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2002 - 2020

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Volume 14, issue 6, 2015

Homology cluster differential expression analysis for interspecies mRNA-Seq experiments pp. 507-516 Downloads
Gelfond Jonathan A., Lewis Kaitlyn, Ibrahim Joseph G., Chen Ming-Hui, Sun Wei, Kinahan Sean, Hibbs Matthew and Buffenstein Rochelle
Using informative Multinomial-Dirichlet prior in a t-mixture with reversible jump estimation of nucleosome positions for genome-wide profiling pp. 517-532 Downloads
Samb Rawane, Belleau Pascal, Khadraoui Khader, Deschênes Astrid, Droit Arnaud and Lakhal-Chaieb Lajmi
On the validity of within-nuclear-family genetic association analysis in samples of extended families pp. 533-549 Downloads
Bureau Alexandre and Duchesne Thierry
An Empirical Bayes risk prediction model using multiple traits for sequencing data pp. 551-573 Downloads
Li Gengxin, Cui Yuehua and Zhao Hongyu
Empirical likelihood tests for nonparametric detection of differential expression from RNA-seq data pp. 575-583 Downloads
Thorne Thomas

Volume 14, issue 5, 2015

A model selection criterion for model-based clustering of annotated gene expression data pp. 413-428 Downloads
Gallopin Mélina, Celeux Gilles, Jaffrézic Florence and Rau Andrea
Sample size reassessment for a two-stage design controlling the false discovery rate pp. 429-442 Downloads
Zehetmayer Sonja, Graf Alexandra C. and Martin Posch
A robust distribution-free test for genetic association studies of quantitative traits pp. 443-464 Downloads
Kozlitina Julia and Schucany William R.
A parametric approach to kinship hypothesis testing using identity-by-descent parameters pp. 465-479 Downloads
García-Magariños Manuel, Egeland Thore, López- de-Ullibarri Ignacio, Hjort Nils L. and Salas Antonio
Likelihood ratio and score burden tests for detecting disease-associated rare variants pp. 481-495 Downloads
Lee Woojoo, Lee Donghwan and Pawitan Yudi
On an extended interpretation of linkage disequilibrium in genetic case-control association studies pp. 497-505 Downloads
Dickhaus Thorsten, Stange Jens and Demirhan Haydar

Volume 14, issue 4, 2015

Exact likelihood-free Markov chain Monte Carlo for elliptically contoured distributions pp. 317-332 Downloads
Muchmore Patrick and Marjoram Paul
Outlier reset CUSUM for the exploration of copy number alteration data pp. 333-345 Downloads
Lai Yinglei and Gastwirth Joseph L.
Simultaneous Bayesian analysis of contingency tables in genetic association studies pp. 347-360 Downloads
Dickhaus Thorsten
Modeling the next generation sequencing read count data for DNA copy number variant study pp. 361-374 Downloads
Ji Tieming and Chen Jie
Synonymous and nonsynonymous distances help untangle convergent evolution and recombination pp. 375-389 Downloads
Chi Peter B., Chattopadhyay Sujay, Sokurenko Evgeni V., Lemey Philippe and Minin Vladimir N.
Node sampling for protein complex estimation in bait-prey graphs pp. 391-411 Downloads
Scholtens Denise M. and Spencer Bruce D.

Volume 14, issue 3, 2015

A novel method to prioritize RNAseq data for post-hoc analysis based on absolute changes in transcript abundance pp. 227-241 Downloads
McNutt Patrick, Hubbard Kyle, Beske Phil and Gut Ian
A mutual information estimator with exponentially decaying bias pp. 243-252 Downloads
Zhang Zhiyi and Zheng Lukun
Bayes factors based on robust TDT-type tests for family trio design pp. 253-264 Downloads
Yuan Min, Pan Xiaoqing and Yang Yaning
Modeling gene-covariate interactions in sparse regression with group structure for genome-wide association studies pp. 265-277 Downloads
Li Yun, O’Connor George T., Dupuis Josée and Kolaczyk Eric
Weighted Kolmogorov Smirnov testing: an alternative for Gene Set Enrichment Analysis pp. 279-293 Downloads
Charmpi Konstantina and Ycart Bernard
Application of the fractional-stable distributions for approximation of the gene expression profiles pp. 295-306 Downloads
Saenko Viacheslav and Saenko Yury
CSI: a nonparametric Bayesian approach to network inference from multiple perturbed time series gene expression data pp. 307-310 Downloads
Penfold Christopher A., Brown Paul E., Wild David L., Shifaz Ahmed and Nicholson Ann
TopKLists: a comprehensive R package for statistical inference, stochastic aggregation, and visualization of multiple omics ranked lists pp. 311-316 Downloads
Schimek Michael G., Švendová Vendula, Budinská Eva, Kugler Karl G., Ding Jie and Lin Shili

