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Volume 50, issue 4, 2000

Some results on the proportional reversed hazards model pp. 313-321 Downloads
Antonio Di Crescenzo
Local likelihood ratio tests in the normal mixture model pp. 323-329 Downloads
Yanhong Wu and Yongxia Xu
Minimum Hellinger distance estimation for supercritical Galton-Watson processes pp. 331-342 Downloads
T. N. Sriram and A. N. Vidyashankar
Saddlepoint approximation at the edges of a conditional sample space pp. 343-349 Downloads
John E. Kolassa
On the fluctuations of independent copies of moving maxima pp. 351-356 Downloads
S. S. Nayak and Madhusudhan Zalki
Maximal inequalities for demimartingales and a strong law of large numbers pp. 357-363 Downloads
Tasos C. Christofides
Arch model with Box-Cox transformed dependent variable pp. 365-374 Downloads
Nityananda Sarkar
An iterative approximation procedure for the distribution of the maximum of a random walk pp. 375-381 Downloads
Wolfgang Stadje
On finding mixed orthogonal arrays of strength 2 with many 2-level factors pp. 383-388 Downloads
Dean DeCock and John Stufken
Bootstrap tests for unit roots in seasonal autoregressive models pp. 389-395 Downloads
Zacharias Psaradakis
A note on random fields forming conditional bases pp. 397-400 Downloads
Naveen Bansal, G. G. Hamedani and Hao Zhang
Random dynamical systems arising from iterated function systems with place-dependent probabilities pp. 401-407 Downloads
Anna A. Kwiecinska and Wojciech Slomczynski
Subadditive ergodic theorems for random sets in infinite dimensions pp. 409-416 Downloads
Jennie C. Hansen and Paul Hulse

Volume 50, issue 3, 2000

Semiparametric tests for seasonal unit roots based on a semiparametric feasible GLSE pp. 207-218 Downloads
Dong Wan Shin and Man-Suk Oh
Some pathological regression asymptotics under stable conditions pp. 219-228 Downloads
Roger Koenker and Stephen Portnoy
A multivariate central limit theorem for continuous local martingales pp. 229-235 Downloads
Harry van Zanten
The density of the sufficient statistics for a Gaussian AR(1) model in terms of generalized functions pp. 237-243 Downloads
Giovanni Forchini
Weak approximation of the Wiener process from a Poisson process: the multidimensional parameter set case pp. 245-255 Downloads
Xavier Bardina, Maria Jolis and Carles Rovira
ANOCOVA models with measurement errors pp. 257-263 Downloads
Heleno Bolfarine and Mário de Castro
Random vectors with HNBUE-type marginal distributions pp. 265-271 Downloads
Franco Pellerey
A note on almost sure exponential stability for stochastic partial functional differential equations pp. 273-278 Downloads
Kai Liu and Aubrey Truman
Minimax lower bounds and moduli of continuity pp. 279-284 Downloads
Geurt Jongbloed
Random fractals generated by oscillations of the uniform empirical process pp. 285-291 Downloads
Zacharie Dindar
Random motions, classes of ergodic Markov chains and beta distributions pp. 293-304 Downloads
Jordan Stoyanov and Christo Pirinsky
Strong laws for the maximal gain over increasing runs pp. 305-312 Downloads
Andrei Frolov, Alexander Martikainen and Josef Steinebach

Volume 50, issue 2, 2000

Availability of a system maintained through several imperfect repairs before a replacement or a perfect repair pp. 105-114 Downloads
Atanu Biswas and Jyotirmoy Sarkar
When do best confidence limits exist? pp. 115-120 Downloads
Paul Kabaila and Chris J. Lloyd
Stochastic orders based on the Laplace transform and infinitely divisible distributions pp. 121-129 Downloads
Jaroslaw Bartoszewicz
Squared skewness minus kurtosis bounded by 186/125 for unimodal distributions pp. 131-135 Downloads
Chris A. J. Klaassen, Philip J. Mokveld and Bert van Es
On bootstrapping L2-type statistics in density testing pp. 137-147 Downloads
Michael H. Neumann and Efstathios Paparoditis
Fortet-Mourier norms associated with some iterated function systems pp. 149-154 Downloads
Radu Zaharopol
Characterization of weak limits of randomly indexed sequences pp. 155-163 Downloads
A. Krajka
Minimum cost dead band adjustment schemes under tool-wear effects and delayed dynamics pp. 165-178 Downloads
Alberto Luceño
Exchangeable cluster binary data correlation coefficient estimation with generalized estimating equations pp. 179-186 Downloads
Tsung-Shan Tsou
Sequential selection with a better-than-average rule pp. 187-191 Downloads
J. Preater
Testing lattice conditional independence models based on monotone missing data pp. 193-201 Downloads
Lang Wu and Michael D. Perlman

