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Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology

2002 - 2020

Current editor(s): Michael P. H. Stumpf

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Volume 19, issue 4-6, 2020

Combining dependent p-values by gamma distributions pp. 12 Downloads
Chien Li-Chu
Measuring evolutionary cancer dynamics from genome sequencing, one patient at a time pp. 12 Downloads
Caravagna Giulio
Bayesian reconstruction of transmission trees from genetic sequences and uncertain infection times pp. 13 Downloads
Montazeri Hesam, Mozaffarilegha Mozhgan, Little Susan, Beerenwinkel Niko and DeGruttola Victor
Inferring dynamic gene regulatory networks with low-order conditional independencies – an evaluation of the method pp. 19 Downloads
Ajmal Hamda B. and Madden Michael G.

Volume 19, issue 3, 2020

Accuracy and sensitivity of different Bayesian methods for genomic prediction using simulation and real data pp. 10 Downloads
Foroutaifar Saheb
A weighted empirical Bayes risk prediction model using multiple traits pp. 14 Downloads
Li Gengxin, Hou Lin, Liu Xiaoyu and Wu Cen
Spectral dynamic causal modelling of resting-state fMRI: an exploratory study relating effective brain connectivity in the default mode network to genetics pp. 18 Downloads
Nie Yunlong, Wang Jie, Wu Sidi, Wang Liangliang, Cao Jiguo, Opoku Eugene, Yasmin Laila, Song Yin, Nathoo Farouk S., Scarapicchia Vanessa and Gawryluk Jodie

Volume 19, issue 2, 2020

Bivariate traits association analysis using generalized estimating equations in family data pp. 13 Downloads
Mariza de Andrade, Mazo Lopera Mauricio A. and Duarte Nubia E.
Bayesian approach to discriminant problems for count data with application to multilocus short tandem repeat dataset pp. 18 Downloads
Tsukuda Koji, Mano Shuhei and Yamamoto Toshimichi
Understanding hormonal crosstalk in Arabidopsis root development via emulation and history matching pp. 33 Downloads
Jackson Samuel E., Vernon Ian, Liu Junli and Lindsey Keith

Volume 19, issue 1, 2020

An extended model for phylogenetic maximum likelihood based on discrete morphological characters pp. 11 Downloads
Spade David A.
Joint variable selection and network modeling for detecting eQTLs pp. 15 Downloads
Cao Xuan, Ding Lili and Mersha Tesfaye B.
Identification of supervised and sparse functional genomic pathways pp. 27 Downloads
Zhang Fan, Miecznikowski Jeffrey C. and Tritchler David L.

Volume 18, issue 6, 2019

A Bayesian framework for identifying consistent patterns of microbial abundance between body sites pp. 15 Downloads
Meier Richard, Thompson Jeffrey A., Koestler Devin C., Chung Mei, Zhao Naisi, Michaud Dominique S. and Kelsey Karl T.
Fast approximate inference for variable selection in Dirichlet process mixtures, with an application to pan-cancer proteomics pp. 20 Downloads
Crook Oliver M., Gatto Laurent and Kirk Paul D. W.
EBADIMEX: an empirical Bayes approach to detect joint differential expression and methylation and to classify samples pp. 23 Downloads
Madsen Tobias, Świtnicki Michał, Juul Malene and Pedersen Jakob Skou
Determining the number of components in PLS regression on incomplete data set pp. 28 Downloads
Nengsih Titin Agustin, Bertrand Frédéric, Maumy-Bertrand Myriam and Meyer Nicolas

Volume 18, issue 5, 2019

A novel individualized drug repositioning approach for predicting personalized candidate drugs for type 1 diabetes mellitus pp. 9 Downloads
Zheng Hong
Bi-level feature selection in high dimensional AFT models with applications to a genomic study pp. 11 Downloads
Huang Hailin, Shangguan Jizi, Ruan Peifeng and Liang Hua
Stability selection for lasso, ridge and elastic net implemented with AFT models pp. 14 Downloads
Khan Md Hasinur Rahaman, Bhadra Anamika and Howlader Tamanna
Clustering methods for single-cell RNA-sequencing expression data: performance evaluation with varying sample sizes and cell compositions pp. 14 Downloads
Suner Aslı

Volume 18, issue 4, 2019

A penalized regression approach for DNA copy number study using the sequencing data pp. 14 Downloads
Lee Jaeeun and Chen Jie
Inference of finite mixture models and the effect of binning pp. 20 Downloads
Geissen Eva-Maria, Hasenauer Jan and Radde Nicole E.
Truncated rank correlation (TRC) as a robust measure of test-retest reliability in mass spectrometry data pp. 25 Downloads
Lim Johan, Yu Donghyeon, Kuo Hsun-chih, Choi Hyungwon and Walmsley Scott
Properties and Evaluation of the MOBIT – a novel Linkage-based Test Statistic and Quantification Method for Imprinting pp. 40 Downloads
Brugger Markus, Strauch Konstantin and Knapp Michael

Volume 18, issue 3, 2019

Reproducibility of biomarker identifications from mass spectrometry proteomic data in cancer studies pp. 13 Downloads
Liang Yulan, Kelemen Adam and Kelemen Arpad
Combining gene expression data and prior knowledge for inferring gene regulatory networks via Bayesian networks using structural restrictions pp. 14 Downloads
M. de Campos Luis, Cano Andrés, Castellano Javier G. and Moral Serafín
Data-adaptive multi-locus association testing in subjects with arbitrary genealogical relationships pp. 15 Downloads
Gong Gail, Wang Wei, Whittemore Alice S., Hsieh Chih-Lin, J. Van Den Berg David, Haiman Christopher and Oakley-Girvan Ingrid
netprioR: a probabilistic model for integrative hit prioritisation of genetic screens pp. 16 Downloads
Schmich Fabian, Kuipers Jack, Merdes Gunter and Beerenwinkel Niko

