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Volume 51, issue 4, 2018

The political economy of university education in Canada pp. 1061-1087 Downloads
Frances Woolley
Authoritarian elites pp. 1088-1117 Downloads
Adlai Newson and Francesco Trebbi
Foreign R&D satellites as a medium for the international diffusion of knowledge pp. 1118-1150 Downloads
Joel Blit
Greenfield versus merger and acquisition FDI: Same wine, different bottles? pp. 1151-1190 Downloads
Ronald Davies, Rodolphe Desbordes and Anna Ray
The impact of climate on the law of one price: A test using North American food prices from the 1920s pp. 1191-1220 Downloads
Bruce Cater and Byron Lew
On the effects of unilateral environmental policy on offshoring in multi‐stage production processes pp. 1221-1256 Downloads
Oliver Schenker, Simon Koesler and Andreas Löschel
Learning, prices and firm dynamics pp. 1257-1311 Downloads
Paulo Bastos, Daniel Dias and Olga A. Timoshenko
The causal impact of migration on US trade: Evidence from political refugees pp. 1312-1338 Downloads
Walter Steingress
Firms’ timing of production with heterogeneous consumers pp. 1339-1362 Downloads
Cong Pan
Instability of endogenous price dispersion equilibria: A simulation pp. 1363-1385 Downloads
Lucas Herrenbrueck
Group income and individual preferences for redistribution pp. 1386-1418 Downloads
Jeff Quattrociocchi
On publication, refereeing and working hard pp. 1419-1459 Downloads
Sascha Baghestanian and Sergey Popov

Volume 51, issue 3, 2018

Big data analytics in economics: What have we learned so far, and where should we go from here? pp. 695-746 Downloads
Norman Swanson and Weiqi Xiong
Monetary and fiscal policies in a heterogeneous‐agent economy pp. 747-783 Downloads
Hongfei Sun and Chenggang Zhou
How important are wealth effects on consumption in Canada? pp. 784-798 Downloads
Maral Kichian and Milana Mihic
Editors’ introduction: The renewal of the Canadian inflation‐control target pp. 799-801 Downloads
Francisco Ruge‐Murcia and Alexander Wolman
Monetary policy and macroprudential policy: Different and separate? pp. 802-827 Downloads
Lars Svensson
A policy model to analyze macroprudential regulations and monetary policy pp. 828-863 Downloads
Sami Alpanda, Gino Cateau and Césaire Meh
Housing market dynamics and macroprudential policies pp. 864-900 Downloads
Gabriel Bruneau, Ian Christensen and Césaire Meh
Monetary policy tradeoffs between financial stability and price stability pp. 901-945 Downloads
Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt
Downward nominal wage rigidity: Evidence from Canada 1901–1950 pp. 946-967 Downloads
Patrick J. Coe
Downward nominal wage rigidity in Canada: Evidence from micro‐level data pp. 968-1002 Downloads
Dany Brouillette, Olena Kostyshyna and Natalia Kyui
Downward nominal wage rigidity in Canada: Evidence against a “greasing effect” pp. 1003-1028 Downloads
Joel Wagner
Could a higher inflation target enhance macroeconomic stability? pp. 1029-1055 Downloads
José Dorich, Nicholas Labelle St‐Pierre, Vadym Lepetyuk and Rhys Mendes

Volume 51, issue 2, 2018

Welfare analysis when people are different pp. 321-360 Downloads
Krishna Pendakur
Separating the wheat from the chaff: A disaggregate analysis of the effects of public spending in the US pp. 361-390 Downloads
Hafedh Bouakez, Denis Larocque and Michel Normandin
The role of uncertainty, sentiment and cross‐country interactions in G7 output dynamics pp. 391-418 Downloads
Anthony Garratt, Kevin Lee and Kalvinder Shields
Income instability and fiscal progression pp. 419-451 Downloads
B. Cecilia Garcia‐Medina and Jean-Francois Wen
On‐the‐job‐search, wage dispersion and trade liberalization pp. 452-482 Downloads
Joel Rodrigue and Kunio Tsuyuhara
Domestic patent rights, access to technologies and the structure of exports pp. 483-509 Downloads
Keith Maskus and Lei Yang
How the source of the entrant's advantage limits entry‐deterring tying pp. 510-527 Downloads
Kenneth S. Corts
Are factor biases and substitution identifiable? The Canadian evidence pp. 528-548 Downloads
Kenneth Stewart and Jiang Li
Total factor productivity spillovers from trade reforms in India pp. 549-606 Downloads
Marijke J. D. Bos and Gonzague Vannoorenberghe
Government loan guarantees and the credit decision‐making structure pp. 607-625 Downloads
Ruth Ben‐Yashar, Miriam Krausz and Shmuel Nitzan
Does Quebec’s subsidized child care policy give boys and girls an equal start? pp. 627-659 Downloads
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven Lehrer
Public, private or both? Analyzing factors influencing the labour supply of medical specialists pp. 660-692 Downloads
Terence Cheng, Guyonne Kalb and Anthony Scott

