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2011 - 2021

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Volume 5, issue 6, 2015

Understanding greenhouse gases: mission being accomplished pp. 695-696 Downloads
Ron Zevenhoven
The UN COP21 Climate Change Conference and the role of CCS pp. 697-700 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Introduction of a novel amino‐agarose (AAG) derivative as a fixed facilitated transport carrier to prepare newly asymmetric PES/AAG membranes for CO 2 removal pp. 701-713 Downloads
Farzad Seidi, Mahsa Babaei Salarabadi, Shahab Saedi, Loghman Modadi, Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi and Bahar Nikravesh
Parametric analysis of caprock integrity in relation with CO 2 geosequestration: capillary breakthrough pressure of caprock and gas effective permeability pp. 714-731 Downloads
Amirsaman Rezaeyan, Seyyed Alireza Tabatabaei‐Nejad, Elnaz Khodapanah and Mosayyeb Kamari
Experimental and numerical modeling of CO 2 leakage in the vadose zone pp. 732-755 Downloads
Andrea Gasparini, Anthony Credoz, Fidel Grandia, David Angel Garcia and Jordi Bruno
Prediction of supercritical CO 2 /brine relative permeability in sedimentary basins during carbon dioxide sequestration pp. 756-771 Downloads
Afshin Tatar, Amin Shokrollahi, Moonyong Lee, Tomoaki Kashiwao and Alireza Bahadori
Technology options for reducing CO 2 in China's electricity sector in 2010–2030: From the perspective of internal and social costs pp. 772-785 Downloads
Zongguo Wen, Xuan Zhang, Xuewei Yu and Jinghan Di
Semi‐analytical approach to reactive transport of CO 2 leakage into aquifers at carbon sequestration sites pp. 786-801 Downloads
Changbing Yang, Ramón H. Treviño, Susan D. Hovorka and Jesus Delgado‐Alonso
CO 2 chemisorption and cyclability analyses in α−Li 5 AlO 4: effects of Na 2 CO 3 and K 2 CO 3 addition pp. 802-811 Downloads
M. Teresa Flores‐Martínez and Heriberto Pfeiffer
Cherry‐stones‐based activated carbons as potential adsorbents for CO 2 /CH 4 separation: effect of the activation parameters pp. 812-825 Downloads
Noelia Álvarez‐Gutiérrez, M. Victoria Gil, Fernando Rubiera and Covadonga Pevida

Volume 5, issue 5, 2015

Are we really ready to implement large‐scale storage? pp. 499-499 Downloads
Andrew Chadwick
CO 2 enrichment from flue gas for the cultivation of algae – a field test pp. 505-512 Downloads
Thorsten Wolff, Torsten Brinkmann, Martin Kerner and Stefan Hindersin
Efficient data‐worth analysis for the selection of surveillance operation in a geologic CO 2 sequestration system pp. 513-529 Downloads
Cheng Dai, Heng Li, Dongxiao Zhang and Liang Xue
Improved CO 2 separation performance of Matrimid®5218 membrane by addition of low molecular weight polyethylene glycol pp. 530-544 Downloads
Mahsa Loloei, Abdolreza Moghadassi, Mohammadreza Omidkhah and Abtin Ebadi Amooghin
Aerodynamic analysis of a highly loaded compressor in semi‐closed cycles using a throughflow method pp. 545-557 Downloads
Bo Li, Chun‐wei Gu and Yin Song
Understanding the carbon dioxide sequestration in low‐permeability saline aquifers in the Ordos Basin with numerical simulations pp. 558-576 Downloads
Jian Xie, Keni Zhang, Litang Hu, Yongsheng Wang and Maoshan Chen
A method to enhance the CO 2 storage capacity of pyroxenitic rocks pp. 577-591 Downloads
Ioannis Rigopoulos, Michalis A. Vasiliades, Klito C. Petallidou, Ioannis Ioannou, Angelos M. Efstathiou and Theodora Kyratsi
Quantitative assessment of CO 2 storage capacity by using of hydrogeochemical and isotope data for deep saline aquifers pp. 592-602 Downloads
Yiman Li and Zhonghe Pang
Effects of management and co‐digestion on life cycle emissions and energy from anaerobic digestion pp. 603-621 Downloads
Horacio A. Aguirre‐Villegas, Rebecca Larson and Douglas J. Reinemann
CO 2 mineralization in volcanogenic sandstones: geochemical characterization of the Etchegoin formation, San Joaquin Basin pp. 622-644 Downloads
Shuo Zhang, Donald J. DePaolo, Marco Voltolini and Tim Kneafsey
Fault reactivation during CO 2 sequestration: Effects of well orientation on seismicity and leakage pp. 645-656 Downloads
Antonio P. Rinaldi, Victor Vilarrasa, Jonny Rutqvist and Frédéric Cappa
Analysis of asphaltene deposition, carbonate precipitation, and their cementation in depleted reservoirs during CO 2 injection pp. 657-667 Downloads
Ilyas Khurshid and Jonggeun Choe
Ethylene vinyl acetate/poly(ethylene glycol) blend membranes for CO 2 /N 2 separation pp. 668-681 Downloads
Mohammad Amin Zamiri, Ali Kargari and Hamidreza Sanaeepur
Wetted‐wall column study on CO 2 absorption kinetics enhancement by additive of nanoparticles pp. 682-694 Downloads
Tao Wang, Wei Yu, Mengxiang Fang, Hui He, Qunyang Xiang, Qinhui Ma, Menglin Xia, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen

