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Volume 25, issue 4, 1995

A stochastic model for drug resistance in AIDS chemotherapy and the HIV incubation distribution pp. 289-299 Downloads
Wai Y. Tan
A new family of goodness-of-fit statistics for discrete multivariate data pp. 301-307 Downloads
Gunter Lorenzen
Restricted tests for and against the increasing failure rate ordering on multinomial parameters pp. 309-316 Downloads
Bhaskar Bhattacharya
On the equivalence of D and G-optimal designs in heteroscedastic models pp. 317-321 Downloads
Weng Kee Wong
Uniqueness of principal points for univariate distributions pp. 323-327 Downloads
Luning Li and Bernard Flury
On weak lumpability of denumerable Markov chains pp. 329-339 Downloads
James Ledoux
On selecting the best natural exponential families with quadratic variance function pp. 341-349 Downloads
Mansour M. Abughalous and Naveen K. Bansal
On a class of exchangeable sequences pp. 351-355 Downloads
Alexander V. Gnedin
A note on variance reduction pp. 357-360 Downloads
Alain Berlinet
Unbiased ratio-type variance estimation pp. 361-364 Downloads
M. C. Agrawal and A. B. Sthapit
Explicit and exponential bounds for a test on the coefficient of an AR(1) model pp. 365-371 Downloads
Bruno Massé and Marie-Claude Viano
Approximate estimation of non-identifiable parameters in a convolution pp. 373-378 Downloads
B. K. Kale and G. Sebastian

Volume 25, issue 3, 1995

A weighted least-squares procedure for estimating the parameters of Altham's multiplicative generalization of the binomial distribution pp. 193-199 Downloads
Steven G. From
Nonparametric estimation of the chaotic function and the invariant measure of a dynamical system pp. 201-212 Downloads
D. Bosq and Dominique Guegan
Testing the equality of several binomial proportions to a prespecified standard pp. 213-219 Downloads
Pandurang M. Kulkarni and Arvind K. Shah
Estimations of the decomposition stability into identical components pp. 221-229 Downloads
N. G. Ushakov and A. P. Ushakova
Correspondence analysis of an artificial binary cylinder data pp. 231-240 Downloads
Hideki Endo
Estimating the number of change points in a sequence of independent normal random variables pp. 241-248 Downloads
Chung-Bow Lee
Improved predictors in survey sampling under a super population model pp. 249-252 Downloads
A. K. Srivastava
The asymptotic tail behaviours of projection pursuit-type Kolmogorov statistics pp. 253-263 Downloads
Li-Xing Zhu and Ping Cheng
Construction of bivariate distributions by a generalised trivariate reduction technique pp. 265-270 Downloads
C. D. Lai
Tactical aspects of search and rescue operations pp. 271-279 Downloads
J. Meloche
Preserving unimodality by mixing pp. 281-288 Downloads
Emile Bertin and Radu Theodorescu

Volume 25, issue 2, 1995

On nonparametric likelihood ratio estimation of survival probabilities for censored data pp. 95-104 Downloads
Gang Li
Behavior near zero of the distribution of GCV smoothing parameter estimates pp. 105-111 Downloads
Grace Wahba and Yuedong Wang
A simple proof and refinement of Wielandt's eigenvalue inequality pp. 113-115 Downloads
Lutz Dümbgen
On the nonexistence of a global nonnegative minimum bias invariant quadratic estimator of variance components pp. 117-120 Downloads
Sujuan Gao and T. M. F. Smith
On Wieand's theorem pp. 121-132 Downloads
Wilbert C. M. Kallenberg and Alex J. Koning
M-type estimators of regression function with applications pp. 133-144 Downloads
Li-Xing Zhu and Kai W. Ng
On asymptotic expansions in the first uniform Kolmogorov theorem pp. 145-151 Downloads
V. Cekanavicius
The laws of the iterated logarithm of some estimates in partly linear models pp. 153-162 Downloads
Jiti Gao
A note on the asymptotic behavior of conditional extremes pp. 163-170 Downloads
Ashis K. Gangopadhyay
Concavity of Box-Cox log-likelihood function pp. 171-175 Downloads
Elies Kouider and Hanfeng Chen
Ordered and unordered random partitions of an integer and the GEM distribution pp. 177-183 Downloads
Masaaki Sibuya and Hajime Yamato
Robust scale estimation based on the the empirical characteristic function pp. 185-192 Downloads
Marianthi Markatou, Joel L. Horowitz and Russell V. Lenth

