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Volume 77, issue 18, 2007

A note on Bayesian nonparametric priors derived from exponentially tilted Poisson-Kingman models pp. 1705-1711 Downloads
Annalisa Cerquetti
The speed of a branching system of random walks in random environment pp. 1712-1721 Downloads
Alexis Devulder
A least-squares cross-validation bandwidth selection approach in pair correlation function estimations pp. 1722-1729 Downloads
Yongtao Guan
A note on the exponential inequality for associated random variables pp. 1730-1736 Downloads
Soo Hak Sung
A class of controlled bisexual branching processes with mating depending on the number of progenitor couples pp. 1737-1743 Downloads
Manuel Molina, Inés M. del Puerto and Alfonso Ramos
A result on the first-passage time of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process pp. 1744-1749 Downloads
Susanne Ditlevsen
Limit laws for multidimensional extremes pp. 1750-1755 Downloads
Marie-Francoise Barme-Delcroix and Ursula Gather
A Holm-type procedure controlling the false discovery rate pp. 1756-1762 Downloads
Yongchao Ge, Stuart C. Sealfon, Chi-Hong Tseng and Terence P. Speed

Volume 77, issue 17, 2007

Central Limit Theorem by moments pp. 1647-1651 Downloads
René Blacher
Interval estimation for the normal correlation coefficient pp. 1652-1661 Downloads
Y. Sun and A.C.M. Wong
A connection between self-normalized products and stable laws pp. 1662-1665 Downloads
Igor Melnykov and John T. Chen
Two-stage efficient estimation of longitudinal nonparametric additive models pp. 1666-1675 Downloads
Jinhong You and Haibo Zhou
Forward-backward SDEs and the CIR model pp. 1676-1682 Downloads
Cody Blaine Hyndman
A game version of the Cowan-Zabczyk-Bruss' problem pp. 1683-1689 Downloads
Krzysztof Szajowski
Probabilities of majority and minority violation in proportional representation pp. 1690-1695 Downloads
Udo Schwingenschlögl
The gamma coefficient revisited pp. 1696-1704 Downloads
Valentin Rousson

Volume 77, issue 16, 2007

Limiting behavior of weighted sums of i.i.d. random variables pp. 1589-1599 Downloads
Chen Pingyan and Gan Shixin
Some remarks on local time-space calculus pp. 1600-1607 Downloads
Xiangfeng Yang and Litan Yan
Penalized wavelet monotone regression pp. 1608-1621 Downloads
Anestis Antoniadis, Jéremie Bigot and Irène Gijbels
A note on the asymptotic distribution of the maximum likelihood estimator in a non-regular case pp. 1622-1627 Downloads
Takayuki Fujii
On the exchange of iterated expectations of random upper semicontinuous functions pp. 1628-1635 Downloads
Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz and Miguel López-Díaz
A time-series model using asymmetric Laplace distribution pp. 1636-1640 Downloads
K. Jayakumar and A.P. Kuttykrishnan
A note on extreme magnitudes of characteristic functions pp. 1641-1643 Downloads
Zhengmin Zhang

Volume 77, issue 15, 2007

A central limit theorem for self-normalized sums of a linear process pp. 1535-1541 Downloads
Mindaugas Juodis and Alfredas Rackauskas
Posterior distribution for negative binomial parameter p using a group invariant prior pp. 1542-1548 Downloads
B. Heller and M. Wang
Asymptotic normality associated with generalized occupancy problems pp. 1549-1558 Downloads
Sherzod M. Mirakhmedov
Reflected backward stochastic differential equations driven by Lévy processes pp. 1559-1566 Downloads
Yong Ren and Lanying Hu
Construction of fractional factorial split-plot designs with weak minimum aberration pp. 1567-1573 Downloads
Jianfeng Yang, Runchu Zhang and Minqian Liu
The generating functions of hitting times for random walk on trees pp. 1574-1579 Downloads
Haiyan Chen
Estimation of generalized partially linear models with measurement error using sufficiency scores pp. 1580-1588 Downloads
Lian Liu