Volume 18, issue 2, 2019

LCox: a tool for selecting genes related to survival outcomes using longitudinal gene expression data pp. 9 Downloads
Sun Jiehuan, Herazo-Maya Jose D., Kaminski Naftali, Wang Jane-Ling and Zhao Hongyu
A powerful test for ordinal trait genetic association analysis pp. 9 Downloads
Xue Yuan, Zhang Sanguo, Wang Jinjuan, Ding Juan and Li Qizhai
Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform Based Discriminant Analysis for Whole Genome Sequences pp. 12 Downloads
Huang Hsin-Hsiung and Girimurugan Senthil Balaji
A multivariate linear model for investigating the association between gene-module co-expression and a continuous covariate pp. 13 Downloads
Padayachee Trishanta, Khamiakova Tatsiana, Shkedy Ziv, Burzykowski Tomasz, Salo Perttu and Perola Markus

Volume 18, issue 1, 2019

MLML2R: an R package for maximum likelihood estimation of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation proportions pp. 6 Downloads
Kiihl Samara F., Martinez-Garrido Maria Jose, Domingo-Relloso Arce, Bermudez Jose and Tellez-Plaza Maria
Meta-analytic framework for modeling genetic coexpression dynamics pp. 13 Downloads
Kinzy Tyler G., Starr Timothy K., Tseng George C. and Ho Yen-Yi
Sliced inverse regression for integrative multi-omics data analysis pp. 13 Downloads
Jain Yashita, Ding Shanshan and Qiu Jing
Sample size calculations for the differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data using a negative binomial regression model pp. 17 Downloads
Li Xiaohong, Wu Dongfeng, Rai Shesh N. and Cooper Nigel G.F.

Volume 17, issue 6, 2018

False discovery control for penalized variable selections with high-dimensional covariates pp. 11 Downloads
He Kevin, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Hui, Wen Xiaoquan and Li Yi
A practical approach to adjusting for population stratification in genome-wide association studies: principal components and propensity scores (PCAPS) pp. 12 Downloads
Zhao Huaqing, Mitra Nandita, Kanetsky Peter A., Nathanson Katherine L. and Rebbeck Timothy R.
A novel method to accurately calculate statistical significance of local similarity analysis for high-throughput time series pp. 14 Downloads
Zhang Fang, Shan Ang and Luan Yihui

Volume 17, issue 5, 2018

Assessing genome-wide significance for the detection of differentially methylated regions pp. 8 Downloads
Page Christian M., Harbo Hanne F., Vos Linda, Rounge Trine B. and Andreassen Bettina K.
A test for detecting differential indirect trans effects between two groups of samples pp. 11 Downloads
Chaturvedi Nimisha, Menezes Renée X. de, Wieringen Wessel van and Goeman Jelle J.
A variable selection approach in the multivariate linear model: an application to LC-MS metabolomics data pp. 14 Downloads
Perrot-Dockès Marie, Lévy-Leduc Céline, Chiquet Julien, Sansonnet Laure, Brégère Margaux, Étienne Marie-Pierre, Robin Stéphane and Genta-Jouve Grégory

Volume 17, issue 4, 2018

Editorial change at Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology pp. 1 Downloads
Krüger Torsten
Biology challenging statistics pp. 2 Downloads
Stumpf Michael P.H.
Comparisons of classification methods for viral genomes and protein families using alignment-free vectorization pp. 12 Downloads
Huang Hsin-Hsiung, Hao Shuai, Alarcon Saul and Yang Jie
Empirical Bayesian approach to testing multiple hypotheses with separate priors for left and right alternatives pp. 13 Downloads
Bansal Naveen K., Maadooliat Mehdi and Schrodi Steven J.
On the relation between the true and sample correlations under Bayesian modelling of gene expression datasets pp. 14 Downloads
Jacobovic Royi

Volume 17, issue 3, 2018

Non-parametric estimation of population size changes from the site frequency spectrum pp. 10 Downloads
Waltoft Berit Lindum and Hobolth Asger
A statistical method for measuring activation of gene regulatory networks pp. 11 Downloads
Esteves Gustavo H. and Reis Luiz F. L.
Bayesian inference of selection in the Wright-Fisher diffusion model pp. 14 Downloads
Gory Jeffrey J., Herbei Radu and Kubatko Laura S.
Multi-locus data distinguishes between population growth and multiple merger coalescents pp. 21 Downloads
Koskela Jere

Volume 17, issue 2, 2018

On “A mutual information estimator with exponentially decaying bias” by Zhang and Zheng pp. 6 Downloads
Zhang Jialin and Chen Chen
Noise-robust assessment of SNP array based CNV calls through local noise estimation of log R ratios pp. 11 Downloads
Cosemans Nele, Brison Nathalie, Vermeesch Joris Robert, Claes Peter and Peeters Hilde
Additive varying-coefficient model for nonlinear gene-environment interactions pp. 18 Downloads
Wu Cen, Zhong Ping-Shou and Cui Yuehua

Volume 17, issue 1, 2018

Distance-correlation based gene set analysis in longitudinal studies pp. 11 Downloads
Sun Jiehuan, Zhao Hongyu, Herazo-Maya Jose D., Kaminski Naftali and Huang Xiu
Tests for comparison of multiple endpoints with application to omics data pp. 13 Downloads
Marozzi Marco
Ensemble survival tree models to reveal pairwise interactions of variables with time-to-events outcomes in low-dimensional setting pp. 28 Downloads
Dazard Jean-Eudes, Ishwaran Hemant, Mehlotra Rajeev, Zimmerman Peter and Weinberg Aaron
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