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2008, issue 6, vol 98

Some Economics of Global Warming pp. 9-42 Downloads
Jean Tirole
Arbitrages and Arrow-Debreu Prices pp. 43-78 Downloads
Gaia Barone
Finance and the Diffusion of Digital Technologies pp. 79-122 Downloads
Bruno Caprettini
Indicators and Tests of Sustainability: The Italian Case pp. 123-160 Downloads
Matteo Formenti
Conflict Migration and Social Networks: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lanka pp. 161-194 Downloads
Giulia Lamattina
The Impact of Skilled Migration on the Sending Country: Evidence from African Medical Brain Drain pp. 195-230 Downloads
Lucia Rizzica

2008, issue 5, vol 98

Social Mobility in Italy since the Beginning of the Twentieth Century pp. 5-40 Downloads
Antonio Schizzerotto and Sonia Marzadro
Assessing Italy’s Reform Challenges: What Do Growth Accounting and Structural Indicators Say? pp. 43-118 Downloads
Lorenzo Codogno and Francesco Felici
Portfolio Choices, Gender and Marital Status pp. 119-154 Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi, Marianna Brunetti and Costanza Torricelli
Closing the Gender Gap? Life Competences and Social Environment pp. 155-198 Downloads
Michela Braga and Daniele Checchi
On the Causal Impact of Relational Goods on Happiness pp. 199-232 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti, Elena Giachin Ricca and Alessandra Pelloni
Growth Rates vs Income Growth Curves: A Step towards the Measurement of Societal Progress pp. 233-262 Downloads
Paolo Roberti, M. Grazia Calza, Franco Mostacci and Elisabetta Pugliese
Income Inequality and Opportunity Inequality in Europe pp. 263-292 Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine and Laura Serlenga
Assessing the Increase of Italian Families Perceived Vulnerability pp. 293-324 Downloads
Stefania Gabriele, Corrado Pollastri and Michele Raitano
Life Satisfaction in Italy: Evidence from the ISAE Consumer Survey pp. 325-358 Downloads
Marco Malgarini, Maurizio Pugno and Gennaro Zezza
Indicators and Targets in a Multilevel Government Setting with Increasing Budget Responsibilities. Lessons from Targeting Essential Services in the South of Italy pp. 359-412 Downloads
Paola Casavola, Aline Pennisi and Francesca Utili
Introducing Indicators in the Italian State Budget Process pp. 413- Downloads
Serena Lamartina, Fabrizio Mocavini and Aline Pennisi

2008, issue 4, vol 98

Culture and the Family: An Application to Educational Choices in Italy pp. 3-38 Downloads
Paola Giuliano
Benessere economico e felicità in Italia pp. 39-78 Downloads
Claudia Biancotti and Giovanni D'Alessio
La valutazione del credito d'imposta per gli investimenti pp. 79-112 Downloads
Raffaello Bronzini, Guido de Blasio, Guido Pellegrini and Alessandro Scognamiglio
Cooperative sociali e creazione di capitale sociale: il ruolo della responsabilità sociale d'impresa pp. 113-148 Downloads
Giacomo Degli Antoni and Elisa Portale
Divisione in lotti e competizione nelle gare di procurement: alcune linee guida pp. 149-194 Downloads
Riccardo Pacini, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Matteo Zanza

2008, issue 3, vol 98

Gender and the Labour Market: An International Perspective and the Case of Italy pp. 3-32 Downloads
Claudia Olivetti
Credit Rationing and Asset Value pp. 33-54 Downloads
Antonio Affuso
Basi d'asta nelle gare per gli acquisti pubblici pp. 55-88 Downloads
Gian Luigi Albano and Nicola Dimitri
Product Differentiation and Multiproduct Strategies pp. 89-124 Downloads
Marco Di Cintio
Potenzialità e criticità del Partenariato Pubblico Privato in Italia pp. 125-158 Downloads
Elisabetta Iossa and Federico Antellini Russo

2008, issue 2, vol 98

Monitoring Italy 2007 pp. 3-13 Downloads
Sergio de Nardis and Marco Malgarini
Measuring and Explaining Management Practices in Italy pp. 15-56 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun and John van Reenen
Of Intellectual Property, Open Source and Innovation: Trends, and Some Opportunities for Italy pp. 57-83 Downloads
Alfonso Gambardella
Direct and Indirect Complementarity between Workplace Reorganization and New Technology pp. 87-117 Downloads
Annalisa Cristini, Alessandro Gaj and Riccardo Leoni
New Processes and New Products in Europe and Italy pp. 119-146 Downloads
Francesco Crespi and Mario Pianta
Owner Identity and Firm Performance: Evidence from European Companies pp. 149-178 Downloads
Marco Cucculelli
Recent Developments in Productivity and the Role of Entrepreneurship in Italy: An Industry View pp. 179-214 Downloads
Andrea Brasili and Loredana Federico

