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Volume 22, issue 4, 1995

On the logarithmic average of additive functionals pp. 261-268 Downloads
E. Csáki and A. Földes
On information matrices in case-control studies pp. 269-274 Downloads
C. Y. Wang and Suojin Wang
On the spectrum and Martin boundary of homogeneous spaces pp. 275-279 Downloads
S. Northshield
Improvement of ANOVA estimators of variance components in block designs with random treatments pp. 281-285 Downloads
Anna Molinska and Krzysztof Molinski
On the sequential point estimation of the mean of a gamma distribution pp. 287-293 Downloads
Eiichi Isogai and Chikara Uno
A limit theorem for the entropy density of nonhomogeneous Markov information source pp. 295-301 Downloads
Liu Wen and Yang Weiguo
Kalman filter for singular and conditional state-space models when the system state and the observational error are correlated pp. 303-310 Downloads
Fabio H. Nieto and Victor M. Guerrero
On geometric ergodicity of nonlinear autoregressive models pp. 311-315 Downloads
Rabi Bhattacharya and Chanho Lee
Weighted bootstrapping for U-quantiles pp. 317-323 Downloads
Marc Aerts and Paul Janssen
Multivariate dispersion orderings pp. 325-332 Downloads
Alessandra Giovagnoli and H. P. Wynn
Rates of convergence for everywhere-positive Markov chains pp. 333-338 Downloads
J. R. Baxter and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Optimal asymptotic quadratic error of density estimators for strong mixing or chaotic data pp. 339-347 Downloads
Denis Bosq

Volume 22, issue 3, 1995

Left and right linear innovations for a multivariate S[alpha]S random variable pp. 175-184 Downloads
Marek Rutkowski
Dependent versions of a central limit theorem for the squared length of a sample mean pp. 185-194 Downloads
Pentti Saikkonen
Group truncated ordinal regression pp. 195-203 Downloads
Terence J. O'Neill and Simon C. Barry
Consistent estimation of density-weighted average derivative by orthogonal series method pp. 205-212 Downloads
B. L. S. Prakasa Rao
Analysis of repeated measures incomplete block designs using R-estimators pp. 213-221 Downloads
M. Mushfiqur Rashid
A central limit theorem for non-linear functionals of stationary Gaussian vector processes pp. 223-230 Downloads
M. V. Sánchez de Naranjo
Intermediate order statistics with applications to nonparametric estimation pp. 231-238 Downloads
N. Papadatos
A Bernstein-type inequality for U-statistics and U-processes pp. 239-247 Downloads
Miguel A. Arcones
Likelihood ratio and a class of strong laws for the sequence of integer-valued random variables pp. 249-256 Downloads
Liu Wen and Liu Zikuan
Sharp inequalities between skewness and kurtosis for unimodal distributions pp. 257-260 Downloads
F. Teuscher and V. Guiard

Volume 22, issue 2, 1995

A class of strong laws for functionals of countable nonhomogeneous Markov chains pp. 87-96 Downloads
Wen Liu and Guoxin Liu
Lattices of random sets and progressivity pp. 97-102 Downloads
B. Gail Ivanoff, Ely Merzbach and Ioana Schiopu-Kratina
Stochastic order relations and the total time on test transform pp. 103-110 Downloads
Jaroslaw Bartoszewicz
A general composition theorem and its applications to certain partial orderings of distributions pp. 111-119 Downloads
Kumar Joag-dev, Subhash Kochar and Frank Proschan
On multivariate kernel estimation for samples from weighted distributions pp. 121-129 Downloads
Ibrahim A. Ahmad
A note on the almost sure central limit theorem for weakly dependent random variables pp. 131-136 Downloads
Magda Peligrad and Qi-Man Shao
Reliability bounds for coherent structures with independent components pp. 137-148 Downloads
J. C. Fu and M. V. Koutras
On the strong uniform consistency of density estimation for strongly dependent sequences pp. 149-156 Downloads
Hwai-Chung Ho
A regression approach for estimating the center of symmetry pp. 157-160 Downloads
Fushing Hsieh
Some stochastic models leading to the convolution of two binomial variables pp. 161-166 Downloads
S. H. Ong
Likelihood ratio tests for bivariate symmetry against ordered alternatives in a square contingency table pp. 167-173 Downloads
Hammou El Barmi and Subhash C. Kochar

