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2011 - 2021

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Volume 6, issue 6, 2016

CCS implementation to be a major driver for research and technology development pp. 727-728 Downloads
Ton Wildenborg
European industrial decarbonization: a perspective from the NGO Bellona pp. 729-733 Downloads
Keith Whiriskey
Experimental investigation of seismic velocity behavior of CO2 saturated sandstones under varying temperature and pressure conditions pp. 734-751 Downloads
Javad Naseryan Moghadam, Nazmul Haque Mondol, Per Aagaard and Helge Hellevang
Effective stress law for the permeability of clay‐bearing sandstones by the Modified Clay Shell model pp. 752-774 Downloads
Javad Naseryan Moghadam, Nazmul Haque Mondol, Per Aagaard and Helge Hellevang
Geologic carbon sequestration injection wells in overpressured storage reservoirs: estimating area of review pp. 775-786 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg, Abdullah Cihan, Quanlin Zhou, Stacey Fairweather and Lee H. Spangler
Thermodynamics and regeneration studies of CO2 adsorption on activated carbon pp. 787-796 Downloads
Qigang Cen, Mengxiang Fang, Tao Wang, Izabela Majchrzak‐Kucęba, Dariusz Wawrzyńczak and Zhongyang Luo
Modeling of corrosion of steel tubing in CO2 storage pp. 797-811 Downloads
Qiang Li and Y. Frank Cheng
Laboratory evaluation of distributed coaxial cable temperature sensors for application in CO2 sequestration well characterization pp. 812-823 Downloads
Yurong Li, Wenge Zhu, Baokai Cheng, Runar Nygaard and Hai Xiao
CO2/brine/rock interactions in Lower Tuscaloosa formation pp. 824-837 Downloads
Yee Soong, Bret H. Howard, Robert M. Dilmore, Igor Haljasmaa, Dustin M. Crandall, Liwei Zhang, Wu Zhang, Ronghong Lin, Gino A. Irdi, Vyacheslav N. Romanov and Thomas R. Mclendon

Volume 6, issue 5, 2016

Smart hybridization of CCS could result in more effective CO 2 ‐emission reductions pp. 591-592 Downloads
Paul Feron
How do we get CCS back on the post‐Brexit political agenda? pp. 593-596 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Microscopic mechanism for enhanced coal bed methane recovery and outburst elimination by hydraulic slotting: A case study in Yangliu mine, China pp. 597-614 Downloads
Ting Liu, Baiquan Lin, Quanle Zou and Chuanjie Zhu
Anisotropy characteristics of coal shrinkage/swelling and its impact on coal permeability evolution with CO 2 injection pp. 615-632 Downloads
Shimin Liu, Yi Wang and Satya Harpalani
An explicit integral solution for pressure build‐up during CO 2 injection into infinite saline aquifers pp. 633-647 Downloads
Haiqing Wu, Bing Bai, Xiaochun Li, Shuai Gao, Mingze Liu and Lei Wang
Economic modeling of the CO 2 transportation phase and its application to the Duero Basin, Spain pp. 648-661 Downloads
Bernardo Llamas, Álvaro Hernández, Luis Felipe Mazadiego and Juan Pous
Silicate application decreased methane emission from paddy soil under elevated UV‐B radiation pp. 662-669 Downloads
Lou Yunsheng, Meng Yan, Ren Lixuan, Wu Lei, Zhang Yiwei, Zhao Shidi and Zhu Huaiwei
Assessing the applicability of unsaturated effective stress models to tensile fracturing of sandstone in CO 2 ‐water two‐phase fluids pp. 670-681 Downloads
Mingze Liu, Bing Bai, Xiaochun Li, Shuai Gao, Shaobin Hu, Lei Wang and Haiqing Wu
Impacts of stratum dip angle on CO 2 geological storage amount and security pp. 682-694 Downloads
Fugang Wang, Jing Jing, Tianfu Xu, Yanlin Yang and Guangrong Jin
Performance of iron ore oxygen carrier modified by biomass ashes in coal‐fueled chemical looping combustion pp. 695-709 Downloads
Shuai Zhang and Rui Xiao
Comparison of alkaline pre‐treatment of MFI zeolites for N 2 O decomposition: different zeolite sources pp. 710-723 Downloads
Minfang Wu, Xinqing Chen, Liangshu Zhong, Hui Wang, Xinyan Zhang, Qun Shen, Wei Wei and Yuhan Sun