Volume 50, issue 1, 2000

Asymptotic normality of the kernel estimate of a probability density function under association pp. 1-12 Downloads
George G. Roussas
Invariant probability measures for a class of Feller Markov chains pp. 13-21 Downloads
O. L. V. Costa and F. Dufour
Minimax and [Gamma]-minimax estimation for the Poisson distribution under LINEX loss when the parameter space is restricted pp. 23-32 Downloads
Alan Wan, Guohua Zou and Andy H. Lee
A note on decision theoretic estimation of ordered parameters pp. 33-38 Downloads
George Iliopoulos
Characterization of maximum probability points in the Multivariate Hypergeometric distribution pp. 39-47 Downloads
F. Requena and N. Martin Ciudad
A note on breakdown theory for bootstrap methods pp. 49-53 Downloads
Feifang Hu and Jianhua Hu
Asymptotic reliability of a linearly connected system with an infinite number of components pp. 55-62 Downloads
Vanderlei da Costa Bueno
Finite sample performance of density estimators from unequally spaced data pp. 63-73 Downloads
José A. Vilar and Juan M. Vilar
Lower bounds for the variance in certain nonregular distributions pp. 75-81 Downloads
I. Barranco-Chamorro, Fernando López-Blázquez and J. L. Moreno-Rebollo
A Bayesian decision rule for remediation actions at toxic waste sites pp. 83-88 Downloads
Ling Chen and Jun Shao
Estimating future stage entry and occupation probabilities in a multistage model based on randomly right-censored data pp. 89-95 Downloads
Somnath Datta and Glen A. Satten
A pair of estimating equations for a mean vector pp. 97-103 Downloads
Takemi Yanagimoto

Volume 49, issue 4, 2000

Testing for sufficient follow-up in survival data pp. 313-322 Downloads
Pao-sheng Shen
Sharp linear and block shrinkage wavelet estimation pp. 323-329 Downloads
Sam Efromovich
A note on weak viability for controlled diffusion pp. 331-336 Downloads
Laurent Mazliak
The distribution of increasing l-sequences in random permutations: a Markov chain approach pp. 337-344 Downloads
Brad C. Johnson and James C. Fu
Smoothed Langevin proposals in Metropolis-Hastings algorithms pp. 345-354 Downloads
Øivind Skare, Fred Espen Benth and Arnoldo Frigessi
Multiple modes in densities with normal conditionals pp. 355-363 Downloads
Barry C. Arnold, Enrique Castillo, José María Sarabia and Laureano González-Vega
Exchangeable mixture models for lifetimes: the role of "occupation numbers" pp. 365-375 Downloads
Anna Gerardi, Fabio Spizzichino and Barbara Torti
Dynamic graphical models and nonhomogeneous hidden Markov models pp. 377-385 Downloads
Beatriz Lacruz, Pilar Lasala and Alberto Lekuona
A note on gamma random variables and Dirichlet series pp. 387-392 Downloads
Zbigniew J. Jurek
Rate of convergence of depth contours: with application to a multivariate metrically trimmed mean pp. 393-400 Downloads
Jeankyung Kim
V-Subgeometric ergodicity for a Hastings-Metropolis algorithm pp. 401-410 Downloads
Gersende Fort and Eric Moulines
Calculation of critical values for Dunnett and Tamhane's step-up multiple test procedure pp. 411-416 Downloads
K. S. Kwong and W. Liu