Volume 14, issue 2, 2015

Study of triplet periodicity differences inside and between genomes pp. 113-123 Downloads
Suvorova Yulia M. and Korotkov Eugene V.
H-CLAP: hierarchical clustering within a linear array with an application in genetics pp. 125-141 Downloads
Ghosh Samiran and Townsend Jeffrey P.
Inferring bi-directional interactions between circadian clock genes and metabolism with model ensembles pp. 143-167 Downloads
Grzegorczyk Marco, Aderhold Andrej and Husmeier Dirk
Bayesian inference for Markov jump processes with informative observations pp. 169-188 Downloads
Golightly Andrew and Wilkinson Darren J.
Likelihood free inference for Markov processes: a comparison pp. 189-209 Downloads
Owen Jamie, Wilkinson Darren J. and Gillespie Colin S.
Spatio-temporal model for multiple ChIP-seq experiments pp. 211-219 Downloads
Ranciati Saverio, Viroli Cinzia and Wit Ernst
GenePEN: analysis of network activity alterations in complex diseases via the pairwise elastic net pp. 221-224 Downloads
Vlassis Nikos and Glaab Enrico
Corrigendum to: Simple estimators of false discovery rates given as few as one or two p-values without strong parametric assumptions pp. 225-225 Downloads
Bickel David R.

Volume 14, issue 1, 2015

A region-based multiple testing method for hypotheses ordered in space or time pp. 1-19 Downloads
Meijer Rosa J., Krebs Thijmen J.P. and Goeman Jelle J.
A hidden Markov-model for gene mapping based on whole-genome next generation sequencing data pp. 21-34 Downloads
Claesen Jürgen and Burzykowski Tomasz
Bayesian mixed-effects model for the analysis of a series of FRAP images pp. 35-51 Downloads
Feilke Martina, Schmid Volker J. and Schneider Katrin
A Bayesian mixture model for chromatin interaction data pp. 53-64 Downloads
Niu Liang and Lin Shili
Inference for one-step beneficial mutations using next generation sequencing pp. 65-81 Downloads
Wojtowicz Andrzej J., Miller Craig R. and Joyce Paul
Testing genotypes-phenotype relationships using permutation tests on association rules pp. 83-92 Downloads
Shaikh Mateen and Beyene Joseph
Regularization method for predicting an ordinal response using longitudinal high-dimensional genomic data pp. 93-111 Downloads
Hou Jiayi and Archer Kellie J.

Volume 13, issue 6, 2014

Biological pathway selection through Bayesian integrative modeling pp. 1 Downloads
Zheng Lingling, Yan Xiao, Suchindran Sunil, Dressman Holly, Chute John P. and Lucas Joseph
When is Menzerath-Altmann law mathematically trivial? A new approach pp. 12 Downloads
Ferrer-i-Cancho Ramon, Baixeries Jaume, Hernández-Fernández Antoni, Dębowski Łukasz and Mačutek Ján
Covariate adjusted differential variability analysis of DNA methylation with propensity score method pp. 14 Downloads
Kuan Pei Fen
P-value calibration for multiple testing problems in genomics pp. 15 Downloads
Ferguson John P. and Palejev Dean
Exploring homogeneity of correlation structures of gene expression datasets within and between etiological disease categories pp. 16 Downloads
Jong Victor L., Novianti Putri W., Roes Kit C.B. and Eijkemans Marinus J.C.
Robust methods to detect disease-genotype association in genetic association studies: calculate p-values using exact conditional enumeration instead of simulated permutations or asymptotic approximations pp. 18 Downloads
Langaas Mette and Bakke Øyvind
Markovianness and conditional independence in annotated bacterial DNA pp. 24 Downloads
Hart Andrew and Martínez Servet

Volume 13, issue 5, 2014

Imputing genotypes using regularized generalized linear regression models pp. 11 Downloads
Wong William W.L., Griesman Josh and Feng Zeny Z.
Gene set analysis for GWAS: assessing the use of modified Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics pp. 14 Downloads
Debrabant Birgit and Soerensen Mette
Bayesian identification of protein differential expression in multi-group isobaric labelled mass spectrometry data pp. 21 Downloads
Jow Howsun, Boys Richard J. and Wilkinson Darren J.
Robustness of the linear mixed effects model to error distribution assumptions and the consequences for genome-wide association studies pp. 21 Downloads
Warrington Nicole M., Tilling Kate, Howe Laura D., Paternoster Lavinia, Pennell Craig E., Wu Yan Yan and Briollais Laurent
Bayesian modelling of compositional heterogeneity in molecular phylogenetics pp. 21 Downloads
Heaps Sarah E., Nye Tom M.W., Boys Richard J., Williams Tom A. and Embley T. Martin
Quantifying the multi-scale performance of network inference algorithms pp. 21 Downloads
Oates Chris J., Spencer Simon E.F. and Amos Richard