Volume 77, issue 14, 2007

Universal residuals: A multivariate transformation pp. 1473-1478 Downloads
A.E. Brockwell
Gibbs and autoregressive Markov processes pp. 1479-1485 Downloads
Luis E. Nieto-Barajas and Stephen G. Walker
Inequalities on the overshoot beyond a boundary for independent summands with differing distributions pp. 1486-1489 Downloads
John L. Spouge
Identification of moving average process with infinite variance pp. 1490-1496 Downloads
Dedi Rosadi
L1-rate of convergence of smoothed histogram pp. 1497-1504 Downloads
T. Bouezmarni, M. Mesfioui and J.M. Rolin
The capacity of q-state Potts neural networks with parallel retrieval dynamics pp. 1505-1514 Downloads
Matthias Löwe and Franck Vermet
Influence analysis of non-Gaussianity by applying projection pursuit pp. 1515-1521 Downloads
Yufen Huang, Ching-Ren Cheng and Tai-Ho Wang
The impact on ruin probabilities of the association structure among financial risks pp. 1522-1525 Downloads
Qihe Tang and Raluca Vernic
Rates of strong uniform consistency for local least squares kernel regression estimators pp. 1526-1534 Downloads
David Blondin

Volume 77, issue 13, 2007

The supremum of random walk with negatively associated and heavy-tailed steps pp. 1403-1412 Downloads
Dingcheng Wang, Pingyan Chen and Chun Su
Alternative ways of obtaining Hausman's test using artificial regressions pp. 1413-1417 Downloads
Badi Baltagi and Long Liu
Stationarity domains for [delta]-power Garch process with heavy tails pp. 1418-1427 Downloads
Fabio Bellini and Leonardo Bottolo
Stationarity for a Markov-switching Box-Cox transformed threshold GARCH process pp. 1428-1438 Downloads
Ji-Chun Liu
Generalized least squares estimation for explosive AR(1) processes with conditionally heteroscedastic errors pp. 1439-1448 Downloads
S.Y. Hwang, S. Kim, S.D. Lee and I.V. Basawa
On Hinkley's estimator: Inference about the change point pp. 1449-1458 Downloads
Stergios Fotopoulos and V.K. Jandhyala
Fisher information matrix for a four-parameter kappa distribution pp. 1459-1466 Downloads
Jeong-Soo Park and Tae Yoon Kim
On stochastic orderings between residual record values pp. 1467-1472 Downloads
Baha-Eldin Khaledi and Roohollah Shojaei

