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2011 - 2021

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Volume 7, issue 6, 2017

How much monitoring of a CCS site is needed? pp. 966-967 Downloads
Susan D. Hovorka
Is CCS still relevant? pp. 968-971 Downloads
Gordon Hughes
Pore†scale investigation of effects of heterogeneity on CO2 geological storage using stratified sand packs pp. 972-987 Downloads
Pengfei Lv, Yu Liu, Junlin Chen, Lanlan Jiang, Bohao Wu, Shuyang Liu and Yongchen Song
Numerical investigation of Lower Tuscaloosa Sandstone and Selma Chalk caprock under geological CO2 sequestration conditions: mineral precipitation and permeability evolution pp. 988-1007 Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Yee Soong and Robert M. Dilmore
The effect of designing parameter of WAG injection on enhancement of CO2 trapping in heterogeneous formations: A numerical study pp. 1008-1019 Downloads
Saba Joodaki, Zhibing Yang and Auli Niemi
Application of the Aquifer Impact Model to support decisions at a CO2 sequestration site pp. 1020-1034 Downloads
Diana Holford Bacon, Randall A. Locke, Elizabeth Keating, Susan Carroll, Abbas Iranmanesh, Kayyum Mansoor, Bracken Wimmer, Liange Zheng, Hongbo Shao and Sallie E. Greenberg
Feasibility of CO2 sequestration in shallow transition zones pp. 1035-1049 Downloads
Fang Yang, Baojun Bai, Shari Dunn†Norman, Fen Yang and Ruisong Zhou
Interpretation of above†zone pressure influence time to characterize CO2 leakage pp. 1050-1064 Downloads
Mehdi Zeidouni, Nam H. Tran and Muhammad D. Munawar
Epoxy resin†cement paste composite for wellbores: Evaluation of chemical degradation fostered carbon dioxide pp. 1065-1079 Downloads
Alessandra F. Baldissera, Marta K. Schütz, Leonardo M. dos Santos, Felipe Dalla Vecchia, Marcus Seferin, Rosane Ligabue, Eleani M. Costa, Vitaly V. Chaban, Sonia C. Menezes and Sandra Einloft
3D Pressure†limited approach to model and estimate CO2 injection and storage capacity: saline Mount Simon Formation pp. 1080-1096 Downloads
Hossein Jahediesfanjani, Peter D. Warwick and Steven T. Anderson
Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions in China 1990–2013 pp. 1097-1115 Downloads
Tao Ding, Yadong Ning and Yan Zhang
Mesoporous silica impregnated with organoamines for post†combustion CO2 capture: a comparison of introduced amine types pp. 1116-1125 Downloads
Chao Chen and Samiran Bhattacharjee
Study on filtration patterns of supercritical CO2 fracturing in unconventional natural gas reservoirs pp. 1126-1140 Downloads
Jintang Wang, Baojiang Sun, Zhiyuan Wang and Jianbo Zhang
Experimental and simulation studies for reaction enhancement of catalytic CF4 hydrolysis by consecutive HF removal using a multi†stage catalyst†adsorbent reactor pp. 1141-1149 Downloads
Jae†Yun Han, Chang†Hyun Kim, Boreum Lee, Seonju Jeong, Hankwon Lim, Kwan†Young Lee and Shin†Kun Ryi

