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Volume 205, issue C, 2023

Should bads be inflicted all at once, like Machiavelli said? Evidence from life-satisfaction data pp. 1-27 Downloads
Paul Frijters, Christian Krekel and Aydogan Ulker
What could possibly go wrong? Predictable misallocation in simple debt repayment experiments pp. 28-43 Downloads
Florian Gärtner, Darwin Semmler and Christina E. Bannier
On the feasibility of technosocialism pp. 44-54 Downloads
Peter J. Boettke and Rosolino A. Candela
Correlation scenarios and correlation stress testing pp. 55-67 Downloads
N. Packham and F. Woebbeking
Sorry Doesn't Cut It, or Does It? Insights from Stock Market Responses to Corporate Apologies pp. 68-86 Downloads
Sijia Fan, Qi Ge, Benjamin Ho and Lirong Ma
Noxious government markets: Evidence from the international arms trade pp. 87-99 Downloads
Yahya Alshamy, Christopher J. Coyne and Nathan Goodman
Religious practice and student performance: Evidence from Ramadan fasting pp. 100-119 Downloads
Erik Hornung, Guido Schwerdt and Maurizio Strazzeri
Boosting taxes for boasting about houses? Status concerns in the housing market pp. 120-143 Downloads
Johannes Schünemann and Timo Trimborn
Bilateral information disclosure in adverse selection markets with nonexclusive competition pp. 144-168 Downloads
Andrew Kosenko, Joseph Stiglitz and Jungyoll Yun
The effect of hospital choice and competition on inequalities in waiting times pp. 169-201 Downloads
Giuseppe Moscelli, Hugh Gravelle and Luigi Siciliani
Household debt in the times of populism pp. 202-215 Downloads
Wei-Fong Pan
Local rationality pp. 216-236 Downloads
David Evans, Jungang Li and Bruce McGough
The effect of gender and gender pairing on bargaining: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment pp. 237-269 Downloads
D’Exelle, Ben, Christine Gutekunst and Arno Riedl
Stability in matching with externalities: Pairs competition and oligopolistic joint ventures pp. 270-286 Downloads
Kenzo Imamura, Hideo Konishi and Chen-Yu Pan
Does public policy affect attitudes? Evidence from age-based health insurance coverage policies in the United States pp. 287-302 Downloads
Barış Yörük
From equality to polarization: Changes in urban China’s gender earnings gap from 1988 to 2016 pp. 303-337 Downloads
Xueyue Liu and Sharon Xuejing Zuo
Labor cost and corporate tax avoidance pp. 338-358 Downloads
Junyi Xiang, Ling Zhu and Dongmin Kong
Do Deadlines Affect Project Completion? Experimental Evidence from Israeli Vocational Colleges pp. 359-375 Downloads
Naomi Gershoni and Miri Stryjan
Adverse selection and moral hazard in corporate insurance markets: Evidence from the 2011 Thailand floods pp. 376-386 Downloads
Daisuke Adachi, Hiroyuki Nakata, Yasuyuki Sawada and Kunio Sekiguchi
The importance of social skills in recovery from graduating in a recession pp. 387-411 Downloads
Sun Hyung Kim
Input-output planning and information pp. 412-422 Downloads
Jan Philipp Dapprich and William Paul Cockshott
Comparative incompleteness: Measurement, behavioral manifestations and elicitation pp. 423-442 Downloads
Edi Karni and Marie-Louise Vierø
Vertical taxing rights and tax compliance norms pp. 443-467 Downloads
Rose Camille Vincent
Informal care, older people, and COVID-19: Evidence from the UK pp. 468-488 Downloads
Joan E. Madia, Francesco Moscone and Catia Nicodemo
The humanizing effect of market interaction pp. 489-507 Downloads
Colin Harris, Andrew Myers and Adam Kaiser
Losing insurance and psychiatric hospitalizations pp. 508-527 Downloads
Johanna Catherine Maclean, Daniel Tello-Trillo and Douglas Webber
Reputation and market structure in experimental platforms pp. 528-559 Downloads
Philip Solimine and R. Mark Isaac
Intermittent incentives to encourage exercising in the long run pp. 560-573 Downloads
Ayala Arad, Uri Gneezy and Eli Mograbi
The (alleged) environmental and social benefits of dynamic pricing pp. 574-593 Downloads
Matthew Harding, Kyle Kettler, Carlos Lamarche and Lala Ma
Do pension benefits accelerate cognitive decline in late adulthood? Evidence from rural China pp. 594-617 Downloads
Plamen Nikolov and Md Shahadath Hossain
How morality and efficiency shape public support for minimum wages pp. 618-637 Downloads
Conor Lennon, Keith F. Teltser, Jose Fernandez and Stephan Gohmann
Economics in nouns and verbs pp. 638-647 Downloads
W. Brian Arthur
The causes and consequences of medical crowdfunding pp. 648-667 Downloads
Aniket Panjwani and Heyu Xiong
Risk preferences and training investments pp. 668-686 Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Cosima Obst and Arne Uhlendorff
Temptation in consumption and optimal taxation pp. 687-707 Downloads
Maria Arvaniti and Tomas Sjögren