Volume 77, issue 12, 2007

Rescaled range analysis in the presence of stochastic trend pp. 1165-1175 Downloads
Alexander Aue, Lajos Horvath and Josef Steinebach
Optimal times for software release when repair is imperfect pp. 1176-1184 Downloads
Philip J. Boland and Nóra Ní Chuív
St. Petersburg games with the largest gains withheld pp. 1185-1189 Downloads
Sándor Csörgo and Gordon Simons
A Karhunen-Loeve expansion for a mean-centered Brownian bridge pp. 1190-1200 Downloads
Paul Deheuvels
Thinking outside the box: Statistical inference based on Kullback-Leibler empirical projections pp. 1201-1213 Downloads
Kjell Doksum, Akichika Ozeki, Jihoon Kim and Elias Chaibub Neto
On the convergence rate of fixed design regression estimators for negatively associated random variables pp. 1214-1224 Downloads
Wentao Gu, George G. Roussas and Lanh T. Tran
Time series smoothing by penalized least squares pp. 1225-1234 Downloads
Victor M. Guerrero
Inclusion and exclusion of data or parameters in the general linear model pp. 1235-1247 Downloads
S. Rao Jammalamadaka and D. Sengupta
Brittle power: On Roman Emperors and exponential lengths of rule pp. 1248-1257 Downloads
Estate Khmaladze, Ray Brownrigg and John Haywood
Extensions of the Markov chain marginal bootstrap pp. 1258-1268 Downloads
Masha Kocherginsky and Xuming He
Test-based classification: A linkage between classification and statistical testing pp. 1269-1281 Downloads
Shu-Min Liao and Michael Akritas
On exact Type I and Type II errors of Cochran's test pp. 1282-1287 Downloads
W.Y. Wendy Lou and James C. Fu
Squeezing the last drop: Cluster-based classification algorithm pp. 1288-1299 Downloads
Kishan G. Mehrotra, Necati E. Ozgencil and Nancy McCracken
Efficient Gibbs sampler for Bayesian analysis of a sample selection model pp. 1300-1311 Downloads
Yasuhiro Omori
Normal order statistics and sums of geometric random variables in treatment allocation problems pp. 1312-1321 Downloads
Andrew L. Rukhin
Prediction in invertible linear processes pp. 1322-1331 Downloads
Anton Schick and Wolfgang Wefelmeyer
Shot-noise processes and the minimal martingale measure pp. 1332-1338 Downloads
Thorsten Schmidt and Winfried Stute
Stochastic comparisons of multivariate random sums in the Laplace transform order, with applications pp. 1339-1344 Downloads
Moshe Shaked
A test based on quantile score for c-sample randomized block design pp. 1345-1353 Downloads
Songyong Sim
Betting on residual life: The caveats of conditioning pp. 1354-1361 Downloads
Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Simultaneous testing of multiple hypotheses using generalized p-values pp. 1362-1370 Downloads
Kam-Wah Tsui and Shijie Tang
Rate of convergence of k-step Newton estimators to efficient likelihood estimators pp. 1371-1376 Downloads
Steve Verrill
Orthogonality and D-optimality of the U-type design under general Fourier regression models pp. 1377-1384 Downloads
Min-Yu Xie, Jian-Hui Ning and Kai-Tai Fang
Testing treatment effect by combining weighted log-rank tests and using empirical likelihood pp. 1385-1393 Downloads
Song Yang and Yichuan Zhao
Generalized weighted additive models based on distribution functions pp. 1394-1402 Downloads
In-Kwon Yeo

Volume 77, issue 11, 2007

Generalized n-Paul paradox pp. 1043-1049 Downloads
Péter Kevei
On complete convergence for arrays of rowwise dependent random variables pp. 1050-1060 Downloads
Anna Kuczmaszewska
Proof load designs for estimation of dependence in a bivariate Weibull model pp. 1061-1069 Downloads
Richard A. Johnson and Wenqing Lu
The minimal entropy measure and an Esscher transform in an incomplete market model pp. 1070-1076 Downloads
Michael Monoyios
Experimentation on heterogeneous experimental units pp. 1077-1083 Downloads
Samaradasa Weerahandi and Martin A. Koschat
Heteroscedastic symmetrical linear models pp. 1084-1090 Downloads
Francisco José A. Cysneiros, Gilberto A. Paula and Manuel Galea
Optimal convergence rates for density estimation from grouped data pp. 1091-1097 Downloads
Alexander Meister
A note on absorption probabilities in one-dimensional random walk via complex-valued martingales pp. 1098-1105 Downloads
Dennis Gilliland, Shlomo Levental and Yimin Xiao
Some strong limit theorems of weighted sums for negatively dependent generalized Gaussian random variables pp. 1106-1110 Downloads
M. Amini, H. Zarei and A. Bozorgnia
Some measures for asymmetry of distributions pp. 1111-1116 Downloads
Georgi N. Boshnakov
Kolmogorov inequalities for the partial sum of independent Bernoulli random variables pp. 1117-1122 Downloads
Petroula M. Mavrikiou
Optimal Poisson quantisation pp. 1123-1132 Downloads
Ilya Molchanov and Nikolay Tontchev
Random convex combinations of order statistics pp. 1133-1136 Downloads
Eric Beutner and Udo Kamps
Generalized skew-Cauchy distribution pp. 1137-1147 Downloads
Wen-Jang Huang and Yan-Hau Chen
A preorder relation for Markov reward processes pp. 1148-1157 Downloads
David Daly, Peter Buchholz and William H. Sanders
The stationary seasonal hyperbolic asymmetric power ARCH model pp. 1158-1164 Downloads
Abdou Ka Diongue and Dominique Guegan

