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Volume 128, issue C, 2017

Conditional Stein approximation for Itô and Skorohod integrals pp. 1-7 Downloads
Nicolas Privault and Qihao She
Empirical distribution of scaled eigenvalues for product of matrices from the spherical ensemble pp. 8-13 Downloads
Shuhua Chang and Yongcheng Qi
On copula-based conditional quantile estimators pp. 14-20 Downloads
Bruno Rémillard, Bouchra Nasri and Taoufik Bouezmarni
Properties and Hurst exponent estimation of the circularly-symmetric fractional Brownian motion pp. 21-27 Downloads
Jean-François Coeurjolly and Emilio Porcu
DS-optimal designs for random coefficient first-degree regression model with heteroscedastic errors pp. 28-34 Downloads
M. Wilk and A. Zaigraev
On kernel estimation of the second order rate parameter in multivariate extreme value statistics pp. 35-43 Downloads
Yuri Goegebeur, Armelle Guillou and Jing Qin
Variable selection through adaptive MAVE pp. 44-51 Downloads
Hossein Moradi Rekabdarkolaee and Qin Wang
On simultaneous prediction in a multivariate general linear model with future observations pp. 52-59 Downloads
Yongge Tian and Cheng Wang
Bernstein polynomial angular densities of multivariate extreme value distributions pp. 60-66 Downloads
Timothy E. Hanson, Miguel de Carvalho and Yuhui Chen
Multiplying a Gaussian matrix by a Gaussian vector pp. 67-70 Downloads
Pierre-Alexandre Mattei
Restricted profile estimation for partially linear models with large-dimensional covariates pp. 71-76 Downloads
Xiuli Wang, Shengli Zhao and Mingqiu Wang
On the Lp-quantiles for the Student t distribution pp. 77-83 Downloads
Mauro Bernardi, Valeria Bignozzi and Lea Petrella
Point separation in logistic regression on Hilbert space-valued variables pp. 84-88 Downloads
Agne Kazakevičiūtė and Malini Olivo
A test procedure for uniformity on the Stiefel manifold based on projection pp. 89-96 Downloads
Toshiya Iwashita, Bernhard Klar, Moe Amagai and Hiroki Hashiguchi

Volume 127, issue C, 2017

A note on spiked Wishart matrices pp. 1-6 Downloads
Dang-Zheng Liu and Yanhui Wang
Unbiased estimation of reliability function from a mixture of two exponential distributions based on a single observation pp. 7-13 Downloads
Keyu Nie, Bikas K. Sinha and A.S. Hedayat
Estimating conditional means with heavy tails pp. 14-22 Downloads
Liang Peng and Qiwei Yao
Long time stability of nonlocal stochastic Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equations with jump noises pp. 23-32 Downloads
Guanying Wang, Xingchun Wang and Guangli Xu
On beta distributed limits of iterated linear random functions pp. 33-41 Downloads
Shaun McKinlay
Computing an expected hitting time for the 3-urn Ehrenfest model via electric networks pp. 42-48 Downloads
Yung-Pin Chen, Isaac H. Goldstein, Eve D. Lathrop and Roger B. Nelsen
A note on the finite-time ruin probability of a renewal risk model with Brownian perturbation pp. 49-55 Downloads
Jinzhu Li
Complete moment convergence for weighted sums of weakly dependent random variables and its application in nonparametric regression model pp. 56-66 Downloads
Yi Wu, Xuejun Wang and Shuhe Hu
Representation and converse comparison theorems for multidimensional BSDEs pp. 67-74 Downloads
Haodong Liu and Shuzhen Yang
Parisian quasi-stationary distributions for asymmetric Lévy processes pp. 75-84 Downloads
Irmina Czarna and Zbigniew Palmowski
Fluctuations of Marchenko–Pastur limit of random matrices with dependent entries pp. 85-96 Downloads
Ayako Hasegawa, Noriyoshi Sakuma and Hiroaki Yoshida
On the concept of subcriticality and criticality and a ratio theorem for a branching process in a random environment pp. 97-103 Downloads
Yuejiao Wang, Zaiming Liu, Yingqiu Li and Quansheng Liu
First exit from an open set for a matrix-exponential Lévy process pp. 104-110 Downloads
Yu-Ting Chen, Yu-Tzu Chen and Yuan-Chung Sheu
On some extensions of Bernstein’s inequality for self-adjoint operators pp. 111-119 Downloads
Stanislav Minsker
Imputation in nonparametric quantile regression with complex data pp. 120-130 Downloads
Yanan Hu, Yaqi Yang, Chunyu Wang and Maozai Tian
Modified confidence intervals for the Mahalanobis distance pp. 131-137 Downloads
Paul H. Garthwaite, Fadlalla G. Elfadaly and John R. Crawford
On the asymptotic behaviour of the covariance function of the rewards of a multivariate renewal–reward process pp. 138-149 Downloads
Rovshan Aliyev and Veli Bayramov
The Hadamard product and the free convolutions pp. 150-157 Downloads
Arijit Chakrabarty
Self-normalized deviation inequalities with application to t-statistic pp. 158-164 Downloads
Xiequan Fan
Limit theorems for the compensator of Hawkes processes pp. 165-172 Downloads
Youngsoo Seol
Simultaneous selection of predictors and responses for high dimensional multivariate linear regression pp. 173-177 Downloads
Baiguo An and Beibei Zhang
Mean field limit for survival probability of the high-dimensional contact process pp. 178-184 Downloads
Xiaofeng Xue