Volume 51, issue 1, 2018

Welfare economics, risk and uncertainty pp. 5-40 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey
Peacekeeping: A strategic approach pp. 41-63 Downloads
Max Blouin
Delegation to a possibly ignorant agent pp. 64-93 Downloads
Aggey Semenov
How do selling mechanisms affect profits, surplus, capacity and prices with unknown demand? pp. 94-126 Downloads
Patrick Hummel
Heterogeneity in the dynamic effects of uncertainty on investment pp. 127-155 Downloads
Sung Je Byun and Soojin Jo
A theory on the role of wholesalers in international trade based on economies of scope pp. 156-185 Downloads
Anders Akerman
Health spending, savings and fertility in a lifecycle‐dynastic model with longevity externalities pp. 186-215 Downloads
Siew Ling Yew and Jie Zhang
Do peers affect childhood obesity outcomes? Peer‐effect analysis in public schools pp. 216-235 Downloads
Jebaraj Asirvatham, Michael R. Thomsen, Rodolfo Nayga and Heather L. Rouse
Intra‐household allocation of parental leave pp. 236-274 Downloads
Paula E. Gobbi, Juliane Parys and Gregor Schwerhoff
Stock vesting conditions, control benefits and managerial replacement pp. 275-313 Downloads
Meg Adachi‐Sato

Volume 50, issue 5, 2017

Economic research in Canada: Evolution and convergence pp. 1197-1223 Downloads
James Brander and Gregor Smith
Wealth inequality: Theory, measurement and decomposition pp. 1224-1261 Downloads
James Davies, Nicole M. Fortin and Thomas Lemieux
Canadian economics research on immigration through the lens of theories of justice pp. 1262-1303 Downloads
David Green and Christopher Worswick
Canadian contributions to family economics pp. 1304-1323 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Aloysius Siow
From theory to practice: Canadian economists’ contributions to public finance pp. 1324-1347 Downloads
Bev Dahlby and Kevin Milligan
The impressive contribution of Canadian economists to fiscal federalism theory and policy pp. 1348-1380 Downloads
Robin Boadway and Katherine Cuff
Environmental and resource economics: A Canadian retrospective pp. 1381-1413 Downloads
Brian R. Copeland and M. Scott Taylor
Oligopoly in international trade: Rise, fall and resurgence pp. 1414-1444 Downloads
Keith Head and Barbara Spencer
Empirical models of firms and industries pp. 1445-1488 Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Margaret Slade
The rise of economics in competition policy: A Canadian perspective pp. 1489-1524 Downloads
Marcel Boyer, Thomas Ross and Ralph Winter
The Canadian border and the US dollar: The impact of exchange rate changes on US retailers pp. 1525-1555 Downloads
Zhe Chen, Michael Devereux and Beverly Lapham
Canadian inflation targeting pp. 1556-1572 Downloads
Paul Beaudry and Francisco Ruge‐Murcia
Can EconJobMarket help Canadian universities? pp. 1573-1594 Downloads
Kim Nguyen, Michael Peters and Michel Poitevin
Advances in specification testing pp. 1595-1631 Downloads
Russell Davidson and Victoria Zinde‐Walsh
Contributions to Canadian economic history: The last 30 years pp. 1632-1657 Downloads
Gillian C. Hamilton, Ian Keay and Frank Lewis