Volume 77, issue 10, 2007

Consistency of minimum divergence estimators based on grouped data pp. 937-941 Downloads
Federico Bassetti, Antonella Bodini and Eugenio Regazzini
The uniqueness of extremum estimation pp. 942-951 Downloads
Volker Krätschmer
On complete convergence of triangular arrays of independent random variables pp. 952-963 Downloads
István Berkes and Michel Weber
Fisher information in record values and their concomitants about dependence and correlation parameters pp. 964-972 Downloads
Morteza Amini and J. Ahmadi
Optimal correction of an indefinite estimated MA spectral density matrix pp. 973-980 Downloads
Petre Stoica, Luzhou Xu, Jian Li and Yao Xie
A note on proportional hazards and proportional odds models pp. 981-988 Downloads
Shande Chen and Amita K. Manatunga
Lattice polynomials of random variables pp. 989-994 Downloads
Alexander Dukhovny
The pair correlation function of spatial Hawkes processes pp. 995-1003 Downloads
Jesper Møller and Giovanni Luca Torrisi
Bootstrap goodness-of-fit tests with estimated parameters based on empirical transforms pp. 1004-1013 Downloads
Simos Meintanis and Jan Swanepoel
Goodness-of-fit test for response adaptive clinical trials pp. 1014-1020 Downloads
Yanqing Yi and Xikui Wang
Asymptotic behavior of the moments of the ratio of the random sum of squares to the square of the random sum pp. 1021-1033 Downloads
Sophie A. Ladoucette
A simple nonparametric test for diagnosing nonlinearity in Tobit median regression model pp. 1034-1042 Downloads
Lan Wang

Volume 77, issue 9, 2007

U-statistics based on the Green's function of the Laplacian on the circle and the sphere pp. 863-872 Downloads
J.-R. Pycke
The distribution of the first [beta] point in the classical risk model with interest pp. 873-880 Downloads
Zhigang Li, Rong Wu and Yonghong Du
Can any multivariate gaussian vector be interpreted as a sample from a stationary random process? pp. 881-884 Downloads
Olivier Perrin and Martin Schlather
On sequential detection of parameter changes in linear regression pp. 885-895 Downloads
Lajos Horvath, Piotr Kokoszka and Josef Steinebach
On the connection between model selection criteria and quadratic discrimination in ARMA time series models pp. 896-900 Downloads
Pedro Galeano and Daniel Peña
Balanced residual treatment effects designs of first order for correlated observations pp. 901-906 Downloads
M.L. Aggarwal, Lih-Yuan Deng and Mithilesh Kumar Jha
Bayesian nonparametric inference of stochastically ordered distributions, with Pólya trees and Bernstein polynomials pp. 907-913 Downloads
George Karabatsos and Stephen G. Walker
Constrained estimators of treatment parameters in semiparametric models pp. 914-919 Downloads
Marcin Przystalski and Pawel Krajewski
Shiga-Watanabe's time inversion property for self-similar diffusion processes pp. 920-924 Downloads
Juha Vuolle-Apiala
Asymptotic properties of a double penalized maximum likelihood estimator in logistic regression pp. 925-930 Downloads
Sujuan Gao and Jianzhao Shen
Variational form of the large deviation functional pp. 931-936 Downloads
Henri Comman

