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Volume 4, issue 5, 2014

Contents pp. i-i Downloads
Sallie Greenberg
Issue Information pp. ii-ii Downloads
Sallie Greenberg
Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 569-570 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg
An overview of the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 571-579 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg and Robert J. Finley
Litho‐facies and reservoir characterization of the Mt Simon Sandstone at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 580-595 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, Hannes E. Leetaru and Jared T. Freiburg
Communicating science and technology while engaging the public at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 596-603 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, Sallie E. Greenberg and Lori M. Gauvreau
Risk management at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project: A FEPs‐based approach pp. 604-616 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg and Ken Hnottavange‐Telleen
Design and operation of compression system for one million tonne CO 2 sequestration test pp. 617-625 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, Rosalind A. Jones and Ray W. McKaskle
Development and implementation of a seismic characterization and CO 2 monitoring program for the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 626-644 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, Marcia L. Couëslan, Valerie Smith, George El‐Kaseeh, John Gilbert, Nikolas Preece, Lei Zhang and Jitendra Gulati
Transport modeling at multiple scales for the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 645-661 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, William R. Roy, Edward Mehnert, Peter M. Berger, James R. Damico and Roland T. Okwen
Integrated reservoir modeling at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project pp. 662-684 Downloads
Sallie Greenberg, Ozgur Senel, Robert Will and Robert J. Butsch

Volume 4, issue 4, 2014

From CCS to CCUS and where to go next: the sky is the limit pp. 419-420 Downloads
Ron Zevenhoven
CO 2 storage safety and leakage monitoring in the CCS demonstration project of Jilin oilfield, China pp. 425-439 Downloads
Liang Zhang, Haidong Huang, Yanqing Wang, Bo Ren, Shaoran Ren, Guoli Chen and Hua Zhang
The variation in composition of ultramafic rocks and the effect on their suitability for carbon dioxide sequestration by mineralization following acid leaching pp. 440-451 Downloads
M. T. Styles, A. Sanna, A. M. Lacinska, J. Naden and M. Maroto‐Valer
Challenging combination of CO 2 geological storage and coal mining in the Ordos basin, China pp. 452-467 Downloads
Qi Li, Wenbin Fei, Xuehao Liu, Xiaochen Wei, Miao Jing and Xiaochun Li
Detecting bean stress response to CO 2 leakage with the utilization of leaf and canopy spectral derivative ratio pp. 468-480 Downloads
Jiang Jinbao, Michael D Steven, Cai Qingkong, He Ruyan, Guo Haiqiang and Chen Yunhao
The feasibility of a European‐wide integrated CO 2 transport network pp. 481-494 Downloads
R. J. Stewart, V. Scott, R. S. Haszeldine, D. Ainger and S. Argent
Experimental and rate‐based modeling study of CO 2 capture by aqueous monoethanolamine pp. 495-508 Downloads
Xiaofei Li, Shujuan Wang and Changhe Chen
Modeling and simulation of the combined removal of SO 2 and CO 2 by aqueous ammonia pp. 509-527 Downloads
Muhammad Asif and Woo‐Seung Kim
CO 2 geological storage: hydro‐chemo‐mechanical analyses and implications pp. 528-543 Downloads
Seunghee Kim and J. Carlos Santamarina
A novel high pressure‐high temperature experimental apparatus to study sequestration of CO 2 ‐SO 2 mixtures in geological formations pp. 544-554 Downloads
Susana García, Qi Liu and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Potassium sarcosinate promoted aqueous ammonia solution for post‐combustion capture of CO 2 pp. 555-567 Downloads
Nan Yang, Dong Yao Xu, Hai Yu, William Conway, Marcel Maeder and Paul Feron

Volume 4, issue 3, 2014

National corridors for climate change mitigation: managing industrial CO 2 emissions in France pp. 262-277 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Bielicki, Guillaume Calas, Richard S. Middleton and Minh Ha‐Duong
Next generation models of carbonate mineral growth and dissolution pp. 278-288 Downloads
Andrew G. Stack
Modeling pressure and saturation distribution in a CO 2 storage project using a Surrogate Reservoir Model (SRM) pp. 289-315 Downloads
Alireza Shahkarami, Shahab Mohaghegh, Vida Gholami, Alireza Haghighat and Daniel Moreno
Development of a risk‐based comparison methodology of carbon capture technologies pp. 316-330 Downloads
Dave Engel, Angela Dalton, Crystal Dale, Julia Thompson, Rene Leclaire, Bryan Edwards and Ed Jones
Modeling CO 2 plume migration based on calibration of injection and post‐injection pressure response at the AEP Mountaineer Project pp. 331-356 Downloads
Srikanta Mishra, Yagna Deepika Oruganti, Neeraj Gupta, Priya Ravi Ganesh, Caitlin McNeil, Indrajit Bhattacharya and Gary Spitznogle
Analysis of unusual scale build‐up in a CO 2 injection well for a pilot‐scale CO 2 storage demonstration project pp. 357-366 Downloads
Joel Sminchak, Evan Zeller and Indrajit Bhattacharya
Assessment of storage capacity for CO 2 in saline aquifers near hydrocarbon fields, northern Songliao Basin, China pp. 366-383 Downloads
Shu Wang, Ceri J Vincent, Mike H Stephenson and Rongshu Zeng
Geochemical sensitivity to CO 2 leakage: detection in potable aquifers at carbon sequestration sites pp. 384-399 Downloads
Changbing Yang, Susan D. Hovorka, Michael H. Young and Ramon Trevino
CO 2 flooding properties of Liujiagou sandstone: influence of sub‐core scale structure heterogeneity pp. 400-418 Downloads
Ning Wei, Magdalena Gill, Dustin Crandall, Dustin McIntyre, Yan Wang, Kathy Bruner, Xiaochun Li and Grant Bromhal