Volume 7, issue 5, 2017

Cover Image, Volume 7, Issue 5 pp. i-i Downloads
Autumn Haagsma, Stephanie Weber, Mark Moody, Joel Sminchak, Jacqueline Gerst and Neeraj Gupta
The US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: a global perspective pp. 774-777 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Making gas‐CCS a commercial reality: The challenges of scaling up pp. 778-801 Downloads
Maria Elena Diego, Muhammad Akram, Jean‐Michel Bellas, Karen N. Finney and Mohamed Pourkashanian
Carbon dioxide injection in carbonate reservoirs – a review of CO 2 ‐water‐rock interaction studies pp. 802-816 Downloads
Tiago A. Siqueira, Rodrigo S. Iglesias and J. Marcelo Ketzer
Wellbore integrity factors for CO 2 storage in oil and gas producing areas in the Midwest United States pp. 817-827 Downloads
J.R. Sminchak, Mark Moody, Neeraj Gupta and Glenn Larsen
Comparative wellbore integrity evaluation across a complex of oil and gas fields within the Michigan Basin and implications for CO 2 storage pp. 828-842 Downloads
Autumn Haagsma, Stephanie Weber, Mark Moody, Joel Sminchak, Jacqueline Gerst and Neeraj Gupta
Catalyst regeneration using CO 2 as reactant through reverse‐Boudouard reaction with coke pp. 843-851 Downloads
Sérgio Castro Pereira, M. Filipa Ribeiro, Nuno Batalha and Marcelo Maciel Pereira
Geochemical alteration of wellbore cement by CO 2 or CO 2 + H 2 S reaction during long‐term carbon storage pp. 852-865 Downloads
Wooyong Um, Kenton A. Rod, Hun Bok Jung and Christopher F. Brown
Baseline integrity property measurement of legacy oil and gas wells for carbon storage projects pp. 866-890 Downloads
Andrew Duguid, Robert Butsch, J. William Carey, Michael Celia, Nikita Chugunov, Sarah Gasda, T. S. Ramakrishnan, Vicki Stamp and James Wang
Promotion of O 2 on the co‐pyrolysis of CHF 3 and CH 4 for VDF synthesis pp. 891-902 Downloads
Wenfeng Han, Yanyan Song, Wucan Liu, Luteng Yang, Haodong Tang, Shucheng Wang, Zhixing Wu and Jianjun Zhang
Abandonment process for injection well of China's Shenhua carbon dioxide geological storage demonstration project pp. 903-914 Downloads
Qi Li, Xiaying Li, Dongqin Kuang, Zhiyong Niu, Xiaochun Li, Xutao Lu, Jianli Ma and Xiaochen Wei
Effect of steam hydration on reactivity and strength of cement‐supported calcium sorbents for CO 2 capture pp. 915-926 Downloads
Zhijian Yu, Lunbo Duan, Chenglin Su, Yingjie Li and Edward John Anthony
Development and evaluation of the coaxial cable casing imager: a cost‐effective solution to real‐time downhole monitoring for CO 2 sequestration wellbore integrity pp. 927-941 Downloads
Yurong Li, Baokai Cheng, Wenge Zhu, Hai Xiao and Runar Nygaard
Thermodynamic study of hydrocarbon synthesis from carbon dioxide and hydrogen pp. 942-957 Downloads
Benzhen Yao, Wangjing Ma, Sergio Gonzalez‐Cortes, Tiancun Xiao and Peter P. Edwards
Impacts of relative permeability formulation on forecasts of CO 2 phase behavior, phase distribution, and trapping mechanisms in a geologic carbon storage reservoir pp. 958-962 Downloads
Nathan Moodie, Feng Pan, Wei Jia and Brian McPherson

