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2011, volume 106, articles 495

Population Value Decomposition, a Framework for the Analysis of Image Populations pp. 775-790 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Brian S. Caffo, Sheng Luo, Vadim M. Zipunnikov and Naresh M. Punjabi
Comment pp. 791-796 Downloads
Nicole A. Lazar
Comment pp. 796-797 Downloads
Kerby Shedden
Comment pp. 798-802 Downloads
E. F. Lock, A. B. Nobel and J. S. Marron
Comment pp. 802-803 Downloads
Ying Nian Wu
Rejoinder pp. 803-806 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Brian S. Caffo, Sheng Luo, Vadim M. Zipunnikov and Naresh M. Punjabi
Nonparametric Bayes Stochastically Ordered Latent Class Models pp. 807-817 Downloads
Hongxia Yang, O’Brien, Sean and David B. Dunson
Robust EM Continual Reassessment Method in Oncology Dose Finding pp. 818-831 Downloads
Ying Yuan and Guosheng Yin
Analysis of Long Period Variable Stars With Nonparametric Tests for Trend Detection pp. 832-845 Downloads
Cheolwoo Park, Jeongyoun Ahn, Martin Hendry and Woncheol Jang
Fast and Accurate Approximation to Significance Tests in Genome-Wide Association Studies pp. 846-857 Downloads
Yu Zhang and Jun S. Liu
Functional Principal Component Analysis of Density Families With Categorical and Continuous Data on Canadian Entrant Manufacturing Firms pp. 858-878 Downloads
Kim Huynh, Jacho-Chávez, David T., Robert Petrunia and Marcel Voia
Distinct Counting With a Self-Learning Bitmap pp. 879-890 Downloads
Aiyou Chen, Jin Cao, Larry Shepp and Tuan Nguyen
A Statistical Framework for the Analysis of ChIP-Seq Data pp. 891-903 Downloads
Pei Fen Kuan, Dongjun Chung, Guangjin Pan, James A. Thomson, Ron Stewart and Keleş, Sündüz
Adaptive Confidence Intervals for the Test Error in Classification pp. 904-913 Downloads
Eric B. Laber and Susan A. Murphy
Comment pp. 914-915 Downloads
Richard J. Samworth
Comment pp. 916-918 Downloads
Bühlmann, Peter
Comment pp. 919-919 Downloads
Dümbgen, Lutz
Comment pp. 920-924 Downloads
Yair Goldberg and Michael R. Kosorok
Comment pp. 924-931 Downloads
Yuhong Yang and Gang Cheng
Comment pp. 931-936 Downloads
Susan Wei and Andrew B. Nobel
Comment pp. 936-940 Downloads
Wolfgang Polonik
Rejoinder pp. 940-945 Downloads
Eric B. Laber and Susan A. Murphy
An Asymptotically Pivotal Transform of the Residuals Sample Autocorrelations With Application to Model Checking pp. 946-958 Downloads
Miguel Delgado and Carlos Velasco
Variational Bayesian Inference for Parametric and Nonparametric Regression With Missing Data pp. 959-971 Downloads
C. Faes, J. T. Ormerod and M. P. Wand
Bayesian Inference for the Spatial Random Effects Model pp. 972-983 Downloads
Emily L. Kang and Noel Cressie
Posterior Probability of Discovery and Expected Rate of Discovery for Multiple Hypothesis Testing and High Throughput Assays pp. 984-996 Downloads
Yihua Zhao
Correcting for Population Stratification in Genomewide Association Studies pp. 997-1008 Downloads
D. Y. Lin and D. Zeng
Independent Component Analysis Involving Autocorrelated Sources With an Application to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging pp. 1009-1024 Downloads
Seonjoo Lee, Haipeng Shen, Young Truong, Mechelle Lewis and Xuemei Huang
Large Volatility Matrix Inference via Combining Low-Frequency and High-Frequency Approaches pp. 1025-1040 Downloads
Minjing Tao, Yazhen Wang, Qiwei Yao and Jian Zou
Rao–Blackwellization for Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging in Linear and Binary Regression: A Novel Data Augmentation Approach pp. 1041-1052 Downloads