Volume 4, issue 2, 2014

Use of diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) as an early detection tool of low‐intensity leakage from CO 2 storage pp. 163-175 Downloads
Marco Agnelli, Fidel Grandia, Anthony Credoz, Andrea Gasparini and Jordi Bruno
Tasks and challenges of geochemical monitoring pp. 176-190 Downloads
Franz May and Svenja Waldmann
Will dawsonite form during CO 2 storage? pp. 191-199 Downloads
Helge Hellevang, Per Aagaard and Jens Jahren
Limiting the risk inherent to geological CO 2 storage: The importance of predicting inorganic and organic chemical species behavior under supercritical CO 2 fluid conditions pp. 200-209 Downloads
Pierpaolo Zuddas, Jean Rillard, Kitsanai Charoenjit and Pierre Toulhoat
Experimental study of CO 2 injection in a simulated injection well: the MIRAGES experiment pp. 210-224 Downloads
Jérôme Sterpenich, Emmanuel Jobard, Hicham El Hajj, Jacques Pironon, Aurélien Randi and Marie‐Camille Caumon
Tracking leakage from a natural CO 2 reservoir (Montmiral, France) through the chemistry and isotope signatures of shallow groundwater pp. 225-243 Downloads
Julie Lions, Pauline Humez, Hélène Pauwels, Wolfram Kloppmann and Isabelle Czernichowski‐Lauriol
Kinetic modeling of laboratory CO 2 ‐exposure experiments performed on whole rock reservoir samples pp. 244-256 Downloads
Sebastian Fischer, Marco De Lucia and Axel Liebscher

Volume 4, issue 1, 2014

Out with the old; in with CCS! pp. 1-2 Downloads
Prof. M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
A global perspective on policy and progress pp. 3-7 Downloads
Andrew Purvis
Large scale economics of a precipitating potassium carbonate CO 2 capture process for black coal power generation pp. 8-19 Downloads
Clare Anderson, Minh Ho, Trent Harkin, Dianne Wiley and Barry Hooper
A tiered area‐of‐review framework for geologic carbon sequestration pp. 20-35 Downloads
Jens Birkholzer, Abdullah Cihan and Karl Bandilla
Permeability and relative permeability measurements for CO 2 ‐brine system at reservoir conditions in low permeable sandstones in Svalbard pp. 36-52 Downloads
Raheleh Farokhpoor, Erik Gøsta Bruno Lindeberg, Ole Torsæter, Mai Britt Mørk and Atle Mørk
Regional CO 2 sequestration capacity assessment for the coastal and offshore Texas Miocene interval pp. 53-65 Downloads
Kerstan J Wallace, Timothy A Meckel, David L. Carr, Ramón H Treviño and Changbing Yang
Storage compliance in coupled CO 2 ‐EOR and storage pp. 66-80 Downloads
Amin Ettehad
Above‐zone pressure monitoring and geomechanical analyses for a field‐scale CO 2 injection project in Cranfield, MS pp. 81-98 Downloads
Seunghee Kim and Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini
Effects of fault‐zone architecture on earthquake magnitude and gas leakage related to CO 2 injection in a multi‐layered sedimentary system pp. 99-120 Downloads
Antonio P. Rinaldi, Pierre Jeanne, Jonny Rutqvist, Frédéric Cappa and Yves Guglielmi
Catalytic hydrolysis of trifluoromethane over alumina pp. 121-130 Downloads
Wenfeng Han, Yuliang Chen, Bibo Jin, Huazhang Liu and Hai Yu
Evaluation of coal swelling‐controlled CO 2 diffusion processes pp. 131-139 Downloads
Wei Li, Jin‐tuo Zhu, Yuan‐ping Cheng and Shou‐qing Lu
In 2 O 3 as a promising catalyst for CO 2 utilization: A case study with reverse water gas shift over In 2 O 3 pp. 140-144 Downloads
Qidi Sun, Jingyun Ye, Chang‐jun Liu and Qingfeng Ge
Influence of the K‐, Na‐ and K‐Na‐carbonate additions during the CO 2 chemisorption on lithium oxosilicate (Li 8 SiO 6 ) pp. 145-154 Downloads
Issis C. Romero‐Ibarra, Fernando Durán‐Muñoz and Heriberto Pfeiffer
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