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Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology

2011 - 2021

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Volume 2, issue 6, 2012

CCS: doing more, but still not enough pp. 397-398 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
The current and future state of CCS and its deployment around the world pp. 399-401 Downloads
Mark Taylor
Does seaweed offer a solution for bioenergy with biological carbon capture and storage? pp. 402-407 Downloads
Adam D. Hughes, Kenny D. Black, Iona Campbell, Keith Davidson, Maeve S. Kelly and Michael S. Stanley
Upscaling and its application in numerical simulation of long‐term CO 2 storage pp. 408-418 Downloads
Wasim A. Akber Hassan and Xi Jiang
Nanomaterials and processes for carbon capture and conversion into useful by‐products for a sustainable energy future pp. 419-444 Downloads
Michael Ashley, Charles Magiera, Punnamchandar Ramidi, Gary Blackburn, Timothy G Scott, Rajeev Gupta, Kerry Wilson, Anindya Ghosh and Abhijit Biswas
Uncertainty quantification of CO 2 leakage through a fault with multiphase and nonisothermal effects pp. 445-459 Downloads
Chuanhe Lu, Yunwei Sun, Thomas A. Buscheck, Yue Hao, Joshua A. White and Laura Chiaramonte
Characterizing CO 2 storage reservoirs and shallow overburden for above‐zone monitoring in Texas Gulf Coast EOR fields pp. 460-473 Downloads
Khandaker M. Zahid, Seyyed A. Hosseini, Vanessa Nuñez‐López and Susan D. Hovorka
Solution processable polymer‐based nanocomposite coatings for large‐area carbon capture and conversion pp. 474-474 Downloads
Michael Ashley, Punnamchandar Ramidi, Charles Magiera, Anindya Ghosh, Timothy Bontrager, Timothy G. Scott, Gary Blackburn, Enkeleda Dervishi, Alexandru S. Biris, Tao Wang, Ilker S. Bayer and Abhijit Biswas

Volume 2, issue 5, 2012

An exciting year for CCS in Japan pp. 323-324 Downloads
Saeko Mito‐Adachi
Simulating CO 2 leakage into marine environments pp. 325-328 Downloads
Jerry Blackford
Model verification and evaluation of the rich‐split process modification at an Australian‐based post combustion CO 2 capture pilot plant pp. 329-345 Downloads
Ashleigh Cousins, Aaron Cottrell, Anthony Lawson, Sanger Huang and Paul H.M. Feron
CO 2 capture from ethanol production and storage into the Mt Simon Sandstone pp. 346-351 Downloads
Sai Gollakota and Scott McDonald
Common attributes of hydraulically fractured oil and gas production and CO 2 geological sequestration pp. 352-368 Downloads
Jean‐Philippe Nicot and Ian J. Duncan
A study of the effects of friction, heat transfer, and stream impurities on the decompression behavior in CO 2 pipelines pp. 369-379 Downloads
Haroun Mahgerefteh, Solomon Brown and Sergey Martynov
N 2 O emission and reduction in the electronics manufacturing industries pp. 380-385 Downloads
Seung‐Jae Lee, In‐Soo Ryu and Seung‐Hyun Moon
Solution processable polymer‐based nanocomposite coatings for large‐area carbon capture and conversion pp. 386-394 Downloads
Michael Ashley, Punnamchandar Ramidi, Charles Magiera, Anindya Ghosh, Timothy Bontrager, Timothy G. Scott, Gary Blackburn, Enkeleda Dervishi, Alexandru S. Biris, Tao Wang, Ilker S Bayer and Abhijit Biswas

