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2011 - 2021

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Volume 9, issue 6, 2019

CCS takes centre stage pp. 1084-1086 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Simulating combined SO2 and CO2 capture from combustion flue gas pp. 1087-1095 Downloads
Ashleigh Cousins, Pauline Pearson, Graeme Puxty, Kaiqi Jiang, Bharti Garg, Rongrong Zhai, Pedro Ott, Vince Verheyen and Paul H. M. Feron
Utilization of mineral carbonation products: current state and potential pp. 1096-1113 Downloads
Caleb M. Woodall, Noah McQueen, Hélène Pilorgé and Jennifer Wilcox
Spatial influence evaluation research of economic growth on greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil pp. 1114-1122 Downloads
Helson G. de Souza, Fellipy A.H. Chaves, Camilla Oliveira Santos and Jair A. de Araujo
Economic impact of the POP mode on distribution network reconstruction in the ‘coal‐to‐electricity’ project of the grid company in China: a new electricity transaction mode pp. 1123-1134 Downloads
Caiqing Zhang and Lingli Xu
Carbon dioxide to bio‐fuels by mixed and pure microbial cultures isolated from activated sludge: relative evaluation of CO2 fixation, biodiesel production, and thermodynamic analysis pp. 1135-1157 Downloads
Somesh Mishra, Smita Raghuvanshi and Suresh Gupta
Carbon capture induced changes in Deccan basalt: a mass‐balance approach pp. 1158-1180 Downloads
Amit Kumar and J. P. Shrivastava
Numerical analysis of CO2 hydrate growth in a depleted natural gas hydrate formation with free water pp. 1181-1201 Downloads
Sheraz Ahmad, Yiming Li, Xiangfang Li, Wei Xia, Zeen Chen and Naeem Ullah
Techno‐economic assessment of carbon capture, utilization and storage for coal‐fired power generation, and CO2‐enhanced oil recovery in the USA: an Ohio case study pp. 1202-1220 Downloads
Isis Fukai, Srikanta Mishra, Mackenzie Scharenberg, Martin Jimenez, Justin Glier and Rick Peterson
Assessing the impact of relative permeability and capillary heterogeneity on Darcy flow modelling of CO2 storage in Utsira Formation pp. 1221-1246 Downloads
Michael U. Onoja and Seyed M. Shariatipour
Natural fractures within Knox reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin: characterization and impact on poroelastic response of injection pp. 1247-1265 Downloads
Samin Raziperchikolaee, Ola Babarinde, Joel Sminchak and Neeraj Gupta
New insights on supercritical CO2 fracturing coal mass: a staged analysis method pp. 1266-1275 Downloads
Hao Yan, Jixiong Zhang, Meng Li, Yu Suo and Hengfeng Liu
Evaluation of CO2 attack in wellbore class G cement: influence of epoxy resins, composites and minerals as additives pp. 1276-1287 Downloads
Marta K. Schütz, Leonardo M. dos Santos, Patrícia M. Coteskvisk, Sonia C. Menezes, Sandra Einloft and Felipe Dalla Vecchia
Reconsidering CCS in the US fossil‐fuel fired electricity industry under section 45Q tax credits pp. 1288-1301 Downloads
Richard A. Esposito, Vello A. Kuuskraa, Charles G. Rossman and Michele M. Corser