Volume 126, issue C, 2017

Scale mixtures of skew-normal-Cauchy distributions pp. 1-6 Downloads
F. Kahrari, R.B. Arellano-Valle, M. Rezaei and F. Yousefzadeh
The adapted solutions and comparison theorem for anticipated backward stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumps under the weak conditions pp. 7-17 Downloads
Shuheng Tu, Wu Hao and Jing Chen
Genericity of dimension drop on self-affine sets pp. 18-25 Downloads
Antti Käenmäki and Bing Li
Asymptotic inference for non-supercritical partially observed branching processes pp. 26-32 Downloads
I. Rahimov
Limiting empirical distribution for eigenvalues of products of random rectangular matrices pp. 33-40 Downloads
Xingyuan Zeng
The multiset EM algorithm pp. 41-48 Downloads
Weihong Huang and Yuguo Chen
Weak decreasing stochastic order pp. 49-58 Downloads
Antoine-Marie Bogso and Patrice Takam Soh
Characterization of convolution splitting graphical models pp. 59-64 Downloads
Jean Peyhardi and Pierre Fernique
Large deviations for estimators of the parameters of a neuronal response latency model pp. 65-75 Downloads
Claudio Macci and Barbara Pacchiarotti
A note on the connection between some classical mortality laws and proportional frailty pp. 76-82 Downloads
Mathias Lindholm
A non-iterative (trivial) method for posterior inference in stochastic volatility models pp. 83-87 Downloads
Mike Tsionas
Mean square exponential stability of stochastic Hopfield neural networks with mixed delays pp. 88-96 Downloads
Xiaofei Li and Deng Ding
Moderate deviations for neutral stochastic differential delay equations with jumps pp. 97-107 Downloads
Xiaocui Ma and Fubao Xi
On relative efficiency of principal Hessian directions pp. 108-113 Downloads
Qing Cheng and Liping Zhu
Generalized mixed effects regression trees pp. 114-118 Downloads
Ahlem Hajjem, Denis Larocque and François Bellavance
Generalized canonical correlation variables improved estimation in high dimensional seemingly unrelated regression models pp. 119-126 Downloads
Li Zhao and Xingzhong Xu
Maximum likelihood estimator of the scale parameter for the Riesz distribution pp. 127-131 Downloads
Kaouthar Kammoun, Mahdi Louati and Afif Masmoudi
A family of Markov processes in maximal compact subgroups of a semisimple Lie groups pp. 132-138 Downloads
Ahmed Arafat, Jorge Mateu and Pablo Gregori
Portfolio selection and risk control for an insurer in the Lévy market under mean–variance criterion pp. 139-149 Downloads
Jieming Zhou, Xiangqun Yang and Junyi Guo
On inequalities for values of first jumps of distribution functions and Hölder’s inequality pp. 150-156 Downloads
Andrei N. Frolov
Asymptotic distributions of some robust scale estimators in explosive AR(1) model pp. 157-163 Downloads
Hira L. Koul and P. Vellaisamy
Generalized cumulative entropy based on kth lower record values pp. 164-172 Downloads
Saeid Tahmasebi and Maryam Eskandarzadeh
Bounds on Kendall’s tau for zero-inflated continuous variables pp. 173-178 Downloads
Michel M. Denuit and Mhamed Mesfioui
Error bounds for kernel density estimator of spectral distribution for Gaussian Unitary Ensembles pp. 179-184 Downloads
Hui Jiang and Shaochen Wang
Exponential stability of impulsive stochastic partial differential equations with delays pp. 185-192 Downloads
Dingshi Li and Xiaoming Fan
The unbiased nonparametric test and its moment generating function for the ordered alternative pp. 193-197 Downloads
Hidetoshi Murakami and Seong Keon Lee
A note on the limit theory of a Dickey–Fuller unit root test with heavy tailed innovations pp. 198-204 Downloads
Stelios Arvanitis
Solution path for quantile regression with epsilon-insensitive loss in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space pp. 205-211 Downloads
Jinho Park
Continuum percolation with holes pp. 212-218 Downloads
A. Sarkar and M. Haenggi
Hypothesis tests in partial linear errors-in-variables models with missing response pp. 219-229 Downloads
Hong-Xia Xu, Guo-Liang Fan and Zhen-Long Chen
Kernel estimators for Mar c ˘ enko–Pastur law of quaternion sample covariance matrices pp. 230-237 Downloads
Lifang Yang and Jiang Hu
The cumulative Kolmogorov filter for model-free screening in ultrahigh dimensional data pp. 238-243 Downloads
Arlene Kyoung Hee Kim and Seung Jun Shin
A law of the iterated logarithm for the number of occupied boxes in the Bernoulli sieve pp. 244-252 Downloads
Alexander Iksanov, Wissem Jedidi and Fethi Bouzeffour
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