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Volume 28, issue 4, 2019

Does capital structure differently affect incumbents' responses to entry threat and actual entry? pp. 585-613 Downloads
Chao Ma
Potential competition and quality disclosure pp. 614-630 Downloads
Frederick Dongchuhl Oh and Junghum Park
When the principal knows better than the agent: Subjective evaluations as an optimal disclosure mechanism pp. 631-655 Downloads
Mengxi Zhang
Wage delegation in the field pp. 656-669 Downloads
Sabrina Jeworrek and Vanessa Mertins
Trading places: An experimental comparison of reallocation mechanisms for priority queuing pp. 670-686 Downloads
Anouar El Haji and Sander Onderstal
Dynamic incentive effects of assignment mechanisms: Experimental evidence pp. 687-712 Downloads
Thomas Gall, Xiaocheng Hu and Michael Vlassopoulos
Team formation with complementary skills pp. 713-733 Downloads
Muruvvet Buyukboyaci and Andrea Robbett
Optimal team composition for tool‐based problem solving pp. 734-764 Downloads
Jonathan Bendor and Scott E. Page
Automatic‐renewal contracts with heterogeneous consumer inertia pp. 765-786 Downloads
Johannes Johnen
The impact of the number of sellers on quantal response equilibrium predictions in Bertrand oligopolies pp. 787-793 Downloads
Ralph-C Bayer, Chaohua Dong and Hang Wu

Volume 28, issue 3, 2019

The impact of access to consumer data on the competitive effects of horizontal mergers and exclusive dealing pp. 373-391 Downloads
Jin‐Hyuk Kim, Liad Wagman and Abraham L. Wickelgren
Updates management in mobile applications: iTunes versus Google Play pp. 392-419 Downloads
Stefano Comino, Fabio Manenti and Franco Mariuzzo
Can platform competition support market segmentation? Network externalities versus matching efficiency in equity crowdfunding markets pp. 420-435 Downloads
Esther Gal‐Or, Ronen Gal‐Or and Nabita Penmetsa
Points mechanisms and rewards programs pp. 436-457 Downloads
Emil Temnyalov
Technological and organizational capital: Where complementarities exist pp. 458-487 Downloads
Tobias Stucki and Daniel Wochner
Repeated interaction in standard setting pp. 488-509 Downloads
Pierre Larouche and Florian Schuett
Wholesale price discrimination: Innovation incentives and upstream competition pp. 510-519 Downloads
Uğur Akgün and Ioana Chioveanu
Biased recommendations from biased and unbiased experts pp. 520-540 Downloads
Wonsuk Chung and Rick Harbaugh
Moral management in competitive markets pp. 541-560 Downloads
Steve Martin
Exporting firms and retail internationalization: Evidence from France pp. 561-582 Downloads
Angela Cheptea, Charlotte Emlinger and Karine Latouche

Volume 28, issue 2, 2019

Brighter prospects? Assessing the franchise advantage using census data pp. 175-197 Downloads
Francine Lafontaine, Marek Zapletal and Xu Zhang
Strategic attractiveness and release decisions for cultural goods pp. 198-224 Downloads
Paul Belleflamme and Dimitri Paolini
Can social media lead to labor market discrimination? Evidence from a field experiment pp. 225-246 Downloads
Matthieu Manant, Serge Pajak and Nicolas Soulié
Media market concentration and pluralism pp. 247-259 Downloads
Torben Stühmeier
Value capture in hierarchically organized value chains pp. 260-279 Downloads
Joachim Henkel and Alexander Hoffmann
Competitive strategy for open and user innovation pp. 280-297 Downloads
Gastón Llanes
Vague lies and lax standards of proof: On the law and economics of advice pp. 298-315 Downloads
Mikhail Drugov and Marta Troya‐Martinez
Political contestability and public contract rigidity: An analysis of procurement contracts pp. 316-335 Downloads
Jean Beuve, Marian Moszoro and Stephane Saussier
Do discriminatory leniency policies fight hard‐core cartels? pp. 336-354 Downloads
Georg Clemens and Holger A. Rau
Calendar synchronization of gasoline price increases pp. 355-370 Downloads
Michael Noel