Volume 9, issue 5, 2019

CCS makes it to the ministerial table pp. 852-855 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Synergies in offshore wind and oil industry for carbon capture and utilization pp. 856-871 Downloads
Irfan Ahmad Gondal and Syed Athar Masood
Carbon sequestration of cropland and paddy soils in China: potential, driving factors, and mechanisms pp. 872-885 Downloads
Haiying Tang, Ying Liu, Xinmei Li, Aamer Muhammad and Guoqin Huang
Low‐carbon economy transformation performance evaluation and spatial trends in China: a provincial aspect pp. 886-904 Downloads
Qiaozhi Zhao, Qingyou Yan, Jinyu Tian and Haoran Wang
Impact of geochemical and geomechanical changes on CO2 sequestration potential in sandstone and limestone aquifers pp. 905-923 Downloads
Arshad Raza, Raoof Gholami, Minou Rabiei, Vamegh Rasouli, Reza Rezaee and Nikoo Fakhari
Experiment study on the correlation between the CO2 adsorption capacity and electrical resistivity of coal with temperature effect pp. 924-933 Downloads
Chao Lyu, Shu‐Qing Hao and Qiang Sun
Continuous gravity observation with a superconducting gravimeter at the Tomakomai CCS demonstration site, Japan: applicability to ground‐based monitoring of offshore CO2 geological storage pp. 934-947 Downloads
Hiroki Goto, Mituhiko Sugihara, Hiroshi Ikeda, Yuji Nishi, Tsuneo Ishido and Masao Sorai
Investigation of GHG emission sources and reducing GHG emissions in a municipal wastewater treatment plant pp. 948-964 Downloads
Özlem Demir and Pelin Yapıcıoğlu
Impact of fluid property shift and capillarity on the recovery mechanisms of CO2 injection in tight oil reservoirs pp. 965-978 Downloads
Shouya Wu, Zhaomin Li, Hemanta K. Sarma, Chao Zhang and Guangzhong Lv
A probabilistic assessment of geomechanical reservoir integrity during CO2 sequestration in flood basalt formations pp. 979-998 Downloads
Richard S. Jayne, Hao Wu and Ryan M. Pollyea
Flow field characters near fracture entrance in supercritical carbon dioxide sand fracturing pp. 999-1009 Downloads
Weiqiang Song, Junming Zhang, Chunguang Wang, Shaojie Chen and Zhongwei Chen
High‐temperature CO2 removal from CH4 using silica membrane: experimental and neural network modeling pp. 1010-1026 Downloads
Sami Ullah, Mohammed A. Assiri, Abdullah G. Al‐Sehemi, Mohamad Azmi Bustam, Hafiz Abdul Mannan, Firas A. Abdulkareem, Ahmad Irfan and Sidra Saqib
Modeling CO2 flow in support of a shallow subsurface controlled leakage field test pp. 1027-1042 Downloads
Rodrigo S. Iglesias, Cristiane Romio, Clarissa L. Melo, Ana Paula S. Musse, Fátima do Rosário and Curtis M. Oldenburg
Response surface modeling of CO2 dynamic storage efficiency factor in high permeability thick sandstones pp. 1043-1063 Downloads
Muhammad Zulqarnain, Mehdi Zeidouni and Richard G. Hughes
Economic‐related CO2 emissions analysis of Ordos Basin based on a refined STIRPAT model pp. 1064-1080 Downloads
Shuangxing Liu, Bo Peng, Qi Liu and Chao Fan