Volume 6, issue 4, 2016

Reducing the cost of carbon capture: an entrepreneur's perspective pp. 445-449 Downloads
Aniruddha Sharma and Prateek Bumb
Geochemical consequences in shallow aquifers from the long‐term presence of CO 2 in a natural field: The case of Florina Basin, W. Macedonia, Greece pp. 450-469 Downloads
Vasiliki Gemeni, Charalampos Vasilatos, Nikolaos Koukouzas and Christos Kanellopoulos
Influence of process parameters on carbonation rate and conversion of steelmaking slags – Introduction of the ‘carbonation weathering rate’ pp. 470-491 Downloads
Evangelos Georgakopoulos, Rafael M. Santos, Yi Wai Chiang and Vasilije Manovic
The role of coal seam properties on coupled processes during CO 2 sequestration: A parametric study pp. 492-518 Downloads
Mohsen S. Masoudian, David W. Airey and Abbas El‐Zein
Suitability of CO 2 capture technologies for carbon capture and storage in India pp. 519-530 Downloads
Dharmender Yadav, Munish K. Chandel and Pramod Kumar
Integrated simulations of CO 2 spreading and pressure response in the multilayer saline aquifer of South Scania Site, Sweden pp. 531-545 Downloads
Liang Tian, Zhibing Yang, Byeongju Jung, Saba Joodaki, Mikael Erlström, Quanlin Zhou and Auli Niemi
Effect of outer boundary condition, reservoir size, and CO 2 effective permeability on pressure and CO 2 saturation predictions under carbon sequestration conditions pp. 546-560 Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Robert M. Dilmore and Grant S. Bromhal
A novel aerogel sodium‐based sorbent for low temperature CO 2 capture pp. 561-573 Downloads
Fan Yu, Ye Wu, Wenjing Zhang, Tianyi Cai, Yuhao Xu and Xiaoping Chen
Investigation on porosity and permeability change of Mount Simon sandstone (Knox County, IN, USA) under geological CO 2 sequestration conditions: a numerical simulation approach pp. 574-587 Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Yee Soong and Robert M. Dilmore

Volume 6, issue 3, 2016

The Global Perspective pp. 305-307 Downloads
Frank Morton
Controlling light quality and intensity can reduce N 2 O and CO 2 emissions of mature aging rice pp. 308-318 Downloads
Shengguang Xu, Bing Li, Yujie Xia, Lei Yu, Li Lin, Zebin Chen and Yuwu Li
Impacts of CO 2 leakage on plants and microorganisms: A review of results from CO 2 release experiments and storage sites pp. 319-338 Downloads
Daegeun Ko, Gayoung Yoo, Seong‐Taek Yun and Haegeun Chung
Effect of connectivity misrepresentation on accuracy of upscaled models in oil recovery by CO 2 injection pp. 339-351 Downloads
Mostafa Ganjeh‐Ghazvini, Mohsen Masihi and Morteza Baghalha
Time‐lapse application of pressure transient analysis for monitoring compressible fluid leakage pp. 352-369 Downloads
Seyyed A. Hosseini and Masoud Alfi
A novel computational framework for thermal‐hydrological‐mechanical‐chemical processes of CO 2 geological sequestration into a layered saline aquifer and a naturally fractured enhanced geothermal system pp. 370-400 Downloads
Ronglei Zhang, Yi Xiong, Philip H. Winterfeld, Xiaolong Yin and Yu‐Shu Wu
Experimental determination of wettability and heterogeneity effect on CO 2 distribution in porous media pp. 401-415 Downloads
Pengfei Lv, Yu Liu, Lanlan Jiang, Yongchen Song, Bohao Wu, Jiafei Zhao and Yi Zhang
Nitrous oxide emissions from solar greenhouses during summer fallow in the Loess Plateau of China pp. 416-427 Downloads
Jinshan Liu and Weihong Qiu
Study of phase behavior and physical properties of a natural gas reservoir with high carbon dioxide content pp. 428-442 Downloads
Hao Chen, Shenglai Yang, Xiansong Zhang, Shuangshuang Ren, Kai Dong, Ying Li, Zhan Meng, Lu Wang, Hao Lei and Quanzheng Ma