Joyee Ghosh and Merlise Clyde
Optimal Weight Choice for Frequentist Model Average Estimators pp. 1053-1066 Downloads
Hua Liang, Guohua Zou, Alan T. K. Wan and Xinyu Zhang
Permutation Multiple Tests of Binary Features Do Not Uniformly Control Error Rates pp. 1067-1074 Downloads
Eloise E. Kaizar, Yan Li and Jason C. Hsu
Hierarchical Clustering With Prototypes via Minimax Linkage pp. 1075-1084 Downloads
Jacob Bien and Robert Tibshirani
Summarizing Insurance Scores Using a Gini Index pp. 1085-1098 Downloads
Edward W. Frees, Glenn Meyers and A. David Cummings
Linear or Nonlinear? Automatic Structure Discovery for Partially Linear Models pp. 1099-1112 Downloads
Hao Helen Zhang, Guang Cheng and Yufeng Liu
A Measure of Stationarity in Locally Stationary Processes With Applications to Testing pp. 1113-1124 Downloads
Holger Dette, Philip Preuß and Mathias Vetter
SparseNet: Coordinate Descent With Nonconvex Penalties pp. 1125-1138 Downloads
Rahul Mazumder, Jerome H. Friedman and Trevor Hastie
Multi-Layer Designs for Computer Experiments pp. 1139-1149 Downloads
Shan Ba and V. Roshan Joseph
GLS Estimation of Dynamic Factor Models pp. 1150-1166 Downloads
Jörg Breitung and Jörn Tenhofen
Robust, Adaptive Functional Regression in Functional Mixed Model Framework pp. 1167-1179 Downloads
Hongxiao Zhu, Philip J. Brown and Jeffrey S. Morris
Density Estimation in Several Populations With Uncertain Population Membership pp. 1180-1192 Downloads
Yanyuan Ma, Jeffrey D. Hart and Raymond J. Carroll
Fusion-Refinement Procedure for Dimension Reduction With Missing Response at Random pp. 1193-1207 Downloads
Xiaobo Ding and Qihua Wang
Predicting False Discovery Proportion Under Dependence pp. 1208-1218 Downloads
Subhashis Ghosal and Anindya Roy

2011, volume 106, articles 494

Estimating the Term Structure With a Semiparametric Bayesian Hierarchical Model: An Application to Corporate Bonds pp. 387-395 Downloads
Alejandro Cruz-Marcelo, Katherine B. Ensor and Gary L. Rosner
An Approach to the Estimation of Chronic Air Pollution Effects Using Spatio-Temporal Information pp. 396-406 Downloads
Sonja Greven, Francesca Dominici and Scott Zeger
Multivariate Regression Analysis for the Item Count Technique pp. 407-416 Downloads
Kosuke Imai
Self-Controlled Case Series Analysis With Event-Dependent Observation Periods pp. 417-426 Downloads
C. Paddy Farrington, Karim Anaya-Izquierdo, Heather J. Whitaker, Mounia N. Hocine, Ian Douglas and Liam Smeeth
Predictive Macro-Finance With Dynamic Partition Models pp. 427-439 Downloads
Daniel Zantedeschi, Paul Damien and Nicholas G. Polson
Malaria in Northwest India: Data Analysis via Partially Observed Stochastic Differential Equation Models Driven by Lévy Noise pp. 440-451 Downloads
Anindya Bhadra, Edward L. Ionides, Karina Laneri, Mercedes Pascual, Menno Bouma and Ramesh C. Dhiman
Global Warming and Local Dimming: The Statistical Evidence pp. 452-464 Downloads
Jan Magnus, Bertrand Melenberg and Chris Muris
Rejoinder pp. 457-468 Downloads
Jan Magnus, Bertrand Melenberg and Chris Muris
Comment pp. 465-467 Downloads
T. Storelvmo and T. Leirvik
Modeling Partial Compliance Through Copulas in a Principal Stratification Framework pp. 469-479 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci and Leonardo Grilli
Cocaine Dependence Treatment Data: Methods for Measurement Error Problems With Predictors Derived From Stationary Stochastic Processes pp. 480-493 Downloads
Yongtao Guan, Yehua Li and Rajita Sinha
