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Anuarul Universitatii „Petre Andrei” din Iasi / Year-Book „Petre Andrei” University from Iasi, Fascicula: Asistenta Sociala, Sociologie, Psihologie / Fascicle: Social Work, Sociology, Psychology

2010 - 2023

From Editura Lumen, Department of Economics
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2023, month December

The Process of Institutional Strategic Planning the Level of the Ministry of Labour and Achievement of Public Policies Objectives pp. 1-18 Downloads
Maria Roxana Ateșoae
Burnout Among Social Workers. Exploratory Research in Botosani City pp. 19-33 Downloads
Oana Lăcrămioara Bădărău and Maria Zosineanu
The Evolution of Special Child Protection Measures in the Period 2017-2021. Analysis According to the Development Regions of Romania pp. 34-46 Downloads
Oana Lăcrămioara Bădărău and Sergiu-Lucian Raiu
Professional Supervision in Transport Psychology - A Two-Way Commitment pp. 47-54 Downloads
Constantin Bere
Homosexuality as a Phenomenon of Contemporary Society: Meanings and Psychosocial Dimensions pp. 55-72 Downloads
Gabriel Bulboacă
Are Psychological Abuse and Jealousy Predictors of Satisfaction with Romantic Couple? A Correlational Study pp. 73-101 Downloads
Narcisa Gianina Caranfil
The Entirety and the Interdisciplinarity in the Sociology of Petre Andrei pp. 102-109 Downloads
Oana Mariana Chiuchi
Internet Addiction and Social Intelligence. A Correlational Study pp. 110-125 Downloads
Georgiana Corcaci and Corina Izabela Suci
Creativity - Fundamental Factor in Professional Success pp. 126-136 Downloads
Giorgiana Corcaci and Carmen Daniela Zaharia
Students' Perception of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Teaching Staff from Pre-University Education pp. 137-150 Downloads
Giorgiana Corcaci
Assistive Technologies for Teaching and School Integration of Students with Visual Impairment pp. 151-163 Downloads
Mihai Gabriel Doleanu and Adina Karner Huțuleac
Defining Aspects of Communication Behaviors from the Perspective of the Male-Female Dyad: Limits, Influences, Correspondences pp. 164-176 Downloads
Livia Durac
Guidelines in the History of Romanian Pedagogy. A Research Sample. The History of Romanian Pedagogy - Research Sample pp. 177-194 Downloads
Gabriela Cristea
Psychosocial Dimensions of Infertility: A Literature Review [Dimensiuni Psihosociale Ale Infertilității: O Trecere în Revistă a Literaturii] pp. 195-221 Downloads
Roxana Grigoraș and Narcisa Gianina Caranfil
Psychological Perspectives on Social Relations and Social Competence in Childhood pp. 222-237 Downloads
Constantin Nechifor and Anișoara Sandovici
Dynamics of Couple Relationships in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 238-266 Downloads
Lavinia Maria Pruteanu and Mihaela Chiriac Rotaru
Metacognition and Metamemory pp. 267-285 Downloads
Alice Pruteanu and Alina Chiracu
Depression - The Film of An Ancient and Ever Present Suffering pp. 296-317 Downloads
Ruxandra Rășcanu
Personality and Stress: A Correlational Study Among Teachers Working in Primary Education pp. 318-351 Downloads
Viorel Robu and Anișoara Sandovici
Factors Associated with Life Satisfaction among Teachers Working in Primary Education pp. 352-376 Downloads
Viorel Robu and Cristina Maria Stoica
The Relationship Between Motivation and Job Satisfaction pp. 377-406 Downloads
Mihaela Rus, Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Raluca Anamaria Crețu, Andreea-Giorgiana Duma and Sebastian-Cristian Manole
Female Genital Mutilation – a European Problem Where, Why and What Are the Mental Health Effects pp. 407-421 Downloads
Cristina Elena Stărică and Ionuț Mihalache
Burnout Syndrome in IT Industry pp. 422-439 Downloads
Cristina-Elena Stărică, Elena-Roxana Apetrăchioaei and Daria-Ștefana Stărică
Empathy. A Neuropsychological Approach pp. 440-457 Downloads
Alice Pruteanu and Alina Chiracu

