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2011 - 2021

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Volume 8, issue 6, 2018

Heating in a low‐carbon future pp. 991-993 Downloads
Brian Allin and Peter Reineck
Accelerating low carbon industrial growth through carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) pp. 994-997 Downloads
Peter van Os
Post‐combustion CO2 capture with chemical absorption and hybrid system: current status and challenges pp. 998-1031 Downloads
Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Suleman, Ihtishamul Haq and Syed Asad Jamal
Have we identified all the risks? The Whole Story framework pp. 1032-1038 Downloads
Ken Hnottavange‐Telleen
A parametric analysis of capillary pressure effects during geologic carbon sequestration in a sandstone reservoir pp. 1039-1052 Downloads
Hao Wu, Richard S. Jayne and Ryan M. Pollyea
The impact of co‐contaminant SO2, versus salinity and thermodynamic conditions, on residual CO2 trapping during geological storage pp. 1053-1065 Downloads
Maria Rasmusson, Kristina Rasmusson, Fritjof Fagerlund, Yvonne Tsang and Auli Niemi
The coupled effect of salt precipitation and fines mobilization on CO2 injectivity in sandstone pp. 1066-1078 Downloads
Yen Adams Sokama‐Neuyam and Jann Rune Ursin
Phase control of downhole fluid during supercritical carbon dioxide fracturing pp. 1079-1089 Downloads
Zhao‐Zhong Yang, Liang‐Ping Yi, Xiao‐Gang Li, Yu Li and Min Jia
A numerical simulation of a dry‐out process for CO2 sequestration in heterogeneous deep saline aquifers pp. 1090-1109 Downloads
Jie Ren, Yuan Wang and Yingqi Zhang
Explaining steam‐enhanced carbonation of CaO based on first principles pp. 1110-1123 Downloads
Peng Yang, Lunbo Duan, Hongjian Tang, Tianyi Cai and Zhao Sun
CO2 capture and attrition performance of competitive eco‐friendly calcium‐based pellets in fluidized bed pp. 1124-1133 Downloads
Chenglin Su, Lunbo Duan and Edward John Anthony
Fresh‐state performance design of green concrete mixes with reduced carbon dioxide emissions pp. 1134-1145 Downloads
İrem Şanal

Volume 8, issue 5, 2018

Supporting the development of CCUS in the UK pp. 799-802 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Incorporation of CO2 into carbonates through carboxylation/hydration reaction pp. 803-838 Downloads
Jing‐Yuan Li, Qing‐Ning Zhao, Ping Liu, Deng‐Song Zhang, Qing‐Wen Song and Kan Zhang
Application of a new reduced‐complexity assessment tool to estimate CO2 and brine leakage from reservoir and above‐zone monitoring interval (AZMI) through an abandoned well under geologic carbon storage conditions pp. 839-853 Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Robert Dilmore, Nicolas Huerta, Yee Soong, Veronika Vasylkivska, Argha Namhata, Yan Wang and Xiaochun Li
Deactivation of porous aluminum fluoride‐supported noble metallic catalysts used in the hydrodechlorination of 1‐chloroheptafluorocylopentene pp. 854-862 Downloads
Feiyao Qing, Chengping Zhang and Hengdao Quan
Optimal design of carbon tax to stimulate CCS investment in China's coal‐fired power plants: A real options analysis pp. 863-875 Downloads
Xiping Wang and Hongdou Zhang
Suitability of depleted gas reservoirs for geological CO2 storage: A simulation study pp. 876-897 Downloads
Arshad Raza, Raoof Gholami, Reza Rezaee, Vamegh Rasouli, Amanat Ali Bhatti and Chua Han Bing
Numerical study of supercritical CO2 and proppant transport in different geometrical fractures pp. 898-910 Downloads
Haizhu Wang, Meng Wang, Bing Yang, Qun Lu, Yong Zheng and Heqian Zhao
Economic research relating to a 200 MWe oxy‐fuel combustion power plant pp. 911-919 Downloads
Wu Haibo and Liu Zhaohui
Enhancement of CO2 trapping efficiency in heterogeneous reservoirs by water‐alternating gas injection pp. 920-931 Downloads
Emad A. Al‐Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh and Stefan Iglauer
Pore system characterization of Cambrian‐Ordovician carbonates using a new mercury porosimetry‐based petrofacies classification system: application to carbon sequestration reservoirs pp. 932-953 Downloads
Cristian R. Medina, Maria Mastalerz and John A. Rupp
Potential evaluation of CO2 EOR and storage in oilfields of the Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea pp. 954-977 Downloads
Pengchun Li, Xueyan Liu, Jiemin Lu, Di Zhou, Susan D. Hovorka, Gang Hu and Xi Liang
Valuation of CCS investment in China's coal‐fired power plants based on a compound real options model pp. 978-988 Downloads
Xiping Wang and Hongdou Zhang