2008, issue 1, vol 98

Crash 2008 pp. 3-37 Downloads
Giorgio Szego
Milton Friedman: la moneta, il metodo e la politica pp. 39-56 Downloads
Bruno Chiarini
Il processo della scelta economica. Variazioni su un tema di Albert Hirschman pp. 57-88 Downloads
Nicolò Bellanca
Demand Shocks and Equilibrium Relative Prices in the Euro Area pp. 89-133 Downloads
Pietro Cova
The Evolution of World Export Sophistication and the Italian Trade Anomaly pp. 135-174 Downloads
Michele Di Maio and Federico Tamagni
Changes in the Extent of Inequality in Access to University Education in Italy pp. 175-213 Downloads
Giorgio Di Pietro
An Econometric Analysis of the Employment and Revenue Effects of the Treu Reform in the Period 1997-2001 pp. 215-248 Downloads
Silvia Fedeli, Francesco Forte and Ernesto Zangari
Un'analisi dello sviluppo della Valle d’Aosta in prospettiva storica con l'ausilio delle matrici di contabilità sociale pp. 249-294 Downloads
Stefania Lovo, Sergio Noto and Federico Perali
Qualità della negoziazione e tutela dell'investitore pp. 295-353 Downloads
Mario Anolli and Giovanni Petrella

2007, issue 6, vol 97

When Workers Share in Profits: Effort and Responses to Shirking pp. 9-36 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Poverty Analysis in the European Union: A Fuzzy Multidimensional Approach pp. 37-80 Downloads
Giulio Tarditi
The Predictive Power of Interest Rates Spread for Economic Activity pp. 81-112 Downloads
Raffaele Passaro
Hedonic Housing Price Indices: The Turinese Experience pp. 113-148 Downloads
Piermassimo Pavese
Classical and Bayesian Methods for the VAR Analysis: International Comparisons pp. 149-202 Downloads
Elisa Keller
Public Funding for Basic Research in an Endogenous Growth Model pp. 203-228 Downloads
Pierluigi Murro
Convergence, Inequality and Education in the Galor and Zeira Model pp. 229-254 Downloads
Lea Cassar

2007, issue 5, vol 97

La durata (eccessiva) dei procedimenti civili in Italia: offerta, domanda o rito? pp. 3-54 Downloads
Magda Bianco, Silvia Giacomelli, Cristina Giorgiantonio, Giuliana Palumbo and Bruna Szego
On Ethical Product Differentiation with Asymmetric Distance Costs pp. 55-82 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti, Luisa Giallonardo and Maria Elisabetta Tessitore
The Employee Severance Indemnity Reform and Firms Capital Structure: An Empirical Analysis on a Sample of Italian Firms pp. 83-110 Downloads
Stefania Cosci, Roberto Guida and Valentina Meliciani
Heterogeneous Consumers, Demand Regimes, Monetary Policy and Equilibrium Determinacy pp. 111-142 Downloads
Giovanni Di Bartolomeo and Lorenza Rossi
Lealtà e apprendimento, tra teoria dell'impresa e organizzazione aziendale: una lettura cognitiva pp. 143-174 Downloads
Marco Novarese
Who Benefits from Credit Subsidies? pp. 175-202 Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini
Merge and Compete: Strategic Incentives for Vertical Integration pp. 203-244 Downloads
Filippo Vergara Caffarelli
An Inverted U-Relationship between Product Market Competition and Growth in an Extended Romerian Model: A Comment pp. 245-258 Downloads
Dominique Bianco

2007, issue 4, vol 97

Redistribution and Optimal Monetary Policy: Results and Open Questions pp. 3-48 Downloads
Stefania Albanesi
Entry Deterrence through Fixed Cost Reducing R&D pp. 49-78 Downloads
Gamal Atallah
Regolamentazione parziale di quantità pp. 79-114 Downloads
Etienne Billette de Villemeur and Annalisa Vinella
Efficiency Incentives for a Regulated Monopoly: Some Lessons from the English and Welsh Water Industry pp. 115-144 Downloads
Anna Bottasso and Maurizio Conti
Product Innovation and Transport Technology in a Cournot Duopoly pp. 145-170 Downloads
Andrea Mantovani
What Next? How the Internationalisation Process Might Lead to the Dissolution of Veneto’s Low-Technology Industrial Districts pp. 171-218 Downloads
Salvatore Monni and Alessandro Spaventa
The Role of Trade Openness and Institutional Quality in the Productivity Performance of Central and Eastern European Accession Countries pp. 219-250 Downloads
Manuela Nenna and Ottavio Ricchi
Corrigendum to "Optimal Information Releasing in Multidimensional Public Procurement" pp. 251-256 Downloads
Nicola Doni
Servizi postali pp. 257-314 Downloads
Vincenzo Visco Comandini