Volume 77, issue 8, 2007

Ruin problems in risk models with dependent rates of interest pp. 761-768 Downloads
Qi-bing Gao, Yao-hua Wu, Chun-hua Zhu and Guang-hua Wei
Sensor analytics: radioactive gas concentration estimation and error propagation pp. 769-773 Downloads
Dale N. Anderson, Deborah K. Fagan, Rey Suarez, Jim C. Hayes and Justin I. McIntyre
Permutation and scale invariant one-sided approximate likelihood ratio tests pp. 774-781 Downloads
Samruam Chongcharoen and F.T. Wright
Sharp estimation in sup norm with random design pp. 782-794 Downloads
GaI¨ffas, Stéphane
Decomposition of supermartingales indexed by a linearly ordered set pp. 795-802 Downloads
Gianluca Cassese
Estimation of regression coefficients of interest when other regression coefficients are of no interest: The case of non-normal errors pp. 803-810 Downloads
Guohua Zou, Alan Wan, Xiaoyong Wu and Ti Chen
Difference-based estimation for error variances in repeated measurement regression models pp. 811-816 Downloads
Qinfeng Xu and Jinhong You
A note on sufficient dimension reduction pp. 817-821 Downloads
Xuerong Meggie Wen
Besov regularity of stochastic measures pp. 822-825 Downloads
Vadym M. Radchenko
The optional sampling theorem for submartingales in the sequentially planned context pp. 826-831 Downloads
M. Mar Fenoy and Pilar Ibarrola
On the derivatives of the normalising constant of the Bingham distribution pp. 832-837 Downloads
A. Kume and Andrew T.A. Wood
A characterization of subclasses of semi-selfdecomposable distributions by stochastic integral representations pp. 838-842 Downloads
Makoto Maejima and Manabu Miura
Adaptive deadband control of a drifting process with unknown parameters pp. 843-852 Downloads
Zilong Lian and Enrique del Castillo
Conservative confidence intervals based on weighted means statistics pp. 853-861 Downloads
Andrew L. Rukhin

Volume 77, issue 7, 2007

A Darling-Siegert formula relating some Bessel integrals and random walks pp. 667-680 Downloads
A. De Gregorio and E. Orsingher
Unfair gambles in probability pp. 681-686 Downloads
John Beam
Some properties of a multifractional Brownian motion pp. 687-692 Downloads
Zhengyan Lin and Jing Zheng
A note on uniform consistency of monotone function estimators pp. 693-703 Downloads
Natalie Neumeyer
Some efficient estimators of the domain parameters pp. 704-709 Downloads
M.C. Agrawal and Chand K. Midha
Stability under products of sufficient, minimal sufficient and complete [sigma]-fields in the Bayesian case pp. 710-716 Downloads
J.E. Chacón, J. Montanero, A.G. Nogales and P. Pérez
A new family of slash-distributions with elliptical contours pp. 717-725 Downloads
Héctor W. Gómez, Fernando A. Quintana and Francisco J. Torres
Convergence of quadratic forms with nonvanishing diagonal pp. 726-734 Downloads
R.J. Bhansali, Liudas Giraitis and P.S. Kokoszka
A note on the proportional hazards model with discontinuous data pp. 735-739 Downloads
Qiqing Yu
An application of reinforced urn processes to determining maximum tolerated dose pp. 740-747 Downloads
Maura Mezzetti, Pietro Muliere and Paolo Bulla
Moment representation of Bernoulli polynomial, Euler polynomial and Gegenbauer polynomials pp. 748-751 Downloads
Ping Sun
On processes with summable partial autocorrelations pp. 752-759 Downloads
Lukasz Debowski