Volume 22, issue 1, 1995

Symmetry groups in d-space pp. 1-6 Downloads
Mark M. Meerschaert and Jeery Alan Veeh
On a likelihood-based approach in nonparametric smoothing and cross-validation pp. 7-15 Downloads
Probal Chaudhuri and Anup Dewanji
A note on conditionally unbiased estimation after selection pp. 17-23 Downloads
Jayant V. Deshpande and T. P. Muhammad Fareed
A local criterion for smoothness of densities and application to the supremum of the Brownian sheet pp. 25-31 Downloads
Carme Florit and David Nualart
Near optimal weights in nonparametric regression under some common restrictions pp. 33-42 Downloads
David B. Holiday
Nonconstant levels for T-year return periods for two-dimensional Poisson processes with periodic intensity pp. 43-47 Downloads
Rocco Ballerini
On permissible correlations for locally correlated stationary processes pp. 49-53 Downloads
Rafe M. J. Donahue, Peter J. Brockwell and Richard A. Davis
On the weak law of large numbers for arrays pp. 55-57 Downloads
Dug Hun Hong and Kwang Sik Oh
Conditioned superprocesses and their weighted occupation times pp. 59-69 Downloads
Stephen M. Krone
The number of visits to a subset of the state space by a discrete-parameter semi-Markov process pp. 71-77 Downloads
Attila Csenki
On the variance of the trimmed mean pp. 79-85 Downloads
Philippe Capéraà and Louis-Paul Rivest

Volume 21, issue 5, 1994

A central limit theorem for functionals of the Kaplan--Meier estimator pp. 337-345 Downloads
Song Yang
Minimum distance estimation in linear models with long-range dependent errors pp. 347-355 Downloads
Kanchan Mukherjee
A Kolmogorov inequality for U-statistics based on Bernoulli kernels pp. 357-362 Downloads
Tasos C. Christofides
Cramer's estimate for Lévy processes pp. 363-365 Downloads
J. Bertoin and R. A. Doney
A note on necessary and sufficient conditions for proving that a random symmetric matrix converges to a given limit pp. 367-370 Downloads
Robert L. Strawderman
Estimation of the autocorrelation coefficient in the presence of a regression trend pp. 371-380 Downloads
Anton Schick
A quasi-likelihood approach to the REML estimating equations pp. 381-384 Downloads
C. C. Heyde
Maxima of bivariate random vectors: Between independence and complete dependence pp. 385-394 Downloads
J. Hüsler
Independence-distribution-preserving dependency structures for the modified likelihood ratio test for detecting unequal covariance matrices pp. 395-403 Downloads
Dean M. Young, John W. Seaman and Laurie M. Meaux
Equivalence of relations for order statistics for exchangeable and arbitrary cases pp. 405-407 Downloads
K. Balasubramanian and N. Balakrishnan
Berry--Esséen bounds for finite-population t-statistics pp. 409-416 Downloads
C. R. Rao and L. C. Zhao
Selecting variables for discrimination when covariance matrices are unequal pp. 417-419 Downloads
S. A. Paranjpe and A. P. Gore

Volume 21, issue 4, 1994

Efficiencies of some small second-order designs pp. 255-261 Downloads
D. R. Jensen
On the nonexistence of certain optimal confidence sets for the rectangular problem pp. 263-269 Downloads
Shoutir Kishore Chatterjee and Gaurangadeb Chattopadhyay
Distributional convergence of M-estimators under unusual rates pp. 271-280 Downloads
Miguel A. Arcones
Variance upper bounds and convolutions of [alpha]-unimodal distributions pp. 281-289 Downloads
A. M. Abouammoh and A. F. Mashhour
A parametric bootstrap procedure to estimate the selected mean using censored data pp. 291-298 Downloads
Alka Indurkhya
Asymptotic normality of the discrete Fourier transform of long memory time series pp. 299-309 Downloads
Dinh Tuan Pham and Dominique Guegan
On uniform marginal representation of contingency tables pp. 311-316 Downloads
Barry C. Arnold and D. V. Gokhale
On some limit laws for perturbed empirical distribution functions pp. 317-321 Downloads
Manfred Denker and Madan L. Puri
Continuous-time fractional ARMA processes pp. 323-336 Downloads
M. C. Viano, C. Deniau and G. Oppenheim