Identifying Risk Factors for Severe Childhood Malnutrition by Boosting Additive Quantile Regression pp. 494-510 Downloads
Nora Fenske, Thomas Kneib and Torsten Hothorn
Using Split Samples and Evidence Factors in an Observational Study of Neonatal Outcomes pp. 511-524 Downloads
Kai Zhang, Dylan S. Small, Scott Lorch, Sindhu Srinivas and Paul R. Rosenbaum
Inference for Quantitation Parameters in Polymerase Chain Reactions via Branching Processes With Random Effects pp. 525-533 Downloads
Bret Hanlon and Anand N. Vidyashankar
A Direct Bootstrap Method for Complex Sampling Designs From a Finite Population pp. 534-543 Downloads
Erika Antal and Tillé, Yves
Nonparametric Independence Screening in Sparse Ultra-High-Dimensional Additive Models pp. 544-557 Downloads
Jianqing Fan, Yang Feng and Rui Song
Estimating the Jump Activity Index Under Noisy Observations Using High-Frequency Data pp. 558-568 Downloads
Bing-Yi Jing, Xin-Bing Kong and Zhi Liu
Nonparametric Evaluation of Biomarker Accuracy Under Nested Case-Control Studies pp. 569-580 Downloads
Tianxi Cai and Yingye Zheng
Randomization-Based Inference Within Principal Strata pp. 581-593 Downloads
Tracy L. Nolen and Michael G. Hudgens
A Constrained â„“1 Minimization Approach to Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation pp. 594-607 Downloads
Tony Cai, Weidong Liu and Xi Luo
Bootstrapping Lasso Estimators pp. 608-625 Downloads
A. Chatterjee and S. N. Lahiri
Outlier Detection Using Nonconvex Penalized Regression pp. 626-639 Downloads
Yiyuan She and Art B. Owen
Nonparametric Regression Analysis for Group Testing Data pp. 640-650 Downloads
Aurore Delaigle and Alexander Meister
Do-Validation for Kernel Density Estimation pp. 651-660 Downloads
Enno Mammen, Martínez Miranda, María Dolores, Jens Perch Nielsen and Stefan Sperlich
Projection Estimators for Generalized Linear Models pp. 661-671 Downloads
Andrea Bergesio and Victor J. Yohai
Adaptive Thresholding for Sparse Covariance Matrix Estimation pp. 672-684 Downloads
Tony Cai and Weidong Liu
A Semiparametric Threshold Model for Censored Longitudinal Data Analysis pp. 685-696 Downloads
Jialiang Li and Wenyang Zhang
The Degrees of Freedom of Partial Least Squares Regression pp. 697-705 Downloads
Krämer, Nicole and Masashi Sugiyama
Robust and Efficient One-Way MANOVA Tests pp. 706-718 Downloads
Stefan Van Aelst and Gert Willems
An Outlier-Robust Fit for Generalized Additive Models With Applications to Disease Outbreak Detection pp. 719-731 Downloads
Azadeh Alimadad and Matias Salibian-Barrera
Best Predictive Small Area Estimation pp. 732-745 Downloads
Jiming Jiang, Thuan Nguyen and J. Sunil Rao
Making and Evaluating Point Forecasts pp. 746-762 Downloads
Tilmann Gneiting

2011, volume 106, articles 493

Statistics: A Key to Innovation in a Data-Centric World! pp. 1-5 Downloads
Sastry G. Pantula
Bayesian Spatial Quantile Regression pp. 6-20 Downloads
Brian J. Reich, Montserrat Fuentes and David B. Dunson
Statistical Estimation of Word Acquisition With Application to Readability Prediction pp. 21-30 Downloads
Paul Kidwell, Guy Lebanon and Kevyn Collins-Thompson
A Hierarchical Model for Quantifying Forest Variables Over Large Heterogeneous Landscapes With Uncertain Forest Areas pp. 31-48 Downloads
Andrew O. Finley, Sudipto Banerjee and David W. MacFarlane
Online Model-Based Clustering for Crisis Identification in Distributed Computing pp. 49-60 Downloads
Dawn B. Woodard and Moises Goldszmidt
Modeling Three-Dimensional Chromosome Structures Using Gene Expression Data pp. 61-72 Downloads
