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2013/13704: Algorithm AS-237: The corner method for identifying autoregressive-moving average models Downloads
Bertrand Mareschal and Guy Melard
2013/13702: On confidence intervals and tests for autocorrelations Downloads
Guy Melard and Roch Roy
2013/13700: Sélection d'une méthode de prévision par l'emploi du modèle ARIMA sous-jacent Downloads
Guy Melard and O. Rouland
2013/13698: The relationship between the Canadian treasury bill rate and expected inflation in Canada and in the United States Downloads
Nabil Khoury and Guy Melard
2013/13696: Examples of the evolutionary spectrum theory
Guy Melard
2013/13694: Sur un test d'égalité des autocovariances de deux séries chronologiques
Guy Melard and Roch Roy
2013/13692: Algorithm AS197: A fast algorithm for the exact likelihood of autoregressive-moving average models Downloads
Guy Melard
2013/13690: L'application de la méthode du maximum de vraisemblance dans des modèles de séries chronologiques
Guy Melard
2013/13688: Forme rétrospéctive d'un modèle FARIMAG
Jean-Luc Kiehm, Claude Lefèvre and Guy Melard
2013/13686: Spécification d'un modèle ARIMA évolutif: approche par décomposition
Guy Melard and Jean-Luc Kiehm
2013/13684: Approximation d'ordre 2 dans les modèles MA(1) dont le coefficient est une fonction exponentielle du temps
Jean-Luc Kiehm and Guy Melard
2013/13682: Modèles ARIMA pour des séries chronologiques non homogènes Downloads
Guy Melard
2013/13680: Propriétés du spectre évolutif d'un processus non stationnaire Downloads
Guy Melard
2013/13678: Une application économique des modèles ARIMA non stationnaires Downloads
Francis Bossier and Guy Melard
2013/13676: Sur une classe de modèles ARIMA dépendant du temps Downloads
Guy Melard
2013/13674: Une méthode numérique pour la durée d'extinction d'une épidémie Downloads
Guy Melard
2013/13608: How committees impact the volatility of policy rates
Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Etienne Farvaque and Norimichi Matsueda
2013/13544: Education et croissance: quel lien pour quelle politique?
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Claude Diebolt
2013/13542: Lois économiques et cliométrie
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Claude Diebolt
2013/13538: Fiscal harmonisation on oil products within the EC
Jean-Baptiste Lesourd and Danièle Meulders
2013/13536: La costruzione di un serpente sociale europeo
Danièle Meulders and Philippe Vanhuynegem
2013/13534: Analyse coûts-avantages de la protection sociale dans les pays de la Communauté Européenne
Yvan Guillaume, Christian Hecq, Bernard Lange and Danièle Meulders
2013/13532: The completion of the internal market, the economic and monetary union, fiscal and social competition
Yvan Guillaume, Christian Hecq, Bernard Lange and Danièle Meulders
2013/13530: Du cadre spécial temporaire aux services de proximité: à la recherche du quaternaire
Danièle Meulders and Robert Plasman
2013/13528: Atypical labour market relations in the European Union
Danièle Meulders, Olivier Plasman and Robert Plasman
2013/13524: La flexibilité en Europe
Danièle Meulders
2013/13522: European employment policies potential impact on female workers
Danièle Meulders and Robert Plasman
2013/13520: Le cas de la Belgique
Corinne Soudan and Robert Plasman
2013/13518: Did trade liberalization induce a structural break in imports of manufactures in Turkey?
Ali Bayar, Carlos Martines-Mongay, Paul De Boer, Bart Hobijn and Mehmet Pamukçu
2013/13516: Entry and exit dynamics from excessive deficits
Ali Bayar and Paul De Boer
2013/13514: Introduction générale
Evelyne Istace, Michel Laffut, Robert Plasman and Christine Ruyters
2013/13512: Les missions d'intérêt économique général des mutuelles européennes: les aspects économiques
Rodrigo Ruz Torres
2013/13510: The role of welfare state typologies in analysing motherhood
Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/13508: Les femmes sur le marché du travail: les faiblesses spécifiques dans 8 pays représentatifs de l'Union européenne
Síle O'Dorchai and Hélène Périvier
2013/13506: Introduction and overview
Francois Rycx and David Marsden
2013/13504: Why do wages vary across industries?