Volume 6, issue 2, 2016

COP‐21 and CCS: A tale of two cities pp. 161-162 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
CCS in the UK: The continuing fall out pp. 163-166 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
The syringe sampler: An inexpensive alternative borehole sampling technique for CO 2 ‐rich fluids during mineral carbon storage pp. 167-177 Downloads
Helgi A. Alfredsson, Kiflom G. Mesfin and Domenik Wolff‐Boenisch
China’s first pilot‐scale demonstration of post‐combustion CO 2 capture from a natural‐gas‐fired power plant pp. 178-187 Downloads
Shiwang Gao, Lianbo Liu, Alix Frank, Jinyi Wang, McLarnon Chris, Dongfang Guo, Croto Keith, Hongwei Niu, Duncan Joanna, Xiaolong Wang, Shiqing Wang, Bosco Roberto and Shisen Xu
Prospects for Swedish acceptance of carbon dioxide storage in the Baltic Sea: Learning from other energy projects pp. 188-196 Downloads
Peter Stigson, Simon Haikola, Anders Hansson and Katarina Buhr
CO 2 solubility measurements in brine under reservoir conditions: A comparison of experimental and geochemical modeling methods pp. 197-217 Downloads
Luc Steel, Qi Liu, Eric Mackay and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Cyanobacterial CO 2 biofixation in batch and semi‐continuous cultivation, using hydrophobic and hydrophilic hollow fiber membrane photobioreactors pp. 218-231 Downloads
Vahid Mortezaeikia, Omid Tavakoli, Reza Yegani and Mohammadali Faramarzi
Numerical optimization of a highly loaded compressor in semi‐closed cycles using neural networks and genetic algorithms pp. 232-250 Downloads
Bo Li and Chun‐wei Gu
The CO 2 storage and EOR evaluation in Daqing Oilfield pp. 251-259 Downloads
Xiaoliang Zhao, Yuedong Yao and Heng Ye
Isothermal adsorption kinetics properties of carbon dioxide in crushed coal pp. 260-274 Downloads
Xu Tang, Nino Ripepi and Ellen Gilliland
Specific exergy consumption as an index for steam extraction scheme selection for CO 2 capture systems in coal‐fired power plants pp. 275-287 Downloads
Kefang Zhang, Zhongliang Liu, Zhaoliang Wang and Yanxia Li
CO 2 huff and puff for heavy oil recovery after primary production pp. 288-301 Downloads
Teng Lu, Zhaomin Li, Weiyu Fan and Songyan Li

Volume 6, issue 1, 2016

How the low price of oil can spur CCS research innovation pp. 1-2 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Reactions to the UK's cut to CCS funding: Does CCS have a future in the UK? pp. 3-6 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
The perspectives and barriers for the implementation of CCS in Poland pp. 7-18 Downloads
Barbara Uliasz‐Misiak and Andrzej Przybycin
On the use of Darcy's law and invasion‐percolation approaches for modeling large‐scale geologic carbon sequestration pp. 19-33 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg, Sumit Mukhopadhyay and Abdullah Cihan
Using surface and borehole time‐lapse gravity to monitor CO 2 in saline aquifers: a numerical feasibility study pp. 34-54 Downloads
Thomas Jacob, Jérémy Rohmer and Jean‐Charles Manceau
Statistical performance of CO 2 leakage detection using seismic travel time measurements pp. 55-69 Downloads
Zan Wang and Mitchell J. Small
Simplified physics model of CO 2 plume extent in stratified aquifer‐caprock systems pp. 70-82 Downloads
Priya Ravi Ganesh and Srikanta Mishra
Phase state variations for supercritical carbon dioxide drilling pp. 83-93 Downloads
Zhiyuan Wang, Baojiang Sun, Xiaohui Sun, Huazhou Li and Jintang Wang
A numerical study of the effect of brine displaced from CO 2 storage in a saline formation on groundwater pp. 94-111 Downloads
Furqan Hussain, Karsten Michael and Yildiray Cinar
Effects of permeability heterogeneity on CO 2 injectivity and storage efficiency coefficient pp. 112-124 Downloads
Liang Tian, Zhibing Yang, Fritjof Fagerlund and Auli Niemi
Geochemical responses of a saline aquifer to CO 2 injection: experimental study on Guantao formation of Bohai Bay Basin, East China pp. 125-137 Downloads
Yiman Li, Zhonghe Pang, Fengtian Yang and Chao Jin
Characterization of kinetic limitations to atmospheric CO 2 capture by solid sorbent pp. 138-149 Downloads
Tao Wang, Jun Liu, Klaus S. Lackner, Xiaoyang Shi, Mengxiang Fang and Zhongyang Luo
Facile synthesis of a thermally stable imine and benzimidazole functionalized nanoporous polymer (IBFNP) for CO 2 capture application pp. 150-157 Downloads
Raeesh Muhammad, Pawan Rekha and Paritosh Mohanty
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