Volume 5, issue 4, 2015

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation in Agriculture pp. 357-358 Downloads
Himanshu Pathak
Mind the gap pp. 359-362 Downloads
Samuela Bassi
Pilot‐scale evaluation of concentrated piperazine for CO 2 capture at an Australian coal‐fired power station: duration experiments pp. 363-373 Downloads
Ashleigh Cousins, Paul Nielsen, Sanger Huang, Aaron Cottrell, Eric Chen, Gary T Rochelle and Paul H M Feron
Environmental isotopes in CO 2 geological sequestration pp. 374-388 Downloads
Jie Li and Zhonghe Pang
Carbon dioxide capture and storage by pH swing mineralization using recyclable ammonium salts and flue gas mixtures pp. 389-402 Downloads
Xiaolong Wang, Aimaro Sanna, M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer and Tom Paulson
On the mobilization of metals by CO 2 leakage into shallow aquifers: exploring release mechanisms by modeling field and laboratory experiments pp. 403-418 Downloads
Liange Zheng, Nicolas Spycher, Charuleka Varadharajan, Ruth M. Tinnacher, John D. Pugh, Marco Bianchi, Jens Birkholzer, Peter S. Nico and Robert C. Trautz
Distribution of injected CO 2 in a stratified saline reservoir accounting for coupled wellbore‐reservoir flow pp. 419-436 Downloads
Kristina Rasmusson, Chin‐Fu Tsang, Yvonne Tsang, Maria Rasmusson, Lehua Pan, Fritjof Fagerlund, Jacob Bensabat and Auli Niemi
An estimation of regional emission intensity of coal mine methane based on coefficient‐intensity factor methodology using China as a case study pp. 437-448 Downloads
Ning Wang, Zongguo Wen and Tao Zhu
Thermal and capillary effects on the caprock mechanical stability at In Salah, Algeria pp. 449-461 Downloads
Víctor Vilarrasa, Jonny Rutqvist and Antonio Pio Rinaldi
Reactive fluid flow in CO 2 storage reservoirs: A 2‐D pore network model study pp. 462-473 Downloads
Seunghee Kim and J. Carlos Santamarina
A coupled discrete element and finite element model for multiscale simulation of geological carbon sequestration pp. 474-486 Downloads
Jie Bao, Zhijie Xu and Yilin Fang
A novel method to recover ammonia loss in ammonia‐based CO 2 capture system: ammonia regeneration by vacuum membrane distillation pp. 487-498 Downloads
Mengxiang Fang, Qinhui Ma, Zhen Wang, Qunyang Xiang, Wenmin Jiang and Zhixiang Xia

Volume 5, issue 3, 2015

Low‐Probability Material Impacts Assessment pp. 223-224 Downloads
Susan D. Hovorka
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – Viable Alternative? pp. 225-228 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Membrane pilot plant trials of CO2 separation from flue gas pp. 229-237 Downloads
Colin A. Scholes, Abdul Qader, Geoff W. Stevens and Sandra E. Kentish
Creating negative emissions at remote CO2 sequestration sites pp. 238-240 Downloads
David Goldberg and Klaus Lackner
Jumpstarting commercial‐scale CO2 capture and storage with ethylene production and enhanced oil recovery in the US Gulf pp. 241-253 Downloads
Richard S. Middleton, Jonathan S. Levine, Jeffrey M. Bielicki, Hari S. Viswanathan, J. William Carey and Philip H. Stauffer
Uncertainty quantification for evaluating the impacts of fracture zone on pressure build‐up and ground surface uplift during geological CO2 sequestration pp. 254-267 Downloads
Jie Bao, Zhangshuan Hou, Yilin Fang, Huiying Ren and Guang Lin
Life‐cycle performance of natural gas power plants with pre‐combustion CO2 capture pp. 268-276 Downloads
Fontina Petrakopoulou, Diego Iribarren and Javier Dufour
Modeling of pressure build‐up and estimation of maximum injection rate for geological CO2 storage at the South Scania site, Sweden pp. 277-290 Downloads
Zhibing Yang, Auli Niemi, Liang Tian, Saba Joodaki and Mikael Erlström
Cellulose acetate/nano‐porous zeolite mixed matrix membrane for CO2 separation pp. 291-304 Downloads
Hamidreza Sanaeepur, Bahram Nasernejad and Ali Kargari
Underground CO2 storage: demonstrating regulatory conformance by convergence of history‐matched modeled and observed CO2 plume behavior using Sleipner time‐lapse seismics pp. 305-322 Downloads
R. Andrew Chadwick and David J. Noy
Sensitivity of chemical cement alteration – modeling the effect of parameter uncertainty and varying subsurface conditions pp. 323-338 Downloads
Laura J. Wasch, Mariëlle Koenen, Jens Wollenweber and Tim J. Tambach
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Sultanate of Oman pp. 339-346 Downloads
Sabah Ahmed Abdul‐Wahab, Yassine Charabi, Ghazi A. Al‐Rawas, Rashid Al‐Maamari, Adel Gastli and Keziah Chan
Simultaneous catalytic reduction of N2O and NOx produced in a fluidized bed incineration of sewage sludge pp. 347-355 Downloads
Seung‐Jae Lee, In‐Soo Ryu, Sang‐Goo Jeon and Seung‐Hyun Moon

