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Volume 106, issue C, 2018

Some implications of learning for price stability pp. 1-20 Downloads
Stefano Eusepi, Marc P. Giannoni and Bruce Preston
Language group differences in time preferences: Evidence from primary school children in a bilingual city pp. 21-34 Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer
Do tax incentives for saving in pension accounts cause debt accumulation? Evidence from Danish register data pp. 35-53 Downloads
Henrik Yde Andersen
Smart-dating in speed-dating: How a simple Search model can explain matching decisions pp. 54-76 Downloads
Lucas Herrenbrueck, Xiaoyu Xia, Paul Eastwick and Chin Ming Hui
Special Issue on “The Interface between Structural Micro and Macroeconomics” pp. 77-77 Downloads
Zvi Eckstein, Michael Keane, Richard Rogerson and Robert M. Sauer

Volume 105, issue C, 2018

Optimal task assignments with loss-averse agents pp. 1-26 Downloads
Felipe Balmaceda
Identifying voter preferences: The trade-off between honesty and competence pp. 27-50 Downloads
Fabio Galeotti and Daniel Zizzo
If the worst comes to the worst: Dictator giving when recipient’s endowments are risky pp. 51-70 Downloads
Christoph Engel and Sebastian Goerg
Preference conformism: An experiment pp. 71-82 Downloads
Enrique Fatas, Shaun Hargreaves Heap and David Rojo Arjona
The career dynamics of high-skilled women and men: Evidence from Sweden pp. 83-102 Downloads
James Albrecht, Mary Ann Bronson, Peter Skogman Thoursie and Susan Vroman
The ISO 9000 certification: Little pain, big gain? pp. 103-114 Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Naotaka Sawada
Inflation, output and markup dynamics with purely forward-looking wage and price setters pp. 115-134 Downloads
Louis Phaneuf, Eric Sims and Jean Gardy Victor
Current account and real exchange rate changes: The impact of trade openness pp. 135-158 Downloads
Davide Romelli, Cristina Terra and Enrico Vasconcelos
Do employee spinoffs learn markets from their parents? Evidence from international trade pp. 159-173 Downloads
Marc-Andreas Muendler and James E. Rauch
Equilibrium vaccination patterns in incomplete and heterogeneous networks pp. 174-192 Downloads
William Neilson and Yancheng Xiao
Dark costs, missing data: Shedding some light on services trade pp. 193-214 Downloads
James Anderson, Ingo Borchert, Aaditya Mattoo and Yoto Yotov

Volume 104, issue C, 2018

Observational and reinforcement pattern-learning: An exploratory study pp. 1-21 Downloads
Nobuyuki Hanaki, Alan Kirman and Paul Pezanis-Christou
Optimal favoritism in all-pay auctions and lottery contests pp. 22-37 Downloads
Jörg Franke, Wolfgang Leininger and Cédric Wasser
The effects of policy uncertainty on investment: Evidence from the unexpected acceptance of a far-reaching referendum in Switzerland pp. 38-67 Downloads
Andreas Dibiasi, Klaus Abberger, Michael Siegenthaler and Jan-Egbert Sturm
Quality uncertainty and intermediation in international trade pp. 68-91 Downloads
Kunal Dasgupta and Jordi Mondria
On the effects of ranking by unemployment duration pp. 92-110 Downloads
Javier Fernández-Blanco and Edgar Preugschat
Strong versus weak ties in migration pp. 111-137 Downloads
Corrado Giulietti, Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou
Marriage and health: Selection, protection, and assortative mating pp. 138-166 Downloads
Nezih Guner, Yuliya Kulikova and Joan Llull
Search deterrence in experimental consumer goods markets pp. 167-184 Downloads
Alexander Brown, Ajalavat Viriyavipart and Xiaoyuan Wang
Constructing strategies in the indefinitely repeated prisoner’s dilemma game pp. 185-219 Downloads
Julian Romero and Yaroslav Rosokha
Discrimination as favoritism: The private benefits and social costs of in-group favoritism in an experimental labor market pp. 220-236 Downloads
David Dickinson, David Masclet and Emmanuel Peterle
Poverty accounting pp. 237-255 Downloads
Richard Bluhm, Denis de Crombrugghe and Adam Szirmai