Francois Rycx
2013/13502: What is Cliometrica
Dora Costa, Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Claude Diebolt
2013/13500: How much could economics gain from history: the contribution of cliometrics
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Claude Diebolt
2013/13498: US economic growth in the gilded age: a critical view
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester
2013/13496: Labour participation of higher education students
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Denis Rochat
2013/13494: Entry and exit dynamics of excessive deficits in the European Union
Ali Bayar
2013/13492: Le développement de l'enseignement supérieur assure-t-il le développement économique? Une approche cliométrique
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Denis Rochat
2013/13490: Do national business cycles have an international origin?
Joffrey Malek Mansour
2013/13488: Aspects économiques d'une assurance-dépendance en Belgique francophone et germanophone
Rodrigo Ruz Torres
2013/13486: La défédéralisation des soins de santé: existe-t-il un consensus dans les revendications flamandes?
Kristian Orsini
2013/13484: Reforms of the financing of higher education in Europe: powerful universities, paying universities?
Cécile Deer and Jean-Luc De Meulemeester
2013/13482: The comparative effectiveness of public policies to fight motherhood-induced employment gaps in the former EU-15
Danièle Meulders, Jérôme De Henau and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/13478: Maybe baby: comparing mothers' employment and child policies in the EU-15
Jérôme De Henau, Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/13476: Quelle est l'influence des négociations d'entreprise sur la structure des salaires?
Michael Rusinek and Francois Rycx
2013/13474: L'influence de la dispersion salariale sur la performance des grandes entreprises belges
Benoît Mahy, Francois Rycx and Mélanie Volral
2013/13472: El enfoque feminista de la economía
Danièle Meulders and Robert Plasman
2013/13470: Capital humain et éducation en Communauté française de Belgique
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester
2013/13468: Le système national d'économie politique de List: la fondation du réalisme pluridisciplinaire en économie politique internationale contre le libre-échangisme anglo-saxon
Jean-Luc De Meulemeester and Jean-Christophe Defraigne
2013/13466: Position of women on the labour market in the European Community
Danièle Meulders, Robert Plasman and Valérie Vander Stricht
2013/13464: Atypical employment in the EC
Danièle Meulders, Olivier Plasman and Robert Plasman
2013/13460: Budgetary policy modelling: public expenditures
Pantelis Capros and Danièle Meulders
2013/13458: Une ambition pour l'Europe: 32 heures en 4 jours
François Ballestero and Robert Plasman
2013/13456: Balades dans le jardin des grands économistes: Frédéric Bastiat, William Beveridge, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, Irving Fischer, William Stanley Jevons, Clement Juglar
Nelly Schmitz
2013/13454: Assessment of the national action plans on social inclusion from gender perspective
Robert Plasman
2013/13452: Reconciliation of work and private life in Belgium: external report
Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/13450: National expert assessment of the gender perspective in the Belgian reform programme for employment
Danièle Meulders and Síle O'Dorchai
2013/13448: Structure et formation des salaires en Belgique
Robert Plasman and Michael Rusinek
2013/13446: Wage structures, employment adjustments and globalisation: evidence from linked and firm-level panel data sets
Francois Rycx and David Marsden
2013/13444: Different but equal: total work, gender and social norms in the EU and US time use
Philippe Weil, Michael Burda and Daniel Hamermesh
2013/13442: Debt Ponzi games and dynamic efficiency under uncertainty
Philippe Weil and Olivier Blanchard
2013/13440: Credit markets and unemployment in the short run and in the long run
