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Volume 139, issue C, 2018

Some new results on Triple designs pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hongyi Li and Hong Qin
The joint distribution of the sum and the maximum of heterogeneous exponential random variables pp. 10-19 Downloads
Marek Arendarczyk, Tomasz. J. Kozubowski and Anna K. Panorska
A dynamic Markov regime-switching GARCH model and its cumulative impulse response function pp. 20-30 Downloads
Yujin Kim and Eunju Hwang
Large deviation principle for the maximal positions in critical branching random walks with small drifts pp. 31-39 Downloads
Hongyan Sun and Lin Zhang
Classification with incomplete functional covariates pp. 40-46 Downloads
Majid Mojirsheibani and Crystal Shaw
On cumulative residual entropy of progressively censored order statistics pp. 47-52 Downloads
Z.A. Abo-Eleneen, B. Almohaimeed and H.K.T. Ng
The Lambert W function, Nuttall’s integral, and the Lambert law pp. 53-60 Downloads
Anthony G. Pakes
Testing equivalence to families of multinomial distributions with application to the independence model pp. 61-66 Downloads
Vladimir Ostrovski
An elementary analysis of the probability that a binomial random variable exceeds its expectation pp. 67-74 Downloads
Benjamin Doerr
Transportation inequalities for stochastic heat equations pp. 75-83 Downloads
Brahim Boufoussi and Salah Hajji
On the regularity of weak solutions to space–time fractional stochastic heat equations pp. 84-89 Downloads
Guang-an Zou, Guangying Lv and Jiang-Lun Wu
On a new class of sufficient dimension reduction estimators pp. 90-94 Downloads
Yuexiao Dong and Yongxu Zhang
Glivenko–Cantelli Theorem for the kernel error distribution estimator in the first-order autoregressive model pp. 95-102 Downloads
Fuxia Cheng
Nonparametric recursive method for kernel-type function estimators for spatial data pp. 103-114 Downloads
Salim Bouzebda and Yousri Slaoui
Singular integrals of stable subordinator pp. 115-118 Downloads
Lihu Xu
The distance between a naive cumulative estimator and its least concave majorant pp. 119-128 Downloads
Hendrik P. Lopuhaä and Eni Musta
On optimal stopping and free boundary problems under ambiguity pp. 129-134 Downloads
Guoqing Zhao, Kun Zhai and Gaofeng Zong
On the non-monotonic analogue of a class based on the hazard rate order pp. 135-140 Downloads
Priyanka Majumder and Murari Mitra
On limit distributions of estimators in irregular statistical models and a new representation of fractional Brownian motion pp. 141-151 Downloads
Nino E. Kordzakhia, Yury A. Kutoyants, Alexander A. Novikov and Lin-Yee Hin
Robust discrete-state-feedback stabilization of hybrid stochastic systems with time-varying delay based on Razumikhin technique pp. 152-161 Downloads
Yuyuan Li, Jianqiu Lu, Chunhai Kou, Xuerong Mao and Jiafeng Pan

