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Volume 121, issue C, 2017

A comparison of pivotal sampling and unequal probability sampling with replacement pp. 1-5 Downloads
Guillaume Chauvet and Anne Ruiz-Gazen
A mesh free floating random walk method for solving diffusion imaging problems pp. 6-11 Downloads
Karl K. Sabelfeld
Designs containing partially clear main effects pp. 12-17 Downloads
Xue-Ping Chen, Jin-Guan Lin, Hong-Xia Wang and Xing-Fang Huang
Derivative of intersection local time of independent symmetric stable motions pp. 18-28 Downloads
Litan Yan, Xianye Yu and Ruqing Chen
Efficiency of estimators for quantile differences with left truncated and right censored data pp. 29-36 Downloads
Li Xun, Li Shao and Yong Zhou
Local linear regression modelization when all variables are curves pp. 37-44 Downloads
Jacques Demongeot, Amina Naceri, Ali Laksaci and Mustapha Rachdi
On normal variance–mean mixtures pp. 45-50 Downloads
Yaming Yu
Return of Fibonacci random walks pp. 51-53 Downloads
Jörg Neunhäuserer
A note on jointly modeling edges and node attributes of a network pp. 54-60 Downloads
Haiyan Cai
On leaf related statistics in recursive tree models pp. 61-69 Downloads
S. Altok and Ü. Işlak
Asymptotic tests for interval-valued means pp. 70-77 Downloads
Yan Sun
A short note on a class of statistics for estimation of the Hurst index of fractional Brownian motion pp. 78-82 Downloads
K. Kubilius and V. Skorniakov
Simultaneous estimation of p positive normal means with common unknown variance pp. 83-89 Downloads
Yuan-Tsung Chang and William E. Strawderman
A note on estimating cumulative distribution functions by the use of convolution power kernels pp. 90-98 Downloads
Benedikt Funke and Christian Palmes
Contrast between populations versus spread within populations pp. 99-100 Downloads
Iosif Pinelis
Sequential search algorithm for estimation of the number of members of a given population pp. 101-108 Downloads
Michael J. Klass and Krzysztof Nowicki
Regularity criterion for 2-type Markov branching processes with immigration pp. 109-118 Downloads
Junping Li and Weiwei Meng
A Hollander–Proschan type test when ageing is not monotone pp. 119-127 Downloads
Shyamal Ghosh and Murari Mitra
Tolerance intervals from ridge regression in the presence of multicollinearity and high dimension pp. 128-135 Downloads
Junyong Park
A note on symmetrization procedures for the laws of large numbers pp. 136-142 Downloads
Deli Li, Han-Ying Liang and Andrew Rosalsky
Large deviations for a class of semilinear stochastic partial differential equations pp. 143-151 Downloads
Mohammud Foondun and Leila Setayeshgar
On the Laplace transforms of the first exit times in one-dimensional non-affine jump–diffusion models pp. 152-162 Downloads
Pavel V. Gapeev and Yavor I. Stoev