Guanghua Xiao, Xinlei Wang and Arkady B. Khodursky
Multiple Testing for Pattern Identification, With Applications to Microarray Time-Course Experiments pp. 73-88 Downloads
Wenguang Sun and Zhi Wei
Changepoints in the North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Record pp. 89-99 Downloads
Michael W. Robbins, Robert B. Lund, Colin M. Gallagher and QiQi Lu
Self-Exciting Point Process Modeling of Crime pp. 100-108 Downloads
G. O. Mohler, M. B. Short, P. J. Brantingham, F. P. Schoenberg and G. E. Tita
Dynamic Trees for Learning and Design pp. 109-123 Downloads
Matthew A. Taddy, Robert B. Gramacy and Nicholas G. Polson
Meta Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data via Bayesian Spatial Point Processes pp. 124-134 Downloads
Jian Kang, Timothy D. Johnson, Thomas E. Nichols and Tor D. Wager
Improved Inference for Respondent-Driven Sampling Data With Application to HIV Prevalence Estimation pp. 135-146 Downloads
Krista J. Gile
Saddlepoint Test in Measurement Error Models pp. 147-156 Downloads
Yanyuan Ma and Elvezio Ronchetti
A Semiparametric Estimation of Mean Functionals With Nonignorable Missing Data pp. 157-165 Downloads
Jae Kwang Kim and Cindy Long Yu
Hard or Soft Classification? Large-Margin Unified Machines pp. 166-177 Downloads
Yufeng Liu, Hao Helen Zhang and Yichao Wu
Inverse Regression Estimation for Censored Data pp. 178-190 Downloads
Nivedita V. Nadkarni, Yingqi Zhao and Michael R. Kosorok
Testing and Estimating Shape-Constrained Nonparametric Density and Regression in the Presence of Measurement Error pp. 191-202 Downloads
Raymond J. Carroll, Aurore Delaigle and Peter Hall
Fast Robust Model Selection in Large Datasets pp. 203-212 Downloads
Debbie J. Dupuis and Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Adaptive Probability-Based Latin Hypercube Designs pp. 213-219 Downloads
Ying Hung
Testing for Threshold Effects in Regression Models pp. 220-231 Downloads
Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Myung Hwan Seo and Youngki Shin
VIF Regression: A Fast Regression Algorithm for Large Data pp. 232-247 Downloads
Dongyu Lin, Dean P. Foster and Lyle H. Ungar
On Propagated Scoring for Semisupervised Additive Models pp. 248-259 Downloads
Mark Culp
Tests for High-Dimensional Regression Coefficients With Factorial Designs pp. 260-274 Downloads
Ping-Shou Zhong and Song Chen
Stringing High-Dimensional Data for Functional Analysis pp. 275-284 Downloads
Kun Chen, Kehui Chen, Müller, Hans-Georg and Jane-Ling Wang
Some Approximate Evidence Factors in Observational Studies pp. 285-295 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum
EEBoost: A General Method for Prediction and Variable Selection Based on Estimating Equations pp. 296-305 Downloads
Julian Wolfson
Nonparametric Regression With Predictors Missing at Random pp. 306-319 Downloads
Sam Efromovich
Confidence Distributions and a Unifying Framework for Meta-Analysis pp. 320-333 Downloads
Minge Xie, Kesar Singh and William E. Strawderman
Small Sample LD50 Confidence Intervals Using Saddlepoint Approximations pp. 334-344 Downloads
Robert L. Paige, Phillip L. Chapman and Ronald W. Butler
Multivariate Matching Methods That Are Monotonic Imbalance Bounding pp. 345-361 Downloads
Stefano Iacus, Gary King and Giuseppe Porro
Model Selection by Testing for the Presence of Small-Area Effects, and Application to Area-Level Data pp. 362-374 Downloads
Gauri S. Datta, Peter Hall and Abhyuday Mandal
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