Volume 5, issue 2, 2015

Securing the future pp. 115-118 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Carbon capture and geological storage in Brazil: an overview pp. 119-130 Downloads
Rodrigo S. Iglesias, J. Marcelo Ketzer, Clarissa L. Melo, Roberto Heemann and Claudia X. Machado
Degradation of CO 2 through dielectric barrier discharge microplasma pp. 131-140 Downloads
Xiaofei Duan, Yanping Li, Wenjie Ge and Baowei Wang
Uncertainty quantification for the reliability of the analytical analysis for the simplified model of CO 2 geological sequestration pp. 141-151 Downloads
Jie Bao, Zhijie Xu and Yilin Fang
Analysis of U‐tube sampling data based on modeling of CO 2 injection into CH 4 saturated aquifers pp. 152-168 Downloads
Jun Li and Xiaochun Li
Estimation of dissociation rate constant of CO 2 hydrate in water flow pp. 169-179 Downloads
Ayako Fukumoto, Wu‐Yang Sean, Toru Sato, Akihiro Yamasaki and Fumio Kiyono
Numerical investigation of basin‐scale storage of CO 2 in saline aquifers of Songliao Basin, China pp. 180-197 Downloads
Ruirui Zhao, Jianmei Cheng, Keni Zhang, Ning Liu and Fuqiao Xu
A novel type of gas‐liquid contactor for post‐combustion capture cost reduction pp. 198-209 Downloads
Leigh T. Wardhaugh, Andrew Allport, Christopher B. Solnordal and Paul H.M. Feron
Experimental study on CO 2 absorption by aqueous ammonia solution at elevated pressure to enhance CO 2 absorption and suppress ammonia vaporization pp. 210-221 Downloads
Mengxiang Fang, Qunyang Xiang, Chunjiang Yu, Zhixiang Xia, Xuping Zhou, Danyun Cai, Zhen Wang and Hai Yu

Volume 5, issue 1, 2015

GHG S&T Editorial January 2015 pp. 1-2 Downloads
Donald J. DePaolo
The future is looking bright pp. 3-6 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Pilot‐scale parametric evaluation of concentrated piperazine for CO 2 capture at an Australian coal‐fired power station pp. 7-16 Downloads
Ashleigh Cousins, Sanger Huang, Aaron Cottrell, Paul H.M. Feron, Eric Chen and Gary T. Rochelle
Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to carboxylic acid derivatives pp. 17-33 Downloads
An‐Hua Liu, Bing Yu and Liang‐Nian He
Monitoring CO 2 sequestration into deep saline aquifer and associated salt intrusion using coupled multiphase flow modeling and time‐lapse electrical resistivity tomography pp. 34-49 Downloads
Chuan Lu, Chi Zhang, Hai Hunag and Timothy C. Johnson
Quantitative risk assessment in the early stages of a CO 2 geological storage project: implementation of a practical approach in an uncertain context pp. 50-63 Downloads
Louis de Lary, Jean‐Charles Manceau, Annick Loschetter, Jeremy Rohmer, Olivier Bouc, Isaline Gravaud, Christophe Chiaberge, Pierre Willaume and Thierry Yalamas
Will mercury impurities impact CO 2 injectivity in deep sedimentary formations? I. Condensation and net porosity reduction pp. 64-71 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg and Nicolas Spycher
Will mercury impurities impact CO 2 injectivity in deep sedimentary formations? II. Mineral dissolution and precipitation pp. 72-90 Downloads
Nicolas Spycher and Curtis M. Oldenburg
Effect of moisture on the heat capacity and the regeneration heat required for CO 2 capture process using PEI impregnated mesoporous precipitated silica pp. 91-101 Downloads
Dang Viet Quang, Abdallah Dindi, Aravind V Rayer, Nabil El Hadri, Abdurahim Abdulkadir and Mohammad R.M. Abu‐Zahra
pH sensitivity of carbon dioxide conversion catalyzed by isocitrate dehydrogenase pp. 102-107 Downloads
Shunxiang Xia, Ping Wang and Jungbae Kim
Carbonic anhydrase promoted absorption of CO 2 into potassium carbonate solutions pp. 108-114 Downloads
Hendy Thee, Kathryn H. Smith, Gabriel da Silva, Sandra E. Kentish and Geoffrey W. Stevens
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