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1998 - 2021

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Volume 24, issue 2, 2021

An Agent Based Model of a Thinly Traded Land Market in an Urbanizing Region pp. 1 Downloads
Yong Chen, Elena Irwin, Ciriyam Jayaprakash and Kyoung Jin Park
Can Ethnic Tolerance Curb Self-Reinforcing School Segregation? A Theoretical Agent Based Model pp. 2 Downloads
Lucas Sage and Andreas Flache
The Use of Surrogate Models to Analyse Agent-Based Models pp. 3 Downloads
Guus ten Broeke, George van Voorn, Arend Ligtenberg and Jaap Molenaar
Where Does Theory Have It Right? A Comparison of Theory-Driven and Empirical Agent Based Models pp. 4 Downloads
Firouzeh Taghikhah, Tatiana Filatova and Alexey Voinov
Generating a Two-Layered Synthetic Population for French Municipalities: Results and Evaluation of Four Synthetic Reconstruction Methods pp. 5 Downloads
Boyam Fabrice Yameogo, Pierre-Olivier Vandanjon, Pascal Gastineau and Pierre Hankach
Introducing the Argumentation Framework Within Agent-Based Models to Better Simulate Agents' Cognition in Opinion Dynamics: Application to Vegetarian Diet Diffusion pp. 6 Downloads
Patrick Taillandier, Nicolas Salliou and Rallou Thomopoulos
No Free Lunch when Estimating Simulation Parameters pp. 7 Downloads
Ernesto Carrella
Dynamics of Public Opinion: Diverse Media and Audiences’ Choices pp. 8 Downloads
Zhongtian Chen and Hanlin Lan
Modeling COVID-19 for Lifting Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions pp. 9 Downloads
Matthew Koehler, David M Slater, Garry Jacyna and James R Thompson

Volume 24, issue 1, 2021

An Argument Communication Model of Polarization and Ideological Alignment pp. 1 Downloads
Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich
Agent-Based Simulation of West Asian Urban Dynamics: Impact of Refugees pp. 2 Downloads
Ali Termos, Stefano Picascia and Neil Yorke-Smith
On the Macroeconomic Effect of Extortion: An Agent-Based Approach pp. 3 Downloads
Alejandro Platas-López, Alejandro Guerra-Hernández and Francisco Grimaldo
Opinion Dynamics and Collective Risk Perception: An Agent-Based Model of Institutional and Media Communication About Disasters pp. 4 Downloads
Francesca Giardini and Daniele Vilone
Targeting Your Preferences: Modelling Micro-Targeting for an Increasingly Diverse Electorate pp. 5 Downloads
Toby Pilditch and Jens Koed Madsen
Finding Core Members of Cooperative Games Using Agent-Based Modeling pp. 6 Downloads
Daniele Vernon-Bido and Andrew Collins
Justified Stories with Agent-Based Modelling for Local COVID-19 Planning pp. 8 Downloads
Jennifer Badham, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Camila Caiado and Brian Castellani

Volume 23, issue 4, 2020

Model Exploration of an Information-Based Healthcare Intervention Using Parallelization and Active Learning pp. 1 Downloads
Chaitanya Kaligotla, Jonathan Ozik, Nicholson Collier, Charles M. Macal, Kelly Boyd, Jennifer Makelarski, Elbert S. Huang and Stacy T. Lindau
Indirect Reciprocity with Contagious Reputation in Large-Scale Small-World Networks pp. 2 Downloads
Markus Neumann
Modeling Cultural Dissemination and Divergence Between Rural and Urban Regions pp. 3 Downloads
Nicholas LaBerge, Aria Chaderjian, Victor Ginelli, Margrethe Jebsen and Adam Landsberg
WorkSim: An Agent-Based Model of Labor Markets pp. 4 Downloads
Jean-Daniel Kant, Gérard Ballot and Olivier Goudet
Housing Market Agent-Based Simulation with Loan-To-Value and Debt-To-Income pp. 5 Downloads
Tae-Sub Yun and Il-Chul Moon
Agent-Based Modelling of Values: The Case of Value Sensitive Design for Refugee Logistics pp. 6 Downloads
Christine Boshuijzen- van Burken, Ross Gore, Frank Dignum, Lamber Royakkers, Phillip Wozny and F. LeRon Shults
Leveraging Modularity During Replication of High-Fidelity Models: Lessons from Replicating an Agent-Based Model for HIV Prevention pp. 7 Downloads
Wouter Vermeer, Arthur Hjorth, Samuel M. Jenness, C Hendrick Brown and Uri Wilensky
The Unknown of the Pandemic: An Agent-Based Model of Final Phase Risks pp. 8 Downloads
Marco Cremonini and Samira Maghool
Seed Selection Strategies for Information Diffusion in Social Networks: An Agent-Based Model Applied to Rural Zambia pp. 9 Downloads
Beatrice Nöldeke, Etti Winter and Ulrike Grote
Halting SARS-CoV-2 by Targeting High-Contact Individuals pp. 10 Downloads
Gianluca Manzo and Arnout van de Rijt
Gregarious Behavior, Human Colonization and Social Differentiation: An Agent-Based Model pp. 11 Downloads
Sebastian Fajardo, Gert Jan Hofstede, Martijn de Vries, Mark Kramer and Andrés Bernal
BEN: An Architecture for the Behavior of Social Agents pp. 12 Downloads
Mathieu Bourgais, Patrick Taillandier and Laurent Vercouter
RecovUS: An Agent-Based Model of Post-Disaster Household Recovery pp. 13 Downloads
Saeed Moradi and Ali Nejat
A Hybrid Agent-Based and Equation Based Model for the Spread of Infectious Diseases pp. 14 Downloads
Elizabeth Hunter, Brian Mac Namee and John Kelleher