Volume 9, issue 4, 2019

Carbon dioxide utilization: The way to the circular economy pp. 610-612 Downloads
Michele Aresta
Recent developments in carbon capture utilisation and storage pp. 613-616 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
A comprehensive review of sectorial contribution towards greenhouse gas emissions and progress in carbon capture and storage in Pakistan pp. 617-636 Downloads
Mudassar Hussain, Abdul R. Butt, Faiza Uzma, Rafay Ahmed, Tahir Islam and Balal Yousaf
Renewable absorbents for CO2 capture: from biomass to nature pp. 637-651 Downloads
Qingyao He, Mingfei Shi, Feihong Liang, Lang Xu, Long Ji and Shuiping Yan
Effects of variable injection rate on reservoir responses and implications for CO2 storage in saline aquifers pp. 652-671 Downloads
Cai Li, Federico Maggi, Keni Zhang, Chaobin Guo, Yixiang Gan, Abbas El‐Zein, Zhejun Pan and Luming Shen
Understanding the CO2 sorption mechanisms of the MgO‐doped Na‐based sorbent at low temperatures pp. 672-686 Downloads
Zhikang Xu, Ye Wu, Tianyi Cai, Xiaoping Chen, Jiliang Ma and Daoyin Liu
Development of quantitative metrics of plume migration at geologic CO2 storage sites pp. 687-702 Downloads
Dylan Harp, Tsubasa Onishi, Shaoping Chu, Bailian Chen and Rajesh Pawar
Water–rock–CO2 interactions and CO2 storage of Honghe tight oil reservoirs: an experimental and simulation study pp. 703-718 Downloads
Yingfu He, Bingyu Ji, Shu Yang, Xuan Liu, Shuxia Zhao and Yuanlong Zhou
A new permeation model in porous filler–based mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation pp. 719-742 Downloads
Mohammad Mehdi Moftakhari Sharifzadeh, Mona Zamani Pedram and Abtin Ebadi Amooghin
The effects of Chinese milk vetch returning with nitrogen fertilizer on rice yield and greenhouse gas emissions pp. 743-753 Downloads
Ying Liu, Haiying Tang, Aamer Muhammad and Guoqin Huang
Two risk metrics for CO2 storage reservoirs with varying domain size, heterogeneity, and injection rate pp. 754-769 Downloads
Harpreet Singh and Grant S. Bromhal
Effects of geochemistry and interphase transport of CO2 on hybrid carbonated low salinity waterflood to improve oil recovery and CO2 sequestration pp. 770-788 Downloads
Ji Ho Lee, Moon Sik Jeong and Kun Sang Lee
Geochemical effects of cement mineral variations on water–rock–CO2 interactions in a sandstone reservoir as an experiment and modeling study pp. 789-810 Downloads
Ning Liu and Jianmei Cheng
Study on the extension limit model of a horizontal well with supercritical carbon dioxide drilling pp. 811-824 Downloads
Lu Ding, Hongjian Ni and Wentuo Li
Pore and fractal descriptions of a modified CaO‐based sorbent for sequence SO2/CO2 capture behavior pp. 825-836 Downloads
Qing Wu, Liuqing He, Lihui Zhang and Feng Duan
The experimental study of biogas production when digesting chicken manure with a biochar additive pp. 837-847 Downloads
Pranas Baltrėnas, Dainius Paliulis and Vitalij Kolodynskij

Volume 9, issue 3, 2019

CCS and the energy trilemma pp. 447-449 Downloads
Barry Hooper
Capturing the problems pp. 450-453 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: techno‐economic analysis of biomass conversion to biofuels and value‐added chemicals pp. 454-473 Downloads
Anita Sharma, Akshay Jakhete, Abhishek Sharma, Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi and Vishnu Pareek
A review of geochemical–mechanical impacts in geological carbon storage reservoirs pp. 474-504 Downloads
Ange‐Therese Akono, Jennifer L. Druhan, Gabriela Dávila, Theodore Tsotsis, Kristian Jessen, Samantha Fuchs, Dustin Crandall, Zhuofan Shi, Laura Dalton, Mary K. Tkach, Angela L. Goodman, Scott Frailey and Charles J. Werth
Which factors stimulate industrial green total factor productivity growth rate in China? An industrial aspect pp. 505-518 Downloads
Herui Cui, Haoran Wang and Qiaozhi Zhao
Lab‐scale atmospheric CO2 absorption for calcium carbonate precipitation in sand pp. 519-528 Downloads
Lock‐Hei Ngu, Joyce W. Song, Siti S. Hashim and Dominic E. Ong
Influence of reduction temperature on the formation of intermetallic Pd2Ga phase and its catalytic activity in CO2 hydrogenation to methanol pp. 529-538 Downloads
Kaisar Ahmad and Sreedevi Upadhyayula
Sulfation, pore, and fractal properties of hydrated spent calcium magnesium acetate from calcium‐based looping pp. 539-552 Downloads
Shiling Zhang, Lihui Zhang and Feng Duan
On the role of solid particles in CO2 bubble nucleation for solvent regeneration of MEA‐based CO2 capture technology pp. 553-566 Downloads
Menglong Liu, Siyang Tang, Kui Ma, Changjun Liu, Hairong Yue and Bin Liang
Field‐scale well leakage risk assessment using reduced‐order models pp. 567-581 Downloads
Muhammad Zulqarnain, Mehdi Zeidouni and Richard G. Hughes
A screening framework study to evaluate CO2 storage performance in single and stacked caprock–reservoir systems of the Northern Appalachian Basin pp. 582-605 Downloads
Samin Raziperchikolaee, Mark Kelley and Neeraj Gupta