Volume 2, issue 4, 2012

The risk of induced seismicity: is cap‐rock integrity on shaky ground? pp. 217-218 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Reflections on storage site monitoring pp. 219-222 Downloads
Andrew Chadwick
Protein‐based carbon capture: progress and potential pp. 223-238 Downloads
Michael L. Drummond, Thomas R. Cundari and Angela K. Wilson
Recent advances in carbon dioxide capture with metal‐organic frameworks pp. 239-259 Downloads
Yangyang Liu, Zhiyong U. Wang and Hong‐Cai Zhou
Workflow using sparse vintage data for building a first geological and reservoir model for CO 2 geological storage in deep saline aquifer. A case study in the St. Lawrence Platform, Canada pp. 260-278 Downloads
Maxime Claprood, Erwan Gloaguen, Bernard Giroux, Elena Konstantinovskaya, Michel Malo and Mathieu J. Duchesne
Simulations of long‐column flow experiments related to geologic carbon sequestration: effects of outer wall boundary condition on upward flow and formation of liquid CO 2 pp. 279-303 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg, Christine Doughty, Catherine A. Peters and Patrick F. Dobson
Effect of co‐gasification of biomass and petroleum coke with coal on the production of gases pp. 304-313 Downloads
Javier Fermoso, Borja Arias, Behdad Moghtaderi, Covadonga Pevida, Marta G. Plaza, Jose J. Pis and Fernando Rubiera
Potential for environmental impact due to acid gas leakage from wellbores at EOR injection sites near Zama Lake, Alberta: response to D.M. LeNeveu pp. 314-319 Downloads
James E. Houseworth and Preston D. Jordan
Response to the comment by Houseworth and Jordan pp. 320-321 Downloads
LeNeveu Dm

Volume 2, issue 3, 2012

In quest of robust and commercial CO 2 monitoring pp. 145-147 Downloads
Susan D. Hovorka
CCS in Europe: a perspective from the European Commission pp. 148-150 Downloads
Marlene Holzner
Preliminary country‐scale assessment of carbon dioxide storage potential in Iran pp. 151-161 Downloads
Kamyar Movagharnejad, Azadeh Emamgholivand, Hamed Mousavi and Masoud Sheikhi Kordkheili
What chemicals will we need to capture CO 2 ? pp. 162-171 Downloads
Jason E. Bara
Scoping analysis of brine extraction/re‐injection for enhanced CO 2 storage pp. 172-184 Downloads
Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini and Jean‐Philippe Nicot
A Bayesian belief network (BBN) for combining evidence from multiple CO 2 leak detection technologies pp. 185-199 Downloads
Ya‐Mei Yang, Mitchell J. Small, Egemen O. Ogretim, Donald D. Gray, Arthur W. Wells, Grant S. Bromhal and Brian R. Strazisar
Promoted CO 2 absorption in aqueous ammonia pp. 200-208 Downloads
Hai Yu, Qunyang Xiang, Mengxiang Fang, Qi Yang and Paul Feron
The influence of information on individuals' reactions to CCS technologies: results from experimental online survey research pp. 209-215 Downloads
Christian Oltra, Roser Sala and Àlex Boso

Volume 2, issue 2, 2012

Do we have a rapid solution for CO 2 utilization? A perspective from China pp. 75-76 Downloads
Chang‐jun Liu
Is CCS a fully fledged business proposition or an interesting experiment? pp. 77-79 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Post‐combustion CO 2 capture: chemical absorption processes in coal‐fired steam power plants pp. 80-98 Downloads
Jochen Oexmann, Alfons Kather, Sebastian Linnenberg and Ulrich Liebenthal
Potential for environmental impact due to acid gas leakage from wellbores at EOR injection sites near Zama Lake, Alberta pp. 99-114 Downloads
D.M. LeNeveu
Greenhouse gas emission from rice‐ and wheat‐growing areas in India: spatial analysis and upscaling pp. 115-125 Downloads
Arti Bhatia, P.K. Aggarwal, Niveta Jain and H. Pathak
Public awareness and opinion on CCS in the province of Québec, Canada pp. 126-135 Downloads
Jean‐Philibert Moutenet, Karine Bédard and Michel Malo
Design and use of a laboratory rig for the study of the chemical‐physical effects on aquatic environments of potential seepage from CO 2 storage sites pp. 136-143 Downloads
G. Caramanna, Y. Wei, M. M. Maroto‐Valer, Paul Nathanail and M. Steven