Volume 25, issue 1, 1995

The Strassen law of the iterated logarithm in Banach function spaces pp. 1-8 Downloads
R. Norvaisa
On the E-optimality of some two-way elimination of heterogeneity designs pp. 9-13 Downloads
Henryk Brzeskwiniewicz
A note on the symmetry of normal mean hypotheses and its implications pp. 15-20 Downloads
Xiaomi Hu
On the strong law of large numbers for sums of pairwise independent random variables pp. 21-26 Downloads
Alexander Martikainen
Unit root tests for seasonal models with deterministic trends pp. 27-35 Downloads
Sinsup Cho, Young J. Park and Sung K. Ahn
Optimal weighing designs and some new weighing matrices pp. 37-42 Downloads
Christos Koukouvinos
Asymptotic normality of multivariate trimmed means pp. 43-53 Downloads
Miguel A. Arcones
Consistency of the local kernel density estimator pp. 55-61 Downloads
Geof H. Givens
Von Mises conditions, [delta]-neighborhoods and rates of convergence for maxima pp. 63-70 Downloads
Edgar Kaufmann
Improved upper bounds for probabilities of uniform deviations pp. 71-77 Downloads
Gabor Lugosi
On some characterizations of the t-distribution pp. 79-85 Downloads
Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle and Heleno Bolfarine
Some properties of a limiting distribution in Quicksort pp. 87-94 Downloads
Kok Hooi Tan and Petros Hadjicostas

Volume 24, issue 4, 1995

Multivariate p-norm symmetric distributions pp. 281-288 Downloads
Xinnian Yue and Chunsheng Ma
Estimation of scale matrix of elliptically contoured matrix distributions pp. 289-297 Downloads
Run-Ze Li and Kai-Tai Fang
The Bahadur representation of sample quantiles for sequences of strongly mixing random variables pp. 299-304 Downloads
Ken-ichi Yoshihara
A semigroup approach to poisson approximation with respect to the point metric pp. 305-314 Downloads
Bero Roos
Two-sample empirical likelihood method pp. 315-319 Downloads
Bing-Yi Jing
The Bernstein polynomial estimator of a smooth quantile function pp. 321-330 Downloads
Cheng Cheng
Ballot theorems revisited pp. 331-338 Downloads
Takis Konstantopoulos
Characterizations of probability distributions based on discrete p-monotonicity pp. 339-344 Downloads
Theofanis Sapatinas
An invariance property of optimal spectral bandwidths pp. 345-346 Downloads
P. M. Robinson
Iterative estimates for a smoothing parameter pp. 347-356 Downloads
Jiayang Sun
A note on strong convergence rates in nonparametric regression pp. 357-364 Downloads
Philip E. Cheng
A double-integral equation for the average run length of a multivariate exponentially weighted moving average control chart pp. 365-373 Downloads
Steven E. Rigdon
Optimal block designs revisited: An approximate theory detour pp. 375-380 Downloads
Friedrich Pukelsheim and Bikas Kumar Sinha

Volume 24, issue 3, 1995

Moments of measures attracted to operator semi-stable laws pp. 187-192 Downloads
Hans-Peter Scheffler
Asymptotic information for parametric estimation from an equilibrium particle process pp. 193-198 Downloads
Michael J. Phelan
Average error in the central limit theorem for the cumulative processes pp. 199-204 Downloads
Allen Roginsky
Improved minimax estimation of powers of the variance of a multivariate normal distribution under the entropy loss function pp. 205-211 Downloads
Nabendu Pal and Chiahua Ling
Some self-similar processes related to local times pp. 213-218 Downloads
Narn-Rueih Shieh
Alarm rates for quality control charts pp. 219-224 Downloads
Thomas M. Margavio, Michael D. Conerly, William H. Woodall and Laurel G. Drake
On LP stochastic representations pp. 225-227 Downloads
S. J. Lin
On the almost sure behaviour of sums of random variables pp. 229-231 Downloads
Valentin V. Petrov
Differential calculus relative to some point processes pp. 233-242 Downloads
A. Dermoune
Skorohod's theorem and convergence of types pp. 243-244 Downloads
K. Fazli and J. Behboodian
On the central limit theorem for U-statistics under absolute regularity pp. 245-249 Downloads
Miguel A. Arcones
Rank regression for current status data pp. 251-256 Downloads
Jorge Aragón and Adolfo J. Quiróz
On the biases of error estimators in prediction problems pp. 257-262 Downloads
Peter Hall
A uniform approximation to the sampling distribution of the coefficient of variation pp. 263-268 Downloads
Werner Hürlimann
On two recent papers of Y. Kanazawa pp. 269-271 Downloads
M. C. Jones
Second-order asymptotic efficiency of PMLE in generalized linear models pp. 273-279 Downloads
Hua Liang