Volume 8, issue 4, 2018

Reflecting on the clean energy ministerial (CEM 9) pp. 624-626 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from animal production pp. 627-638 Downloads
Zifei Liu and Yang Liu
Study on the investment timing of carbon capture and storage under different business modes pp. 639-649 Downloads
Xiping Wang and Shaoyuan Qie
Transport of perfluorocarbon tracers in the Cranfield Geological Carbon Sequestration Project pp. 650-671 Downloads
Mohamad Reza Soltanian, Mohammad Amin Amooie, David Cole, David Graham, Susan Pfiffner, Tommy Phelps and Joachim Moortgat
Kinetics of the reversible reaction of CO2(aq) with taurate in aqueous solution pp. 672-685 Downloads
Hai Yu, Nan Yang, Marcel Maeder and Paul Feron
Process analysis and economic evaluation of mixed aqueous ionic liquid and monoethanolamine (MEA) solvent for CO2 capture from a coke oven plant pp. 686-700 Downloads
Eni Oko, Baptiste Zacchello, Meihong Wang and Aloui Fethi
Effects of reactor geometry on dissociating CO2 and electrode degradation in a MHCD plasma reactor pp. 701-712 Downloads
Onur Taylan, Daniel Pinero and Halil Berberoglu
Experimental investigation of CO2 absorption enthalpy in conventional imidazolium ionic liquids pp. 713-720 Downloads
Yi Hu, Xiaoshan Li, Ji Liu, Liwei Li and Liqi Zhang
Effect of biochemical fraction of exogenous organic matter on CO2 emission from arid soil pp. 721-733 Downloads
Rayda Chaker, Kamel Gargouri, Hadda Ben Mbarek, Fatma Baraket, Sameh Maktouf, Nabil Soua, Mouna Khlifi and Jalel Bouzid
Interfacial tension and contact angle in CO2‐water/nanofluid‐quartz system pp. 734-746 Downloads
Xianglei Zheng, Ana C. Barrios, François Perreault, Tae Sup Yun and Jaewon Jang
Geological suitability and capacity of CO2 storage in the Jiyang Depression, East China pp. 747-761 Downloads
Shu Wang, Ceri J. Vincent, Rongshu Zeng and Michael H. Stephenson
Effects of Na+, K+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ cations on CO2–brine interfacial tension under offshore storage conditions pp. 762-780 Downloads
Meiheriayi Mutailipu, Lanlan Jiang, Jin Fu, Zhe Wang, Tianbo Yu, Zilong Lu and Yu Liu
Characterization and modeling of CO2‐water‐rock interactions in Hygiene Sandstones (Upper Cretaceous), Denver Basin, aimed for carbon dioxide geological storage pp. 781-795 Downloads
Rodrigo S. Iglesias, J. Marcelo Ketzer, Anderson J. Maraschin and Gesiane Sbrissa