Volume 204, issue C, 2022

Adherence during COVID-19: The role of aging and socio-economics status in shaping drug utilization pp. 1-14 Downloads
Cinzia Di Novi, Lucia Leporatti, Rosella Levaggi and Marcello Montefiori
The welfare cost of late-life depression pp. 15-36 Downloads
Ray Miller, Sayorn Chin and Ashish Kumar Sedai
The same old medicine but cheaper: The impact of patent expiry on physicians’ prescribing behaviour pp. 37-68 Downloads
Gianluca Fiorentini, Matteo Lippi Bruni and Irene Mammi
How consumers budget pp. 69-88 Downloads
C. Yiwei Zhang, Abigail B. Sussman, Nathan Wang-Ly and Jennifer K. Lyu
Market conditions and firm morality: Employee trust in the honesty of their managers pp. 89-106 Downloads
Dan Liu, Kieron J. Meagher and Andrew Wait
Pecunia olet. Cash usage and the underground economy pp. 107-127 Downloads
Michele Giammatteo, Stefano Iezzi and Roberta Zizza
The mirror of history: How to statistically identify stock market bubble bursts pp. 128-147 Downloads
Sabri Boubaker, Zhenya Liu, Tianqing Sui and Ling Zhai
Competition, information, and the erosion of morals pp. 148-163 Downloads
Julien Benistant, Fabio Galeotti and Marie Claire Villeval
The Keynesian beauty contest revisited pp. 164-181 Downloads
Robert Marx and Marco Lehmann-Waffenschmidt
Doctors’ attitudes toward specific medical conditions pp. 182-199 Downloads
Brooke Scoles and Catia Nicodemo
The moral costs of markets: Testing the deterioration hypothesis pp. 200-220 Downloads
Justin Callais, Colin Harris and Ben Borchard
Heterogeneity in end of life health care expenditure trajectory profiles pp. 221-251 Downloads
Panagiotis Kasteridis, Nigel Rice and Rita Santos
Checking out checkout charity: A study of point-of-sale donation campaigns pp. 252-270 Downloads
Adrienne W. Sudbury and Christian Vossler
Beyond performance? The importance of subjective and objective physical appearance in award nominations and receptions in football pp. 271-289 Downloads
Ho Fai Chan, Fabian Ulrich, Hannah Altman, Sascha L. Schmidt, Dominik Schreyer and Benno Torgler
Exploring the causal links between investor sentiment and financial instability: A dynamic macro-financial analysis pp. 290-303 Downloads
Brahim Gaies, Mohamed Sahbi Nakhli, Rim Ayadi and Jean-Michel Sahut
The multilayer architecture of the global input-output network and its properties pp. 304-341 Downloads
Paolo Bartesaghi, Gian Paolo Clemente, Rosanna Grassi and Duc Thi Luu
Connections, Referrals, and Hiring Outcomes: Evidence from an Egyptian Establishment Survey pp. 342-355 Downloads
Adam Osman, Jamin D. Speer and Andrew Weaver
The effects of health shocks on risk preferences: Do personality traits matter? pp. 356-371 Downloads
Nigel Rice and Silvana Robone
Micro-level dynamics in hidden action situations with limited information pp. 372-393 Downloads
Stephan Leitner and Friederike Wall
Survival of the Weakest: Why the West Rules pp. 394-421 Downloads
David K. Levine and Salvatore Modica
Investigating the real effect of China’s patent surge: New evidence from firm-level patent quality data pp. 422-442 Downloads
Howei Wu, Jia Lin and Ho-Mou Wu
Tax avoidance and evasion in a dynamic setting pp. 443-456 Downloads
Gamannossi degl’Innocenti, Duccio, Rosella Levaggi and Francesco Menoncin
Hayekian economic policy pp. 457-465 Downloads
Lars Feld and Daniel Nientiedt
Testing methods to enhance longevity awareness pp. 466-475 Downloads
Abigail Hurwitz, Olivia Mitchell and Orly Sade
Buying control? ‘Locus of control’ and the uptake of supplementary health insurance pp. 476-489 Downloads
Eric Bonsang and Joan Costa-Font
Health shocks and housing downsizing: How persistent is ‘ageing in place’? pp. 490-508 Downloads
Joan Costa-Font and Cristina Vilaplana-Prieto
Occupational status and life satisfaction in the UK: The miserable middle? pp. 509-527 Downloads
Yannis Georgellis, Andrew Clark, Emmanuel Apergis and Catherine Robinson
Automation or globalization? The impacts of robots and Chinese imports on jobs in the United Kingdom pp. 528-542 Downloads
Chinchih Chen, Carl Benedikt Frey and Giorgio Presidente
Model-based Recursive Partitioning to Estimate Unfair Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study pp. 543-565 Downloads
Paolo Brunori, Apostolos Davillas, Andrew Jones and Giovanna Scarchilli
The political economy of complexity: The case of cyber-communism pp. 566-580 Downloads
Vicente Moreno-Casas, Victor I. Espinosa and William Hongsong Wang
Intra-industry spillovers of profit shifting and investments in tax havens pp. 581-599 Downloads
Baptiste Souillard
Parental unemployment, social insurance and child well-being across countries pp. 600-617 Downloads
Kerstin F. Hansen and Alois Stutzer
The psychological toll of food insecurity pp. 618-630 Downloads
Mo Alloush and Jeffrey R. Bloem
Humans, technology and control: An essay based on the metalanguage of economic calculation pp. 631-642 Downloads
Tiago Camarinha Lopes
How do antitrust regimes impact on cartel formation and managers’ labor market? An experiment pp. 643-662 Downloads
Miguel A. Fonseca, Ricardo Gonçalves, Joana Pinho and Giovanni A. Tabacco
Attitudes toward choice with incomplete preferences: An experimental study pp. 663-679 Downloads
Ritxar Arlegi, Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde and Mikel Hualde
Efficient public good provision by lotteries with nonlinear pricing pp. 680-698 Downloads
Tracy Xiao Liu, Jingfeng Lu and Zhewei Wang
Giving begets giving: Positive path dependence as moral consistency pp. 699-718 Downloads
Stephanie A. Heger and Robert Slonim
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