Volume 2, issue 1, 2012

Why we need the ‘and’ in ‘CO 2 utilization and storage’ pp. 1-2 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Where now for CCS in the UK? pp. 3-5 Downloads
Luke Warren
Post 2020, CCS will be cost‐competitive with other low‐carbon energy technologies pp. 6-8 Downloads
Graeme Sweeney
The US department of Energy's R&D program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through beneficial uses of carbon dioxide pp. 9-16 Downloads
Darin Damiani, John T. Litynski, Howard G. McIlvried, Derek M. Vikara and Rameshwar D. Srivastava
Development of adsorbents for CO 2 capture from waste materials: a review pp. 20-35 Downloads
Mara Olivares‐Marín and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Sensitivity analysis of the build decision for carbon capture and sequestration projects pp. 36-45 Downloads
Paul S. Fischbeck, David Gerard and Sean T. McCoy
Geopolymer as well cement and the variation of its mechanical behavior with curing temperature pp. 46-58 Downloads
Mohamed M.C. Nasvi, Ranjith P. Gamage and Sanjayan Jay
Synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO 2 and diols via electrogenerated cyanomethyl anion pp. 59-65 Downloads
Huan Wang, La‐Xia Wu, Jian‐Qing Zhao, Rui‐Na Li, Ai‐Jian Zhang, Hisashi Kajiura, Yong‐Ming Li and Jia‐Xing Lu
The role of substituents of chlorostannoxanes on the reactivity of the catalysts during the synthesis of cyclic carbonates using epoxides and carbon dioxide pp. 66-74 Downloads
Sharon Pulla, Punnamchandar Ramidi, Benjamin L. Jarvis, Pradip Munshi, William O. Griffin, Jerry A. Darsey, Jerry L. Dallas, Vedavalli Pokala and Anindya Ghosh

Volume 1, issue 4, 2011

A focus on carbonation for CO 2 mineral sequestration: highlights from ACEME10 pp. 285-286 Downloads
Ron Zevenhoven
Process intensification routes for mineral carbonation pp. 287-293 Downloads
Rafael M. Santos and Tom Van Gerven
Optimization of antigorite heat pre‐treatment via kinetic modeling of the dehydroxylation reaction for CO 2 mineralization pp. 294-304 Downloads
Reydick D. Balucan, Eric M. Kennedy, John F. Mackie and Bogdan Z. Dlugogorski
Ammonium salt‐based steelmaking slag carbonation: Precipitation of CaCO 3 and ammonia losses assessment pp. 305-311 Downloads
Sanni Eloneva, Pekka Mannisto, Arshe Said, Carl‐Johan Fogelholm and Ron Zevenhoven
Wet versus slurry carbonation of EAF steel slag pp. 312-319 Downloads
Renato Baciocchi, Giulia Costa, Elisabetta Di Bartolomeo, Alessandra Polettini and Raffaella Pomi
When once is not enough: accounting for CO 2 recycling in EOR operations pp. 320-323 Downloads
Philip M. Marston
Biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS or Bio‐CCS) pp. 324-334 Downloads
Clair Gough and Paul Upham
Transient CO 2 leakage and injection in wellbore‐reservoir systems for geologic carbon sequestration pp. 335-350 Downloads
Lehua Pan, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Karsten Pruess and Yu‐Shu Wu