Volume 23, issue 3, 2020

A Software Architecture for Mechanism-Based Social Systems Modelling in Agent-Based Simulation Models pp. 1 Downloads
Tuong Manh Vu, Charlotte Probst, Alexandra Nielsen, Hao Bai, Petra S. Meier, Charlotte Buckley, Mark Strong, Alan Brennan and Robin C. Purshouse
Impacts of Consensus Protocols and Trade Network Topologies on Blockchain System Performance pp. 2 Downloads
Xianhua Wei, Aiya Li and Zhou He
Simulating Crowds in Real Time with Agent-Based Modelling and a Particle Filter pp. 3 Downloads
Nick Malleson, Kevin Minors, Le-Minh Kieu, Jonathan A. Ward, Andrew West and Alison Heppenstall
Problem Solving: When Groups Perform Better Than Teammates pp. 4 Downloads
Timoteo Carletti, Alessio Guarino, Andrea Guazzini and Federica Stefanelli
A Weighted Balance Model of Opinion Hyperpolarization pp. 5 Downloads
Simon Schweighofer, Frank Schweitzer and David Garcia
Comparing Actual and Simulated HFT Traders' Behavior for Agent Design pp. 6 Downloads
Masanori Hirano, Kiyoshi Izumi, Hiroyasu Matsushima and Hiroki Sakaji
An Agent-Based Approach to Integrated Assessment Modelling of Climate Change pp. 7 Downloads
Marcin Czupryna, Christian Franzke, Sascha Hokamp and Jürgen Scheffran
Grade Language Heterogeneity in Simulation Models of Peer Review pp. 8 Downloads
Thomas Feliciani, Ramanathan Moorthy, Pablo Lucas and Kalpana Shankar
Reflexivity in a Diffusion of Innovations Model pp. 9 Downloads
Carlos Córdoba and César García-Díaz
An Agent-Based Model for Simulating Inter-Settlement Trade in Past Societies pp. 10 Downloads
Angelos Chliaoutakis and Georgios Chalkiadakis
Price Formation in Parallel Trading Systems: Evidence from the Fine Wine Market pp. 11 Downloads
Marcin Czupryna, Michał Jakubczyk and Paweł Oleksy
A Simulation Model of the Radicalisation Process Based on the IVEE Theoretical Framework pp. 12 Downloads
Rosemary Pepys, Robert Bowles and Noémie Bouhana