Volume 7, issue 4, 2017

Cover Image, Volume 7, Issue 4 pp. i-i Downloads
Daniela Medas, Giovanna Cappai, Giovanni Giudici, Martina Piredda and Simona Podda
The role of CCS: From dystopia to utopia or somewhere in between pp. 582-584 Downloads
M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Revisiting the Teesside CCS hub pp. 585-588 Downloads
Sarah Tennison
Emission sources and mitigation of fluorinated Non‐CO 2 greenhouse gas in registered CDM projects pp. 589-601 Downloads
Seung‐Jae Lee, In‐Soo Ryu, Sang‐Goo Jeon and Seung‐Hyun Moon
Sensitivity of seismic response for monitoring CO 2 storage in a low porosity reservoir of the St Lawrence Lowlands, Québec, Canada: Part 1 – Laboratory measurements pp. 602-612 Downloads
Lorenzo Perozzi, Bernard Giroux, Douglas R. Schmitt, Erwan Gloaguen and Randy S. Kofman
Sensitivity of seismic response for monitoring CO 2 storage in a low porosity reservoir of the St Lawrence Lowlands, Québec, Canada: Part 2 – Synthetic modeling pp. 613-623 Downloads
Lorenzo Perozzi, Bernard Giroux, Douglas R. Schmitt and Erwan Gloaguen
Effects of temperature on salt precipitation due to formation dry‐out during CO 2 injection in saline aquifers pp. 624-636 Downloads
Ruirui Zhao and Jianmei Cheng
SO 2 removal characteristics using waste CaO from calcium looping CO 2 capture process pp. 637-648 Downloads
Yan Shao, Donglin He, Changlei Qin, Jingyu Ran and Li Zhang
Identifying attributes of CO 2 leakage zones in shallow aquifers using a parametric level set method pp. 649-664 Downloads
Alexander Y. Sun, Mary F. Wheeler and Akand Islam
Multi‐phase decompression modeling of CO 2 pipelines pp. 665-679 Downloads
Bin Liu, Xiong Liu, Cheng Lu, Ajit Godbole, Guillaume Michal and Anh Kiet Tieu
Quantitative assessment of soil CO 2 concentration and stable carbon isotope for leakage detection at geological carbon sequestration sites pp. 680-691 Downloads
Changbing Yang, Keith Jamison, Lianqing Xue, Zhenxue Dai, Susan Hovorka, Leif Fredin and Ramón Treviño
Accelerated carbonation by cement kiln dust in aqueous slurries: chemical and mineralogical investigation pp. 692-705 Downloads
Daniela Medas, Giovanna Cappai, Giovanni Giudici, Martina Piredda and Simona Podda
Hierarchical calibration and validation for modeling bench‐scale solvent‐based carbon capture. Part 1: Non‐reactive physical mass transfer across the wetted wall column pp. 706-720 Downloads
Chao Wang, Zhijie Xu, Canhai Lai, Greg Whyatt, Peter Marcy and Xin Sun
Direct decomposition of CO 2 using self‐cooling dielectric barrier discharge plasma pp. 721-730 Downloads
Amin Zhou, Dong Chen, Bin Dai, Cunhua Ma, Panpan Li and Feng Yu
Performance of Cu‐Fe‐based oxygen carrier in a CLC process based on fixed bed reactors pp. 731-744 Downloads
Qiang Tian, Lixin Che, Bin Ding, Qianwei Wang and Qingquan Su
Wellbore flow field of coiled tubing drilling with supercritical carbon dioxide pp. 745-755 Downloads
Weiqiang Song, Hongjian Ni, Ruihe Wang and Mengyun Zhao
Selective flue gas recirculation using membranes in coal‐fired power plants pp. 756-770 Downloads
Paul Feron and Marycarmen Alemán Gómez

Volume 7, issue 3, 2017

Cover Image, Volume 7, Issue 3 pp. i-i Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Hariprasad Parthasarathy and Athanasios Karamalidis
How do you explain the importance of CO 2 utilization? pp. 397-398 Downloads
Chang‐jun Liu
Investigation on arsenopyrite dissolution and As (III) migration under geologic carbon storage conditions: A numerical simulation approach pp. 460-473 Downloads
Liwei Zhang, Hariprasad Parthasarathy and Athanasios Karamalidis
Effect of ionic liquid confinement on CO 2 solubility and permeability characteristics pp. 474-485 Downloads
Jin Wang, Hong Ding, Bai‐chuan Cao and Xue Huang
Experimental performance assessment of a mono‐ethanolamine‐based post‐combustion CO 2 ‐capture at a coal‐fired power station in China pp. 486-499 Downloads
Paul H.M. Feron, Ashleigh Cousins, Shiwang Gao, Lianbo Liu, Jinyi Wang, Shiqing Wang, Hongwei Niu, Hai Yu, Kangkang Li and Aaron Cottrell
Strength varying laws of rock soaked with supercritical CO 2 drilling fluid and the prediction of safe mud weight window pp. 500-511 Downloads
Baojiang Sun and Hongkun Zhang
Effect of leakage pathway flow properties on thermal signal associated with the leakage from CO 2 storage zone pp. 512-529 Downloads
Yilin Mao, Mehdi Zeidouni and Roohollah Askari
Energetic assessment of CO 2 sequestration through slurry carbonation of steel slag: a factorial study pp. 530-541 Downloads
Giulia Costa, Alessandra Polettini, Raffaella Pomi, Alessio Stramazzo and Daniela Zingaretti
Preliminary techno‐economic analysis of a multi‐bed series reactor as a simultaneous CF 4 abatement and utilization process pp. 542-549 Downloads
Boreum Lee, Seonju Jeong, Sunggeun Lee, Ho‐Young Jung, Shin‐Kun Ryi and Hankwon Lim
Experimental results of split flow process using AMP/PZ solution for post‐combustion CO 2 capture pp. 550-561 Downloads
Aleksander Krótki, Adam Tatarczuk, Marcin Stec, Tomasz Spietz, Lucyna Więcław‐Solny, Andrzej Wilk and Ashleigh Cousins
Modeling of CO 2 sequestration in coal seams: Role of CO 2 ‐induced coal softening on injectivity, storage efficiency and caprock deformation pp. 562-578 Downloads
Tianran Ma, Jonny Rutqvist, Weiqun Liu, Li Zhu and Kunhwi Kim