Volume 138, issue C, 2018

Universality in the fluctuation of eigenvalues of random circulant matrices pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kartick Adhikari and Koushik Saha
Optimal bandwidth selection in kernel density estimation for continuous time dependent processes pp. 9-19 Downloads
Khadijetou El Heda and Djamal Louani
Moderate deviation principle in nonlinear bifurcating autoregressive models pp. 20-26 Downloads
S. Valère Bitseki Penda and Adélaïde Olivier
A note on a network model with degree heterogeneity and homophily pp. 27-30 Downloads
Liju Su, Xiaodi Qian and Ting Yan
Brillinger-mixing point processes need not to be ergodic pp. 31-35 Downloads
Lothar Heinrich
The moments of a diffusion process pp. 36-41 Downloads
Youngyun Yun
A note on joint functional convergence of partial sum and maxima for linear processes pp. 42-46 Downloads
Danijel Krizmanić
Large deviations for some logarithmic means in the case of random variables with thin tails pp. 47-56 Downloads
Rita Giuliano and Claudio Macci
A supplement on CLT for LSS under a large dimensional generalized spiked covariance model pp. 57-65 Downloads
Jiaqi Chen, Yangchun Zhang, Weiming Li and Boping Tian
Two-side exit problems for taxed Lévy risk process involving the general draw-down time pp. 66-74 Downloads
Wenyuan Wang and Ruixing Ming
On the utility of asymptotic bandwidth selectors for spatially adaptive kernel density estimation pp. 75-81 Downloads
Tilman M. Davies, Claire R. Flynn and Martin L. Hazelton
A note on extending the alias length pattern pp. 82-89 Downloads
Qi Zhou, Bing Guo and Shengli Zhao
A weighted M-estimator for linear regression models with randomly truncated data pp. 90-94 Downloads
Jiang Du, Zhongzhan Zhang and Tianfa Xie
Subsampling based inference for U statistics under thick tails using self-normalization pp. 95-103 Downloads
Willa W. Chen and Rohit S. Deo
On complete moment convergence for CAANA random vectors in Hilbert spaces pp. 104-110 Downloads
Mi-Hwa Ko
Scoring rules for statistical models on spheres pp. 111-115 Downloads
Yuya Takasu, Keisuke Yano and Fumiyasu Komaki
Option pricing in a regime switching stochastic volatility model pp. 116-126 Downloads
Arunangshu Biswas, Anindya Goswami and Ludger Overbeck
A note on exponential stability of non-autonomous linear stochastic differential delay equations driven by a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index >12 pp. 127-136 Downloads
Phan Thanh Hong and Cao Tan Binh
Application of the von Mises–Fisher distribution to Random Walk on Spheres method for solving high-dimensional diffusion–advection–reaction equations pp. 137-142 Downloads
Karl K. Sabelfeld
On the large deviation principle for maximum likelihood estimator of α-Brownian bridge pp. 143-150 Downloads
Shoujiang Zhao, Qiaojing Liu and Ting Chen
On limiting theorems for conditional causation probabilities of multiple-run-rules pp. 151-156 Downloads
Hsing-Ming Chang, Yung-Ming Chang, Winnie H.W. Fu and Wan-Chen Lee
A new result on lifetime estimation based on skew-Wiener degradation model pp. 157-164 Downloads
Donghui Pan, Jia-Bao Liu and Wenzhi Yang
Optimal weighting schemes for longitudinal and functional data pp. 165-170 Downloads
Xiaoke Zhang and Jane-Ling Wang
On quantitative bounds in the mean martingale central limit theorem pp. 171-176 Downloads
Adrian Röllin
On covariance functions with slowly or regularly varying modulo of continuity pp. 177-182 Downloads
J.M.P. Albin
Lower bounds in estimation at a point under multi-index constraint pp. 183-189 Downloads
Nora Serdyukova