Volume 103, issue C, 2018

The Hartz reforms, the German Miracle, and labor reallocation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Anja Bauer and Ian King
Inflation and optimal monetary policy in a model with firm heterogeneity and Bertrand competition pp. 18-38 Downloads
Javier Andrés and Pablo Burriel
A class of tractable incomplete-market models for studying asset returns and risk exposure pp. 39-59 Downloads
François Le Grand and Xavier Ragot
Dynamics of the U.S. price distribution pp. 60-82 Downloads
David Berger and Joseph Vavra
Long-term evidence of retrospective voting: A natural experiment from the German Democratic Republic pp. 83-107 Downloads
Alexandra Avdeenko
Higher order risk attitudes: A review of experimental evidence pp. 108-124 Downloads
Stefan Trautmann and Gijs van de Kuilen
Team production benefits from a permanent fear of exclusion pp. 125-149 Downloads
Anita Kopányi-Peuker, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof
The cyclicality of labor-market flows: A multiple-shock approach pp. 150-172 Downloads
Jean-Olivier Hairault and Anastasia Zhutova

Volume 102, issue C, 2018

The interplay of cultural intolerance and action-assortativity for the emergence of cooperation and homophily pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo Boncinelli and Jiabin Wu
Female directors, board committees and firm performance pp. 19-38 Downloads
Colin Green and Swarnodeep Homroy
Globalization and the evolution of corporate governance pp. 39-61 Downloads
Jan Schymik
Children’s rationality, risk attitudes and field behavior pp. 62-81 Downloads
Marco Castillo, Jeffrey L. Jordan and Ragan Petrie
Market microstructure, information aggregation and equilibrium uniqueness in a global game pp. 82-99 Downloads
Edouard Challe and Edouard Chrétien
(Dis)advantages of informal loans – Theory and evidence pp. 100-128 Downloads
Alexander Karaivanov and Anke Kessler
A structural explanation of recent changes in life-cycle labor supply and fertility behavior of married women in the United States pp. 129-168 Downloads
Seonyoung Park
On the allocation of time – A quantitative analysis of the roles of taxes and productivities pp. 169-187 Downloads
Georg Duernecker and Berthold Herrendorf
Tax revenue losses through cross-border loss offset: An insurmountable hurdle for formula apportionment? pp. 188-210 Downloads
Mohammed Mardan and Michael Stimmelmayr
Changing credit limits, changing business cycles pp. 211-239 Downloads
Henrik Jensen, Søren Hove Ravn and Emiliano Santoro
Industrial output fluctuations in developing countries: General equilibrium consequences of agricultural productivity shocks pp. 240-279 Downloads
Iona Hyojung Lee
The rise of exporting by U.S. firms pp. 280-297 Downloads
William F. Lincoln and Andrew H. McCallum
Firm-level entry and exit dynamics over the business cycles pp. 298-326 Downloads
Can Tian