Volume 21, issue 3, 1994

On integration, substitution and the probability integral transform pp. 173-179 Downloads
Thomas H. Savits
Probability density estimation from dependent observations using wavelets orthonormal bases pp. 181-194 Downloads
Elias Masry
Combining independent tests of triangular distribution pp. 195-202 Downloads
Walid A. Abu-Dayyeh and Abed El-Qader El-Masri
Smoothing dependent observations pp. 203-214 Downloads
R. Fraiman and J. Meloche
Identifiability in interval censorship models pp. 215-221 Downloads
Zhiming Wang, J. C. Gardiner and R. V. Ramamoorthi
An isotonic estimator of the baseline hazard function in Cox's regression model under order restriction pp. 223-228 Downloads
Daehyun Chung and Myron N. Chang
Asymptotically distribution-free joint confidence intervals for generalized Lorenz curves based on complete data pp. 229-235 Downloads
S. Chakraborti
Dispersive comparison of distributions: a multisample testing problem pp. 237-245 Downloads
Leszek Marzec and Pawel Marzec
Siegel's formula via Stein's identities pp. 247-251 Downloads
Jun S. Liu

Volume 21, issue 2, 1994

Probability inequalities for certain dependence structures pp. 85-94 Downloads
Thomas W. Dobbins and Sanat K. Sarkar
Some bounds for balanced two-way elimination of heterogeneity designs pp. 95-99 Downloads
Idzi Siatkowski
An extended Simes' test pp. 101-105 Downloads
Yosef Hochberg and Uri Liberman
Tests based on L-statistics to test the equality in dispersion of two probability distributions pp. 107-113 Downloads
Javier Rojo and Jinping Wang
Rank tests for testing the randomness of autoregressive coefficients pp. 115-120 Downloads
R. V. Ramanathan and M. B. Rajarshi
Restricted multinomial maximum likelihood estimation based upon Fenchel duality pp. 121-130 Downloads
Hammou El Barmi and Richard L. Dykstra
Covariance matrices of quadratic forms in elliptical distributions pp. 131-140 Downloads
Yi Zhao
Nonexistence of consistent estimates in a density estimation problem pp. 141-145 Downloads
X. R. Chen and Y. Wu
Asymptotic distributions of estimated f-dissimilarity between populations in stratified random sampling pp. 147-151 Downloads
K. Zografos
Covariance between variables and their order statistics for multivariate normal variables pp. 153-155 Downloads
Yosef Rinott and Ester Samuel-Cahn
A strong limit theorem under no assumption of independence, stationarity or various dependences pp. 157-161 Downloads
Wen Liu
Completeness of time-ordered indicators in censored data models pp. 163-166 Downloads
Martin Moser
Symmetrized kernel estimators of the regression slope pp. 167-172 Downloads
Stephen Blyth

Volume 21, issue 1, 1994

A Poisson approximation for the number of k-matches pp. 1-8 Downloads
Patrick D. Burghardt, Anant P. Godbole and Amy B. Prengaman
Partial autocorrelation function for spatial processes pp. 9-19 Downloads
Tonya Etchison, Sastry G. Pantula and Cavell Brownie
A dependent F[alpha]-scheme pp. 21-25 Downloads
Rocco Ballerini
A note on min--maxbias estimators in approximately linear models pp. 27-28 Downloads
Gilbert Bassett
Kernel estimation of the density of a statistic pp. 29-36 Downloads
Michael Sherman
Maximum likelihood estimation for weighted distributions pp. 37-47 Downloads
Satish Iyengar and Peng-Liang Zhao
On the HIV incubation distribution under non-Markovian models pp. 49-57 Downloads
W. Y. Tan
An occupation time approach for convergence of measure-valued processes, and the death process of a branching system pp. 59-67 Downloads
L. G. Gorostiza and J. A. Lopez-Mimbela
On the estimation of the mean of a Np([mu],[Sigma]) population with [mu]'[Sigma]-1 [mu] known pp. 69-75 Downloads
Eric Marchand
Some strong limit theorems relative to the geometric average of random transition probabilities of arbitrary finite nonhomogeneous Markov chains pp. 77-83 Downloads
Liu Wen
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