Volume 1, issue 3, 2011

Improved understanding of geologic CO 2 storage processes requires risk‐driven field experiments pp. 191-193 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
The office of carbon capture and storage pp. 194-196 Downloads
Adam Dawson
Good return on CCS investments? pp. 197-199 Downloads
Jon Evans
Is Panarea Island (Italy) a valid and cost‐effective natural laboratory for the development of detection and monitoring techniques for submarine CO 2 seepage? pp. 200-210 Downloads
Giorgio Caramanna, Nunzia Voltattorni and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Parameters affecting mineral trapping of CO 2 sequestration in brines pp. 211-222 Downloads
Qi Liu and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Storage of CO 2 hydrate in shallow gas reservoirs: pre‐ and post‐injection periods pp. 223-236 Downloads
Olga Ye Zatsepina and Mehran Pooladi‐Darvish
Integrated modeling of CO 2 storage and leakage scenarios including transitions between super‐ and subcritical conditions, and phase change between liquid and gaseous CO 2 pp. 237-247 Downloads
Karsten Pruess
Deterioration of a fractured carbonate caprock exposed to CO 2 ‐acidified brine flow pp. 248-260 Downloads
Brian Ellis, Catherine Peters, Jeffrey Fitts, Grant Bromhal, Dustin McIntyre, Robert Warzinski and Eilis Rosenbaum
Impact of resource‐conserving technologies on productivity and greenhouse gas emissions in the rice‐wheat system pp. 261-277 Downloads
Himanshu Pathak, Yash S. Saharawat, Mahesh Gathala and Jagdish K. Ladha
Mesoporous amine‐bridged polysilsesquioxane for CO 2 capture pp. 278-284 Downloads
Genggeng Qi, Liling Fu, Xiaonan Duan, Brian Hyun Choi, Michael Abraham and Emmanuel P. Giannelis

Volume 1, issue 2, 2011

Climate change is about impact; CCS is about opportunity pp. 93-95 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Clean coal technologies pp. 96-98 Downloads
John Topper
CCS – between a rock and a hard place? pp. 99-101 Downloads
Andrew Chadwick
Health, safety, and environmental risks from energy production: a year‐long reality check pp. 102-104 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
CarbFix: a CCS pilot project imitating and accelerating natural CO 2 sequestration pp. 105-118 Downloads
Edda S.P. Aradóttir, Hólmfrídur Sigurdardóttir, Bergur Sigfússon and Einar Gunnlaugsson
Perspectives on CO 2 capture and storage pp. 119-133 Downloads
Filip Johnsson
Alberta's new carbon capture and storage legislation pp. 134-141 Downloads
Nigel D. Bankes
The recent development of CO 2 fixation and conversion by ionic liquid pp. 142-159 Downloads
Jianmin Zhang, Jian Sun, Xiaochun Zhang, Yansong Zhao and Suojiang Zhang
Estimating the probability of CO 2 plumes encountering faults pp. 160-174 Downloads
Preston D. Jordan, Curtis M. Oldenburg and Jean‐Philippe Nicot
Using the Choquet integral for screening geological CO 2 storage sites pp. 175-179 Downloads
Yingqi Zhang
NO emissions in oxy‐coal combustion with the addition of steam in an entrained flow reactor pp. 180-190 Downloads
Lucia Álvarez, Juan Riaza, Maria V. Gil, Covadonga Pevida, José J. Pis and Fernando Rubiera

Volume 1, issue 1, 2011

Welcome pp. 1-2 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Why carbon capture and storage? pp. 3-4 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
On carbon footprints and growing energy use pp. 5-7 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Restoring confidence at the Cancun Climate Change Conference pp. 8-10 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
On scale and magnitude of pressure build‐up induced by large‐scale geologic storage of CO 2 pp. 11-20 Downloads
Quanlin Zhou and Jens T. Birkholzer
CO 2 ‐based energy vectors for the storage of solar energy pp. 21-35 Downloads
Gabriele Centi and Siglinda Perathoner
Ca looping technology: current status, developments and future directions pp. 36-47 Downloads
E. J. (Ben) Anthony
CO 2 mineral sequestration: developments toward large‐scale application pp. 48-57 Downloads
Ron Zevenhoven, Johan Fagerlund and Joel Kibiwot Songok
The potential of aquatic biomass for CO 2 ‐enhanced fixation and energy production pp. 58-71 Downloads
Angela Dibenedetto
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by integration of cement plants, power plants, and CO 2 capture systems pp. 72-82 Downloads
Luis M. Romeo, David Catalina, Pilar Lisbona, Yolanda Lara and Ana Martínez
Adapting communication to the public's intuitive understanding of CCS pp. 83-91 Downloads
Lasse Wallquist, Vivianne H. M. Visschers, Simone Dohle and Michael Siegrist
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