Volume 7, issue 2, 2017

Cover Image, Volume 7, Issue 2 pp. i-i Downloads
Chi‐Wen Yu, Shih‐Chang Lei, Chung‐Hui Chiao, Lian‐Tong Hwang, Wan‐Huei Yang and Ming‐Wei Yang
Introduction to the In Focus on simulation of geologic carbon sequestration with the TOUGH codes pp. 218-219 Downloads
Christine Doughty
20 years of CCS pp. 220-224 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Injection risk assessment for intra‐formational seal geological model in a carbon sequestration application in Taiwan pp. 225-240 Downloads
Chi‐Wen Yu, Shih‐Chang Lei, Chung‐Hui Chiao, Lian‐Tong Hwang, Wan‐Huei Yang and Ming‐Wei Yang
Impacts of relative permeability formulation on forecasts of CO 2 phase behavior, phase distribution, and trapping mechanisms in a geologic carbon storage reservoir pp. 241-258 Downloads
Nathan Moodie, Feng Pan, Wei Jia and Brian McPherson
Impacts of relative permeability hysteresis on the reservoir performance in CO 2 storage in the Ordos Basin pp. 259-272 Downloads
Cai Li, Keni Zhang, Chaobin Guo, Jian Xie, Jing Zhao, Xia Li and Federico Maggi
Factors affecting self‐sealing of geological faults due to CO 2 ‐leakage pp. 273-294 Downloads
Vivek V. Patil, Brian J. McPherson, Alexandra Priewisch, Joseph Moore and Nathan Moodie
Thermodynamics‐related processes during the migration of acid gases and methane in deep sedimentary formations pp. 295-312 Downloads
Alfredo Battistelli, Paolo Berry, Stefano Bonduà, Villiam Bortolotti, Alberto Consonni, Carlo Cormio, Claudio Geloni and Ester M. Vasini
ECO2N V2.0: A TOUGH2 fluid property module for modeling CO 2 ‐H 2 O‐NACL systems to elevated temperatures of up to 300°C pp. 313-327 Downloads
Lehua Pan, Nicolas Spycher, Christine Doughty and Karsten Pruess
Influence of CO 2 ‐wettability on CO 2 migration and trapping capacity in deep saline aquifers pp. 328-338 Downloads
Emad A. Al‐Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh and Stefan Iglauer
Enhancing capillary trapping effectiveness through proper time scheduling of injection of supercritical CO 2 in heterogeneous formations pp. 339-352 Downloads
Ana González‐Nicolás, Luca Trevisan, Tissa H. Illangasekare, Abdullah Cihan and Jens T. Birkholzer
An explicit finite difference model for prediction of wellbore pressure and temperature distribution in CO 2 geological sequestration pp. 353-369 Downloads
Haiqing Wu, Bing Bai, Xiaochun Li, Mingze Liu and Yuanyuan He
Measurements of CO 2 ‐brine relative permeability in Berea sandstone using pressure taps and a long core pp. 370-382 Downloads
Xiongyu Chen, Amir Kianinejad and David A. DiCarlo
Effect of Fe open metal site in metal‐organic frameworks on post‐combustion CO 2 capture performance pp. 383-394 Downloads
Suwimol Wongsakulphasatch, Worapon Kiatkittipong, Janenipa Saupsor, Jatuphol Chaiwiseshphol, Pakorn Piroonlerkgul, Vudhichai Parasuk and Suttichai Assabumrungrat