Volume 9, issue 2, 2019

CCUS: Solving the conundrum of decoupling sustainable economic growth and CO2 emissions pp. 128-129 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Drax group's bioenergy CCS (BECCS) project pp. 130-133 Downloads
Carl Clayton
Advancing knowledge of gas migration and fugitive gas from energy wells in northeast British Columbia, Canada pp. 134-151 Downloads
Aaron G. Cahill, Roger Beckie, Bethany Ladd, Elyse Sandl, Maximillian Goetz, Jessie Chao, Julia Soares, Cara Manning, Chitra Chopra, Niko Finke, Iain Hawthorne, Andrew Black, K. Ulrich Mayer, Sean Crowe, Tim Cary, Rachel Lauer, Bernhard Mayer, Andrew Allen, Dirk Kirste and Laurie Welch
Framework of new landfill GHG policy in developing countries: Case study of Serbia pp. 152-159 Downloads
Marina A. Mihajlović, Radmilo Pesic and Mića B. Jovanović
Emission mechanism and reduction countermeasures of agricultural greenhouse gases – a review pp. 160-174 Downloads
Ying Liu, Haiying Tang, Aamer Muhammad and Guoqin Huang
High‐efficiency CO2 capture and separation based on hydrate technology: A review pp. 175-193 Downloads
Airong Li, Jie Wang and Buping Bao
On producing CO2 from subsurface reservoirs: simulations of liquid‐gas phase change caused by decompression pp. 194-208 Downloads
Curtis Oldenburg, Lehua Pan, Quanlin Zhou, Laura Dobeck and Lee Spangler
Aqueous carbonation of MgSO4 with (NH4)2CO3 for CO2 sequestration pp. 209-225 Downloads
Chenhui Deng, Weizao Liu, Guanrun Chu, Dongmei Luo, Guoquan Zhang, Liming Wang, Hairong Yue, Bin Liang and Chun Li
Light hydrocarbon and noble gas migration as an analogue for potential CO2 leakage: numerical simulations and field data from three hydrocarbon systems pp. 226-244 Downloads
Jacob Anderson, Katherine Romanak, Masoud Alfi and Susan Hovorka
Process enhancement in aqueous ammonia PCC using a direct contact condenser pp. 245-260 Downloads
Dia Milani, Hai Yu, Aaron Cottrell, Chien‐Ying Yang, Dan Maher, Phil Green and Leigh Wardhaugh
A nonlinear interval number programming algorithm for CO2 pipeline transportation design under uncertainties pp. 261-275 Downloads
Qunhong Tian, Dongya Zhao, Jiafeng Wang and Zhaomin Li
Numerical simulation of oxy‐fuel combustion characteristics in a 200 MWe coal‐fired boiler pp. 276-286 Downloads
Haibo Wu, Yu Mao, Zhaohui Liu, Yi Zhang and Haiyan Liao
Carbon dioxide separation using α‐alumina ceramic tube supported cellulose triacetate‐tributyl phosphate composite membrane pp. 287-305 Downloads
Kunalan Shankar and Palanivelu Kandasamy
Magnetic nanoFe2O3 – incorporated PEBA membranes for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 separation: experimental study and grand canonical Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations pp. 306-330 Downloads
Hossein Riasat Harami, Morteza Asghari and Amir H. Mohammadi
Impact of external carbon source addition on methane emissions from a vertical subsurface‐flow constructed wetland pp. 331-348 Downloads
Xiaoling Liu, Xiaoying Fu, Aiping Pu, Ke Zhang, Hongbing Luo, Bruce C. Anderson, Mei Li, Bo Huang, Limei Hu, Liangqian Fan, Wei Chen, Jia Chen and Shuzhi Fu
Promotion of CO2 capture performance using piperazine (PZ) and diethylenetriamine (DETA) bi‐solvent blends pp. 349-359 Downloads
Ji Liu, Xiaoshan Li, Zewu Zhang, Liwei Li, Yajun Bi and Liqi Zhang
PLA Easy Fil – White‐based membranes for CO2 separation pp. 360-369 Downloads
Adolfo Iulianelli, Francesca Russo, Francesco Galiano, Giovanni Desiderio, Angelo Basile and Alberto Figoli
Cost analysis of carbon capture and storage for current gas‐fired power plants in Nigeria pp. 370-386 Downloads
Boniface O. Ugwuishiwu, Joel N. Nwakaire and Chukwuemeka J. Ohagwu
Suggestions for plant parameters to monitor potential CO2 leakage from carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites pp. 387-396 Downloads
You Jin Kim, Wenmei He and Gayoung Yoo
Plant responses to simulated carbon capture and storage (CCS) CO2 pipeline leakage: the effect of soil type pp. 397-408 Downloads
Janice A. Lake and Barry H. Lomax
A study of the synergistic effects of Mn/steam on CO2 capture performance of CaO by experiment and DFT calculation pp. 409-423 Downloads
Wan Zhang, Xiaotong Ma, Yingjie Li, Jianli Zhao and Zeyan Wang
Experimental study of ash formation under O2/CO2 combustion pp. 424-432 Downloads
Wu Haibo, Zhang Yi, Haiyan Liao, Xuehai Yu and Zhaohui Liu
Carbonation curing of industrial solid waste‐based aerated concretes pp. 433-443 Downloads
Ruonan Guo, Qiyang Chen, Hao Huang, Xutao Hu and Tao Wang