Volume 49, issue 3, 2000

Estimation of the population total when the population size is unknown pp. 211-216 Downloads
Manzoor Ahmad, Serge Alalouf and Yogendra P. Chaubey
An Edgeworth expansion for the m out of n bootstrapped median pp. 217-223 Downloads
Anat Sakov and Peter J. Bickel
Stability of the characterization of normal distribution in the Laha-Lukacs theorem pp. 225-233 Downloads
Romanas Yanushkevichius
On the strong convergence of the product-limit estimator and its integrals under censoring and random truncation pp. 235-244 Downloads
Shuyuan He and Grace L. Yang
Strong law of large numbers for Markov chains field on a Bethe tree pp. 245-250 Downloads
Weiguo Yang and Wen Liu
Can coverage of confidence intervals be used to judge the goodness of point estimators in finite population double sampling? pp. 251-256 Downloads
A. Adam Ding
The kurtosis coefficient and the linear discriminant function pp. 257-261 Downloads
Daniel Peña and Francisco J. Prieto
Residual entropy and its characterizations in terms of hazard function and mean residual life function pp. 263-269 Downloads
Majid Asadi and Nader Ebrahimi
Nonnegative-definite covariance structures for which the blu, wls, and ls estimators are equal pp. 271-276 Downloads
Dean M. Young, Patrick L. Odell and William Hahn
Bayes inference for treatment effects with uncertain order constraints pp. 277-283 Downloads
Mohamed T. Madi, Thomas Leonard and Kam-Wah Tsui
The skew-Cauchy distribution pp. 285-290 Downloads
Barry C. Arnold and Robert J. Beaver
On the number of equilibrium states in weakly coupled random networks pp. 291-297 Downloads
Akira Date, Chii-Ruey Hwang and Shuenn-Jyi Sheu
A limit property of random conditional probabilities pp. 299-304 Downloads
Wen Liu
Non-uniform bounds for geometric approximation pp. 305-311 Downloads
M. J. Phillips and Graham V. Weinberg

Volume 49, issue 2, 2000

Large deviations inequalities for partial sums of random measures pp. 105-112 Downloads
Nadia Bensaïd and Pierre Jacob
A note on logarithmic tail asymptotics and mixing pp. 113-118 Downloads
Nina Gantert
The intermediate arc-sine law pp. 119-125 Downloads
Yakov Nikitin and Enzo Orsingher
On SDEs with marginal laws evolving in finite-dimensional exponential families pp. 127-134 Downloads
Damiano Brigo
Small variance of subgraph counts in a random tournament pp. 135-138 Downloads
Pontus Andersson
On local estimating equations in additive multiparameter models pp. 139-148 Downloads
Gerda Claeskens and Marc Aerts
Some identities on semimartingales local times pp. 149-153 Downloads
F. Coquet and Y. Ouknine
A new two-parameter lifetime distribution with bathtub shape or increasing failure rate function pp. 155-161 Downloads
Zhenmin Chen
On generalized Pólya urn models pp. 163-173 Downloads
Samuel Kotz, Hosam Mahmoud and Philippe Robert
D-optimal design for Becker's minimum polynomial pp. 175-179 Downloads
Ralf-Dieter Hilgers
A large deviation theorem for U-processes pp. 181-193 Downloads
Robert Serfling and Wenyang Wang
Sequential change-point detection with likelihood ratios pp. 195-204 Downloads
Edit Gombay
Properties of Bayes testing procedures in order restricted inference pp. 205-209 Downloads
Arthur Cohen and H. B. Sackrowitz

Volume 49, issue 1, 2000

An invertible transformation two-sample trimmed t-statistic under heterogeneity and nonnormality pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jiin-Huarng Guo and Wei-Ming Luh
Limit theorems for nonparametric sample entropy estimators pp. 9-18 Downloads
Kai-Sheng Song
Limit behaviour for a subcritical bisexual Galton-Watson branching process with immigration pp. 19-24 Downloads
M. González, M. Molina and M. Mota
Simultaneous confidence intervals based on one-sided max t test pp. 25-37 Downloads
Chihiro Hirotsu and Muni S. Srivastava
A stability property for probability measures on Abelian groups pp. 39-44 Downloads
H. Carnal and G. M. Feldman
On positive and negative moments of the integral of geometric Brownian motions pp. 45-52 Downloads
Catherine Donati-Martin, Hiroyuki Matsumoto and Marc Yor
Test of tails based on extreme regression quantiles pp. 53-61 Downloads
Jana Jurecková
A reverse martingale property that characterizes the natural exponential family with quadratic variance function pp. 63-68 Downloads
Fernando López-Blázquez and Begoña Salamanca-Miño
A central limit theorem for a random quadratic form of strictly stationary processes pp. 69-79 Downloads
Jiti Gao and Vo Anh
Multisample tests for scale based on kernel density estimation pp. 81-91 Downloads
Takamasa Mizushima
An extension of the almost sure max-limit theorem pp. 93-103 Downloads
Ingo Fahrner
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