/136235: Seminonparametric models for financial durations
Rodriguez-Poo Juan, David Veredas and Antoni Espasa
2013/136234: The stochastic conditional duration model: a latent factor model for the analysis of financial durations
Luc Bauwens and David Veredas
2013/136223: High frequency financial econometrics. Recent developments
Winfried Pohlmeier, Luc Bauwens and David Veredas
2013/136220: High frequency finance
Luc Bauwens, David Veredas and Winfried Pohlmeier
2013/136219: Quantifying and understanding dysfunctions in financial markets
Thomas Lux, Pablo Rovira Kaltwasser and David Veredas
2013/136218: A comparison of financial duration models via density forecast
Luc Bauwens, Pierre Giot, Joachim Grammig and David Veredas
2013/136217: Using intra annual information to forecast the annual state deficit. The case of France
Laurent Moulin, Matteo Sala, Andrea Silvestrini and David Veredas
2013/136205: Temporal aggregation of univariate and multivariate time series models: a survey
Andrea Silvestrini and David Veredas
2013/136204: Indirect inference of elliptical fat tailed distributions
Marco Lombardi and David Veredas
2013/136203: Aggregation of linear models for panel data
Alexandre Petkovic and David Veredas
2013/136196: Rank-based testing in linear models with stable errors
Marc Hallin, Yves-Caoimhin Swan, Thomas Verdebout and David Veredas
2013/136195: Testing conditional asymmetry. A residual based approach
Philippe Lambert, Sébastien Laurent and David Veredas
2013/136194: Macro surprises and short-term behavior in bond futures
David Veredas
2013/136193: What pieces of LOB information are informative? An empirical analysis of a pure order driven market
Roberto Pascual and David Veredas
2013/136192: Does the open limit order book matter in explaining long run volatility?
Roberto Pascual and David Veredas
2013/136191: Dynamic portfolio optimization with conditional heteroscedastic generalized dynamic factor models
Takayuki Shiohama, Marc Hallin and Masanobu Taniguchi
2013/136190: The impact of macroeconomic news on quote adjustments, noise and informational volatility
Nikolaus Hautsch, Dieter Hess and David Veredas
2013/136189: A simple two-component model for the distribution of intraday returns
Laura Coroneo and David Veredas
2013/136186: Estimation of stable distributions with indirect inference
René Garcia, Eric Renault and David Veredas
2013/135954: The geography of European low-cost airline networks: A contemporary analysis
Frédéric Dobruszkes
2013/135835: Do women gain or lose from becoming mothers? A comparative wage analysis in 20 European countries
Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135825: Introduction
Maria Caprile, Danièle Meulders, Síle O'Dorchai and Nuria Vallès
2013/135824: The gender pay gap in research: a comparison of 23 European countries
Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135823: Revisiting poverty measures towards individualisation
Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135821: Conclusion
Jérôme De Henau, Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135820: The Relative Generosity of the EU-15 Member States’ Child Policies
Jérôme De Henau, Danièle Meulders, Síle O'Dorchai and Hélène Périvier
2013/135765: Les femmes sur le marché du travail: Les faiblesses spécifiques dans 8 pays représentatifs de l’Union Européenne
Hélène Périvier and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135758: Flexible working time arrangements and gender equality: A comparative review of 30 European countries
Danièle Meulders, Síle O'Dorchai, Janneke Plantenga and Chantal Remery
2013/135749: Meta-analysis gender and science research: Synthesis report
Maria Caprile, Elisabetta Addis, Cecilia Castaño, I Klinge, M. Larios, Danièle Meulders, J Muller, Síle O'Dorchai, M. Palasik, Robert Plasman, S. Roivas, F. Sagebiel, Londa Schiebinger, Nuria Vallès and S. Vazquez-Cupeiro
2013/135744: United we stand, divided we fall: The implications of measuring poverty based on individual rather than household income
Síle O'Dorchai and Danièle Meulders
2013/135739: She Figures 2012: Women and science: Statistics and Indicators Downloads
Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/135731: Alma Mater, Homo Sapiens II: Les inégalités entre femmes et hommes dans les universités francophones de Belgique Downloads
Danièle Meulders, Natalie Simeu and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/134344: Understanding the patenting behavior of firms
Carine Peeters and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
2013/133159: Dictatorship in a single export economy
Bart Capéau and Philip Verwimp
2013/133081: Local social capital and geographical mobility
Quentin Max David, Alexandre Janiak and Etienne Wasmer
2013/132819: The devil is in the shadow: Do institutions affect income and productivity or only official income and official productivity? Downloads
Axel Dreher, Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Friedrich Schneider
2013/132815: FDI Waves, Waves of Neglect of Political Risk
Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Khalid Sekkat
2013/132538: Store environment and advertising: investigating two manipulative forces from the supermarket
Joeri Clochet, Sam Cosaert, Laurens Cherchye and Bram De Rock
2013/132522: The revealed preference approach to demand
Laurens Cherchye, Ian Crawford, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen
2013/132521: Revealed preference tests for collective household behavior
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, Frederic Vermeulen and Ewout Verriest
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