Volume 77, issue 6, 2007

Life behavior of [delta]-shock model pp. 577-587 Downloads
Zehui Li and Xinbing Kong
Entropy correlation coefficient for measuring predictive power of generalized linear models pp. 588-593 Downloads
Nobuoki Eshima and Minoru Tabata
Ordering the dispersion of ordinary least squares under near-integration pp. 594-597 Downloads
Ralph Bailey and Peter Burridge
A class of ordinal quasi-symmetry models for square contingency tables pp. 598-603 Downloads
Maria Kateri and Alan Agresti
Generalization of Simmons' theorem pp. 604-606 Downloads
Olivier Perrin and Edmond Redside
Efficient capital markets: A statistical definition and comments pp. 607-613 Downloads
Alexandros E. Milionis
On stochastic ordering for diffusion with jumps and applications pp. 614-620 Downloads
Xinsheng Zhang
Behavior of elemental sets in regression pp. 621-624 Downloads
David J. Olive and Douglas M. Hawkins
Modified p-values for one-sided testing in restricted parameter spaces pp. 625-631 Downloads
Hsiuying Wang
Self-normalized Wittmann's laws of iterated logarithm in Banach space pp. 632-643 Downloads
Dianliang Deng
On the infinite divisibility of some skewed symmetric distributions pp. 644-648 Downloads
J. Armando Domínguez-Molina and Alfonso Rocha-Arteaga
On the use of linear models in the estimation of the size of a population using capture-recapture data pp. 649-653 Downloads
Richard Huggins
Perturbing the minimand resampling with Gamma(1,1) random variables as an extension of the Bayesian Bootstrap pp. 654-657 Downloads
Michael Parzen and Stuart R. Lipsitz
A formula for transition density function under Girsanov transform pp. 658-666 Downloads
Ruili Song and Jiangang Ying

Volume 77, issue 5, 2007

Pricing model for zero coupon bonds driven by Bessel-squared interest processes with a jump pp. 475-482 Downloads
Ching-Sung Chou and Hsien-Jen Lin
Quadratic prediction problems in finite populations pp. 483-489 Downloads
Xu-Qing Liu and Jian-Ying Rong
Some characterizations of the spherical harmonics coefficients for isotropic random fields pp. 490-496 Downloads
Paolo Baldi and Domenico Marinucci
Randomization in survival analysis pp. 497-502 Downloads
Giacomo Aletti and Diane Saada
Age and residual lifetime distributions for branching processes pp. 503-513 Downloads
A. Yakovlev and N. Yanev
Mitigating the effect of measurement errors in quantile estimation pp. 514-524 Downloads
E. Schechtman and C. Spiegelman
Hierarchical structures associated with order functions pp. 525-529 Downloads
Deli Li and Yongcheng Qi
Large deviations for random sums of negatively dependent random variables with consistently varying tails pp. 530-538 Downloads
Yu Chen and Weiping Zhang
An example of a stationary, triplewise independent triangular array for which the CLT fails pp. 539-542 Downloads
Miriam Ruth Kantorovitz
Quasi-sure p-variation of fractional Brownian motion pp. 543-548 Downloads
Guilan Cao and Kai He
Empirical likelihood inference for the mean residual life under random censorship pp. 549-557 Downloads
Gengsheng Qin and Yichuan Zhao
A reversion of the Chernoff bound pp. 558-565 Downloads
Ted Theodosopoulos
Nonregular two-level designs of resolution IV or more containing clear two-factor interactions pp. 566-575 Downloads
Guijun Yang and Neil A. Butler