Volume 13, issue 4, 2014

Comparison of algorithms to infer genetic population structure from unlinked molecular markers pp. 12 Downloads
Peña-Malavera Andrea, Bruno Cecilia, Balzarini Monica and Fernandez Elmer
A sequential naïve Bayes classifier for DNA barcodes pp. 12 Downloads
Anderson Michael P. and Dubnicka Suzanne R.
Investigating the performance of AIC in selecting phylogenetic models pp. 17 Downloads
Dwueng-Chwuan Jhwueng, Huzurbazar Snehalata, O’Meara Brian C. and Liu Liang
Comparison of statistical methods for finding network motifs pp. 20 Downloads
Albieri Vanna and Didelez Vanessa
Multiclass cancer classification based on gene expression comparison pp. 20 Downloads
Yang Sitan and Naiman Daniel Q.
Protein domain hierarchy Gibbs sampling strategies pp. 21 Downloads
Neuwald Andrew F.
Biological pathway selection through Bayesian integrative modeling pp. 23 Downloads
Zheng Lingling, Yan Xiao, Suchindran Sunil, Dressman Holly, Chute John P. and Lucas Joseph

Volume 13, issue 3, 2014

Efficient parametric inference for stochastic biological systems with measured variability pp. 12 Downloads
Johnston Iain G.
A boosting approach for adapting the sparsity of risk prediction signatures based on different molecular levels pp. 15 Downloads
Sariyar Murat, Schumacher Martin and Binder Harald
Applying shrinkage variance estimators to the TOST test in high dimensional settings pp. 19 Downloads
Qiu Jing, Qi Yue and Cui Xiangqin
Using the theory of added-variable plot for linear mixed models to decompose genetic effects in family data pp. 20 Downloads
Duarte Nubia E., Giolo Suely R., Pereira Alexandre C., Mariza de Andrade and Soler Júlia P.
A Bayesian clustering approach for detecting gene-gene interactions in high-dimensional genotype data pp. 23 Downloads
Chen Sui-Pi and Huang Guan-Hua
A novel characterization of the generalized family wise error rate using empirical null distributions pp. 24 Downloads
Miecznikowski Jeffrey C. and Gaile Daniel P.
Statistical inference of regulatory networks for circadian regulation pp. 47 Downloads
Aderhold Andrej, Husmeier Dirk and Grzegorczyk Marco

Volume 13, issue 2, 2014

Combining dependent F-tests for robust association of quantitative traits under genetic model uncertainty pp. 123-139 Downloads
Qu Long
Penalized differential pathway analysis of integrative oncogenomics studies pp. 141-158 Downloads
N. van Wieringen Wessel and A. van de Wiel Mark
A data-smoothing approach to explore and test gene-environment interaction in case-parent trios pp. 159-171 Downloads
Shin Ji-Hyung, McNeney Brad, Graham Jinko and Infante-Rivard Claire
Scan statistics analysis for detection of introns in time-course tiling array data pp. 173-190 Downloads
Reiner-Benaim Anat, Davis Ronald W. and Juneau Kara
Variance and covariance heterogeneity analysis for detection of metabolites associated with cadmium exposure pp. 191-201 Downloads
Salamanca Beatriz Valcarcel, Ebbels Timothy M.D. and Iorio Maria De
Improved variational Bayes inference for transcript expression estimation pp. 203-216 Downloads
Papastamoulis Panagiotis, Glaus Peter, Rattray Magnus and Hensman James
Efficient identification of context dependent subgroups of risk from genome-wide association studies pp. 217-226 Downloads
Dyson Greg and Sing Charles F.

Volume 13, issue 1, 2014

Modeling angles in proteins and circular genomes using multivariate angular distributions based on multiple nonnegative trigonometric sums pp. 1-18 Downloads
Fernández-Durán Juan José and Gregorio-Domínguez MarÍa Mercedes
Second order optimization for the inference of gene regulatory pathways pp. 19-33 Downloads
Das Mouli, Murthy Chivukula A. and K. De Rajat
Multiple comparisons in genetic association studies: a hierarchical modeling approach pp. 35-48 Downloads
Yi Nengjun, Lou Xiang-Yang, Mallick Himel and Xu Shizhong
A Bayesian decision procedure for testing multiple hypotheses in DNA microarray experiments pp. 49-65 Downloads
Gómez-Villegas Miguel A., Sanz Luis and Salazar Isabel
Semi-automatic selection of summary statistics for ABC model choice pp. 67-82 Downloads
Prangle Dennis, Fearnhead Paul, Cox Murray P., Biggs Patrick J. and French Nigel P.
Detection of epistatic effects with logic regression and a classical linear regression model pp. 83-104 Downloads
Malina Magdalena, Martin Posch, Ickstadt Katja, Schwender Holger and Bogdan Małgorzata
Bayesian clustering of DNA sequences using Markov chains and a stochastic partition model pp. 105-121 Downloads
Jääskinen Väinö, Parkkinen Ville, Cheng Lu and Corander Jukka
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