Volume 8, issue 3, 2018

Decarbonisation of the electricity sector? CCUS still imperative pp. 396-397 Downloads
Fernando Rubiera and Covadonga Pevida
Interview pp. 398-401 Downloads
Stuart Haszeldine
Sulfur trioxide formation/emissions in coal‐fired air‐ and oxy‐fuel combustion processes: a review pp. 402-428 Downloads
Yerbol Sarbassov, Lunbo Duan, Vasilije Manovic and Edward J. Anthony
Rigorous modeling of gas permeation behavior in facilitated transport membranes (FTMs); evaluation of carrier saturation effects and double‐reaction mechanism pp. 429-443 Downloads
Abtin Ebadi Amooghin, Mohammad Mehdi Moftakhari Sharifzadeh and Mona Zamani Pedram
Hybrid CO2 EOR using polymer‐assisted carbonated low salinity waterflood to improve CO2 deliverability and mobility pp. 444-461 Downloads
Ji Ho Lee, Tae Hong Kim and Kun Sang Lee
The remarkable activity of template‐containing Mg/MCM‐41 and Ni/MCM‐41 in CO2 sequestration pp. 462-468 Downloads
Mahtab Pirouzmand, Mehdi Asadi and Arina Mohammadi
Analysis of CO2 storage mechanisms at a CO2‐EOR site, Cranfield, Mississippi pp. 469-482 Downloads
Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini, Masoud Alfi, Jean‐Philippe Nicot and Vanessa Nuñez‐Lopez
Properties of ionic liquid mixtures of [NH2e‐mim][BF4] and [bmim][BF4] as absorbents for CO2 capture pp. 483-492 Downloads
Mei Wang, Na Rao, Mingming Wang, Qunpeng Cheng, Shunxi Zhang and Jianfen Li
The correlation between crushed coal porosity and permeability under various methane pressure gradients: a case study using Jincheng anthracite pp. 493-509 Downloads
Zhen Li, Guorui Feng, Haina Jiang, Shengyong Hu, Jiaqing Cui, Cheng Song, Qiang Gao, Tingye Qi, Xiangqian Guo, Chao Li and Lixun Kang
Experimental study of physical‐chemical properties modification of coal after CO2 sequestration in deep unmineable coal seams pp. 510-528 Downloads
Ningning Zhao, Tianfu Xu, Kairan Wang, Hailong Tian and Fugang Wang
ZIF‐11/Matrimid® mixed matrix membranes for efficient CO2, CH4, and H2 separations pp. 529-541 Downloads
Ahenk Burcu Yumru, Mehtap Safak Boroglu and Ismail Boz
Performance of a Cu–Fe‐based oxygen carrier combined with a Ni‐based oxygen carrier in a chemical‐looping combustion process based on fixed‐bed reactors pp. 542-556 Downloads
Qiang Tian, Lixin Che, Bin Ding, Qianwei Wang and Qingquan Su
Exploitation of heavy oil by supercritical CO2: Effect analysis of supercritical CO2 on H2O at superheated state in integral joint tubing and annuli pp. 557-569 Downloads
Fengrui Sun, Yuedong Yao, Xiangfang Li, Guozhen Li, Liang Huang, Hao Liu, Zhili Chen, Qing Liu, Wenyuan Liu, Meng Cao and Song Han
Synthesis of cyclic carbonate via the coupling reaction of carbon dioxide with epoxide at ambient pressure pp. 570-579 Downloads
Zongxiao Hu, Guozhi Fan, Yuexin Wang, Jianfen Li and Guangsen Song
Tuning carbon dioxide capture capability with structural and compositional design in mmen‐(Mg,Zn) (dobpdc) metal‐organic framework: density functional theory investigation pp. 580-586 Downloads
Sittichain Pramchu, Atchara P. Jaroenjittichai and Yongyut Laosiritaworn
Catalytic coupling of CH4 with CHF3 for the synthesis of VDF over LaOF catalyst pp. 587-602 Downloads
Yimin Cheng, Jinchao Wang, Wenfeng Han, Yanyan Song, Wucan Liu, Luteng Yang, Shucheng Wang, Zhixing Wu, Haodong Tang, Jianjun Zhang, Michael Stockenhuber and Eric M. Kennedy
Device‐scale CFD modeling of gas‐liquid multiphase flow and amine absorption for CO2 capture pp. 603-620 Downloads
Wenxiao Pan, Janine Galvin, Wei Ling Huang, Zhijie Xu, Xin Sun, Zhen Fan and Kunlei Liu