Volume 28, issue 1, 2019

Introduction to special issue on platforms pp. 3-4 Downloads
Luis Cabral, Martin Peitz and Julian Wright
Managing competition on a two‐sided platform pp. 5-22 Downloads
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz
Friends or foes? Examining platform owners’ entry into complementors’ spaces pp. 23-28 Downloads
Feng Zhu
Platform competition: Betfair and the UK market for sports betting pp. 29-40 Downloads
Ramon Casadesus‐Masanell and Neil Campbell
Incumbency advantage and its value pp. 41-48 Downloads
Gary Biglaiser, Emilio Calvano and Jacques Crémer
Focality advantage in platform competition pp. 49-59 Downloads
Hanna Halaburda and Yaron Yehezkel
Towards a theory of platform dynamics pp. 60-72 Downloads
Luis Cabral
Platform market competition with endogenous side decisions pp. 73-88 Downloads
Jay Pil Choi and Yusuke Zennyo
A theory of multihoming in rideshare competition pp. 89-96 Downloads
Kevin Bryan and Joshua Gans
The status of workers and platforms in the sharing economy pp. 97-108 Downloads
Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright
Horizontal mergers between multisided platforms: Insights from Cournot competition pp. 109-124 Downloads
Joao Correia‐da‐Silva, Bruno Jullien, Yassine Lefouili and Joana Pinho
The importance of consumer multihoming (joint purchases) for market performance: Mergers and entry in media markets pp. 125-137 Downloads
Simon Anderson, Øystein Foros and Hans Jarle Kind
Platform economics and antitrust enforcement: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing pp. 138-152 Downloads
Michael Katz
The reflection problem in network effect estimation pp. 153-158 Downloads
Marc Rysman
The economics of markets and platforms pp. 159-172 Downloads
Daniel Spulber

Volume 27, issue 4, 2018

Store brands and retail grocery competition pp. 653-668 Downloads
Rong Luo
Selling through referrals pp. 669-685 Downloads
Daniele Condorelli, Andrea Galeotti and Vasiliki Skreta
Peer‐to‐peer sharing in the lodging market: Evaluating implications for social welfare and profitability pp. 686-704 Downloads
Esther Gal‐Or
Platform pricing and consumer foresight: The case of airports pp. 705-725 Downloads
Ricardo Flores‐Fillol, Alberto Iozzi and Tommaso Valletti
On the determinants and consequences of informal contracting pp. 726-741 Downloads
Ricard Gil and Giorgio Zanarone
Managerial turnover and entrenchment pp. 742-771 Downloads
Zenan Wu and Xi Weng
Contract contingency in vertically related markets pp. 772-791 Downloads
Emanuele Bacchiega, Olivier Bonroy and Emmanuel Petrakis
On the role of outside options in wage renegotiation pp. 792-803 Downloads
Fengjiao Chen, Chiu Yu Ko and Duozhe Li
Corporate social responsibility and product quality pp. 804-829 Downloads
Aleix Calveras and Juan‐José Ganuza
Economic influence activities pp. 830-843 Downloads
Davin Raiha