Volume 101, issue C, 2018

Time-poor, working, super-rich pp. 1-19 Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
Separated decisions pp. 20-34 Downloads
Alexander Brown and Paul J. Healy
The effect of prenatal stress on cooperation: Evidence from violent conflict in Uganda pp. 35-56 Downloads
Francesco Cecchi and Jan Duchoslav
The macroeconomic consequences of raising the minimum wage: Capital accumulation, employment and the wage distribution pp. 57-76 Downloads
Sofia Bauducco and Alexandre Janiak
Corporate debt structure and economic recoveries pp. 77-100 Downloads
Thomas Grjebine, Urszula Szczerbowicz and Fabien Tripier
Welcome home in a crisis: Effects of return migration on the non-migrants' wages and employment pp. 101-132 Downloads
Ricardo Hausmann and Ljubica Nedelkoska
Regulation of trades based on differences in beliefs pp. 133-141 Downloads
Hervé Crès and Mich Tvede
Climbing the ranks: incumbency effects in party-list systems pp. 142-156 Downloads
Jon Fiva and Helene Lie Røhr
Commodity price volatility with endogenous natural resources pp. 157-180 Downloads
James Hansen and Isaac Gross
Population policies, demographic structural changes, and the Chinese household saving puzzle pp. 181-209 Downloads
Suqin Ge, Dennis Yang and Junsen Zhang
Uncovering the heterogeneous effects of ECB unconventional monetary policies across euro area countries pp. 210-229 Downloads
Pablo Burriel and Alessandro Galesi
Can group incentives alleviate moral hazard? The role of pro-social preferences pp. 230-249 Downloads
Christian Biener, Martin Eling, Andreas Landmann and Shailee Pradhan
The transmission of socially responsible behaviour through international trade pp. 250-267 Downloads
Carol Newman, John Rand, Finn Tarp and Neda Trifkovic
Ambiguity aversion is not universal pp. 268-283 Downloads
Martin Kocher, Amrei Marie Lahno and Stefan Trautmann
Commodity taxes and taste heterogeneity pp. 284-296 Downloads
Stephane Gauthier and Fanny Henriet
The made-in effect and leapfrogging: A model of leadership change for products with country-of-origin bias pp. 297-329 Downloads
Dario Diodato, Franco Malerba and Andrea Morrison
Duopolistic competition with choice-overloaded consumers pp. 330-353 Downloads
Georgios Gerasimou and Mauro Papi
Stepping on a rake: The fiscal theory of monetary policy pp. 354-375 Downloads
John H. Cochrane
On the theory of international currency portfolios pp. 376-396 Downloads
Michael Kumhof
Business cycles and emission trading with banking pp. 397-417 Downloads
Jussi Lintunen and Olli-Pekka Kuusela
Delegating climate policy to a supranational authority: a theoretical assessment pp. 418-440 Downloads
Paul Pichler and Gerhard Sorger
Post-disaster aid and development of the manufacturing sector: Lessons from a natural experiment in China pp. 441-458 Downloads
Erwin Bulte, Lihe Xu and Xiaobo Zhang
Specialist versus generalist investors: Trading off support quality, investment horizon and control rights pp. 459-478 Downloads
Guillaume Andrieu and Alexander Peter Groh
Value-added exports and U.S. local labor markets: Does China really matter? pp. 479-504 Downloads
Leilei Shen and Peri Silva
The effectiveness of top-down advice in strategy-proof mechanisms: A field experiment pp. 505-511 Downloads
Pablo Guillen and Rustamdjan Hakimov
Paradoxical effects of increasing the normal retirement age: A prospective evaluation pp. 512-527 Downloads
Yue Li
Monetary and non-monetary incentives in real-effort tournaments pp. 528-545 Downloads
Nisvan Erkal, Lata Gangadharan and Boon Han Koh
A North–South model of trade with search unemployment pp. 546-566 Downloads
Ignat Stepanok
The spillover effects of affirmative action on competitiveness and unethical behavior pp. 567-604 Downloads
Ritwik Banerjee, Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marie Claire Villeval
Inequality, financial development and economic growth in the OECD, 1870–2011 pp. 605-624 Downloads
Jakob Madsen, Md. Rabiul Islam and Chris Doucouliagos
Econometric evidence on the depreciation of innovations pp. 625-642 Downloads
Gaetan de Rassenfosse and Adam Jaffe
Let’s try next door: Technical Barriers to Trade and multi-destination firms pp. 643-663 Downloads
Lionel Fontagné and Gianluca Orefice
Guilt in voting and public good games pp. 664-681 Downloads
Dominik Rothenhäusler, Nikolaus Schweizer and Nora Szech
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