Volume 7, issue 1, 2017

Cover Image, Volume 7, Issue 1 pp. i-i Downloads
Zongguo Wen, Huifang Li, Xueying Zhang, Jason Chi Kin Lee and Chang Xu
Bringing research findings to the real world is an essential and rewarding experience pp. 4-5 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg
The pace of CCS deployment in a new political era pp. 6-9 Downloads
Muriel Cozier
Review of flowmeters for carbon dioxide transport in CCS applications pp. 10-28 Downloads
Graeme J. Collie, Mahmoud Nazeri, Amir Jahanbakhsh, Chih‐Wei Lin and M. Mercedes Maroto‐Valer
Novel technology for coal mine methane utilization, process simulation and catalyst development pp. 29-39 Downloads
Shiqing Wang, Xiaolong Wang, Shiwang Gao, Wei Yan, Yu Huang, Haoyi Chen, Shisen Xu and Tiancun Xiao
Low‐carbon policy options and scenario analysis on CO 2 mitigation potential in China's transportation sector pp. 40-52 Downloads
Zongguo Wen, Huifang Li, Xueying Zhang, Jason Chi Kin Lee and Chang Xu
Hydrogeochemical characteristics of deep saline aquifers in sedimentary basins in China and implications for CO 2 geological storage with emphasis on total dissolved solids (TDS) and water type pp. 53-64 Downloads
Yiman Li and Zhonghe Pang
Modification of traditionally impregnated Fe 2 O 3 /Al 2 O 3 oxygen carriers by ultrasonic method and their performance in chemical looping combustion pp. 65-77 Downloads
Xing Chen, Shuai Zhang, Rui Xiao and Peng Li
A modified true triaxial apparatus for measuring mechanical properties of sandstone coupled with CO 2 ‐H 2 O biphase fluid pp. 78-91 Downloads
Shaobin Hu, Xiaochun Li, Bing Bai, Lu Shi, Mingze Liu and Haiqing Wu
Impacts of injection pressure of a dip‐angle sloping strata reservoir with low porosity and permeability on CO 2 injection amount pp. 92-105 Downloads
Fugang Wang, Jing Jing, Yanlin Yang, Hongyan Liu, Zhaojun Sun, Tianfu Xu and Hailong Tian
A multiscale hydro‐geochemical‐mechanical approach to analyze faulted CO 2 reservoirs pp. 106-127 Downloads
Ba Nghiep Nguyen, Zhangshuan Hou, Diana H. Bacon and Mark D. White
Co‐optimization of CO 2 ‐EOR and storage processes in mature oil reservoirs pp. 128-142 Downloads
William Ampomah, Robert S. Balch, Reid B. Grigg, Brian McPherson, Robert A. Will, Si‐Yong Lee, Zhenxue Dai and Feng Pan
Experimental study to better understand factors affecting the CO 2 mineral trapping potential of basalt pp. 143-157 Downloads
Helge Hellevang, Beyene Girma Haile and Abednego Tetteh
A methodology for designing maximum allowable wellhead pressure for CO 2 injection: application to the Shenhua CCS demonstration project, China pp. 158-181 Downloads
Bing Bai, Xiaochun Li, Haiqing Wu, Yongsheng Wang and Mingze Liu
Measurement of CO 2 adsorption kinetics on activated carbons suitable for gas storage systems pp. 182-201 Downloads
Vinod Kumar Singh and E. Anil Kumar
Equilibrium solubility measurement and Kent‐Eisenberg modeling of CO 2 absorption in aqueous mixture of N‐methyldiethanolamine and hexamethylenediamine pp. 202-214 Downloads
Bikash K. Mondal, Syamalendu S. Bandyopadhyay and Amar N. Samanta
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