Volume 137, issue C, 2018

On the partial identification of a new causal measure for ordinal outcomes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jiannan Lu
Testing convexity of a discrete distribution pp. 8-13 Downloads
Fadoua Balabdaoui, Cécile Durot and Babagnidé François Koladjo
Asymptotic normality of the trace for a class of distributions on orthogonal matrices pp. 14-18 Downloads
Amir Sepehri
Generalizations of maximal inequalities to arbitrary selection rules pp. 19-25 Downloads
Jiantao Jiao, Yanjun Han and Tsachy Weissman
Uniform minimum moment aberration designs pp. 26-33 Downloads
Xue Yang, Gui-Jun Yang and Ya-Juan Su
Functional law of the iterated logarithm for partial sum processes of non-negative valued iid random variables belonging to the domain of partial attraction of a semi-stable law pp. 34-39 Downloads
R. Vasudeva
Signed rank based empirical likelihood for the symmetric location model pp. 40-45 Downloads
Xiaojie Du and Anton Schick
Martingale transforms between Hardy–Lorentz spaces pp. 46-53 Downloads
Min He and Lin Yu
Convergence in total variation distance for (in)homogeneous Markov processes pp. 54-62 Downloads
Yong-Hua Mao, Liping Xu, Ming Zhang and Yu-Hui Zhang
Reaching goals under ambiguity: Continuous-time optimal portfolio selection pp. 63-69 Downloads
Shaolin Ji and Xiaomin Shi
Optimal switching problem and related system of BSDEs with left-Lipschitz coefficients and mixed reflections pp. 70-78 Downloads
Soufiane Aazizi, Tarik El Mellali, Imade Fakhouri and Youssef Ouknine
Quenched phantom distribution functions for Markov chains pp. 79-83 Downloads
Adam Jakubowski and Patryk Truszczyński
Lower bounds for the rate of convergence for continuous-time inhomogeneous Markov chains with a finite state space pp. 84-90 Downloads
A.I. Zeifman, V.Yu. Korolev, Ya.A. Satin and K.M. Kiseleva
On relative log-concavity and stochastic comparisons pp. 91-98 Downloads
Rui Fang and Weiyong Ding
Optimal contracts under competition when uncertainty from adverse selection and moral hazard are present pp. 99-104 Downloads
N. Packham
Remarks for the singular multivariate skew-normal distribution and its quadratic forms pp. 105-112 Downloads
Baokun Li, Weizhong Tian and Tonghui Wang
On the existence of optimal controls for backward stochastic partial differential equations pp. 113-123 Downloads
Qingxin Meng, Yang Shen and Peng Shi
On the maxima and minima of complete and incomplete samples from nonstationary random fields pp. 124-134 Downloads
Zacarias Panga and Luísa Pereira
Computing optimal experimental designs with respect to a compound Bayes risk criterion pp. 135-141 Downloads
Radoslav Harman and Maryna Prus
New and refined bounds for expected maxima of fractional Brownian motion pp. 142-147 Downloads
Konstantin Borovkov, Yuliya Mishura, Alexander Novikov and Mikhail Zhitlukhin
Simultaneous variable weighting and determining the number of clusters—A weighted Gaussian means algorithm pp. 148-156 Downloads
Saptarshi Chakraborty and Swagatam Das
Dividend barrier strategy: Proceed with caution pp. 157-164 Downloads
Kristina P. Sendova, Chen Yang and Ruixi Zhang
Bismut formula for a stochastic heat equation with fractional noise pp. 165-172 Downloads
Litan Yan and Xiuwei Yin
Uniform in bandwidth consistency of nonparametric regression based on copula representation pp. 173-182 Downloads
Salim Bouzebda, Issam Elhattab and Cheikh Tidiane Seck
Malliavin differentiability of indicator functions on canonical Lévy spaces pp. 183-190 Downloads
Ryoichi Suzuki
Convergence of series of strongly integrable random variables and applications pp. 191-200 Downloads
Fakhreddine Boukhari and Dounyazed Malti
Optimal designs for multi-factor nonlinear models based on the second-order least squares estimator pp. 201-208 Downloads
Lei He
On information-based residual lifetime in survival models with delayed failures pp. 209-216 Downloads
Ji Hwan Cha and Maxim Finkelstein
Laplace symbols and invariant distributions pp. 217-223 Downloads
Anita Behme and Alexander Schnurr
On the asymptotic variance of reversible Markov chain without cycles pp. 224-228 Downloads
Chi-Hao Wu and Ting-Li Chen
Gram–Charlier-like expansions of power-raised hyperbolic secant laws pp. 229-234 Downloads
Mario Faliva, Piero Quatto and Maria Zoia
Intermittency of trawl processes pp. 235-242 Downloads
Danijel Grahovac, Nikolai N. Leonenko and Murad S. Taqqu
Standardizing densities on Gaussian spaces pp. 243-250 Downloads
Alberto Lanconelli
Analysis of the Pólya-Gamma block Gibbs sampler for Bayesian logistic linear mixed models pp. 251-256 Downloads
Xin Wang and Vivekananda Roy
Optimal allocation of clusters in cohort stepped wedge designs pp. 257-263 Downloads
Fan Li, Elizabeth L. Turner and John S. Preisser
Preservation of DMRL and IMRL aging classes under the formation of order statistics and coherent systems pp. 264-268 Downloads
Jorge Navarro
Marcinkiewicz’s strong law of large numbers for nonlinear expectations pp. 269-276 Downloads
Lixin Zhang and Jinghang Lin
Remarks on compositions of some random integral mappings pp. 277-282 Downloads
Zbigniew J. Jurek
Second order optimal approximation in a particular exponential family under asymmetric LINEX loss pp. 283-291 Downloads
Leng-Cheng Hwang
Objective Bayesian inference for the intraclass correlation coefficient in linear models pp. 292-296 Downloads
Duo Zhang and Min Wang
Stein’s lemma for truncated elliptical random vectors pp. 297-303 Downloads
Tomer Shushi
Expectile regression for analyzing heteroscedasticity in high dimension pp. 304-311 Downloads
Jun Zhao, Yingyu Chen and Yi Zhang
Truncated fractional moments of stable laws pp. 312-318 Downloads
John P. Nolan
Reduction functions for the variance function of one-parameter natural exponential family pp. 319-325 Downloads
Xiongzhi Chen
A generic approach to nonparametric function estimation with mixed data pp. 326-330 Downloads
Thomas Nagler
On the existence of some skew-Gaussian random field models pp. 331-335 Downloads
Behzad Mahmoudian
Chunked-and-averaged estimators for vector parameters pp. 336-342 Downloads
Hien D. Nguyen and Geoffrey J. McLachlan
A-optimal completely randomized designs for incomplete factorial structures with three factors pp. 343-348 Downloads
Shyamsundar Parui, Rajender Parsad and B.N. Mandal
Strong laws of large numbers for pairwise quadrant dependent random variables pp. 349-358 Downloads
João Lita da Silva
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