Volume 77, issue 4, 2007

Characterization of the Dirichlet distribution on symmetric matrices pp. 357-364 Downloads
Mohamed Ben Farah and Abdelhamid Hassairi
Properties of aging intensity function pp. 365-373 Downloads
Asok K. Nanda, Subarna Bhattacharjee and S.S. Alam
Empirical likelihood ratio test for the change-point problem pp. 374-382 Downloads
Changliang Zou, Yukun Liu, Peng Qin and Zhaojun Wang
Extension of runs to the continuous-valued sequences pp. 383-388 Downloads
Serkan Eryilmaz
Stability of weighted averages of 2-exchangeable random variables pp. 389-395 Downloads
N. Etemadi
Strongly monotone q-functions and a note on strong ergodicity of monotone q-functions pp. 396-400 Downloads
Yangrong Li
An estimation procedure for a spatial-temporal model pp. 401-406 Downloads
Ohmar Z. Landagan and Erniel Barrios
Multivariate extensions of Spearman's rho and related statistics pp. 407-416 Downloads
Friedrich Schmid and Rafael Schmidt
Random integral representations for free-infinitely divisible and tempered stable distributions pp. 417-425 Downloads
Zbigniew J. Jurek
Optimal designs in multivariate linear models pp. 426-430 Downloads
A. Markiewicz and A. Szczepanska
A note on quasi-likelihood for exponential families pp. 431-437 Downloads
David H. Annis
Superiority of the r-d class estimator over some estimators by the mean square error matrix criterion pp. 438-446 Downloads
M. Revan Özkale and Selahattin KaçIranlar
Statistical interpretation of the importance of phase information in signal and image reconstruction pp. 447-454 Downloads
Ni, Xuelei (Sherry) and Xiaoming Huo
Averaged estimation of functional-coefficient regression models with different smoothing variables pp. 455-461 Downloads
Riquan Zhang and Guoying Li
A variable bandwidth selector in multivariate kernel density estimation pp. 462-467 Downloads
Tiee-Jian Wu, Ching-Fu Chen and Huang-Yu Chen
Extensions of functional LIL w.r.t. (r, p)--Capacities on Wiener space pp. 468-473 Downloads
Xiong Chen and N. Balakrishnan

Volume 77, issue 3, 2007

Applications of large deviations to optimal experimental designs pp. 231-238 Downloads
Cyrille Joutard
Large deviation principles with respect to the [tau]-topology for exchangeable sequences: A necessary and sufficient condition pp. 239-246 Downloads
Yutao Ma, Qiongxia Song and Liming Wu
A bootstrap method for assessing the dimension of a general regression problem pp. 247-255 Downloads
M. Pilar Barrios and Santiago Velilla
Binary market models with memory pp. 256-264 Downloads
Akihiko Inoue, Yumiharu Nakano and Vo Anh
Splitting variable selection for multivariate regression trees pp. 265-271 Downloads
Wei-Cheng Hsiao and Yu-Shan Shih
On Sevast'yanov's theorem pp. 272-279 Downloads
M. Denker and N. Kan
Sufficiency and efficiency in statistical prediction pp. 280-287 Downloads
Denis Bosq
Exact power calculations for detecting hypotheses involving two correlated binary outcomes pp. 288-294 Downloads
Jihnhee Yu, James L. Kepner and Brian N. Bundy
Chung LIL for integrated [alpha] stable process pp. 295-302 Downloads
Rongmao Zhang and Zhengyan Lin
Complete convergence for weighted sums of random variables pp. 303-311 Downloads
Soo Hak Sung
Chain graphs for multilevel models pp. 312-318 Downloads
Anna Gottard and Carla Rampichini
Maximum likelihood estimation for joint mean-covariance models from unbalanced repeated-measures data pp. 319-328 Downloads
Scott Holan and Christine Spinka
Comparison of tests of uniformity defined on the hypersphere pp. 329-334 Downloads
Adelaide Figueiredo
On Srivastava's multivariate sample skewness and kurtosis under non-normality pp. 335-342 Downloads
Yosihito Maruyama
A robust inverse regression estimator pp. 343-349 Downloads
Liqiang Ni and R. Dennis Cook
Comparison of error distributions in nonparametric regression pp. 350-356 Downloads
Juan Carlos Pardo-Fernández