2021, month December

The Dynamics of Public Sector – Nonprofit Sector Collaboration pp. 1-13 Downloads
Maria Roxana Ateșoaie
Training Programs Part of the Strategy for Teachers’ Professional Development pp. 14-25 Downloads
Roxana Axinte and Lavinia Maria Pruteanu
The Impact of Attachment on Experiencing Well-Being pp. 26-34 Downloads
Geogiana Corcaci and Gheorghe Mihăilă
Adolescents and Drug Use in Current Society. From Curiosity to Consumer Behavior pp. 35-50 Downloads
Viorica-Cristina Cormoș
Adolescents and Drug Use in Current Society. From Curiosity to Consumer Behavior pp. 51-57 Downloads
Constantin Bere
Correlations between the Alternative Assessment Methods and the Pupil Counseling Process pp. 58-72 Downloads
Oana Mariana Ciuchi and Simona Maria Stoleru
The Feminist Movement: Major Contributions, Perspectives, Communication Landmarks pp. 73-85 Downloads
Livia Durac
The Effects of Social Isolation on Adolescents pp. 86-94 Downloads
Monica-Lusiana Mihăilă
Personal and Psychosocial Predictors in the Use of Prohibited Substances in Sport pp. 95-108 Downloads
Constantin Nechifor, Anișoara Sandovici and Dan-Iulian Alexe
Psycho-Social Adaptation Of Educational Actors: Visions Of School Psychologists pp. 109-120 Downloads
Oxana Paladi
The Relationship Between Online Work and Depression in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Quantitative Study and Some Practical Recommendations pp. 121-145 Downloads
Anișoara Sandovici, Viorel Robu and Cristina Maria Stoica
Introspection as a Research Method in Experimental Psychology. Wilhelm Wundt and the Beginnings of Psychology as a Science pp. 146-155 Downloads
Mihăiță Roca
Re-Experimentation as a Process of Orientation and Support in Pre-Adolescence. The Contribution Brought about by the Permits of Transitional Analysis pp. 156-170 Downloads
Mihăiță Roca
Loyalty Conflict and Parental Alienation in Children with Divorced Parents pp. 171-184 Downloads
Maria-Rodica Iacobescu
Prison Education, as Solution to the Failures of Other Institutions pp. 185-201 Downloads
Carmen Matei

2020, month December, vol 25

Educational Relationships and Interactions pp. 01-10 Downloads
Oana Mariana Chiuchi
Attitude Towards Work and Emotional Intelligence - Relevant Factors for Professional Integration of People With Disabilities pp. 11-24 Downloads
Georgiana Corcaci and Oana Lucia Mocanu
Emotional intelligence - the driving force in efficient leadership pp. 25-35 Downloads
Georgiana Corcaci
The Valences of Communication in a Crisis Situation pp. 36-49 Downloads
Livia Durac
The Evolution of the Concept of Self-Efficacy and the Factors with Which it Relates pp. 50-70 Downloads
Daniela Gheorghiu and Cristina Elena Starica
Career Counselling – Essential Part of the Personal and Professional Development Process for the Students and Young Reserchers in the Engineering Field pp. 71-77 Downloads
Simona Magdalena Hainagiu
The Effects of Complex-Integrative Psichotherapy in Adolescents with Absent Parents pp. 78-92 Downloads
Monica-Lusiana Mihaila
Accessibility of Education in Conditions of Health Crisis pp. 93-116 Downloads
Gabriela Neagu
Lying – Between Normality and Pathology pp. 117-128 Downloads
Constantin Nechifor and Anisoara Sandovici
Personal Growth Initiative and Well-Being Among Pre-University Teachers: A Correlational Study pp. 129-148 Downloads
Viorel Robu and Anisoara Sandovici
Psychosocial Climate in the Primary Work Group in State Organizations pp. 149-165 Downloads
Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Lavinia Maria Pruteanu and Alina Mihaela Tabacaru (Ionescu)
Relationship Between Communication Style, Personality Factors and Management to Employees With Management Functions pp. 166-178 Downloads
Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Lavinia Maria Pruteanu and Alina Mihaela Tabacaru (Ionescu)
The Role of Attention, Memory and Cognition in the Decision-Making Process of Adolescent Students pp. 179-191 Downloads
Mirela Spita
Formation, Internalisation and Transformation of Personal Values pp. 192-217 Downloads
Iulia Cristina Timofti
Interpretations and Meanings of Personal Development pp. 218-236 Downloads
Iulia Cristina Timofti
Review of the Volume "Parental Resources And Children’s Education: A Comparative Perspective For Poland And Romania", Author: Monica Marin, Lumen Publishing House, 2018 pp. 237-239 Downloads
Rodica Stef (Bolojan)
Review of the Volume "Introducere in sociologie" [Introduction to Sociology], Author: Antonio Sandu, Lumen Publishing House, 2016 pp. 240-243 Downloads
Loredana Terec-Vlad
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