Philippe Weil
2013/13438: L'incertitude, le temps et la théorie de l'utilité
Philippe Weil
2013/13436: The macroeconomics of credit and labor market imperfections
Philippe Weil and Etienne Wasmer
2013/13434: Labor supply, precautionary saving and growth
Philippe Weil, Albert Marcet and Francesc Obiols-Homs
2013/13432: Precautionary saving and consumption smoothing across time and possibilities
Miles Kimball and Philippe Weil
2013/13430: Overlapping generations: the first jubilee
Philippe Weil
2013/13422: The cost factor in patent systems
Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie and Didier François
2013/13420: Fiscal policy in Europe: the past and the future of EMU rules from the perspective of Musgrave and Buchanan
Andre Sapir and Marco Buti
2013/13416: Comment on International prices and productivity: an empirical analysis of the transmission among OECD countries G. Corsetti, L. Dedola, S. Leduc)
Robert Kollmann
2013/13414: Using perturbation methods to solve an incomplete markets model with exogenous bounds on asset holdings
Robert Kollmann, Jinill Kim and Sunghyun Kim
2013/13412: Solving a multi-country RBC model using Sims' second-order accurate algorithm
Robert Kollmann, Jinill Kim and Sunghyun Kim
2013/13410: International portfolios, current account dynamics and capital accumulation
Robert Kollmann, Nicolas Coeurdacier and Philippe Martin
2013/13408: Semiparametrically efficient inference based on signs and ranks statistics for median-restricted models
Marc Hallin, Catherine Vermandele and Bas Werker
2013/13406: Optimal tests for non-correlation between multivariate time series
Marc Hallin and Abdessamad Saidi
2013/13404: The economic consequences of droit de suite in the European Union Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh
2013/13402: Consensus ou diversité: une mise en perspective de la critique littéraire en France Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh and Sheila Weyers
2013/13396: Can public arts education replace arts subsidization? Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh, Luc Champarnaud and Philippe Michel
2013/13394: Did the Euro imply more correlation of cycles?
Domenico Giannone and Lucrezia Reichlin
2013/13388: Large Bayesian vector auto regressions
Domenico Giannone, Marta Banbura and Lucrezia Reichlin
2013/13386: L'accord du Lombard et ses effets électoraux
Benoît Bayenet, Marjorie Gassner, Evelyne Lentzen and Françoise Thys-Clément
2013/13384: Propositions de réforme du système électoral
Marjorie Gassner and Christophe Magdalijns
2013/13382: Conversions de proportionnelle en majoritaire
Marjorie Gassner and Evelyne Lentzen
2013/13380: Représentations parlementaires: méthodes mathématiques biproportionnellles de répartition des sièges
Marjorie Gassner
2013/13378: Evaluating the minimum asset tax on corporations: an option pricing approach?
Antonio Estache and Sweder van Wijnbergen
2013/13374: Downsizing with labor sharing and collusion?
Antonio Estache, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Xinzhu Zhang
2013/13368: The limits of competition in urban buses in developing countries?
Antonio Estache and Andres Gomez-Lobo
2013/13358: Inverse imaging with mixed penalties
Christine De Mol and Michel Defrise
2013/13356: Wavelets for solving inverse problems
Christine De Mol
2013/13348: What are the factors of success at university? a case study in Belgium Downloads
Elena Arias and Catherine Dehon
2013/13344: The EU Common Commercial Policy and Global/Regional Trade Regulation Downloads
Paola Conconi
2013/13342: Comment: EC:Export Subsidies on Sugar Downloads
Paola Conconi
2013/13340: European disclosure for the new millennium
Marco Becht
2013/13338: Corporate control in Europe
Marco Becht and Colin Mayer
2013/13336: Beneficial ownership in the United States
Marco Becht
2013/13334: Ownership and voting power in Germany
Marco Becht and Ekkehart Boehmer
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