Volume 120, issue C, 2017

Tobit regression model with parameters of increasing dimensions pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hao Ding, Zhanfeng Wang and Yaohua Wu
CoVaR of families of copulas pp. 8-17 Downloads
M. Bernardi, Fabrizio Durante and P. Jaworski
Maximum likelihood type estimation for discretely observed CIR model with small α-stable noises pp. 18-27 Downloads
Xu Yang
A note on ruin problems in perturbed classical risk models pp. 28-33 Downloads
Peng Liu, Chunsheng Zhang and Lanpeng Ji
Parisian ruin of the Brownian motion risk model with constant force of interest pp. 34-44 Downloads
Long Bai and Li Luo
Posterior convergence rate of a class of Dirichlet process mixture model for compositional data pp. 45-51 Downloads
Andrés F. Barrientos, Alejandro Jara and Claudia Wehrhahn
The extropy of order statistics and record values pp. 52-60 Downloads
Guoxin Qiu
An expectation–maximization scheme for measurement error models pp. 61-68 Downloads
Anindya Bhadra
Probabilistic representation and local existence for the quasi-linear partial integro-differential equations with Sobolev initial value pp. 69-80 Downloads
Jinxia Wang
An extension of a theorem of Mikosch pp. 81-86 Downloads
Yuye Zou and Xiangdong Liu
Constructing initial estimators in one-step estimation procedures of nonlinear regression pp. 87-94 Downloads
Yu.Yu. Linke and I.S. Borisov
Weighted inequalities for the martingale square and maximal functions pp. 95-100 Downloads
Adam Osȩkowski
On the law of large numbers for discrete Fourier transform pp. 101-107 Downloads
Na Zhang
An example of inconsistent MLE of spatial covariance parameters under increasing domain asymptotics pp. 108-113 Downloads
Tonglin Zhang
Entropy convergence of finite moment approximations in Hamburger and Stieltjes problems pp. 114-117 Downloads
Mariyan Milev and Aldo Tagliani
On the asymptotic power of a goodness-of-fit test based on a cumulative Kullback–Leibler discrepancy pp. 118-125 Downloads
A. Contreras-Cristán, E. Gutiérrez-Peña and S.G. Walker
Inverse source problem for time-fractional diffusion with discrete random noise pp. 126-134 Downloads
Nguyen Huy Tuan and Erkan Nane
A new explanatory index for evaluating the binary logistic regression based on the sensitivity of the estimated model pp. 135-140 Downloads
Héctor M. Ramos, Jorge Ollero and Alfonso Suárez-Llorens
Per-site occupancy in the discrete parking problem pp. 141-146 Downloads
Seva Shneer and Peter M. van de Ven
The fractional non-homogeneous Poisson process pp. 147-156 Downloads
Nikolai Leonenko, Enrico Scalas and Mailan Trinh