Volume 50, issue 4, 2017

Do patents work? Thickets, trolls and antibiotic resistance pp. 893-926 Downloads
Nancy Gallini
Canada’s dependence on natural capital wealth: Was Innis wrong? pp. 927-964 Downloads
Nancy Olewiler
Multinationals’ profit response to tax differentials: Effect size and shifting channels pp. 965-994 Downloads
Jost H. Heckemeyer and Michael Overesch
Intellectual property rights and diaspora knowledge networks: Can patent protection generate brain gain from skilled migration? pp. 995-1022 Downloads
Alireza Naghavi and Chiara Strozzi
The empirical effects of competition on third‐degree price discrimination in the presence of arbitrage pp. 1023-1036 Downloads
Andre Boik
Eco‐labelling by a for‐profit certifier: Countervailing power and its consequences pp. 1037-1062 Downloads
Ibrahima Barry, Olivier Bonroy and Paolo G. Garella
Horizontal mergers and product quality pp. 1063-1103 Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Rune Straume
The effect of technology choice on specialization and welfare in a two‐country model pp. 1104-1129 Downloads
Yukiko Sawada
Multi‐product exporters, variable markups and exchange rate fluctuations pp. 1130-1160 Downloads
Mauro Caselli, Arpita Chatterjee and Alan Woodland
Exporting and labour demand: Micro‐level evidence from Germany pp. 1161-1189 Downloads
Andreas Lichter, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch

Volume 50, issue 3, 2017

Applying behavioural economics to public policy in Canada pp. 599-635 Downloads
Robert French and Philip Oreopoulos
How much to share: Welfare effects of fiscal transfers pp. 636-659 Downloads
Jinill Kim and Sunghyun Kim
The effects of foreign shocks when interest rates are at zero pp. 660-684 Downloads
Martin Bodenstein, Christopher Erceg and Luca Guerrieri
Modelling the sectoral allocation of labour in open economy models pp. 685-710 Downloads
Laura Povoledo
The evolution of inflation expectations in Canada and the US pp. 711-737 Downloads
James Yetman
Segmentation of consumer markets in the US: What do intercity price differences tell us? pp. 738-777 Downloads
Chi-Young Choi, Anthony Murphy and Jyh‐Lin Wu
Global sourcing and credit constraints pp. 778-803 Downloads
Leilei Shen
Extensive and intensive margins and exchange rate regimes pp. 804-837 Downloads
Masashige Hamano and Pierre Picard
Measuring market power and the efficiency of Alberta's restructured electricity market: An energy‐only market design pp. 838-870 Downloads
David Brown and Derek E. H. Olmstead
Competition for natural resources and the hold‐up problem pp. 871-888 Downloads
Carsten Hefeker and Sebastian Kessing

Volume 50, issue 2, 2017

Food and beverage television advertising exposure and youth consumption, body mass index and adiposity outcomes pp. 345-364 Downloads
Lisa M. Powell, Roy Wada, Tamkeen Khan and Sherry L. Emery
Managerial capital, occupational choice and inequality in a global economy pp. 365-397 Downloads
Elias Dinopoulos and Bulent Unel
International trade and unionization: Evidence from India pp. 398-425 Downloads
Reshad Ahsan, Arghya Ghosh and Devashish Mitra
Output‐based rebating of carbon taxes in a neighbour's backyard: Competitiveness, leakage and welfare pp. 426-455 Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Brita Bye, Taran Fæhn and Knut Einar Rosendahl
An Eaton–Kortum model of trade and growth pp. 456-480 Downloads
Takumi Naito
Access to credit and comparative advantage pp. 481-505 Downloads
Peter Egger and Christian Keuschnigg
Steady state properties of multi‐state economic models pp. 506-521 Downloads
Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel
Price‐level versus inflation targeting under model uncertainty pp. 522-540 Downloads
Gino Cateau
An empirical study of credit shock transmission in a small open economy pp. 541-570 Downloads
Nathan Bedock and Dalibor Stevanovic
Calculating the real return on a sovereign wealth fund pp. 571-594 Downloads
Andreas Benedictow and Pål Boug

Volume 50, issue 1, 2017

Viewpoint: The human capital approach to inference pp. 5-39 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
Male wage inequality and marital dissolution: Is there a link? pp. 40-71 Downloads
Andriana Bellou
Exchange rate fluctuations and labour market adjustments in Canadian manufacturing industries pp. 72-93 Downloads
Gabriel Bruneau and Kevin Moran
Real exchange rate fluctuations, wage stickiness and tradability pp. 94-110 Downloads
Kanda Naknoi
Do South–South preferential trade agreements undermine the prospects for multilateral free trade? pp. 111-161 Downloads
Paul Missios and Halis Yildiz
Income inequality and export prices across countries pp. 162-200 Downloads
Lisandra Flach and Eckhard Janeba
New vehicle feebates pp. 201-232 Downloads
Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele
Endogenous growth with a limited fossil fuel extraction capacity pp. 233-272 Downloads
Gilbert Kollenbach
Vertical integration and supplier finance pp. 273-305 Downloads
Holger Görg and Erasmus Kersting
An economic theory of foreign interventions and regime change pp. 306-339 Downloads
Roberto Bonfatti
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