Volume 24, issue 2, 1995

On a modified bootstrap for certain asymptotically nonnormal statistics pp. 91-98 Downloads
Somnath Datta
A note on bivariate Dawson-Sankoff-type bounds pp. 99-104 Downloads
Tuhao Chen and E. Seneta
Estimators of integrals of powers of density derivatives pp. 105-110 Downloads
Peter Hall and Rodney C. L. Wolff
Use of moments in studies of limit distributions arising from iterated random subdivisions of an interval pp. 111-119 Downloads
Norman L. Johnson and Samuel Kotz
Limit theorems for the logarithm of sample spacings pp. 121-132 Downloads
Yongzhao Shao and Marjorie G. Hahn
On recurrence relations for order statistics pp. 133-138 Downloads
H. A. David
Quantile estimation of treatment effect for the two-sample problem with right censored data pp. 139-145 Downloads
Hyo-Il Park and Sang-Gue Park
A note on a unified test for multivariate linear relationships pp. 147-151 Downloads
Yoshiko Isogawa
Inadmissibility of some tests for order-restricted alternatives pp. 153-156 Downloads
Arthur Cohen and H. B. Sackrowitz
When is a truncated covariance function on the line a covariance function on the circle? pp. 157-164 Downloads
Andrew T. A. Wood
A counterexample concerning uniform ergodic theorems for a class of functions pp. 165-168 Downloads
Andrew Nobel
Edgeworth approximations for rank sum test statistics pp. 169-171 Downloads
John E. Kolassa
A simple combinatorial proof of a result by Robertson and Pillers pp. 173-175 Downloads
Hari Mukerjee
A note on the accuracy of an approximate interval for the binomial parameter pp. 177-180 Downloads
Longcheen Huwang
A note on the local asymptotically minimax rate for estimating a crossing point in a diagnostic marker problem pp. 181-185 Downloads
Fushing Hsieh and Bruce W. Turnbull

Volume 24, issue 1, 1995

A note on autocovariance estimation in the presence of discrete spectra pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christian Houdré and Benjamin Kedem
On a theorem of K. Schmidt pp. 9-12 Downloads
Richard C. Bradley
Nonparametric estimation of regression parameters from censored data with a discrete covariate pp. 13-20 Downloads
Mohammad H. Rahbar and Joseph C. Gardiner
Small perturbations of Gaussian regressors pp. 21-31 Downloads
Annie Millet and Wlodzmierz Smolenski
A linear-quadratic distributional identity pp. 33-37 Downloads
Hammou El Barmi
A geometric approach of the generalized least-squares estimation in analysis of covariance structures pp. 39-47 Downloads
S. J. Wang and Sik-Yum Lee
Estimation of nonlinear random coefficient models pp. 49-56 Downloads
Rogelio Q. Ramos and Sastry G. Pantula
Asymptotics of k-mean clustering under non-i.i.d. sampling pp. 57-66 Downloads
Regis J. Serinko and Gutti Jogesh Babu
A generalization of the Wishart distribution pp. 67-70 Downloads
Ming-Tien Tsai
On the Doléans function of set-indexed submartingales pp. 71-75 Downloads
Marcello De Giosa and Rosamaria Mininni
Asymptotic normality of a smooth estimate of a random field distribution function under association pp. 77-90 Downloads
George G. Roussas
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