Volume 119, issue C, 2016

Counts of Bernoulli success strings in a multivariate framework pp. 1-10 Downloads
Djilali Ait Aoudia, Éric Marchand and François Perron
Covariate adjustment in randomization-based causal inference for 2K factorial designs pp. 11-20 Downloads
Jiannan Lu
Pitman closeness properties of Bayes shrinkage procedures in estimation and prediction pp. 21-29 Downloads
Takeru Matsuda and William E. Strawderman
A ratio goodness-of-fit test for the Laplace distribution pp. 30-35 Downloads
Elizabeth González-Estrada and José A. Villaseñor
A time-varying long run HEAVY model pp. 36-44 Downloads
Manuela Braione
Some results on change-point detection in cross-sectional dependence of multivariate data with changes in marginal distributions pp. 45-54 Downloads
Tom Rohmer
Smooth densities of the laws of perturbed diffusion processes pp. 55-62 Downloads
Lihu Xu, Wen Yue and Tusheng Zhang
On the occurrence of boundary solutions in multidimensional incomplete tables pp. 63-75 Downloads
S. Ghosh and P. Vellaisamy
The partial copula: Properties and associated dependence measures pp. 76-83 Downloads
Fabian Spanhel and Malte S. Kurz
Automatic variable selection for varying coefficient models with longitudinal data pp. 84-90 Downloads
Ruiqin Tian, Liugen Xue and Dengke Xu
An asymptotically optimal kernel combined classifier pp. 91-100 Downloads
Majid Mojirsheibani and Jiajie Kong
Sharp bounds on DMRL and IMRL classes of life distributions with specified mean pp. 101-107 Downloads
Debasis Sengupta and Sudipta Das
Algebraic ergodicity for SDEs driven by Lévy processes pp. 108-115 Downloads
Yan-Hong Song
A CLT for martingale transforms with infinite variance pp. 116-123 Downloads
Stelios Arvanitis and Alexandros Louka
Asymptotic expansions for bivariate normal extremes pp. 124-133 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah
Moment convergence of first-passage times in renewal theory pp. 134-143 Downloads
Alexander Iksanov, Alexander Marynych and Matthias Meiners
Integral form of the COM–Poisson renormalization constant pp. 144-145 Downloads
Tibor K. Pogány
Binomial approximation for sum of indicators with dependent neighborhoods pp. 146-154 Downloads
Yazhe Zhang
Characterization based symmetry tests and their asymptotic efficiencies pp. 155-162 Downloads
B. Milošević and M. Obradović
Asymptotics of score test in the generalized β-model for networks pp. 163-169 Downloads
Ting Yan and Yunpeng Zhao
Bayesian aggregation of two forecasts in the partial information framework pp. 170-180 Downloads
Philip Ernst, Robin Pemantle, Ville Satopää and Lyle Ungar
Orthogonal Latin hypercube designs with special reference to four factors pp. 181-185 Downloads
B.N. Mandal, Sukanta Dash, Shyamsundar Parui and Rajender Parsad
Kernel estimation of the tail index of a right-truncated Pareto-type distribution pp. 186-193 Downloads
Souad Benchaira, Djamel Meraghni and Abdelhakim Necir
Cramér type moderate deviations for the number of renewals pp. 194-199 Downloads
Zi Ye
Convergence of moments for strictly stationary sequences pp. 200-203 Downloads
Zbigniew S. Szewczak
Simulation of Gamma records pp. 204-212 Downloads
A. Pakhteev and A. Stepanov
Two-sided moment estimates for a class of nonnegative chaoses pp. 213-219 Downloads
Rafał Meller
Statistical inference for familial disease models assuming exchangeability pp. 220-225 Downloads
Dale Bowman
Spherical discrepancy for designs on hyperspheres pp. 226-234 Downloads
Mei Zhang and Yong-Dao Zhou
Directed weighted random graphs with an increasing bi-degree sequence pp. 235-240 Downloads
Zhang Yong, Siyu Chen, Hong Qin and Ting Yan
Sparse Bayesian multinomial probit regression model with correlation prior for high-dimensional data classification pp. 241-247 Downloads
Aijun Yang, Xuejun Jiang, Pengfei Liu and Jinguan Lin
A strong law of large numbers for sub-linear expectation under a general moment condition pp. 248-258 Downloads
Cheng Hu
Asymptotic normality of numbers of observations near order statistics from stationary processes pp. 259-263 Downloads
Krzysztof Jasiński
A geometric time series model with inflated-parameter Bernoulli counting series pp. 264-272 Downloads
Patrick Borges, Fabio Fajardo Molinares and Marcelo Bourguignon
Confidence regions for comparison of two normal samples pp. 273-280 Downloads
Andrew L. Rukhin
The Bayesian restricted Conway–Maxwell-Binomial model to control dispersion in count data pp. 281-288 Downloads
Josemar Rodrigues, Jorge L. Bazán, Adriano K. Suzuki and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Numerical computation of hitting time distributions of increasing Lévy processes pp. 289-294 Downloads
Geon Ho Choe and Dong Min Lee
Convergence rate in precise asymptotics for Davis law of large numbers pp. 295-300 Downloads
Lingtao Kong and Hongshuai Dai
A proof for the conjecture of characteristic function of the generalized skew-elliptical distributions pp. 301-304 Downloads
Tomer Shushi
A lower bound on the probability that a binomial random variable is exceeding its mean pp. 305-309 Downloads
Christos Pelekis and Jan Ramon
SPDEs with rough noise in space: Hölder continuity of the solution pp. 310-316 Downloads
Raluca M. Balan, Maria Jolis and Lluís Quer-Sardanyons
Double asymptotics for the chi-square statistic pp. 317-325 Downloads
Grzegorz A. Rempała and Jacek Wesołowski
Characterizing the path-independence of the Girsanov transformation for non-Lipschitz SDEs with jumps pp. 326-333 Downloads
Huijie Qiao and Jiang-Lun Wu
A conditional frequency distribution test for analyzing 2×c tables pp. 334-343 Downloads
Julia L. Sharp and John J. Borkowski
Functional central limit theorems for certain statistics in an infinite urn scheme pp. 344-348 Downloads
Mikhail Chebunin and Artyom Kovalevskii
Tail probability estimates for additive functionals pp. 349-356 Downloads
Nguyen Tien Dung
The limit theorem for maximum of partial sums of exchangeable random variables pp. 357-362 Downloads
Patricia Alonso Ruiz and Alexander Rakitko
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