Volume 8, issue 2, 2018

Policy parity: turning over a new leaf for CCUS pp. 208-209 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto†Valer
Are we all in concordance with the meaning of the word conformance, and is our definition in conformity with standard definitions? pp. 210-214 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Japan's role in carbon capture and storage pp. 215-217 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
The effect of thermal stresses on the relation between rock failure and temperature and pressure of supercritical carbon dioxide jet pp. 218-237 Downloads
Mukun Li, Hongjian Ni, Ruihe Wang and Weiqiang Song
Experimental evaluation of carbonated waterflooding: A practical process for enhanced oil recovery and geological CO2 storage pp. 238-256 Downloads
Puyan Bakhshi, Riyaz Kharrat, Abdolnabi Hashemi and Mehdi Zallaghi
Estimation of fracture distribution in a CO2†EOR system through Ensemble Kalman filter pp. 257-278 Downloads
Xuan Liu, Cheng Dai, Liang Xue and Bingyu Ji
Characterization of technical grade carbonic anhydrase as biocatalyst for CO2 capture in potassium carbonate solutions pp. 279-291 Downloads
Sara Peirce, Rosa Perfetto, Maria Elena Russo, Clemente Capasso, Mosè Rossi, Piero Salatino and Antonio Marzocchella
Carbonation kinetics of fly†ash†modified calcium†based sorbents for CO2 capture pp. 292-308 Downloads
Huichao Chen, Fang Wang, Changsui Zhao and Lunbo Duan
Sustainable coffee†based CO2 adsorbents: toward a greener production via hydrothermal carbonization pp. 309-323 Downloads
Nausika Querejeta, M. Victoria Gil, Fernando Rubiera and Covadonga Pevida
Modification of polyethylene glycol with choline chloride and evaluation of the CO2 absorption capacity of their aqueous solutions pp. 324-334 Downloads
Mahsa Sadeghpour, Rozita Yusoff, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua and Mojtaba Tabandeh
Effect of varying atmospheric conditions on methane boundary†layer development in a free flow domain interfaced with a porous media domain pp. 335-348 Downloads
Chamindu Deepagoda Tkk, Melissa Mitton and Kathleen Smits
Effects of different fluids on microcrack propagation in sandstone under true triaxial loading conditions pp. 349-365 Downloads
Shaobin Hu, Xiaochun Li and Bing Bai
Discussion on the effectiveness of cement replacement for carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction in concrete pp. 366-378 Downloads
Ä°rem Åžanal
Experimental study on hybrid MS†CA system for post†combustion CO2 capture pp. 379-392 Downloads
Yanchi Jiang, Zhongxiao Zhang, Haojie Fan, Junjie Fan and Haiquan An

Volume 8, issue 1, 2018

Revisiting underground gas storage as a direct analogue for geologic carbon sequestration pp. 4-6 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
2017: time for a reality check pp. 7-10 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Carbon†based adsorbents for post†combustion capture: a review pp. 11-36 Downloads
Hongyu Zhao, Xiaona Luo, Haijiao Zhang, Nannan Sun, Wei Wei and Yuhan Sun
Effect of the intermediate principal stress on the evolution of mudstone permeability under true triaxial compression pp. 37-50 Downloads
Lu Shi, Zhijiao Zeng, Bing Bai and Xiaochun Li
A numerical study on the feasibility of evaluating CO2 injection wellbore integrity through casing deformation monitoring pp. 51-62 Downloads
Yurong Li and Runar Nygaard
Geochemical characterization of geothermal systems in western Anatolia (Turkey): implications for CO2 trapping mechanisms in prospective CO2†EGS sites pp. 63-76 Downloads
Sanem Elidemir and Nilgün Güleç
CO2 mineral trapping: Hydrothermal experimental assessments on the thermodynamic stability of dawsonite at 4.3 Mpa pCO2 and elevated temperatures pp. 77-92 Downloads
Fulai Li, Yingchang Cao, Wenshuai Li and Liqiang Zhang
Impact of salinity on CO2 containment security in highly heterogeneous reservoirs pp. 93-105 Downloads
Emad A. Al†Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Yihuai Zhang and Stefan Iglauer
Comparison of pyrite cinder with synthetic and natural iron†based oxygen carriers in coal†fueled chemical†looping combustion pp. 106-119 Downloads
Shuai Zhang and Rui Xiao
CO2 absorption characteristics in a random packed column with various geometric structures and working conditions pp. 120-132 Downloads
Yifang Liu, Fengming Chu, Lijun Yang, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
CO2†induced chemo†mechanical alteration in reservoir rocks assessed via batch reaction experiments and scratch testing pp. 133-149 Downloads
Michael Aman, D. Nicolas Espinoza, Anastasia G. Ilgen, Jonathan R. Major, Peter Eichhubl and Thomas A. Dewers
Hierarchical calibration and validation framework of bench†scale computational fluid dynamics simulations for solvent†based carbon capture. Part 2: Chemical absorption across a wetted wall column pp. 150-160 Downloads
Chao Wang, Zhijie Xu, Kevin Lai, Greg Whyatt, Peter W. Marcy and Xin Sun
Modeling the potential impacts of CO2 sequestration on shallow groundwater: The fate of trace metals and organic compounds before and after leakage stops pp. 161-184 Downloads
Liange Zheng and Nicolas Spycher
Simulation and 4D seismic studies of pressure management and CO2 plume control by means of brine extraction and monitoring at the Devine Test Site, South Texas, USA pp. 185-204 Downloads
Ali Goudarzi, Seyyed A. Hosseini, Diana Sava and Jean†Philippe Nicot
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