Volume 9, issue 1, 2019

Growing interest in CO2‐capture from air pp. 3-5 Downloads
Paul Feron
The 24th United Nations Conference of Parties (COP 24) Climate Change Summit pp. 6-9 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Use of nanoparticles Cu/TiO(OH)2 for CO2 removal with K2CO3/KHCO3 based solution: enhanced thermal conductivity and reaction kinetics enhancing the CO2 sorption/desorption performance of K2CO3/KHCO3 pp. 10-18 Downloads
Wei Liu, Ye Wu, Tianyi Cai, Xiaoping Chen and Dong Liu
Chemo‐mechanical behavior of clay‐rich fault gouges affected by CO2‐brine‐rock interactions pp. 19-36 Downloads
Elisenda Bakker, John Kaszuba, Sabine den Hartog and Suzanne Hangx
Piperazine‐modified activated alumina as a novel promising candidate for CO2 capture: experimental and modeling pp. 37-51 Downloads
Fatemeh Fashi, Ahad Ghaemi and Peyman Moradi
Indirect mineral carbonation of chlorinated tailing derived from Ti‐bearing blast‐furnace slag coupled with simultaneous dechlorination and recovery of multiple value‐added products pp. 52-66 Downloads
Guanrun Chu, Lin Wang, Weizao Liu, Guoquan Zhang, Dongmei Luo, Liming Wang, Bin Liang and Chun Li
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN) for vapor‐liquid‐solid equilibrium prediction for CH4‐CO2 binary mixture pp. 67-78 Downloads
Abulhassan Ali, Aymn Abdulrahman, Sahil Garg, Khuram Maqsood and Ghulam Murshid
Potential of storing gas with high CO2 content in salt caverns built in ultra‐deep water in Brazil pp. 79-94 Downloads
Alvaro Maia da Costa, Pedro V. M da Costa, Okhiria D. Udebhulu, Ricardo Cabral Azevedo, Nelson F. F. Ebecken, Antonio C. O. Miranda, Sérgio M. de Eston, Giorgio de Tomi, Julio R. Meneghini, Kazuo Nishimoto, Felipe Ruggiere, Edgard Malta, Mauro Élis Rocha Fernandes, Camila Brandão and Alexandre Breda
Optimal matching between CO2 sources in Jiangsu province and sinks in Subei‐Southern South Yellow Sea basin, China pp. 95-105 Downloads
Qianlin Zhu, Chuang Wang, Zhihan Fan, Jing Ma and Fu Chen
Fiber Bragg grating‐based experimental and numerical investigations of CO2 migration front in saturated sandstone under subcritical and supercritical conditions pp. 106-124 Downloads
Chengkai Fan, Qi Li, Jianli Ma and Duoxing Yang
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