Volume 27, issue 3, 2018

Patent transactions in the marketplace: Lessons from the USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset pp. 343-371 Downloads
Stuart J. H. Graham, Alan C. Marco and Amanda F. Myers
Business dynamics of innovating firms: Linking U.S. patents with administrative data on workers and firms pp. 372-402 Downloads
Stuart J.H. Graham, Cheryl Grim, Tariqul Islam, Alan C. Marco and Javier Miranda
Monetizing marks: Insights from the USPTO Trademark Assignment Dataset pp. 403-432 Downloads
Stuart J. H. Graham, Alan C. Marco and Amanda F. Myers
Unpacking 3GPP standards pp. 433-461 Downloads
Justus Baron and Kirti Gupta
Technology Standards and Standard Setting Organizations: Introduction to the Searle Center Database pp. 462-503 Downloads
Justus Baron and Daniel Spulber
Mapping standards to patents using declarations of standard‐essential patents pp. 504-534 Downloads
Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann
Machine learning and natural language processing on the patent corpus: Data, tools, and new measures pp. 535-553 Downloads
Benjamin Balsmeier, Mohamad Assaf, Tyler Chesebro, Gabe Fierro, Kevin Johnson, Scott Johnson, Guan‐Cheng Li, Sonja Lück, Doug O'Reagan, Bill Yeh, Guangzheng Zang and Lee Fleming
The USPTO Patent Examination Research Dataset: A window on patent processing pp. 554-578 Downloads
Stuart J.H. Graham, Alan C. Marco and Richard Miller
Constructing a Chinese Patent Database of listed firms in China: Descriptions, lessons, and insights pp. 579-606 Downloads
Zi‐Lin He, Tony W. Tong, Yuchen Zhang and Wenlong He
Making the patent scope consistent with the invention: Evidence from Japan pp. 607-625 Downloads
Yoshimi Okada, Yusuke Naito and Sadao Nagaoka
Micro Moments Database for cross‐country analysis of ICT, innovation, and economic outcomes pp. 626-648 Downloads
Eric Bartelsman, Eva Hagsten and Michael Polder

Volume 27, issue 2, 2018

Multibrand pricing as a strategy for consumer search obfuscation in online markets pp. 171-187 Downloads
Stephen McDonald and Colin Wren
Contractual structures and consumer misperceptions pp. 188-205 Downloads
Christian Michel
Inefficient NGO labels: Strategic proliferation and fragmentation in the market for certification pp. 206-220 Downloads
Anthony Heyes and Steve Martin
Poaching in media: Harm to subscribers? pp. 221-236 Downloads
Elias Carroni
Behavior‐ and characteristic‐based price discrimination pp. 237-250 Downloads
Stefano Colombo
The role of performance appraisals in motivating employees pp. 251-269 Downloads
Jurjen Kamphorst and Otto H. Swank
Skill development, bargaining power, and a theory of job design pp. 270-296 Downloads
Seongwuk Moon
Licensing and innovation with imperfect contract enforcement pp. 297-314 Downloads
Richard Gilbert and Eirik Gaard Kristiansen
Asymmetric sequential search under incomplete information pp. 315-325 Downloads
Yizhaq Minchuk and Aner Sela
Exclusion in all‐pay auctions: An experimental investigation pp. 326-339 Downloads
Dietmar Fehr and Julia Schmid

Volume 27, issue 1, 2018

Do retail mergers affect competition? Evidence from grocery retailing pp. 3-22 Downloads
Daniel S. Hosken, Luke M. Olson and Loren K. Smith
The magic of the new: How job changes affect job satisfaction pp. 23-39 Downloads
Adrian Chadi and Clemens Hetschko
First mover or higher quality? Optimal product strategy in markets with positive feedbacks pp. 40-52 Downloads
Pj Lamberson and Scott E. Page
Learning quality through prices and word‐of‐mouth communication pp. 53-70 Downloads
Carla Guadalupi
Price and quality competition with quality positions pp. 71-81 Downloads
Shogo Kurokawa and Nobuo Matsubayashi
The O‐ring theory of the firm pp. 82-101 Downloads
Michael T. Rauh
The burden of glory: Competing for nonmonetary incentives in rank‐order tournaments pp. 102-118 Downloads
Raja Kali, David Pastoriza and Jean‐François Plante
Contests with endogenous deadlines pp. 119-133 Downloads
Christian Seel
Are patent fees effective at weeding out low‐quality patents? pp. 134-148 Downloads
Gaétan de Rassenfosse and Adam Jaffe
Rent sharing to control noncartel supply in the German cement market pp. 149-166 Downloads
Joseph E. Harrington, Kai Hüschelrath and Ulrich Laitenberger
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