Volume 23, issue 2, 2020

A Dynamic Computational Model of Social Stigma pp. 1 Downloads
Myong-Hun Chang and Joseph Harrington
Estimating Spatio-Temporal Risks from Volcanic Eruptions Using an Agent-Based Model pp. 2 Downloads
J Jumadi, Nick Malleson, Steve Carver and Duncan Quincey
Phase Transition in the Social Impact Model of Opinion Formation in Scale-Free Networks: The Social Power Effect pp. 3 Downloads
Alireza Mansouri and Fattaneh Taghiyareh
Do Farm Characteristics or Social Dynamics Explain the Conversion to Organic Farming by Dairy Farmers? An Agent-Based Model of Dairy Farming in 27 French Cantons pp. 4 Downloads
Qing Xu, Sylvie Huet, Eric Perret and Guillaume Deffuant
Tension Between Stability and Representativeness in a Democratic Setting pp. 5 Downloads
Victorien Barbet, Juliette Rouchier, Noé Guiraud and Vincent Laperrière
Homophily as a Process Generating Social Networks: Insights from Social Distance Attachment Model pp. 6 Downloads
Szymon Talaga and Andrzej Nowak
The ODD Protocol for Describing Agent-Based and Other Simulation Models: A Second Update to Improve Clarity, Replication, and Structural Realism pp. 7 Downloads
Volker Grimm, Steven F. Railsback, Christian E. Vincenot, Uta Berger, Cara Gallagher, Donald L. DeAngelis, Bruce Edmonds, Jiaqi Ge, Jarl Giske, Jürgen Groeneveld, Alice S.A. Johnston, Alexander Milles, Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, J. Gareth Polhill, Viktoriia Radchuk, Marie-Sophie Rohwä der, Richard A. Stillman, Jan C. Thiele and Daniel Ayllón
Emergence of Small-World Networks in an Overlapping-Generations Model of Social Dynamics, Trust and Economic Performance pp. 8 Downloads
Katarzyna Growiec, Jakub Growiec and Bogumił Kamiński
Metamodels for Evaluating, Calibrating and Applying Agent-Based Models: A Review pp. 9 Downloads
Bruno Pietzsch, Sebastian Fiedler, Kai G. Mertens, Markus Richter, Cédric Scherer, Kirana Widyastuti, Marie-Christin Wimmler, Liubov Zakharova and Uta Berger
Computational Models That Matter During a Global Pandemic Outbreak: A Call to Action pp. 10 Downloads
Flaminio Squazzoni, J. Gareth Polhill, Bruce Edmonds, Petra Ahrweiler, Patrycja Antosz, Geeske Scholz, Émile Chappin, Melania Borit, Harko Verhagen, Francesca Giardini and Nigel Gilbert

Volume 23, issue 1, 2020

Catch Me if You Can: Using a Threshold Model to Simulate Support for Presidential Candidates in the Invisible Primary pp. 1 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Stiles, Colin D. Swearingen, Linda Seiter and Brendan Foreman
How Policy Decisions Affect Refugee Journeys in South Sudan: A Study Using Automated Ensemble Simulations pp. 2 Downloads
Diana Suleimenova and Derek Groen
Methodological Issues of Spatial Agent-Based Models pp. 3 Downloads
Steven Manson, Li An, Keith C. Clarke, Alison Heppenstall, Jennifer Koch, Brittany Krzyzanowski, Fraser Morgan, David O'Sullivan, Bryan C Runck, Eric Shook and Leigh Tesfatsion
LevelSpace: A NetLogo Extension for Multi-Level Agent-Based Modeling pp. 4 Downloads
Arthur Hjorth, Bryan Head, Corey Brady and Uri Wilensky
Cascading Impacts of Payments for Ecosystem Services in Complex Human-Environment Systems pp. 5 Downloads
Li An, Judy Mak, Shuang Yang, Rebecca Lewison, Douglas A. Stow, Hsiang Ling Chen, Weihua Xu, Lei Shi and Yu Hsin Tsai
‘One Size Does Not Fit All’: A Roadmap of Purpose-Driven Mixed-Method Pathways for Sensitivity Analysis of Agent-Based Models pp. 6 Downloads
Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Peer-Olaf Siebers, Nicholas Magliocca, Dawn C. Parker, Volker Grimm, Jing Du, Martin Cenek, Viktoriia Radchuk, Nazia N. Arbab, Sheng Li, Uta Berger, Rajiv Paudel, Derek T. Robinson, Piotr Jankowski, Li An and Xinyue Ye
Calibrating Agent-Based Models with Linear Regressions pp. 7 Downloads
Ernesto Carrella, Richard Bailey and Jens Koed Madsen
An Agent-Based Model of Firm Size Distribution and Collaborative Innovation pp. 9 Downloads
Inyoung Hwang
An Innovative Approach to Multi-Method Integrated Assessment Modelling of Global Climate Change pp. 10 Downloads
Peer-Olaf Siebers, Zhi En Lim, Grazziela P. Figueredo and James Hey
Land-Use Changes in Distant Places: Implementation of a Telecoupled Agent-Based Model pp. 11 Downloads
Yue Dou, Guolin Yao, Anna Herzberger, Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva, Qian Song, Ciara Hovis, Mateus Batistella, Emilio Moran, Wenbin Wu and Jianguo Liu
Theory Development Via Replicated Simulations and the Added Value of Standards pp. 12 Downloads
Jonas Hauke, Sebastian Achter and Matthias Meyer
Editorial: Meeting Grand Challenges in Agent-Based Models pp. 13 Downloads
Li An, Volker Grimm and Billie L. Turner
Agent-Based Land Change Modeling of a Large Watershed: Space-Time Locations of Critical Threshold pp. 15 Downloads
Wenwu Tang and Jianxin Yang
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