2007, issue 3, vol 97

Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in Labor-Managed Cournot Oligopoly pp. 9-16 Downloads
Koji Okuguchi and Ferenc Szidarovszky
Wage-Rise Contract and Cournot Competition with Labor-Managed Firms pp. 17-32 Downloads
Kazuhiro Ohnishi
Price Setting is Popular among Firms: Will It Persist in Vertical Relationships with Market Uncertainty? pp. 33-50 Downloads
Gianpaolo Rossini
Contagious "Social Market Enterprises": The Role of Fair Traders pp. 51-84 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti and Giuseppina Gianfreda
Should One Sell Domestic Firms to Foreign Ones? A Tale of Delegation, Acquisition and Collusion pp. 85-112 Downloads
Davide Dragone
The Make-or-Buy Choice in a Mixed Oligopoly: A Theoretical Investigation pp. 113-132 Downloads
Roberto Cellini and Luca Lambertini
Entrepreneurs' Behaviour and Performance: An Empirical Analysis on Italian Firms pp. 133-150 Downloads
Filippo Oropallo and Stefania Rossetti
Firms' International Status and Heterogeneity in Performance: Evidence from Italy pp. 151-188 Downloads
Lorenzo Casaburi, Valeria Gattai and Gaetano Alfredo Minerva
Vertical Specialisation in Europe: Evidence from the Import Content of Exports pp. 189 Downloads
Emanuele Breda, Rita Cappariello and Roberta Zizza

2007, issue 2, vol 97

An Equilibrium Model of Lumpy Housing Investment pp. 15-44 Downloads
Matteo Iacoviello and Marina Pavan
Il trasferimento tecnologico pubblico-privato: un’analisi integrata del sistema Italia pp. 45-86 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo
Is Health Care Expenditure Really a Luxury Good? Re-assessment and New Evidence Based on OECD Data pp. 87-120 Downloads
Vincenzo Atella and Giorgia Marini
The Selection of Investment Subsidy Beneficiaries. An Estimate of the Differences between National and Regional Policymakers Priorities pp. 121-166 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti and David Andrés Londoño Bedoya
Delay and Public Expenditure Determination for Health Care pp. 167-194 Downloads
Amedeo Fossati and Rosella Levaggi
Clima di fiducia e spesa delle famiglie: il ruolo dell'incertezza secondo un'analisi disaggregata per tipologia di consumo e fasce di reddito pp. 195-226 Downloads
Solange Leproux and Marco Malgarini
Sussidio di disoccupazione, tassazione ed economia sommersa pp. 227-260 Downloads
Enzo Valentini
Il vincolo storico alla politica di sviluppo del Mezzogiorno pp. 263-266 Downloads
Bruno Chiarini and Paolo Malanima
Il prodotto delle regioni e il divario Nord-Sud in Italia (1861-2004) pp. 267-316 Downloads
Vittorio Daniele and Paolo Malanima
Ma l'agricoltura meridionale era davvero arretrata? pp. 317-340 Downloads
Giovanni Federico
I due fallimenti della storia economica: il periodo post-unitario pp. 341-358 Downloads
Stefano Fenoaltea
I divari regionali in Italia sulla base degli indicatori sociali (1871-2001) pp. 359-406 Downloads
Emanuele Felice

2007, issue 1, vol 97

Entry and Exit in a Liberalised Market pp. 3-38 Downloads
Maria José Gil-Moltó and Claudio Piga
The Impact of the Post-Liberalisation Growth of LCCs on the Tourism Trends in Spain pp. 39-60 Downloads
Eugeni Aguiló, Belen Rey, Jaume Rossello and Catalina M. Torres Figuerola
Issues in Network Development by National Airlines: The Case of Ukraine pp. 61-80 Downloads
Volodymyr Bilotkach
Efficient and Equitable Airport Slot Allocation pp. 81-104 Downloads
Daniele Condorelli
The Performance of European Full Service Airlines after Liberalisation: An Econometric Analysis pp. 105-122 Downloads
Lara Gitto and Fulvio Minervini
Airlines' Privatisation in Europe: Fully versus Partial Divestiture pp. 123-156 Downloads
Alfredo Macchiati and Giovanni Siciliano
An Empirical Investigation on the Efficiency, Capacity Ownership of Italian Airports pp. 157-188 Downloads
Paolo Malighetti, Gianmaria Martini, Stefano Paleari and Renato Redondi
Did the Entry of Low Cost Companies Foster the Growth of Strategic Alliances in the Airline Industry? pp. 189-220 Downloads
Andrea Mantovani and Ornella Tarola
Airline Deregulation, Competitive Environment and Safety pp. 221-242 Downloads
Andreas Papatheodorou and Nikos Platis
Carrier Network Structures and the Spatial Distribution of Air Traffic in the European Air Transport Market, 1996-2006 pp. 243- Downloads
Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
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