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12-118: Adaptive Platform Dynamics in Multi-Party Spatial Voting
Bärbel M.R. Stadler
12-116: Some Design Principles for Immune System Recognition
Alan S. Perelson and Frederik W. Wiegel
12-113: Statistical Mechanics of Network Models of Macroevolution and Extinction
Ricard V. Sole
12-112: Queues, Stacks, and Transcendentality at the Transition to Chaos
Cristopher Moore and Porus Lakdawala
12-111: Noise and Periodic Modulations in Neural Excitable Media
J. M. G. Vilar, R. V. Sole and J. M. Rubi
12-110: Transient Dynamics and Scaling Phenomena in Urban Growth
Susanna C. Manrubia, Damian H. Zanette and Ricard V. Sole
12-109: Power Spectra of Extinction in the Fossil Record
M. E. J. Newman and Gunther J. Eble
12-106: Foresight, Complexity, and Strategy
David Lane and Robert Maxfield
12-105: Parallel Cone Bipolar to On-Beta Ganglion Cell Pathways in the Cat Retina: Spatial Responses, Spatial Aliasing, and Spatial Variance
Bennett Levitan and Gershon Buchsbaum
12-095: Coherent Noise, Scale Invariance, and Intermittency in Large Systems
Kim Sneppen and M. E. J. Newman
12-094: Community Assembly in a Model Ecosystem
Peter T. Hraber and Bruce T. Milne
12-094: Zones of Cooperation in Demographic Prisoner's Dilemma
Joshua M. Epstein
12-093: A Stochastic Infinite-Horizon Economy with Secured Lending or Unsecured Lending and Bankruptcy
I. Karatzas, Martin Shubik and W. Sudderth
12-093: Asset Pricing Under Endogenous Expectation in an Artificial Stock Market
W. Brian Arthur, John H. Holland, Blake Lebaron, Richard Palmer and Paul Taylor
12-092: Structure and Strategy in Collective Action: Communication and Coordination in Social Networks
Michael Suk-Young Chwe
12-091: Evidence for Adaptive Evolutionary Convergence in the Base Composition of Single-Stranded RNA
Erik Schultes, Peter T. Hraber and Thomas H. LaBean
12-091: Games of Status Part I: Modeling Considerations
Tom Quint and Martin Shubik
12-090: Spatial Autocorrelation, Dispersal, and the Maintenance of Source-Sink Populations
Timothy H. Keitt
12-090: Global Similarities in Nucleotide Base Composition Among Disparate Functional Classes of Single-Stranded RNA
Erik Schultes, Peter T. Hraber and Thomas H. LaBean
12-089: Dynamics of North American Breeding Bird Populations
Timothy H. Keitt and H. Eugene Stanley
12-088: Somatic Mutation Leads to Efficient Affinity Maturation When Centrocytes Recycle Back to Centroblasts
Mihaela Oprea and Alan S. Perelson
12-088: Correlated Mutations in Protein Sequences: Phylogenetic and Structural Effects
A. S. Lapedes, B. G. Giraud, L. C. Liu and G. D. Stormo
12-087: Self-Dissimilarity: An Empirical Measure of Complexity
David H. Wolpert and William G. Macready
12-087: Spectral Representation of Neutral Landscapes
Timothy H. Keitt
12-086: Criticality and Scaling in Evolutionary Ecology
Ricard V. Sole, Susanna C. Manrubia, Michael Benton, Stuart Kauffman and Per Bak
12-086: The Repton Model of Gel Electrophoresis
G. . Barkema and M. E. J. Newman
12-085: Neutral Networks in Protein Space
Aderonke Babajide, Ivo L. Hofacker, Manfred J. Sippl and Peter F. Stadler
12-083: Computation with Switching Map Systems: Nonlinearity and Computational Complexity
Yuzuru Sato, Makoto Taiji and Takashi Ikegami
12-082: Distributing Intelligence and Organizing Diversity in New Media Projects
Monique Girard and David Stark
12-081: Pathways of Property Transformation: Enterprise Network Careers in Hungary, 1988-2000
David Stark and Bal‡zs Vedres
12-080: Money and the Monetization of Credit
Martin Shubik
12-080: Small Worlds: The Structure of Social Networks
Mark Newman
12-079: Patterns of Extinction and Biodiversity in the Fossil Record
Ricard V. Solé and Mark Newman
12-079: Two-Tiered Evolution of Neiserria meningitis: How Within-Host Ecology and Between-Host Epidemiology Expedite Phase Shifting
Lauren W. Ancel, Bruce R. Levin, Anthony R. Richardson and Igor Stojiljkovic
12-078: Applying Network Theory to Epidemics: Control Measures for Outbreaks of Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Lauren W. Ancel, M. E. J. Newman, Michael Martin and Stephanie Schrag
12-078: RNA Folding at Elementary Step Resolution
Christoph Flamm, Walter Fontana, Ivo L. Hofacker and Peter Schuster
12-077: Plasticity, Evolvability and Modularity in RNA
Lauren W. Ancel and Walter Fontana
12-077: Community Structure in Social and Biological Networks
Michelle Girvan and M. E. J. Newman
12-076: Testing For Nonlinearity Using Redundancies: Quantitiative and Qualitative Aspects
Milan Palu\v S
12-076: Large Extinctions in an Evolutionary Model: The Role of Innovation and Keystone Species
Sanjay Jain and Sandeep Krishna
12-076: Scaling and Zipf's Law in Ecological Size Spectra
Juan Camacho and Ricard V. Solé
12-075: Crashes, Recoveries, and 'Core-Shifts' in a Model of Evolving Networks
Sanjay Jain and Sandeep Krishna
12-075: The Influence of Mutation on Autocatalytic Reaction Networks
Peter F. Stadler and Juan Carlos Nu\~no
12-074: An Introduction to SFI Echo
Terry Jones and Stephanie Forrest
12-074: Variations on the Theme of Scarf's Counter-Example
Alok Kumar and Martin Shubik
12-074: The Death of Costly Signalling?
Michael Lachmann, Carl Bergstrom and Szabolcs Számadó
12-073: Exact Solutions of Epidemic Models on Networks
M. E. J. Newman
12-073: Perceptual-Cognitive Universals as Reflections of the World
Roger N. Shepard
12-073: The Co-evolution of Individual Behaviors and Social Institutions
Samuel Bowles and Astrid Hopfensitz
12-072: The Evolution of Reciprocal Preferences
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
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