Volume 77, issue 2, 2007

Unimprovability of the Bonferroni procedure in the class of general step-up multiple testing procedures pp. 117-122 Downloads
Alexander Y. Gordon
Nontransitivity in a class of weighted logrank statistics under nonproportional hazards pp. 123-130 Downloads
Daniel L. Gillen and Scott S. Emerson
Two-sample median test for order restricted randomized designs pp. 131-141 Downloads
Omer Ozturk
Optimal main effect plans in blocks of small size pp. 142-147 Downloads
Mausumi Bose and Sunanda Bagchi
A short proof of an identity for a Brownian Bridge due to Donati-Martin, Matsumoto and Yor pp. 148-150 Downloads
David Hobson
Comparison of level-crossing times for Markov and semi-Markov processes pp. 151-157 Downloads
Fátima Ferreira and António Pacheco
The overshoot of a random walk with negative drift pp. 158-165 Downloads
Qihe Tang
A class of random matrices with infinitely divisible determinants pp. 166-168 Downloads
Makoto Maejima and Víctor Pérez-Abreu
On the convolution of the negative binomial random variables pp. 169-172 Downloads
Edward Furman
On the negative binomial distribution and its generalizations pp. 173-180 Downloads
P. Vellaisamy and N.S. Upadhye
Precise large deviations for negatively associated random variables with consistently varying tails pp. 181-189 Downloads
Yan Liu
Probability weighted moments properties for small samples pp. 190-195 Downloads
Reinhard Furrer and Philippe Naveau
Statistical options: Crash resistant financial contracts based on robust estimation pp. 196-203 Downloads
L. Ramprasath and Kesar Singh
On constrained estimation problems in time-use surveys pp. 204-210 Downloads
F.J. Samaniego, E.M. Vestrup and D. Bhattacharya
Algorithmic analysis of Euler scheme for a class of stochastic differential equations with jumps pp. 211-219 Downloads
Shujin Wu and Dong Han
Maximum estimation capacity projection designs from Hadamard matrices with 32, 36 and 40 runs pp. 220-229 Downloads
P. Angelopoulos and C. Koukouvinos

Volume 77, issue 1, 2007

Distributional properties for the generalized p-value for the Behrens-Fisher problem pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shijie Tang and Kam-Wah Tsui
Asymptotic properties for partial sum processes of a Gaussian random field pp. 9-18 Downloads
Hee-Jin Moon and Yong-Kab Choi
Consistency of Bayesian estimation of a step function pp. 19-24 Downloads
Heng Lian
New two-variable full orthogonal designs and related experiments with linear regression models pp. 25-31 Downloads
Stelios D. Georgiou
A direct method to obtain the joint distribution of successes, failures and patterns in enumeration problems pp. 32-39 Downloads
Demetrios L. Antzoulakos and Michael V. Boutsikas
Regression with random design: A minimax study pp. 40-53 Downloads
Christophe Chesneau
The linear minimax estimator of stochastic regression coefficients and parameters under quadratic loss function pp. 54-62 Downloads
Sheng-Hua Yu
On the distribution of Dickey-Fuller unit root statistics when there is a break in the innovation variance pp. 63-68 Downloads
Amit Sen
Bayesian local robustness under weighted squared-error loss function incorporating unimodality pp. 69-74 Downloads
Enrique Calderín Ojeda, Emilio Gómez Déniz and Ignacio J. Cabrera Ortega
Asymptotic efficiency of the ordinary least-squares estimator for sur models with integrated regressors pp. 75-82 Downloads
Dong Wan Shin, Han Joon Kim and Won-Chul Jhee
Modelling spatio-temporal data: A new variogram and covariance structure proposal pp. 83-89 Downloads
E. Porcu, J. Mateu, A. Zini and R. Pini
Improvements on removing nonoptimal support points in D-optimum design algorithms pp. 90-94 Downloads
Radoslav Harman and Luc Pronzato
A new characterization of the normal law pp. 95-98 Downloads
S.Y. Novak
Calibration approach estimators in stratified sampling pp. 99-103 Downloads
Jong-Min Kim, Engin A. Sungur and Tae-Young Heo
A penalized version of the empirical likelihood ratio for the population mean pp. 104-110 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci
On the construction and existence of a certain class of complete diallel cross designs pp. 111-115 Downloads
Sudesh K. Srivastav and Arti Shankar
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